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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)



Nowaday, the international multilateral organization is existed in the new form. These oraganizations have an important role in economic life in the world and become to the basic forces operating the world economy.Therefore, international multilateral organization have become the interesting subject attracted the attention of scholars, business man or business woman and politicians of most countries. The resreach of international multilateral organization in order to understand the bussiness system better in today. Beside that, international multilateral organization is the active form of the international relations of production. It will help oraganization understand the impact on the economy of country and thus has the right solution to develop this economy.

Corporate social responsibility is a concept that often approaches similar with corporate sustainability, sustainable development of the company, corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship. It is the private sector by integrating the command economy, society and environment of their activities such as CSR is nearly identical to the business of pursuing sustainable development and the three bottom lines. In addition to integration into the business structure and processes, CSR also frequently involves creating innovative solutions and proactively with the challenges of social and environmental as well as cooperating with both inside and outside stakeholders to improve CSR performance.


1. The relationship of international multilateral organization and corporate social responsibility:

International multilateral organization funded from various government and spend it on projects in different countries. They often require job seekers with specialized training in related areas such as , business, economics public health and social science, or behavior, as well as previous experience International multilateral organization formed from three or more countries to work on issues relevant to all countries in the organization.and refer to the manufacturer or service provider at least two countries. some large international multilateral organizations have a budget bigger than the budget of many countries. International multilateral organization can have great influence on international relations and the economy of the nation and have an important role in the process of globalization [1] . International multilateral organization are operating companies and has offices in various countries. Ownership concentration of international multilateral organization the branches, subsidiaries and agents around the world are under the ownership concentration, although they have their specific daily activities are not same together and often pursue strategic management such as operations and global business. While international multilateral organization may have many technical strategies and specific activities to suit each area where it has branches.

CSR can be applied to all industries. In many develop country, CSR made a great problem and first understand it then how to put it into production activities and daily business, sometimes need to make changes in policies, salaries, including improving the factory environment or workplace. CSR is important but it is not in paper certificate that in the process of how to do it. If CRS do correctly, companies will gain benefits such as improving management efficiency, increase loyalty and enthusiasm of employees, reduced training costs, increased labor efficiency. The most successful businesses in the implementation of CSR will be committed of those companies with CSR and turn it into a company culture.In the world, CSR has been conceded as a factor to develop a reputation in the global apparel market. Multinational companies have risk about their reputation and brand name when they order in the developing countries, but the developing countries have risk about the possibility of being criticized if they allow or ignore behaviors related to social and environmental which is not fit for international standards. There are many non-governmental organizations to eye on CSR issues and sometimes they consider excessive or acknowledge problems leading to unfair harm to the business enterprise even if mistakes were corrected.

Corporate social responsibility belong to the government and can provide public services, public benefit non-profit [2] . Government only has enough information to make good decisions in allocating efficiently resoures. Responsibility of oraganization is create value-added, technology development, profits, creating jobs and income for labor. The main responsibility of oraganization to government is tax contribution. And responsibilities of government is money of tax is used most effectively for public interests. If the oraganization provides the implementation of social responsibility, there would be duplication and has decided to spend the taxes. The managers of organization will become a civil service employee rather than a representative of the interests of shareholders.

On the other hand, a manager of oraganization use corporate resources to implement social responsibility based on their subjective judgments, there is not guarantee that the decision of this person to light transparency and proper for the ultimate social goal which is an expert on management and business and that is reason for shareholders to represent and sending confidence in the management of the business [3] . Therefore, if oraganizations work for-profits to offset the social cost, environmental and social costs that oraganization can cause a lot of times bigger than the benefits of the money from taxes or create jobs of organization.

2. Some activities of famous International multilateral organization around the world:

In the world, many organization have events to help the world escape from famine, flood, drought, epidemic deseases,….and surmount consequence from problems of organizations made or damage of nature such as:

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO):

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a specialized organization against poverty and ensure food security.The purpose of activities of FAO are improve nutrition, agricultural productivity and improve the life and occupations of rural people as well as contribute the development of world economy [4] . FAO is not a sponsor and not a lending institution.FAO is committed to providing professional support and high quality technical assistance in the areas of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food production. FAO provides the kind of support to help people and nations help themselves. If the community wants to increase crop productivity but they are deprived of the technical skills, FAO introduce simple, sustainable tools and techniques. 

Therefore, FAO recover and develop to help rebuild government institutions, and restorate of agricultural production capacity. FAO expand the scope of activities to policy advice, primarily on planning and strategy which support the provision of technical assistance.FAO tries to ensure that the benefits from activities are shared by people in the project areas and to be the poor and most vulnerable person. FAO considers the rural space and agricultural development as a multifaceted problem that includes aspects of economic, environmental and social. Therefore, the scope of current activities of FAO has expanded from disease prevention to support research related to agriculture and policy-oriented research. FAO have plans to create a knowledge network on issues of food and agriculture related to farmers, policy makers, donors, the research community and the public through websites, newsletters, reports, books, documentation and other publications.

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

 United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) works to make dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based on respect for common values are shared. Objectives of UNESCO are maintaining peace and international security by strengthen solidarity cooperation between countries in education, science and culture to ensure the respect of all countries of justice, law, human rights and self- so basically for all people regardless of race, sex, language, religion [5] . Beside that, UNESCO encourage the knowledge and sympathetic together among nations through the media, recommended the necessary international agreements, promote the strong public education, disseminate of culture and maintain and improve high application of knowledge.

The role and contribution of UNESCO for peace and human development in the trend of globalization through the activities in the fields of education, science, culture and communication which leads to the need to establish the relationship between the power of UNESCO for the organization's role in the process of globalization of all humanity. UNESCO has been responded and participated almost nation around the world, prestige and the role of UNESCO is increasingly advanced. UNESCO is not only issue the idea but also capable of achieving solutions to coordinate effective international action. So that, the content and methods UNESCO set out meet the demands of each nation and the global solution. By the sponsor of UNESCO and the government of nation have gradually established a system of non-governmental organizations conform to principles and objectives of UNESCO, so it is an international organization have prestige and progress of our time, send beliefs and aspirations of humanity, as the bridge to the future.

International Monetary Fund (IMF):

International Monetary Fund (IMF) have 187 member countries and work to promote global growth and economic stability. It provides policy advice and sponsors to members in economic problems and also works with developing countries to help them achieve macroeconomic stability, poverty reduction. IMF always oversee the economic situation and warn the risk for member countries and consult policy advice [6] . It also loans for countries have problems, and provide technical assistance and train to help countries develop economic which was supported by the IMF research and statistics

The IMF support maney for low-income countries, reflect the changing nature of economic conditions in these countries. It is a best solution for the nation which needs for short-term support and emergency. IMF will increase more financial support for low-income countries when the country needed to respond to global crises. Changes in the design of policy packages that have agreed with IMF loans allow fiscal policy, including increased fiscal spending. IMF also set up a new policy that allow the IMF to participate in international relief efforts for the debts of poor countries which was hit by natural disasters.

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  is a specialized organization of the United Nations was found in 1977. Principles of IFAD is reduced poverty in developing countries. Governments, sponsors, nongovernmental organizations and IFAD focuses on solving specific problems of each country, it can help to improve access of the poor people to financial services, markets, technology, land and other resources [7] .

IFAD always has focused and kept the goals in innovative approaches to poverty reduction and agricultural development, create sustainable partnerships with the provinces; flexibility in design and implementation of projects intended to increase self-control of government and offer suggestions on policies from the loan and subsidize. also need more efforts in policy in the region to promote market access of small businesses, increase competition for farmers, improve the life of the poor people and improve productivity of economic.


To sum up, CSR should not apart from nature between economic and social to look at the nature and operation of the business. CSR is the last obstacles that keep oraganization do not go so far by economic interests in violation of ethical standards which are not always fully reflected in the laws and leave the negative impact to other components of society. By many International multilateral organization such as FAO, UNESCO, IMF, IFAD… have many programes to help people and countries in the world, solve the natural calamity, improve the life of people, have many solutions and innovations to encourage some developing countries in the future.