The Use Of Watching Creative Achievements At Work Business Essay

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The reason to ask this question is to check the creativity of the employee and get some innovative ideas that can be implemented. This will help the MARADONAS to have a bunch of creative ideas and to judge how much can they rely on the staff to pitch in the creative ideas. The theme of MARADONAS is to make staff feel like a team and their participation in pitching ideas will create a participative environment.

The ideal answer to this question is one of the most creative achievements that could be either related to serving the food in some creative style, some creative uniform style, or any creativity in the job design.

two: How do you add value and interest to your job?

This question will make MARADONAS evaluate whether the staff can make their jobs interesting for themselves or not. As long as the employee is satisfied and interested with the job, the output is high. Moreover, this will let MARADONAS see how employees will individually add value to their work.

The answer to this question will be any strategy that can add interest to the job description of waiters/waitresses.

Question three: If the customer feels unsatisfied and complains against your service. S/he starts shouting at you, how will you respond?

This question helps in evaluation of the emotional stability and the capability of the staff to handle conflicts, complains, and customers. There are many customers who feel unsatisfied or want to complain. Staff needs to handle them with care and friendly attitude.

There is no exact answer to the situation. But the judgment criteria here would be how friendly and peacefully the situation is handled by the employee. Any emotional instability or infuriated response by the employee would be a negative point.

Question four: If you were to grade your communication skills with the customers on a scale of 1 - 10, with one being lowest and 10 being highest score, where do you see yourself?

This question clearly tells how well MARADONAS' employees can build strong relationships with customers. Good communication skills are required to build relationships, do business, and sustain customers.

The idealized ranking should be 7 or above. Anything below 7 means the applicant is not able to communicate well. The way s/he presents her/himself in the interview also tells how honest the applicant was when ranking his/her skills.

Question five: Do you observe and learn?

MARADONAS will be able to check how much employees can learn from each other and from the senior management. Moreover, the staff will be given different training sessions, so keen observation and learning will be necessary.

The answer to this question has to a yes. Without observational learning, employees will not be able to take advantage from the training sessions.

A Maitre D (front of house supervisor/manager):

Question one: What salary are you expecting?

This question tells how much will the employee will cost MARADONAS and how much does the applicant values money in comparison to the work.

The salary should be around the average market pay for Maitre D.

Question two: How will you diversify your job in times of recession?

This question helps to evaluate if the employee can survive the layoffs and prove to be beneficial to the MARADONAS by handling more jobs and tasks. A person with abilities to handle various tasks will be beneficial as s/he will be able to perform duties of few other employees too. Hence, s/he will help MARADONAS in reducing costs at times of recession. Moreover, a person with the ability to diversify work has the potential to keep the interest in the job.

The answer to this question depends upon each individual's abilities and capabilities. Any individual who can handle tasks other than described by the current job description qualifies the question.

Question three: What new and uniqueness will you bring to the MARADONAS?

This question tests if the individual can bring some new trend or culture by his/her individuality.

Answer to this question can be any unique trend - it can be a different culture, a different management style or even a different way to handle crisis. The more creative the answer is, more points the applicant gets.

Question four: What would your current supervisor say that makes you valuable to them?

This question helps in checking what are the strengths of the employee and how well can they present themselves. This question in a way tests the selling skills too.

Answer to qualify this question will be good management skills, communication skills, and good time management. However, other skills and strengths should also be considered.

Question five: According to you what are the major responsibilities of a Maitre D?

This question checks the knowledge of the applicant regarding the job position and its expected code of conduct and responsibilities.

The answer to it is all that has been defined in the job design. The applicant has to tell all the responsibilities and tasks that are expected from the Maitre D.

Alternative/Additional selection methods:

The successful candidates then can be tested further to check if they were honest during interview or not. One of the selection committee members can act as a customer who creates disturbance and fights with the staff. The selected waiters, waitresses and Maitre D will face the customer one by one. The way each individual handles the customer will be the judgment criterion.

Each individual will be expected to calm down the customer and satisfy his needs.

Another way to test the applicants can be a short silent play. The selected waiters, waitresses, and the Maitre D will be expected to produce a 3 to 5 minutes short but silent play which will show how they will treat their customers. The applicants with most creative and different style will be at the top of the score list. The applicants will be expected to portray their individual personality and the style they will use to greet and serve the customers.

This activity will allow MARADONAS to check if the employees can communicate well and if they can portray themselves properly.

Each Maitre D will be asked to monitor the waiters and waitresses. S/He'd be asked to influence and guide the staff about the standard processes of the restaurant through his actions only. S/He will not be allowed to use words. This will tell how much s/he can influence and lead the employees through actions only.

Successful Maitre D will be the candidates who will be able to influence and guide more staff people and will be able to convey clearly the goals and tasks. Conveying unclear tasks or influencing fewer employees will lead to disqualification.

Induction Plan:

The training session has to be 3 hours long. Each new member of MARADONAS will undergo this induction session. Following topics should be discussed in the session:


This session will give them a brief introduction to MARADONAS and will tell them what is expected from them. Moreover, this session will tell them what are the standard processes and what will be MARADONAS' culture.

How to greet and manage customers:

This session will tell them how to handle different customers and how to serve each customer with a friendly style.

How to add value to job:

This session will cover how employees can add value and increase the interest in their respective jobs. This session will be very important session as it will ensure that employees will stay satisfied longer with MARADONAS.

How to maintain hygiene:

This session will tell them to keep the restaurant clean and to keep themselves clean. They should wear clean uniforms, their hands should be clean, and they should serve in clean utensils. This session will give the employees tips about how to maintain hygiene.

Communication skills

This session will teach the employees how to work on their communication skills. The success of any business depends upon the level of communication. Good communication leads to better customer relationships which ultimately lead to success. Employees will be taught how to improve their skills and how to communicate and convey their friendly greetings to the customers.


The interview designed for the waiters/waitresses was tested on a friend. The questions helped to check if he was fit for the job or not. These questions helped to check if he'd be able to maintain his individuality or not. Moreover, it was possible to check if the applicant would be able to maintain the culture and theme of the restaurant or not.

The tests assured that whatever the applicant said in the interview were true or not. His communication skills, ability to handle conflicts, and honesty were checked. The applicant lacked creativity and individuality. The theme of the restaurant was to maintain the individuality of each employee and to build a creative culture. The questions enabled to test his creativity skills and other skills. He failed to fit in the position.