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SUNGRABBER PTY LTD is a small organisation that hires around forty people that provides alternative energy products: solar panels, hot water systems, wind generations and so forth. Sungrabber is owned by Rob Redman and has been up and running for nine years, while he was on long service leave from his job at a TAFE. Rob is doing well on the market that is insuring the growth of the business. Rob has been the driving force of the company over the past nine years and has worked hard to continue his work at TAFE whilst managing the company at the same time. Doing two jobs at once has started to take overwork Rob, to help him with his work load rob has decided to outsource the recruiting stage to fill the four vacant positions that currently need to be filled, until he is able to get a Human Resource Manager. These four positions include:

HR Officer

Production Manager

Finance and Administration Manager

Solar Hot Water Systems Staff Member


Sungrabber's clients will mainly consist of customers who are interested in saving money on electricity at home and in the office. Other clients that Sungrabber might have include solar panel companies, building companies and electricity companies as these clients would be interested in a cost reducing and highly effective alternative energy products.

Human Resources

As Sungrabber is only a small company that hires forty people there has not been a need for a human resource department before and therefore there has not been any HR policies and procedures.


The company is located in Regionaltown in North Queensland; this location is prime as North Queensland is hot with a lot of sunlight which is needed for solar panels to work. this is there for an ideal location to be able to test all alternative energy products.

Future direction

Sungrabber is an expanding company which has a steady growth rate in both volume and range of the products it is providing to its customers. The organisation is in need of a Human Resource manager as employees are currently been hired by an ad-hoc (for a specific purpose) approach as the company is expanding.

Survey report

A stakeholder of a company can provide valuable feedback on the company's everyday operations and procedures. The term stakeholder means all the individuals or groups who affect, or are affected by an organization and its activities. All the key stakeholders at Sungrabber have been asked to partake in a survey to better identify what policies and procedures need to be reviewed and how the stakeholders view the current Human Resource involvement. The key stakeholders in Sungrabber include:

Managing Director - Rob Reedman

Research and Development Manager - Kim Tan

Finance and Administration Manager - Chris McGuria

Marketing Manager - Jenny O'Grag

Production Manager - Rod Crooke is acting

Purpose of this survey

The purpose of this survey is to see how the key stakeholders of Sungrabber view the organisations and it procedures. Sungrabber currently has no HR Officer however they are looking to recruit one in the near future. This in turn means that there are currently no HR processes that have been put in place at Sungrabber. This survey will help Sungrabber better identify why having a HR Officer in the company will help the company greatly with their Policies and Procedures, Hiring and Firing as well as how the company runs day-today business.

What do you know about Sungrabber?


What do you consider Sungrabber's strengths and weaknesses are?


How do you view the current policy on hiring staff?


Do you think Sungrabber has proper job descriptions and KPI's?


Do you think that Sungrabber is doing enough on-the-job training for new employees?


Are you given enough opportunities to provide feedback on the organisations day-to-day operations?


Do you believe that by hiring more staff into the HR department will help to make Sungrabber a more effectively run organisation?


Having more HR Officers can impact on an organisations policies and procedures and the culture within the organisation, do you think that by having a lack of HR Officers in Sungrabber is one major reason for the gap between employees and management?


Do you think that having an effective HR department will help to ensure that Sungrabber is able to hire the best available staff, and reduce the number of staff turnover?


Are there any additional comments which you might make regarding the current Human Resource functions and how it is carried out in Sungrabber?


Thank you for taking your time to fill out our survey to try and improve Sungrabber. If you have any questions about anything that was on this survey please don't hesitate to call Jessica on 0464 648 651.

HR plan

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading provider in alternative energy products with world class service in order to save our customers money.

With a nine-year history in the solar industry, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality; long-lasting products that help our customers save money on energy costs and reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional energy sources.

Link between HR plan and Strategic plan

Human resources planning and strategic planning are both extremely important to the success of an organisation. They are, however, two very different types of planning. When an organisation develops a strategic plan, it is necessary to develop a human resources plan to support it. (Wendel Clark) Having the link between the hr and strategic plan is vital as the training and staff programs and systems are linked in with the changing needs of Sungrabber.

Current status of Human Resources

Currently Sungrabber has no Human Resource Department or even a Human Resource Officer. Sungrabber's lack of Human Resource means that there is no one to help identify the company's future needs and what it requires from its employees. As there is no HR there are some policies and procedures that need to be developed. These include Offer of Employment, External Reference Checking and Advertising.

When a Human Resource Officer has been hired Sungrabber will be able to move the company forward in ways to help the employee have a happy and safe working environment. This can be done through staff surveys, a Performance Management System and staff appraisals. This will also be able to identify future staffing and training needs for the company.

Identification of HR needs or gaps

Human Resource is a big part of any organisation as it sets the guidelines of what obligations employers and employees have to each other. Human Resources is the face of the company as when an applicant goes for a job the Human Resource Department are who replies to the applicant to when an employee leaves the organisation. HR shows how an organisation treats its employees and to an extent its customers. HR makes the organisations policies and procedures, they make sure that all staff members are fully trained and are working to the best of their ability. HR ensures that the company has a smooth workflow and a good working environment.

The gaps that appear in Sungrabber form the lack of a HR Department include the ability to identify when a new position needs to be created. For example the company would benefit greatly for a Chief Operating Officer. Gaps that have been identified within Sungrabber include formulating HR strategy and action plans, integrating plans with business plans, and defining the future organisation/situation.

Rob Reedman wants to develop new products to be able to sell to the market to increase his business. This will in turn means that Rob wants to hire new staff to help with this growth in business. As the strategic plan is closely linked the HR plan this growth will have an impact on the capacity of the HR Department and their role in the organisation. This means that HR will have to develop strong policies, procedures and process, that support the change to the company's strategic plan as well as to ensure that strong training measures are being carried out for new and existing employees.

This change will need to be overseen to ensure that the company runs smoothly from the first interview to employee training. As there will be new staff members coming in HR will have to ensure that the interview and induction process is effective and hires the right staff for Sungrabber.

When this growth process happens there will also be an impact on the current employees with the new staff members coming in and how they view the change. A change in the organisation could see current employees unhappy and may affect the organisations productivity, having the HR Department managing the change can help to identify any problems within the organisation and how its run, or with the current employees and how they feel about this change.

The training and the induction plan will need to go under review as new employees will be hired around the same time. The plans need to ensure that they can cater for a bulk amount of employees at an induction as well as training.

Identification of key stakeholders and specialists

The Key Stakeholders and Specialists in Sungrabber include:

Managing Director - Rob Reedman

Research and Development Manager - Kim Tan

Finance and Administration Manager - Chris McGuria

Marketing Manager - Jenny O'Grag

Production Manager - Rod Crooke is acting

Recruitment and selection processes

The current recruitment and selection process is to hire the staff by using the ad-hoc approach. This approach means that there are no solid policies and procedures on how to hire and retain staff. There is currently no written procedure on how the organisation is meant to contact themselves in the recruitment and selection process. In this report it has been identified ways that Sungrabber should be hiring their staff. Implementing these policies and procedures into the company will ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and in accordance to legislation. This will also ensure that everyone gets a fair go as well as making sure that Sungrabber is abiding by law.

Recommendations for improvement

To help the continuous improvement of the company it is suggested that a strategic plan is developed and implemented. This will also ensure that the employees know what is expected from the. The implementation of Policies and Procedures that have been developed will help Sungrabber move forward as a leading company.

The key areas that need to be addressed in Sungrabber include:

The HR Department needs to have funds to be able to develop all relevant policies and procedures for the company

Strong induction, interviewing and training processes need to be developed

Staff training will need to become more effective

When an employee goes on long service leave, the company needs to be a backup employee who is qualified to fulfil the position for the period of time the employee is away

The processes for change management and how they carry out the growth

These areas that are stated above should be addressed in the next company meeting. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Officer and the General Manager to ensure that all the strategies to improve Sungrabber are put in place and are carried forward.

Position descriptions

Job Title: Production Worker

Reports to: Production Manager

This job for a Production Worker requires that the applicant is fit and can lit a minimum of 15 kilos as the position is an important part of the production stage. It is preferred that the applicant has previous experience with manufacturing, but is not essential as on-the-job training is provided. This position includes installing solar hot water systems and therefor it is important for the applicant to have a current QLD licence. The applicant must be able to work in a team and be willing to work shift work and at times long hours to finish the job at hand. Being able to work to the customer's satisfaction and to be able to do repetition of certain steps in the job is essential. The applicant must be mechanically inclined and good with hand tools. They need to be able to learn such skills as brazing, soldering, wiring and insulating, as well as be able to learn how to prep and assemble units.


Ensure that high levels of service are maintained, ensuring that customer requirements are satisfied, by anticipating their needs, and having an outstanding resort product and service knowledge while acknowledging customers.

The ability to handle special tools that are essential to completion of the job.

Provide feedback to staff, assess service delivery levels, participate in meetings, foster team spirit

Produce as little waste as possible

Have reliable transport

Know all relevant WH&S policies and procedures, and have a current first-aid certificate.

High level of professional attitude towards Sungrabber and its customers, including ones-self code of conduct.

Provide excellent customer service and be able to relay on all products and services that are offered within Sungrabber.

Selection Criteria

Must be able to perform manual handling and repetitive work

Demonstrated hands-on approach to problem solving skills

Must hold current a current QLD drivers licence

4. Demonstrated ability to deal with difficult customers or situations

5. Ability to work within a high performing team, in a dynamic and diverse environment, and to make prompt and reliable decisions.

Applications close 21st October 2012

Any questions or enquires please call Jessica on 0464 648 651

Personal data provided by job applicants will be used for recruitment related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Applicants receiving no response within one month may consider their applications to be unsuccessful. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews (

Job Title: Production Manager

Reports to: Managing Director

In charge of: Production Workers

A production manager is required for a fast-paced Solar Heating company. The applicant will have previsions experience in a management position, preferably three years. The position requires someone with strong and dynamic leadership skills, who is confident and focused on continuous improvement. The successful applicant will be in charge of a team of four production workers and will be responsible for planning and coordinating all production activities in their section including people, safety, quality, maintenance, and production processes as well as costing and planning. The applicant must also possess excellent leading and organising skills with ability to be able to understand how technology is incorporated into the company's alternative energy products. This position is ideal for someone who has worked with the Total Quality Management philosophy.Having enthusiasm and commitment while displaying excellent customer service skills, the ability to deal with customer requests and solve difficulties that may arise, to ensure customer satisfaction, is an essential part of the position.


The ability to handle special / specific requests, deal with VIP's, and obtain customer feedback, and effectively and quickly deal with complaints as they arise.

Research customer needs and emerging solar heating trends

Act in accordance within WH&S legislation and procedures including being aware of those that are under your duty of care. Have a current first-aid certificate and be able to lead others in case of an emergency evacuation, this includes both on job sites and in the office.

Provide feedback to staff, assess service delivery levels, participate in meetings, foster team spirit

Act on opportunities for growth while promoting a positive company image, and the ability to effectively sell company goods and services to customers, while being able to receive feedback

Ensuring that all products that are produced are 100% reliable and to the customers satisfaction

Selection Criteria

Must have excellent planning, leading, organising and controlling skills to be able to move the company and its customers forward.

Applicant must have previous experience with Total Quality Management and must be able to bring this philosophy into the company.

Be currently up-to-date with all WH&S and WH&S legislation.

Applications close 21st October 2012

Any questions or enquires please call Jessica on 0464 648 651

Personal data provided by job applicants will be used for recruitment related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Applicants receiving no response within one month may consider their applications to be unsuccessful. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews (

Job Title: Administration Officer

Reports to: Finance & Administration Manager

There is an exciting opportunity for an experienced administration officer at an alternative energy product's company Sungrabber. The applicant must have previous experience with budgets, and managing materials and supplies. The applicant must be able to assist data entry associated with accounts payable and receivable, and commissions. Would be preferred if the applicant is able to learn computing software fairly quick as a new system has been installed.


Reviewing quotes for pricing correctness against a catalogue

Be able to "upsell" products to customers.

Liaising with clients

Coordinating staff rosters

arranging replacements to cover sick leave

annual leave and absences;

verifying timesheets against the rosters

liaising with payroll to respond to staff enquiries

assisting in compiling statistical information

Selection Criteria

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate on all levels with people.

A minimum of two years working in an Administration Officer position

Competency in using a range of Office computer packages

Demonstrated ability to deal with difficult customers or situations

Ability to work within a high performing team, in a dynamic and diverse environment, and to make prompt and reliable decisions.

Applications close 21st October 2012

Any questions or enquires please call Jessica on 0464 648 651

Personal data provided by job applicants will be used for recruitment related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Applicants receiving no response within one month may consider their applications to be unsuccessful. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews (

Job Title: Human Resource Officer

Reports to: Managing Director

Sungrabber is now looking to recruit a Human Resource Officer for our office in North Queensland. Within this role you will be exposed to all surfaces of the generalist responsibility, while adapting yourself to reflect the business's needs. The successful applicant will have completed three years in a Human Resource role along with a territory qualification in human resources. As the HR officer you will be encouraged to look outside the box and to improve current processes.


Assisting managers with regular Performance Reviews

Supporting the company with Human Resource Management Philosophy

Providing the company with regular WH&S training sessions to help ensure a healthy and safe work environment

Implementing HR policies and procedures

Recruitment duties

Being the point of contact for employee enquiries and providing generalist Human Resources advice to front line managers

Maintain accurate Human Resources information systems by ensuring employment records are up-to-date, accurate and in accordance with company policy

Prepare contracts and offer packs to new and existing employees

Selection Criteria

1. Three years practical experience in a Human Resource Officer role

2. Good Industrial Relations skills, to be able to bring in the EBA

3. Excellent skills in recruiting and selecting the right applicant for the right job

4. Demonstrated ability to deal with difficult employees or situations

5. Territory qualification in Human Resources

Applications close 21st October 2012

Any questions or enquires please call Jessica on 0464 648 651

Personal data provided by job applicants will be used for recruitment related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Applicants receiving no response within one month may consider their applications to be unsuccessful. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews (

Advertising and selection policies

Advertising and selection policies

Advertising Policy and Procedures Compiled by SUNGRABBER PTY LTD Last Updated on 30 September 2012


This policy aims to ensure that Sungrabber has access to the best available candidates for positions vacant.

Minimum requirements

The minimum advertising period for Expressions of Interest and Positions Vacant is one advertisement in one local or regional newspaper.

Any advertising in metropolitan newspapers must as a minimum include the Regionaltown Herald.

All advertisements must be based on the templates provided from Sungrabber's Human Resource Department.

All positions vacant advertisements should include the salary range.

Plain English must be used for all advertisements. This ensures advertisements are easy to understand and brief, keeping costs to a minimum.


All advertisements for expressions of interest must be approved by the Human Resource Officer.

The Branch Manager must sign off on the Position Profile and give approval before any vacancy is advertised.

Advertising of vacant positions before the job evaluation process has been completed needs the approval of the HR Manager.

All advertising must be submitted by email to [email protected] to gain approval.

Responsible Expenditure

11. In order to keep advertising costs to a reasonable level, consideration should be given to combining advertisements, wherever possible, and to using regional newspapers (e.g. the Australian, Regionaltown Herald, Local Town Herald and the Sungrabber Bulletin Board) that appear in multiple publications.

12. Website advertising should be considered for relevant vacancies as it is a cost effective form of advertising.

Advertising and selection policies

Advertising Policy and Procedures Compiled by SUNGRABBER PTY LTD Last Updated on 30 September 2012


Complete the Template

Prepare the advertisement using the relevant template from the intranet http://sungrabber/temfor.html (Media and Advertising forms). There are two available:

Job Advertisement (suitable for most newspapers)

Tender Advertisement (for attachment in the tenders section of most newspapers)

Use a fresh template for each new advertisement to ensure it is the correct version and include all requested information in the template.

For Tenders/Expressions of Interest:

Include the Tender Number (available on application to the Risk Contracts Manager).

Include the closing date and time for tenders

For Positions Vacant:

Use these criteria as a guide to help make the position sound appealing and give potential applicants an understanding of what the job entails.

Carefully consider the title of your advertisement (i.e. the position title) so that it appeals to the right applicants. Your advertisement will appear in an alphabetical listing in the Classifieds, based on that title, unless your request otherwise.

Modify the wording of the advertisement to suit the candidates you are looking for, e.g. it might be more appropriate to include a fortnightly or weekly salary than an annual income for Production Worker positions.

Complete a GA Form

Complete the appropriate GA Form, inserting the newspaper(s) you want to advertise in and the publication date(s) (you may need to check with the paper direct to ensure you nominate the most suitable day). Communication will allocate a number to the GA Form after you have submitted it. Ensure the job number(s) appear on the bottom of the GA form, including any cost sharing arrangements. If more than one position is included in a single vacancy advertisement, only one GA form is needed, with the percentage split for the overall cost included.

Obtain Approval

For Tenders/Expressions of Interest: gain approval to advertise from the Managing Director. (Email confirmation is acceptable.) This does not mean they need to approve the final advertisement, just give approval to advertise. For Positions Vacant: The Branch Manager should sign off on the Position Profile and give approval before any vacancy is advertised.

Send to Human Resource

Email the approved advertisement and completed GA form to [email protected] for proofing, approval and lodging with the Government Advertising Agency. In the email, indicate any websites you would also like your advertisement listed on (see Appendix 1). Be sure to have your Job Information Packages ready for distribution when you submit the paperwork, as website advertising begins the day of lodgement.

Proof Copy

The Human Resource Officer will circulate the approved final proof copy of the advertisement for information and records to:

The person who placed the advertisement

Anyone listed in the advertisement

Webmaster (for upload to intranet)

Proofing and Lodgement

The Human Resource Officer will proofread the advertisement, discuss any changes and lodge the forms with the Government Advertising Agency and any websites, as requested. They then check the final proof and give final approval. The Human Resource Officer also completes any administration and payment processing when invoices are received from the Government Advertising Agency.


Hard copy files of all adverts and GA forms are kept filed in the HR office and saved to the G drive in on the company computers.

Purchase Orders

Communication Services Group will prepare purchase orders for any website advertising.

Advertising Checklist

Description of activities

(Jones, p.g. 413)

To be completed by


Date completed

Gain authorisation to advertise

Rob Reedman


Does the advertisement give sufficient information about the job?

Human Resource Officer


Make sure that all signatures are correct

Human Resource Officer


Use template provided on intranet

Department Manager


Wording of job description

Human Resource Officer


Advertising in Regionaltown Herald and online

Human Resource Officer


Add advertisement due date to all advertisements

Human Resource Officer


Are all advertisements reviewed for possible unlawful discrimination such as, sex, race, national origin, pregnancy, age, material status, disability, religion, union membership or sexual orientation?

Human Resource Officer


Sign off advertisement

Rob Reedman


How does the advertisement get lodged


Maintain advertisement - when applicant upload resume and cover letter the applicant will receive an automatic response and then hr will contact them within two weeks

Human Resource Officer


Track results by using Sungrabber's policy

Human Resource Officer


When cut-off date arrives unload all advertisements

Human Resource Officer


Collect all resumes to go over

Human Resource Officer


Advertising, external reference checks, offers of employment procedures, including checklists.

External Reference checking policies and procedures

External Reference checking Policy and Procedures Compiled by SUNGRABBER PTY LTD Last Updated on 30 September 2012


References must be checked for prospective candidates for employment in a department by the appropriate supervisor. The candidate's previous supervisors should be contacted.

Reference checks should be undergone after final rounds of interviews have been completed

In cases where candidates applying for employment with Sungrabber have not gone through a demanding selection process, it is especially important to assess their knowledge, skills and abilities, and experience. Supervisors should check on the candidate's experience and skills to perform the duties of the position for which they are applying, as well as the intangible factors which will lead to the best possible person-organization fit. Examples of the types of questions to ask are as follows:

What was the nature of the candidate's job?

How would you rate the candidate's overall performance?

Did the candidate have any difficulties completing his/her work assignments?

How skilled was the candidate in planning and organizing his/her work?

How would you rate the candidate's performances using XYZ (e.g., piece of equipment, software, particular procedure)?

Are there any areas in which the candidate could use some additional training or development?

Reference checks are an excellent opportunity to ask about the candidate's previous experience and skills and obtaining information on how they perform on the job which is important to employers as they are looking for the right employee. Examples of appropriate intangible factors can include:



Ability to assume responsibility

Ability to take initiative

Ability to follow through on assignments

Ability to follow instructions

Ability to take direction and constructive criticism

Ability to meet pre-established deadlines

Ability to adapt to change


Overall attitude

Customer service

Interpersonal skills

Ability to work under pressure

All reference check questions must be job-related.

At least two referees must be contacted to check the validly of the candidates

Supervisors must keep notes of the responses they receive from the individuals providing the reference information. These notes should be kept in a secure location with other selection materials. Supervisors should consult with Human Resources concerning appropriate reference checks inquiries and documentation procedures.

Reference checks should not be conducted as "confidential" as supervisors may not be able to keep the information confidential.

Supervisors should only ask for references from individuals who are familiar with the candidate's work performance and work history. Co-workers are not appropriate references.

Reference checks should be conducted during business hours only. Social functions are not the appropriate setting to ask structured, job related reference questions.

The following questions, or relating cannot be asked during a reference check:


Appearance -- including manner of dress, pregnancy, or grooming



Disability -- including reasons for absences

Marital status

Child care

Military discharge

Physical requirements

Political beliefs, race, or religion

Workers Compensation claims from previous employees

All reference checks need to be signed off by the Managing Director of Sungrabber to ensure that all procedures were met and followed correctly.

If a department finds an inconsistency in any accurate information represented on a candidate's application, this may constitute grounds for disqualification and the Human Resource Officer should be notified immediately.

External Reference checking Procedure

External Reference checking Procedure Compiled by SUNGRABBER PTY LTD Last Updated on 30 September 2012


After a verbal employment offer is made, the successful applicant must complete the Pre-Employment Certification/Release form and return it to the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources will notify the hiring manager upon receipt of the signed release. The successful applicant is not to begin work prior to the Department Manager receiving approval from Human Resources.

Human Resources will order the background check upon receipt of the signed release form, and an employment screening service will conduct the check.

The Human Resources Officer will review all results.

The Human Resources Officer will notify the hiring manager regarding the results of the check. In instances where negative or incomplete information is obtained, the appropriate management and the Director of Human Resources will assess the potential risks and liabilities related to the job's requirements and determine whether the individual should be hired.

If a decision not to hire or promote a candidate is made based on the results of a background check, there may be certain additional Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements. The Human Resources Officer will be responsible for handling such FCRA requirements as necessary.

Sungrabber will follow all applicable FCRA requirements throughout the background check process. Any questions regarding FCRA must be directed to the Human Resource Officer.

Background check information will be maintained in a file separate from employees' personnel files.

Sungrabber reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice. (

External reference checklist

Description of activities

To be completed by


Date Completed

Reference checks need to be conducted after the final round of interviews prior to making an offer of employment

Human Resource Officer


Gain permission from applicants to ring referees

Human Resource Officer


Follow external reference checking policy and procedure

Human Resource Officer


Keep records of all reference checking

Human Resource Officer


Cross check all reference checks

Department Manager


Make sure that applicant is eligible to work in Australia

Human Resource Officer


Sign off reference checks before offer of employment is extended

Rob Reedman


Offer of Employment policies and procedures

Offer of Employment Policy and Procedures Compiled by SUNGRABBER PTY LTD Last Updated on 30 September 2012


This procedure compliments and supplements the company's recruitment and selection policies and provides guidance in extending an offer of employment. Employment offers are commitments on behalf of Sungrabber, and the company must ensure that every offer made to an individual complies with company's policies and federal and state legal requirements. (

Ensure that the process has been fair and equitable and all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process has been followed.

There are internal as well as external factors to be considered in making offers of employment once the decision to hire has been made. Therefor Sungrabber has designated Human Resources to have exclusive authority to make offers of employment. The internal and external factors include:

Internal factors: salary equity issues, consideration of EEO and/or affirmative action goals, payment arrangements with external recruiting sources, relocation coordination (if necessary), applicant travel requirements, and establishment of the appropriate job classification for the offer.

External factors to be considered are wage and hour laws and market pricing.

The only individuals authorized to commit the company to an offer of employment are the General Manager and the Human Resource Officer.

The Human Resources department will be advised by the Managing Director of the need for an offer of employment and the recommended start date. HR will the make contact with the successful applicant to discuss the forthcoming offer of employment and prepare all required supporting materials.

Offer letters are to be signed by the Managing Director or the Human Resource Officer.

Any adjustments to the written offer of employment sent to the candidate will be made in writing and approved by the Managing Director.

Offer of employment checklist


Description of activities

To be completed by


Date Completed

Advised successful applicant by phone, letter or in person that they have been successful in the recruitment process

Department Manager


Inform successful applicant of starting date, time and location

Human Resource Officer


Discuss relevant agreement

Human Resource Officer


Discuss job classification and status

Human Resource Officer


Discuss probation period

Human Resource Officer


Discuss job requirements

Human Resource Officer


Confirm other conditions and entitlements such as paid sick leave, penalty rates and public holidays?

Rob Reedman


Prepare and modified the workplace to ensure that the company is providing a safe and flexible work environment that meets the individual needs of your employees, including employees with disability

Human Resource Officer


Have you provided your name and phone number to the employee in case they have any questions or need to contact you at a later time?

Human Resource Officer



This template was created by the following sources:

(Insert date)

Private and Confidential

(Candidate name)

(Candidate address)

(Candidate address)

Dear (Candidate name)

I have pleasure in offering you the position of (insert title) with Sungrabber. If you accept this position your employment will take effect from (insert effective date) and will be subject to satisfactory performance during the 3 month probationary period. During this time Sungrabber will your progress and performance in the position. Terms and conditions for your continuing employment are set out below.


The terms and conditions of your employment with the Sungrabber are those contained in your employment instrument.

Performance review

A performance review will be conducted 3 months after commencements and following this on an annual basis on the anniversary date of employment.



Make it clear who (the role) is accountable to i.e. Practice Principal(s) or nominated GP.



The salary for the position will be $00.00, hourly rate of $00.00. Salary will be paid fortnightly. This rate will be payable from the first pay period following (insert the effective date) and will be paid pending formal acceptance of this contract. Your fortnightly earnings will be paid into your nominated bank account and the funds will be available the following day (change the wording if wages are paid via cash or cheque)


The Sungrabber will contribute an amount equal to the Superannuation Guarantee Charge of 9% of the salary earned by you to a superannuation fund nominated by you.

Hours of work

This is a (full-time, part-time, casual) position. State days on which (the role) is to attend work e.g. Monday to Friday. The hours to be worked are (insert start and finishing times and meal breaks).


You are entitled to leave (e.g. annual leave, personal leave, carers leave, compassionate leave, parental leave, community service leave and long service leave) in accordance with the (insert applicable award or enterprise agreement name or delete if there is neither) and the National Employment Standards.

Personal and Carer's leave

You are entitled to 10 days personal and carer's leave each year. This leave is paid however if you are required to take more than these 10 days in a year, it will be unpaid leave.


You must abide by the National Privacy Principles (Private Sector) Act 2000 By accepting this offer of employment, you acknowledge and agree that you will not, during the course of your employment or thereafter, except with the consent of the employer, as required by law or in the performance of your duties, use or disclose confidential information relating to the business of the employer, including but not limited to client lists, trade secrets, client details and pricing structures.


Please note that your employment with Sungrabber constitutes "at will" employment and is not for a specified period. As a result, you are free to resign at any time, for any reason or for no reason. Likewise, Sungrabber is free to end its employment relationship with you at any time, with or without cause.


Please sign and date this document if the above terms and conditions of employment are acceptable. If you accept this job offer, your start date with Sungrabber will be (Date) and you will be working at the Regionaltown location. This offer will expire at (Time) on (Date).

I, (candidate's name), have read and understood this letter and accept the offer of employment from Sungrabber on the terms and conditions set out in the letter.

_______________________________ ______________




_______________________________ ______________



Review the procedures with key stakeholders

Sungrabber Pty Ltd.

66 Bridge Street


Dear Mr Reedman,

I am writing to ask if my company The Recruiting Specialist would be able to do a consultation with all the companies' key stakeholders to discuss the policies and procedures that has been outlined in the attached report. This meeting will approximately take 3 hours and will provide all key stakeholders with all relevant information to help Sungrabber move forward. I suggest that we meet at your office within two weeks on the suggested date of 22/10/212. I will ring your assistant next week to set up this meeting. A colleague of mine will attend with me to ensure that any questions you may have will be able to be answered successfully.

I look forward to this meeting with you and your company's key stakeholders.


Kyrie Lee

HR Consultant

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