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When you here Cisco you immediately Think of the Networking giant who consumes other company of their trade with untold amounts of money. The thing most people dont know, was that they didnt get this way over night, and what of its founder Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack?

In this paper I will not only cover the beginning of Cisco, the fight its founders had to fight. What happened to its founders? Also on the growth of Cisco, and how Cisco became what it is today.

The story of Cisco origins and growth is filled with inspiration, diligence, Poverty, wealth, power, and success.

Table of Content:

Section 1 The plan

Section 2 Team Cisco

Section 3 Paying to get paid

Section 4 The deal

Section 5 New management

Section 6 Cisco going Pro

Section 7 (More) New management

Section 8 The hunger begins

Section 9 Being on top of the World (as told by Cisco)

Section 10 Epilogue of life on the Fast Lane ( As told by Cisco)

Section 1: The plan

A married couple, Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack, who work at Stanford University CA, began working on something. They don't what, I don't know what, but it was something, something big. The couple Sandy Lerner Len Bosack created a way to communicate over long distance without Sneaker Netting each other, and with this amazing new technology the couple decided to put their idea test. Sandy Lerner Len Bosack along with fellow cofounders founded Cisco (short for San Francisco notice the last part Francisco; Francisco)

Section 2 Team Cisco

Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack founded Cisco with friend and colleagues making Cisco a reality. Selling routers Cisco has a bright future ahead of itself one of riches and fortunes, but before that sunny forecast the dark and cloudy future is not too far off; one that almost consumes Cisco itself.

Section 3 Paying to get paid

One problem this company with so much potential faced was the fact that it founders couldn't afford it and it couldn't afford them. Just to maintain the business Sandy and Len had to mortgage their own house. Even though the company made over $200,000 per month Sandy and Len needed more cash.

Section 4 The deal

Sandy and Len decided to turn to Donald Valentine, a capitalist, for cash to maintain their company. In return Donald wanted control of Cisco. With no other choices Sandy and Len agreed. Donald Valentine became Cisco chairmen, and assigned John Morgridge as the president.

Section 5 New management

John replaced unqualified employees with more qualified employees. The less qualified employees were friends of Len and Sandy, thus John made improvements to Cisco workforce in which neither Len nor Sandy were unable to do. Sandy and John never really like each other, probably due to him firing her friends, which lead to the firing of Sandy, and Len quitting, in response to Sandy getting fired. Sandy and Len both sold all their Cisco stock making them millions, but they donated most of the money to charities.

Section 6 Cisco going pro

Cisco opened their stocks to the public in early 1990. With LAN growing more popular; Cisco saw giant leaps of growth with fiscal sales ranging in the hundred millions. Cisco quickly became noticed as a fast growing king of it industry. Cisco faced a new problem ATM, (Asynchronous transfer mode) which was an efficient way to transmit information without the use of a router. Cisco banded together with AT&T, and Stratacom to develop standards that would make sure that it would work within existing frame relay network. Cisco also branched out into the creation of various different devices beside routers. Such as VoIP, fiber optics, ATM, ATM switches, switches, and video conferencing. Cisco also became a multinational corporation spreading their roots to Canada, England, Germany, Japan, France, India, Italy, and various places around the world.

John Chambers became the new CEO Cisco. John Morgridge became the chairmen and Donald Valentine vise-chairmen of Cisco.

Section 8 The hunger begins

Cisco gained uncontrollable hunger for other corporations, which will serve as a boon to Cisco success. Cisco well known victims were Crescendo communication for $95 million, Cisco consumed Kalpna for $240 million, and Light Stream for $120 million. Cisco hunger only grew greater with it new CEO, but so did it growth. Cisco under the control of John Chambers preyed upon the following companies without any mercy; Grand Junction for $400 million, Granite systems for $220 million, strataCom for $4.67 billion.

Section 9 Being on top of the World (as told by Cisco)

As Cisco matured, and under John Chamber seen unpredictable amount of growth placing Cisco as one of top stocks, and for brief period of time the number one stock in the stock market. Cisco has become a well known name for not only it routers for so many other devices that Cisco makes. Cisco also got to where it is due to it multiplatform sales. Cisco not only sells to large business, government agencies, educational facilities, and other corporations on the enterprise level. They also sell to mid level organizations, schools, small, and mid size businesses. Cisco also provides service to low level consumer such as for consumer level devices for home use and local business.

Section 10 Epilogue of life on the Fast Lane ( As told by Cisco)

Cisco was started by Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack.

This couple had a plan to make a company with their advance LAN technology, but to maintain a business became too costly for the couple forcing them to mortgage their house along with other risk. Their companies burden became too big to bear for the couple so they turn to Donald Valentine who takes the burden for them, but also takes the responsibility that comes with that burden. Donald then assigns John Morgridge as president of Cisco. Cisco makes it stocks public. John fires Sandy, and Len quits. The founder of Cisco loose all tie to their company. Cisco makes rapid growth and greatly broadens their product range and technologies. Cisco appoints John Chambers as CEO, John Morgridge as chairman, and Donald Valentine as vice-chairman. John Chambers absorbs numerous companies. John Chambers makes Cisco more self efficient. The story behind Cisco is like a story worth telling , even though Sandy and Len both founded Cisco John Morgridge, Donald Valentine, and John Chambers were key to Cisco success. The story of Cisco show that a company itself is it own entity in my opinion, and how you need raise take care of it and in time to move on or let it move on. Most importantly if you have company that you know is going to change the world as we see it, and you can't afford to keep going to do the same as Sandy Len, to seek help to maintain it. If you can maintain it, then be willing to pay the price of owning a business no matter the risk, and if it becomes difficult, just remember Cisco founders. Even if you get the company taken from you, just look back at Sandy and Len even though they had their company taken from them, they will always be known as its founders, and no amount of money can achieve that. (Word count 1,055 this text not included)

(, 2006)

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