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Energizer is a one of the most known batteries around the world and is chew over one of the best selling household and personal care products of all time. Currently energizer offer solutions in portable power, lighting, wet shave and personal grooming, skin care, feminine care and infant care. Energizer induced in 1980's. Energizer has been around more then 100 years in this world. Energizer olso produce many types batteries and sizes of batteries for gives satisfy for the their customer. Examples of types batteries Everyday Use Alkaline, Performance Lithium, Rechargeable Batteries, Watch / Electronic, Vehicle Batteries, Hearing Aid, Battery Chargers, Specialty Lithium Photo, Miniature Alkalin and sizes of batteries are AA, AAA, C,D,9v, Button. Energizer manage their products price to low price for sell their product more and obtaining more customers. Energizer has more energy power saver compare to other brands According to this Energizer is a popular in worldwide range . Finallyn Energizer compared to other market competitiors still energizer was leading in this world. Energizer is number one battery company in United States and in other country's. I would recommend to you all energizer is a good product .

Relevant Information About Energizer

The question is how did they become successful and being able to maintain their business for more than 100 years? One of the main reasons is the company is mainly focusing on being innovative. Innovation in the business world can be define as the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will play. An improvement of things or products can also be considered as an innovation which Energizer Holdings has been doing mostly over the past 100 years. As you know, Energizer Holdings is known for its battery product called "energizer". Battery was not even invented by energizer as it started way back in the late 1700s from the invention of Volta-acid batteries, wet cell batteries, alkaline batteries to what we use currently Lithium or dry cells. In other words Energizer Holdings is always trying to make something new, productive and beneficial to the world.

According to, from 2001 Energizer Holdings stock or value increased exponentially up to the year late 2007. However during the early 2008s, Energizer Holdings value was degrading greatly from 120 million to 45 million; more than 50% differences compare to previous years. However Energizer Holdings starts to regain its momentum in 2009 and from there it starts increasing again gradually. So what did they do to regain their momentums back?

In 2009, Energizer Holdings acquired Edge and Skintimate one of the top leading shave prep brands in North America. Going back to history, Energizer Holdings is known for acquiring brands such as Schick and Playtex this led to the 2nd reason of how Energizer Holding being able to sustain for more than 100 years which is brand acquisition. By acquiring Edge and Skintimate, they were able to regain back their momentum. From our research, we have found that there are few huge benefits to any company by acquiring brands especially the known ones. From brand acquisition, we can improve or enhance its brand products by simply making it better or different to any competitors. Brand acquisition also lead to merging of cultures and skills, allowing sharing of ideas possible which then possibly lead to more innovative creation thus leading to more profits made. However acquiring brands is not easy as it sounds, the company has to know the brands thoroughly inside and out which led to the third reason of Energizer Holdings success which is being a risk taker company.

Constructive Strategies

Effective Communication Or Barriers In Communication

Color can change the mood. In this company which is Energizer Company, they immersed the delegates in various colors and encourage them to see the effect of each color on their mood. For example is, all of the Energizer batteries have the same color in it which is, black color. This is show the effort to advertise their various products.

Energizer corporation has various of effective communications which is to raise up the sale of their products. One of them are Energizer Night Strike on 2011. This event which was organized by Energizer Corporation and features seven-minute 'speedball' rounds incorporating a 'capture the flag' scenario, played completely in the dark with only UV lighting and fluorescent paintballs to complement Energizer's new Energy Beam brand image.

Next is, there are few promotion which is when customer buy something, they will get something for free or they will get some discounts from this company. For instance, buy specially marked packs of Energizer® MAX® AA-16 and AAA-16 batteries and save up to $20 on select Crayola® products. They have been using coupons as the medium of the promotions.

Besides that, the Energizer also use the kids influence as to promote their products. For instance, with the watchword More Power, More Smiles, they might get up to $8 in Toy Cash* when the customers buy two specially marked packs of Energizer® MAX® batteries, AA/AAA-4 or AA/AAA-8, and redeem package codes online.

With the creativity of their team, they started to create one more effective communication to promote their goods and product with some free gift. The promotion name to advertise is Redbox. When the customers Purchase a specially-marked pack of Energizer® Brand Lithium batteries and get a one-night video game rental from Redbox.

For the barriers in communication in this company, there was a survey that have shown that with a 70% response rate across the European participant countries it is clear that language proved no barrier about this company.

Therefore, all the effective communications are perfectly give good info to all the customers out there. The compounds generated in the cell are useful and out of harm's way.

Facts About Energizer Company

In every single brand or company in the world, they absolutely have their own facts to make the business run efficiently. In this company, Energizer company, they have few facts about their own products. One of them is Energizer Lithium. The Energizer Lithium battery is designed for use in high-tech devices that quickly drain standard batteries. Energizer produces Ultimate Lithium and Advanced Lithium AA and AAA batteries, and calls them the longest-lasting such batteries in the world. They are designed to give optimal power and life to products such as digital cameras, gaming accessories and radios. Energizer lithium batteries have a shelf life of 10 years.

Besides that, they have other products that can be using in a wide range. It is Energizer Max product. Why do we say like that? As informed, it is most popular product and can be used to power a wide range of products. The Max is available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt sizes. Max batteries have a shelf life of up to seven years and drain at various speeds, depending on their usage.

Last but not least, the most popular facts that Energizer has is Energizer Rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are useful for the consumer who uses a lot of battery-powered devices but does not want to continually buy replacements. Here the Energizer team provided to these kind of customers with the easy-going products. Energizer says its rechargeable batteries are geared toward frequently used devices that drain batteries quickly. They can be recharged hundreds of times, and lose 1 percent of their energy a day while unused. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive to purchase than standard batteries.


In conclusion, success does not come overnight. You must have a proper strategy or planning. Be a risk taker as what Energizer Holdings have done such as brand acquisition as it requires a lot of time of planning and knowing the brands thoroughly inside out. Analyze your competitors to become more competitive, and make something beneficial whether to the world or consumer. These things what makes Energizer Holding a successful company and also makes them being able to sustain their business for more than a century.


"I had a rather jarring experience when having the battery changed on my must de Cartier quartz watch yesterday--detailed in the WUS Public Forum. The part of it that may be of interest on this forum is what my watchmaker had to say about batteries. The watch had originally come with a Renata battery (probably true for most, if not all, Swiss watches). The watchmaker told me that he has come to rely on only Sony and Energizer batteries when doing battery replacements. He noted that he has never seen either of these leak after death, but he has seen Renata batteries do this, and has even seen leakage from these batteries before death when the watch was still running. Fortunately for me, although the watch had been stopped for a couple of months (I hardly ever wear it), no leakage had occurred. I know my freind has said the same in the past about this superiority of Energizer batteries."

Based on the story, the customers strongly recommend the Energizer batteries are very good and it has proven that the batteries are long lasting. Therefore, customers can judge which one is better for daily use and make a better choice in purchasing battery.