HSBC GTB comprises Payments and Cash Management, Trade and Supply Chain

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HSBC provides transaction banking services to corporations and financial institutions across the world. HSBC Global Transaction Banking (HSBC GTB) provides products, services and solutions to the clients of HSBC's Global Banking and Markets and Commercial Banking businesses. HSBC GTB comprises Payments and Cash Management, Trade and Supply Chain, HSBC Securities Services and Wholesale distribution of Banknotes. HSBC as an organization was founded in 1865 is the Emma2010-11-05T06:55:00

Two verbs ? was… is?

largest dealers in the banking and finance industry. Its journey started for tEmma2010-11-05T06:56:00


he far east in Hong Kong some 130 years ago. From hisEmma2010-11-05T06:56:00

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humble beginnings serving the two Chinese cities of Hong Kong and shanghEmma2010-11-05T06:57:00


ai has branch out in to more than 81 countries and territories and having some 7000 offices in Europe, Asia pacific , middle east and Africa. Emma2010-11-05T06:57:00

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The core business of the group is commercial banking and financial services which has it Emma2010-11-05T06:58:00


roots locally and funds themselves Emma2010-11-05T06:58:00

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to a large extent. HSBC holding in the parent company of HSBC was established in 1990 in order to prepare the company for the purchase of the Midland bank as the territory of Hong Kong was to change their sovereignty from the British to the Chinese. As there was fear of communist repression, the company moved its head quarters from Hong Kong to London. The group's first major expansion initiative started in the 1970's, where it ventured into territories and markets where it was not well represented. FirstEmma2010-11-05T06:59:00


major expansion drive for HSBC outside its core area of Asia pacific was the purchase of majority stock in the marine midland bank of the United States, which was completed in the year 1980 at a cost US$314 million. This saw doublingEmma2010-11-05T06:59:00


of the group assets from HK $ 128 to HK$ 243 billion. The remainder of the shares were purchased in December 1987 making marine midland bank Emma2010-11-05T07:00:00


principal subsidiary of in United States. HSBC holdings being the parent company gave HSBC a major presence in UK which was completed in the year 1993. This arrangement showed the commitment of HSBC towards the European market, with a special interest in the London market as a key strategy of future growth. (

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Today HSBC occupies a leading position in the world of banking and finance with an international network in six continents. HSBC has travelled a long way since its beginnings in 1865 - from a small local bank to the world's local bankEmma2010-11-05T07:01:00

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. For the purpose of conducting the research study, here the researcher takes the interview of HSBC's branch manager so that he can get the internal information about the current condition of the liquidity risk management of HSBC bank. Emma2010-11-05T07:02:00

I'm confused about the theme of your assignment - is it change management or is it risk management?

Scope of the Assignment:

This research study is mainly conducted on the specific organization, HSBC bank, for the purpose of getting idea about change management. In relation to the research study and this company, it has been showed that there are lots of opportunities and scope. These are: the researcher can be greatly benefited by doing this research .Emma2010-11-05T07:03:00

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The study is not free from some practical limitations. Following limitations have faced during the study and the time of working and data collection:Emma2010-11-05T07:03:00

What do you mean?

The author could not collect all the necessary data due to the workload of the employees.

Some desired information could not be collected due to confidentiality of the organizations.

Due to lack of practical experience, some errors might be occurred during the study. Therefore, maximum efforts have given to avoid mistakes.

The time frame of the report was very limited.


Tense -this is a plan


In this research I am going to use company reports, and academic journals regarding Emma2010-11-05T07:04:00

Relating to

my study

This study covered only one type of data, which are: secondary data.

Going through different documents and papers developed by the different organization and different authors are the sources of secondary data.

Desk report of related department.

Other manual information.

Website of different organization.

Recommendation of vice chairman and director of small and large business organization.


'm not sure how this relates to change management

Short Synopsis of Assignment:

According to Robert A Paton (2008), ''Change may be regarded as one of the few constants of recorded history''. The accelerating rate of change is producing a business world in which customary managerial habits and organizations are increasingly in adequate. Experience was an adequate guide when changes could be made in small increments but intuitive and experienced based management philosophies are grossly inadequate when decisions are strategic and have major irreversible consequencesEmma2010-11-05T07:06:00



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The accelerating rate of change today is producing a business world in which customary managerial habits in organizations are increasingly inadequate. Experience alone was an adequate guide when changes could be made in small increments. But intuitive and experience-based management philosophies are grossly ...


(Henderson, 1979).

Organization's track records at change are not very good. The vast majority of today's change efforts are falling to produce their intended business results. These struggling efforts are producing huge cost to budgets, time, people, customers and faith in leadership. Organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars on change efforts such as reengineering and information technology installation.Emma2010-11-05T07:07:00

Organizational Change: Coca-Cola - Essays - Digitaltarik

4 Apr 2008 ... Organizations' track records at change are not very good. The vast majority of today's change efforts are failing to produce their intended business results. These struggling efforts are producing huge cost to budgets, time, people, customers, and faith in leadership. Organizations are spending tens ... - Cached - Similar

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According to Schein (1970), ''change management is the induction of new patterns of actions, belief, and attitudes among substantial segments of a population''. HSBC develops and arrives to show as dynamic, managing system, the idea of how they diversify and system with which they deal change has extended to be complicatedEmma2010-11-05T07:07:00

What do you mean?

. Change of management Emma2010-11-05T07:08:00

Change management

in an organization may be an extremely a complex job and is frequently important for effective organizational development. HSBC faces the problems of margin reducing, global contest and requires delivering on commitment creating customer experience, besides these problem they will also face the question of changing business style that is their way of doing business.

Changes in the environment affect organizations. How well the undertaking plans and organizes to meet changes, determines whether it will survive and prosper or fail and disappear. Over time many organizations have transformed themselves to deal with change; some have sought new activities and abandoned the old. All organizations exist within interrelated environments. My organization HSBC is not exceptional. It faces threats and can find Emma2010-11-05T07:15:00

3rd person

opportunities within the national and international economic and political environments. There are two factors by which HSBC can be influenced that is either externally or internally.

Internal factors:

Challenge of social sustainability:

Many organizations apply the imperative of sustainability development without structural change to system of governance by which change sustainability can be blocked. Similarly, in HSBC, the change can be blocked if they don't maintain the structure of change which may impact on customer needs, systems science and organizational change.

Change in human resource management:

In HSBC, staffing skilled employees includes recruiting, training and retaining a capable and adjustable manpower that have the ability to meet changes within the company. Changes in human resource management in HSBC may affect the process of recruitment and selection, rewarding, employee maintenance and development etc.

Technological infrastructure:

In HSBC, changes in technological infrastructure may impact on establishing or implementing new policies, procedures and initiatives. But if relevant staffs are not trained then bringing new system or establishing new program is not possible. Technological infrastructure change in HSBC may affect to banking business.

Change in leadership and culture:

Leadership and organizational culture are inseparable. In HSBC, change on leadership and organizational culture may affect on the strategic plan of the company which is related to flexibility and dedication to change in order to the ability to champion new ideas and coach employees through the process of change.

External factors:

Political factors:

Political factors may be local, international or national. There can be involved many government. Impact of political factors is that recently HSBC have to carry its business with the dealing to the politics of British and Columbian politics related to the banking business.

Economic factors:

Economic impact such as: variation in the stock market or increment of tax can affect the bottom line of HSBC. But HSBC are not so much affected by recession like others banks.

Sociological factors:

In HSBC, shifting social and demographic trends can change from the immigration impact to vary in fashion. And demand of HSBC's products can be increased by bringing this change. For example: as a professional person who is career minded want quick banking service, for this reason they use online banking services as well.

Technological factors:

About the matter of background to change, technological change are very easier to identify such as online banking has a great affect on HSBC's recent success. Raising the growth of internet is a major impact of technological change in HSBC. HSBC takes advantage of this change by establishing online banking and maintain the banking service of delivery by their website. However, with the advances in technology, many banks have taken the adequate measures to ward off any problems related to the security of internet banking. Customers can also follow some simple precautionary measures, like not disclosing the password and pin number to anyone, changing the password at regular intervals and installing antivirus software to ensure security and safety of their internet banking transactions. Online banking tutorials are also provided by many banks to help familiarize people with internet banking. So, you can avail this facility to use internet effectively, for making your day to day financial transactions.

Legal factors:

HSBC may face the competition and direction of monopolistic market which is related to the policies of laws and regulations. The change of laws and regulations may affect the expansion of HSBC branch. According to EU law, a precondition is listed there where it is mentioned that an organization should be dominant in order to large market share. But HSBC's dominance is not in any way exploitative which can be a bad impact of legal change on HSBC.