the success of Microsoft and the software industry

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Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew known as "Mr Honda". He was the first sole distributor of Honda motorcycles in Malaysia. He started selling bicycles, tyres and motorcycle accessories in1945. Soon after that, he expanded his business to used cars, transports and buses. In the 1950s, Boon Siew made his first of many forays into property development with his friends Say Bee and Poh Heng by building residential villas in Penang. In 1958, Honda Super Cub motorbike which is available in Japan only and being introduced in Japan only, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew noticed the widespread of popularity of the Honda motorbike. After that, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew believed that with the low-cost, high efficiency machine would fine a similarly receptive market in the rapridly urbanizing areas of Malaysia. He takes immediately action by arranged to meet with Mr Soichiro Honda, the bike's creator and quickly convinced him to set up a Honda subsidiary in Malaysia.

According to (2009), in 1973, Gates entered Harvard University as a freshman, where he lived down the hall from Steve Ballmer. Moreover, Bill Gates is now as a Microsoft's President. He was a founder of Microsoft; first of all he developed a version of the programming language BASIC for the first microcomputers.

After Bill Gates has graduated from Harvard, his straight focus on Microsoft. Microsoft company has started since 1975. He starts Microsoft company with his friends Paul Allen.

Bill Gates believed that the personal computer would be an important tool on every office desktop and personal computer at home to people. Gates and his friends started to develop software for personal computers. Gates' within reach and his vision regarding personal computer has become successful of Microsoft and the software industry.

Management development

Tan Sri Dato's Loh Boon Siew has successfully convinced the Mr. Soichiro Honda creator bike. Then, the first Malaysian Honda showroom was set up in Penang which is nearby at home of Tan Sri Dato's Loh Boon Siew. Moreover, the Japanese Honda Motor Co Ltd appointed Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew as the sole distributor for Honda motorbike in Malaysia for a sign of deepening bond of trust and respect. First 50 units of Honda 4-stroke cub were being imported into Malaysia. And a factory was built in Penang to assemble the Honda Cub. Besides that, the Honda motorcycle assembled in Malaysia and was renamed the Boon Siew Honda. The Honda Cub became the best selling motorcycles in Malaysia. Other than that, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew was recognized as the first person to bring the Honda Cub motorcycles intro Southeast Asia.

Microsoft Corporation is being found by Bill Gates and under Bill Gates leadership to run his business his mission is continuously to advance in technology and improve software technology. He want to make the technology is easier, more lucrative and more pleasurable for people that use computers. Microsoft Corporation is committing with the long-term view which is reflected in their investment. Their investment involved with the research and development. They need to spend more on the research and development in order to satisfied customer expectations from them.

Moreover, in 1995 Bill Gates wrote a vision where he has a vision that technology will take the society. According to Gelinas.P (2009), in1995 Gates wrote The Road Ahead, his vision of where information technology will take society. Co-authored by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's chief technology officer, and Peter Rinearson, The Road Ahead held the No. 1 spot on the New York Times' bestseller list for seven weeks, and remained on the list for a total of 18 weeks. Published in more than 20 countries, the book sold more than 400,000 copies in China alone. This mean that the Bill Gates are motivate other leader in order to successful to run a business. And Bill Gates has successful of his vision. This mean that, Bill Gates has a vision which is the technology will take the society. And in year of 2000 the technology is taking the society by the people are communicated with other people through internet, emails and phone. They are able to communicate with other people by using technology, and the technology is easier, faster and effective.

Meanwhile, in 1996 Microsoft strategically redeploying to take advantage of the emerging opportunities created by the Internet. According to (2009), Bill Gates thoroughly revised The Road Ahead to reflect his view that interactive networks are a major highlight in human communication. The paperback second edition also has become a bestseller. After that, Bill Gates is donating his earnings from the book to fund which that supports the teachers in worldwide and they are incorporating computers into their classrooms.

Besides his passion for computers, Bill Gates has an interest in biotechnology. Hence, Bill Gates has joined on the boards of the ICOS Corporation which is the largest corporation that operate in biotechnology. Other than that, Bill Gates also founded Corbis Corporation, which is the company are enlarge one of the large possessions of visual information in the world. Corbis Corporations is an inclusive digital attain of art and photography. They attain from public and private collections around the world. Moreover, Bill Gates take a risk by invest through cellular telephone pioneer Craig McCaw in Teledesic. Teledesic is a company whereby a company that working on a striving plan to launch hundreds of low-orbit satellites around the Earth. It is to provide a worldwide two-way broadband in telecommunications services. This mean that, Bill Gates not just corporate with the Microsoft but takes an opportunity to merges and acquisitions with other company to improve, and develop an advance technology to people that use computers and related product that included with the technology.

Expanding of the business

Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew is an avid person and passionate motoring enthusiast. In 1957, which in year that Malaysia got independent country. Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew takes this opportunity to expand more in his business. In 1958, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew has set arrange to meet Mr. Soichiro Honda and deal with Mr. Soichiro to performed a partnership between their company. Since the Honda is one and the same with Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew and Kah Motor Co. Sdn Bhd (one of the company that Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew owned), they has set up in 1969 to further Honda automobile business in Malaysia and Singapore. As a company that operates in Singapore an as a exclusive distributor of Honda in Singapore, Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd, they boast an extensive sales, services and spare parts Honda network. Hence, the entire range of Honda-approved models can be viewed and test drive in two strategically located Honda centres. Both of the centres are characterized by its complete sales and services facilities and both of centres are also included with supported by a spare parts facility where a wide range of genuine Honda parts, lubricants, accessories and care car product are available. In addition, they also provided another six other services centres that located strategically across Singapore to serve the maintenance and repairs need of Kah Motor's customers. Besides that, a body repair and paint workshop is also available to fulfill customer needs. Furthermore, Kah Motor is also offers rentals and leasing services with a wide selection of Honda automobiles. These mean that, the company make offers to customer. The customers are able to choose to meet their requirements in order to fulfil their wants. In 2009, Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd are targeting to sell 28,000 units of its newly launched Honda icon.

Meanwhile, managing and chief executive officer of Honda Mr. Shoichi Harada was optimistic about the sales of its 110cc automatic transmission model due to the affordability of the bike and the fast growing on demand for automatic transmission models.

"This is a fast-growing segment. What started out as a trend has become a prerequisites among consumers," he said after the launch of the model yesterday. At present, the AT segment commands 13% of the overall motorcycle market.

According to (2009), industry analysts had praised Bill Gates for guiding his company on a path of growth that saw its revenue stream increasing by more than 50 percent per year in an extremely competitive, even cutthroat, market. In other words, Bill Gates has guiding his company on the right path of growth that saw its revenue stream increasing by more than 50 percent per year. Bill Gates has success to capitalize early and effectively on industry trends. Besides that, his compliance to take risks on such fledgling technologies as Microsoft's CD-ROM based software packages. A fledgling technology has become an industry standard. Moreover, Bill Gates had organized the company structure which is all the company structure all in together on all phases of software products through business cycle from development to distribution.

Furthermore, in 1995 Bill Gates has done and towards in internet area which is creates a search engine through internet. And Bill Gates was success to assess by the actuality that Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser. Through that, Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser has become the industry leader in 2000. In addition, Bill Gates has success in initial a competitive Internet browser. While that, the desktop of database and office-suite has success. By Bill Gates creatures, it has proved that Bill Gates had formed a company quick enough to jump into a market that others were developing. And Bill Gates also able to take as a lead away from the competition.

Furthermore, according to (2009), in 1998 Bill Gates has announced a new point in Microsoft's development that would allow him to focus his energies on strategy and product development. In other words, in 1998, Bill Gates wants to concentrate on his strategy and product development in order to satisfy customer needs. While that, the company funnelled a large amounts of money into improving customer supports and feedback. Other than that, Bill Gates has planned that he want his company directs work in such areas as intellectual telephones and television, as well as the combination of such new computer input techniques such as speech, vision and handwriting using computers. Even though windows had previously gone through several upgrades.

And, Bill Gates wanted to continue improving its each of its product and reliability. However, to without charge himself up for this work, he willing to stepped out as president, a position he had held remained Microsoft's chairman and CEO

Leadership style

Theory X

Theory Y

Theory X assumptions, management's role is to coerce and control employees. Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew is said to gears of the corporation; fuel the success of the Boon Siew Honda brand through customer satisfaction. He can be describes to be "loyal, sincere and honest" (the Star in Malaysian Institute of Management, 2009). He also action oriented and very independent to build their business.

Moreover, when Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew was at age 18, he take a risk by purchased 11 buses through $2,000 in his saving accounts.

He reconditions and modified the buses and sold them for $12,000.

After that, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew has used the money that he earned to buy another 39 buses. Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew never gives up even though all his hard earned money was confiscated by the invading Japanese army.

Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew makes the vision to Boon Siew Honda which as "respect for the Individual". We can assume that Loh Boon Siew using of Theory X. Theory X is the view that customary management has taken in the direction of the workforce. Theory X leaders believe they must direct, control and coerce people in order to motivate them to work. Even though management always force towards employees, but all employee still respect each others.


Theory Y assumptions that management's role is to build up the possible in employees and help them to release that potential towards common goals in the organization. Bill had a vision as a teenager that every business and household should have a computer to make their life more easier and effective. The realization of Bill Gates' vision has changed the computing world. Microsoft's vision is "empower people through great software anytime, anyplace, and on any device," (,) The leadership style of microsoft is the charismatic style which is a leadership style that usually come from the people that are born with it. This kind of leadership style can usually win the heart of the workers more efficiently because they are good at picking up the moods and concern of both individuals and larger audiences. This type of leadership is effective because when the leader at the top, its takes time to ground his own self and stay close to the operation. When the top management involve the business with employee, not only does he gain the knowledge but he furthers his employees to work double as hard for the company. Being in the trenches builds loyalty and of course real knowledge about how the operation is being run.

3.1 Roles and Responsibilities of CEO

What character of CEO's have and will need: Percent describing traits or talents dominant now in the CEO and important for the CEO of 2000

Personal behavior


Year 2000

Knowledge and skills


Year 2000

Conveys strong sense of vision



Strategy formulation



Links compensation to performance



Human resource management



Communicates frequently with employees



International economics and politics



Emphasizes ethics



Science and technology



Plans for management succession.



Computer literacy



Communicates frequently with customers



Marketing and sales



Reassigns or terminates unsatisfactory employees






Rewards loyalty



Accounting and finance



Makes all major decision



Handling media and public speaking



Behaves conservatively






Sources: Lester Korn "How the next CEO will be different," Fortune(22 May1989) 157 Note This information is based on a Columbia University Survey of 1500 executives, 870 of them CEO's, in 20 countries. (David F.R., 1995)


The company CEO must understand cultural dynamics to formulate their strategies, to locate production facilities and suppliers worldwide, to design and market culturally appropriate and services as well as to manage cross-cultural interaction thorough out the organization. Therefore, based on the roles and responsibilities above, when implementing strategies such as mentioned before - intensive product development - the CEO is very important to become the agent of making the strategy work. Bill Gates and the late Loh Boon Siew is very articulate in conveying their vision to the company mentioned in the Theory X and Theory Y assumptions, and thus that is why the company is able to strive.