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Second energy that gives me greatest amount of personal satisfaction is power of fiends. When I gathering with friends, I am able to share my entire personal story no matter it is sad story, failure or love story. By this, friends are also the only one who will care me when my parents are not around and only one that will encourages me and give support from time to time when I face problem.

Third motivation for me is listening music, it will help me increase concentration of my work or study when I am listening music. Other than that, listening to music is also one of the ways for me to release stress since music is one of the activities that involves using whole brain. According to research reported at American Society, playing relaxing music in the morning or when I am stress, it can help to reduce blood pressure and it also can help to reduce temper.

Dreams are the highest rank and most useful to motivate my energy and it also is a most important target for everyone. Gathering with friend is the second rank and the lowest rank is listening music. While, when I feel disappointed and sadness will more effective in my work or my study. Second effective reason that will take my energy is lack of family support.

Something will give energy and something will take away my energy, without energy, it will lose motivation of work. I will lose energy when I am disappointed to something and it will make me sad. When I disappointed and sadness, it will let me think negative and effect my work performance. Other than that, I will also delay all my work and find out the reason of disappointed. Another reason of will lose my energy is when my family disagree on what I am doing and give me a lot of family rules to follow. Family is a very important support and resource for everyone, if without family, life is hopeless and without family love, cares and etc.

When I am 20-30 years old, I need to have stable and nice job that able to effort my basic requirement such as car loan, telephone, and internet bill per month, pocket money for my parents and my own pocket money. I hope my lifestyle is simple and not to have too much of social intercourse with other business. Thing that repels this basic ideal is nowadays competitive competitors and unhealthy life that will strongly affect our lifestyle and might influence us to a wrong way.


There have many type of business in an organization. Attributes of business that I would like to energize such as online business. Online business can bring a lot of convenience for customer since internet and around every corner. Customers allow to business 24 hours in a day through internet such as online shopping, Attributes of working is flexible hour is a common attributes in online business.

Second business that I would energize is high risk business that will bring me a lot of challenging of my life. With business with high position, it will bring me more idea and make me know that nowadays life is hard to earn money. Business such as architecture, programmer and consultant will attract me to be a successful business woman. Other that, I would also energize in high profit business which will have a stable income for my business such as doctor, lawyer, professor and etc.

The last choice for me to do a business is fitness business such as open a sport centre or badminton court that will bring healthy lifestyle to others since fitness is important to everyone that must spend around 2-3 times in a week to keep body healthy. I would also consider sales business that needs communication with other people and it will let me feel confident when I am talking with others.

Some business with different attributes that I would not energize is consistency job. I dislike consistency job because it is consistency and I have to do the same work every day and might get the same problem every day such as accounting, business admin.

I would also not energize in some high risk job as I am not a risk taker in business. High risk job such as investment, fireman or policeman is not my interest to energize it and it is a stressful job for me. In others, low profit job is also one of the jobs that I would not consider such as government business that control by government.

The last business that I would not energize is gamble business that need gamble to win our live and win our future. Since, gamble is not an approval activity in Malaysia, so I will not involve in any gamble business such as casino and etc.

As different type of business that I list above, online business is a business that will give me energy because it can prove that nowadays technology. Other that, sales business would also give me energy because sales need a lot of communication and I like to meet with new people. While business that bring low profit will take away my energy since I working everyday because of the low profit. Other that, consistency job would also take away my energy because there is no challenging for me to work since everyday do the same job and facing same problem.

I would like to start my own business someday because of my dream and financial allow. I hope to get an own design shop and utilize my own skill and knowledge to manage a shop. In the other hand, with my own business, I will do business by using my creativeness and it is unique for customer. I would also like to learn more experience and communication skill with business partner.

For the convenience, my company should be allocated in town so the business can easily grow. Other than that, I hope that it would not include any calculation or numeric activity in company since I am dislike and I am poor in calculation and it will make me feel stress when I am working. For improvement, I will join training course about calculation or numeric to increase my interest and performance in calculation and numeric.



To solve my financial support, I have part time job as customer service in Aqua Health Sdn Bhd and sales promoter in Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd. Other than that, I also contribute in computer society and dance club society.

I involve in activities such as part time job because I found my interest in job. Other than that, I can get more experience and improve my communication skills before I get a real job after I graduate from college. I involve to a part time job because I wish to learn independent and decrease family expenses. When I working as part time job, I have learn several skills include communication skills, leadership, managing skills and others. With this, I have communicated with all type of customer with different attitude, needs and requirements. Other than that, I would also learn about leadership skill about how to managing employee and assign employee to relevant and suitable job.

In one week road show activity in shopping mall, I learn a lot of communication skill, team work and management skill. A team around 5 person of us had work successfully in road show and able to attract customer which will bring more sales. In road show, I use leadership skill to assign my team to a suitable job and communication skills to attract more sales.

I have involved in planning strategy, I arranged the specific tasks to few of my team mate to improve their job performance and sales. I also learned how to communicate with the customers because the customer service is the most important in this area.

In experience of job, I have learn about different people will have different thinking of idea and different view of thing, so we must think deeply on every people view so that will make a decision that everyone agree with it. With this, we can only manage people well without argument. To gain money, we must gain more advantage from competitors, so we need creative thinking, patients and encourage when we make money.For sports activities, I involve in badminton activity. I love badminton and it becomes my family activities at weekend. By this, it can improve our family relationship. Sometime, we will organize a small competition between family members.

Lesson that will apply for life as an entrepreneur is ambition. Ambition is very important for every entrepreneur with a strongly decision and strongly communication skill in social network. In other word, creativity is also an important lesson for entrepreneur since they have to develop innovative idea to marketing or management.

When need, I quit from work because of I want to further study and get a better work after my study. I want to learn more about management skill because my previous job company is too small and I can't learn management skill. I would like to change job to different area of work to gain more working experience and learn more different skill to upgrade myself. So, I am able to success in different category of business.

If I started a business in a small company, I like my working time is flexible because I have no fix time to work and I can have more time to spend with my family. Other than that, company must also have a properly documented process of a business. With this, I will be able to perform task better even I am from different department and everyone in company can understand company situation well. When I enter a small company, I dislike my company with poor process and poor management that will face problem every day.

For large company, I would appreciate if I am arrange to work in team to handle a project so that I have more idea to solve problem and also can learn from each other. While, office politics and gossip is a common case in big company since everyone in big company would like to gain advantage to have a better position in company. I will work under stress that will affect my working performance.

I believe that every entrepreneurial have strengths to make him successful and weakness to let him face problem. An entrepreneurial must always be full of confident to solve all thing in business. Strong decision making is also important so that entrepreneurs is optimistic and not give up easily until find a suitable solution. Weakness of entrepreneurial such as lack of working experience and it also do not have good habit when work with others.

II) //

My entrepreneur business hero is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg which is creative and smart. He able to create social networking between friend, school and now is most famous international social network "Facebook". Mr Zuckerberg is an American programmer and internet entrepreneur and he is the chairman and executive in Facebook.

Mr Zuckerberg is never give up as he had faced a lot problem when developing new social network. Other than that, he also interest to his job very well and he willing to spend time on his job. One of the important issues for success is having a strong ambition and vision in his life and willing to spend time on it.

He is my business hero that I admired because of his attitude with optimistic thinking and can always provide a useful idea in his life. From my role model, I wish to have optimistic thinking when I face problem and good planning of time or other resources in my job or study.

Part II

Step 1 //

Based on the ranking step in appendix, I had summarised my weakness and strength in my life. To solve a problem, I will be patient and confident to find a solution until it is correct decision. Other than that, I'm also willing to learn new thing since every person need to learn new thing in their life time to time to improve their performance. Other than that, I'm also have understand well of customer requirement in business. I have a strong vision that becomes a good entrepreneur so I have to work hard to success my dream in my life.

Other than that, I need to improve in decision making skills. Improve in decision making can help me to make decision better and independently since decision making is an important step for everyone. I also wish that I can have more idea and more creative when I develop a new product or generate an idea to market. To improve my creativity, I will attend more design training and course to make me more knowledgeable.

Step2 //

Based on role requirement, career is the no1 priority to get myself satisfaction and a working. In venture, it is not no1 priority because I will do it when I have enough financial and I am able to manage my business independently. Weaknesses that I faced is I had no financial allow and no confident to start my own business. Values, ethics and integrity is my strengths that I am believe on what I am doing will bring outcome in future either a good or bad counter response. With the value of ethics and integrity, I will develop the right product and do the right decision in my business so that everyone will believe and trust on my business. By this, I can make my life better with more beliefs.

Step 4

Based on analysis ranking step 2 and step 3, I wish to do a successful entrepreneur and I will own my company and business. I will attend extra training course to improve myself. If possible, I will also provide seminar talk for other business entrepreneur for the purpose of sharing idea and communication. To be a successful entrepreneur, I need to improve my decision making skills and project leading skills.

Part IV //

Step 2: //

After complete the exercise in part 1 and part 2, I have fully interest in become a successful entrepreneur that will bring a lot of improvement of my life and my family. To become entrepreneur, the very first step is we must have a well planning of business that let business to be creative and unique that able to attract more sales. Other than that, I must also well plan of our resources such as financial, human resource, time and others. Another than that, I must have to set a daily personal goal or aims so we are able to achieve personal requirement.

An entrepreneur must be able to manage finance wisely since enterprise business is cash flow that we need to buy inventory, pay for extra service, advertise product to market, and pay for utilities and etc. therefore, we have to manage our financial control to have more cash flow in future and able to keep good reputation of business.

In the other hand, an entrepreneur must have an optimistic thinking that will always think positive. Thinking optimistic is a very important thinking of every person. Do not always think that you will fail in business since I need to try our best and willing to scarify in order to get our business successful such as sacrifice time and effort to achieve it. An optimistic entrepreneur with good thinking and view will bring me huge motivation to become an entrepreneur.

A conflict that may anticipate between aims and demands of entrepreneurship is different expectation in entrepreneurship. In entrepreneur, we might expect higher salary, luxury life style in entrepreneur life. But if we haven reach our target and we fail in planning a business in entrepreneur, we might fail to get luxury life style since it is not easy to start a business.

An entrepreneurial must have a strong and clearly mind that clearly state mission that need to achieve and how to achieve. Entrepreneur must consists the persistence to success and know what is the purpose of success. In my mind, I need to list down my mission to success and it will become the first requirement for every entrepreneur. I would also will analyze more about entrepreneur and compare it with my view so that I can have better analyze about entrepreneur.

To become a potential entrepreneur, I should have a prior knowledge that related to our business. Other than that, I need experiences and opportunity to develop a new product and services that able to bring service to customer. In additional, resources are also important for an entrepreneur to start a business such as financial, human resources or time to analyze and develop a new idea to market trends.

Through this assessment had brought me more understand about entrepreneur and explore more deeply in entrepreneur. Some of my entrepreneurial strategy such as we need to have innovation and creativity to develop new product. Other than that, technological change is also impact on industry strategy.

To pursue more energy and motivation, I will set a short term goal for myself such as some basic requirement. Daily aim and goals is also important to target myself get sustained with energy and motivation.

Part V: //

Step 1: When I am 70, the first goals that I wish to accomplished are able to have stable and ideal lifestyle with my family. Second goal is I would like to have a good business which contain of 2000 franchises and it is well known in the world.

Step 2: In next 4 year, my goal to be accomplished is I can have a stable job that able to effort my basic requirement. After that I will start small business with my capital since it is a first of my business.

Step 3: Goals that I would like to accomplish are I would like to plan to travel start from now. Other than that, I will withdraw from my college or my work and stay a relax lifestyle.

Step 4: My real goal is to have a wonderful life style that different from now such as I can work independently, have more strong decision making and etc. Other than that, I would like to become more social networking so I can have more friends surrounding me.

Step 5: After clarify, I found that the goal above is really important to me and that is my most weakness and I must achieve the goal before I become a successful entrepreneur.

Step 6: Highest rank of my dream is to be more independently. I can do decision independently without others helping me or influence me. Second highest rank is wished to have more social networking. If I able to more social networking, it can let me more independent since I have to live myself at social. Third highest rank that is able to have a strong decision making skill that will able to let m make a better decision.

Step 7: To learn more independently, I might encounter problem like I can't solve problem by myself. By this, I will stop on my job and study and can't find the solution well and it will make me inconsistence. In decision making, problem that I will encounter is I will make wrong decision making either on my job or study. A wrong decision making will bring a wrong performance in the job or study. Social networking is important, friendly with the right person is also important. Problem that might encounter in social networking that might know wrong friend or been cheated by your friends. A friend is important to you and will influence you to either a good future or bad future.

Step 8: Avoid the problem such as can't independent or make wrong decision making, I need to state out the option of the question and list out all possible solution for the question. By using this mind step way, I am able to know what is the result need and outcome. By avoid know bad friends, I will prevent to go out alone with friend before we know each other more than 1 year. Other than that, I will also analyze his/her behavior and attitude first before getting more and friendlier.

Step 9: To make myself more independently, I will learn from feedback. Learning from feedback is the important step for me to learn. Other than that, I will also do much practice on myself without helping from others. With this, I can have much practical exercise that will make me more independent. To do a best decision making, I will list out all the possible solution and result for every question. With this, I can have a right decision based on decision tree or outcome. When I improve my social networking skill, I need to take action need analyze the right person that with correct attitude and behavior. I will able to know person attitude easily if I am able to analyze person behavior.

Step10: High priority of my goal is to learn independently. In the next seven day, it is also goal for me to accomplish because it is the important lesson for everyone to learn. Other than that, I realize that the second most important goal is to have self confident. With this, I can do thing myself confidently and independently.

Step 11: Highest rank of my goal is learn independently. I would like to have a practical practices and I have to done it by my own in 1 hour's time on next 2 day. Second rank for my goal is better decision making skill and I have to list out all the possible outcome and solution for the entire selected problem in next 5 days.

Step 12: Problem such as face problem in my practical. No idea how to solve it and might will fail the practical exercise. Second problem for improve my decision making is analyze wrong answer in decision tree and it will bring me a lot of inconvenience since I need to make new decision and analyze again.

Step 13: I will eliminate the entire problem with do more exercise to train myself. Other than that, I will attend some seminar course that related to decision making skill. I would like to participate in camp for few days and it will improve my independency.

Step 14: Risk that may encounter is might lose profit in company since making wrong decision will let company choose or invest the wrong product. Another risk that might involve such as develop new product to market and will affect the market grow. Resources involve such as time, financial and human resources that need to be act to improve my performance of business.


From my assessment from part 1 to part 4, I discover my personal story such as interest, strength and weakness. Other than that, I also improve my mind thinking after I done this exercise in few days. First, this assessment allows me to think further about my future, life, parents, job and others. I am clearly understood what my goal is and vision in the whole life. In reflecting, I am clearly understood what is my future job and what I kind of job that I wished to have. Before this, my future job is a kind of sales or marketing that involves a lot of communication technique between each other. Now, I found my interest to be a well know entrepreneurs in the world.

Second, willing to learn is the second important lesson for me as I need to analyze more and learn more critical skills through this assessment. Everyone in the world must contain abilities that willing to learn from mistakes, feedback from others person especially from those who more elder. Eldership has more experience on different perspective of thing or business that we never go through.

Start from now, I would like to improve myself to become an entrepreneur in my future. By become a successful entrepreneur, several of personal target or aims must achieve before I start my venture life. First, I have to get my financial to start a business. Capital is important to start a business, because it is important in every time such as financial to turn over inventory, to invest other financial or to attract investor come over your company.

Second, I have to overcome my all of my weakness such as I have to improve in decision making skill, to live more independently, improve in leadership skill and etc. Decision making is a critical step for everyone whether do the correct solution or wrong solution that will affect our future. In every time when do a decision especially some big decision or serious decision, we need to analyze the possible solution and outcome that will faced, risk that involve in every decision, resource that involve in decision making. After analyze all the possible solution, we need to choose the best solution through our experience to determine which solution is the best way to solve it.

Second weakness that needs to overcome is how to learn independently. To learn more independently, first we need to be confident on what we had do and what we can do. We have to believe in our self that we can make something unique and gain advantages from other person. Thus, manage financial independent is also the way that help us become more independently because I do not rely on my parents to give me pocket money. First, I will pay my own telephone bills, internet bills, and other personal thing. Money that successful keeps and save will bring me incredible motivation and feeling of independent. The most important to become independent is be yourself by not easily influence by others.

After overcome all my weakness, I need to work further to start my entrepreneur life. A great and unique idea is important. To get a good idea to market, we need to analyze what are the market requirement, market desperate, market price, market business, target market and etc. A unique idea can be companies that provide service that will bring benefit to customer or develop new product that would increase performance of life and technology. In the other hand, I'm also need to prepare business resources such as manufacturing time, capital or human resources that is big related to start a business.

In additional, it is important for me to write down my entire business plan and future. We need to do it step by step by list down all idea with details and description such as material needed, cost needed. By using this strategy can allow me to what I have to start and where I stop at. Other that, time and plan schedule also have to list down clearly so we can able to evaluate and use all our time wisely. In the business plan, market analysis is important to know who is target market, location or competitors, sales and etc.

A successful business need long time to generate and we need to start it step by step. At first, we need to start a small business first by not using too much of our capital. We can either do business alone or with partner but the most important is to gain more experience and understand the situation of the market. In the small business, we must try our best to give customer good impression, good behavior so that customer will look for you when you entry to an entrepreneur life.

Customer is the important role in market, there is no sales will exist if no customer is deal with you. By deal business with customer, we also need to understand customer behavior, customer need. We need to notice what customer need and favorite so we able to 'lock customer heart' by take care them concern and provide them a cheerful customer service. Apart from client relationship, other entrepreneur relationship is also important that we need to maintain a regular social meeting others entrepreneur. By this, we can get idea from other entrepreneur that will also improve our mind thinking.

I really hope that I am able to start entrepreneur life within 35 years so that I can enjoy life to become an entrepreneur to improve my future life. I can improve my future life because I am able to get what I want it to be and how the business to be. My own idea is belong to me and not others. I won't worry I will getting fired if my idea is not accepted by other people that high position than me.

In additional, I would like to lead people how to do and assign task to my employee. So, being an entrepreneur can bring me satisfaction since I allow to do whatever I want to do or wish to have and no need under control by others. For employee, he need to follow exactly the instruction or procedure that fixed by employer even he have his own idea to complete a task. While for an entrepreneur, allow to create own procedure step to complete a task and it will provide me a lot of satisfaction. It is a challenging job for me since many decision making, risk are involve in entrepreneur life.

We feel stress when we working as an employee because I need to fight my target or have to do what employee require everyday to prevent fired by employer. In others word, every employee in same company like fighting each other to get more sales or business to prevent fired. This is stress and uncomfortable working environment for me and it will affect my working performance since it is no team work in project or good communication method between employees in a same company. To being an entrepreneur, it will make me escape from stress of corporate life.

Can have a flexible working time or schedule is also one of the reason for me to become an entrepreneur. Life of become an entrepreneur can be flexible since I am allow to evaluate business operating hours, timing life cycle and others by myself. In the other hand, social networking is important issue when being an entrepreneur because there is more chance to interact with different people and increase chance of interact with customer. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet new people in different country or different business area.

Become a successful entrepreneur is my dreams since I am young. Now, I can make my dream become true after I done this assessment. I am able to make dreams become reality and not disappointed my family. My dream is to be a successful entrepreneur that will have a growth business. My expected business is successfully developing a new product to market that useful to everyone.