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The hotel is 158 rooms luxury 5-star property positioned on the "Golden Mile" of the southwest coast of Sri Lanka Beruwela. Began operations in 1995 and was awarded 5 * rating in 1999.The property was designed by famous LA architecture Chandrasena Dinesh, Hotel is famous for unique culinary expertise worldwide, and have won gold medals in World Culinary Olympics 2012 held in Germany.


To Create Ultimate Hospitality experience with complete responsibility for all.


To always endeavor to innovatively enhance our products and services in order to -anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.

The Property title will not be revealed due to confidential information being exposed

Hotel Culture

"Culture is learned, patterned assumptions, concepts and behavior and the resulting artifacts" (Rev. Dr. Charles H. Kraft).

Culture describes and shows values and beliefs of an individual person which directly affect where a person has grown-up.

And at the Resort more than half to the employee carder is residence of the same area where the hotel is located. Most of current employees joined the hotel nearly when it was started therefore majority of them haven't worked in the industry or any other hotel before, most of being there first job in the industry. When applying new HR practices ignorance attitudes occur by most of them.

Company Issues

De motivated employees

Average cooperation - and Communication

Negative attitude towards the management.

Monotonous routine

More work for the Junior & Senior Executives.

Leaderships Theories and its competence to overcome issues in an organization

Participative Theories

Each year the employees are given specific target to achieve by the end of the year, Ex: For front office staff each person has to cover 1million rupees on Room Upselling. By the end of the year the aligns with the company's financial targets which is 01billion rupees by the end of financial year. Even the employees target is clear and explains how to archive it not mention the reward in return. The major weakness of this practice is that individual will start be less team oriented. since they have given individual targets to achieve this makes them more completive even with same team member and more selfish.

To overcome this situation the management should make the employee s aware of the commitment and make them accountable for this the management should get the staff involved in decision making process, Also in setting goals, more than individual targets management should focus on Group or Department targets since it helps the worker to work as a team and it will be more effective to achieve the company goals.

Power and Influence Theories

The problem the Resort currently experience with the Power and influence theory that the leaders in this company applies threatening style and power to handle the minor-staff, The leaders make the employee stay for long hours duty even cut off the leave off days from the roster when the individual employee fails to complete a given task or any work related issue. These kinds of actions make the employee's leave the job for the unsatistaction around the working environment and this brings a bad reputation to the company and it will become a main reason for high turnover.

In this kind of situation the leader should be able to use his power in a more positive sensible way. The managers should first gain the respect and trust the staff and influence them and train them if they are lack of skills. Give them the instructions and directions and make them develop in the currier.

Trait Theory

The managers at the resort show the trait of charismatic leaders,

They mainly focus more on communicating with the staff of the resort, since keeping them informed and keeping them on the loop will make them more excited and enthusiast.

Top management always mentions on the management meeting that the communication is the key for a proper leadership in any company. As a result the workers at the resort are always informed regarding the different happenings in the resort and the information are passed down the line.

One the staff is aware of what is happening they feel they are part of the process and they will be motivated and work for a common goal. Most of the managers in the Resort are Helpful, enthusiastic, determined and focused on given goal which has help out the success of the resort.

Leadership styles

"A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way' - John C. Maxwell

A leader is the person who concentrates on demonstrating unique abilities, Experiences and motivates the employees and the person, who acts a huge part in every functional part in a business, Specially organizations in the hospitality industry needs to take effective leadership to improve the performance However, the Resident Manager in the Resort has dedicated on looking ahead and building vision for all the staff.

Autocratic style

can be applied successfully in above mentioned culture where the employees have diverse opinions and negative attitudes therefore dictatorship helps the work getting done, But if this same situation apply to a Managerial Level or for an Executive it might De-motivate and feel not worthy of his experience .

The managers at the hotel are more focus on the targets and goals of the company and make sure the staff is working for one common goal to achieve the company vision;

Situational theory

In resorts it is more stress free surrounding, while the City hotel it is the opposite since there are many events, meetings, and more co-operate clients and daily basis.

Above of all Situational theory is more effective style since, it is essential for a leader to respond to the particular situation considering who it is and what is for.

Contingency Theory

The managers at the hotel mainly concentrate on building good relationship with the staff. In the hospitality industry it is really necessary to make the staff motivated and keep up on their best since staff is dealing with the guests directly. Managers help their staff to adopt themselves accordingly. Management at the resort follows this theory and this is applicable for many organizations.


As soon as it comes to an organization motivation is the main feature in the organization,

To developed and build the culture of the company. And to produced job interest and empowered employees. Compared to other companies each and every company has their own ways of motivation theories to their employees.

Abraham Maslow needs hierarchy 

According to Abraham Maslow 'The fact is that people are good, Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior' (

Some of the organizations are follows needs hierarchy developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow, who conditions,

Firstly people satisfy by physiological needs,

Secondly satisfy by , communal , And admiration needs

Last of all self-actualization needs.

The company benefits in their organization employee to satisfy their needs, by consuming beyond theories.

The employee, who satisfied with all aspects, will help the company to fulfill their targets, to achieve goals, and do what's essential to please customer.

As a final point, the highest-level need of self-actualization is met by inspiring employees to reach their highest potential.

Douglas McGregor's Theory Y

According to Theory Y, the presumptuous make by the company are,

If the employee do their best at work, and company anticipate the works will reach the top and the company try to make the work environment as a fun place.

By using the theory workers will get a positive idea of the place and finally they motivated by their own self,

With the optimistic attitudes towards the subordinate it helps to produce high productivity.

One process theory by Lyman Porter and E.E. Lawler

The value a person places on a goal as well as the person's perceptions of workplace equity, or fairness, as factors that influence his or her job behavior.

Place of work, awareness is the method an individual opinions the job.

It designates that motivation is prejudiced by people's outlooks.

At Hotel / Resort the management reflects the essential as well as rewards employee the employee feeling is to get recognizes among the carder and archive best results.

To get these benefits, like rewarding, monthly increments, Workers work had and it motivates a lot.

Always employees work by the keep Goal setting theory in their mind. So they the strong feeling once the accomplished and performed well by achieving their targets they will finally get rewarded.


Since majority of staff are from the same area and worked for the company for long time period they are now in a comfort zone and they do not want to expand their knowledge and think out of the box.

I Highly Recommend As per Airthur F Carmazzi the Principal Founder of the Directive communication and Leadership speaker trainer developed the Stages of Culture evolution, The Live and Let live culture which the current stage the resort is in.


So when it's come to a conclusion the biggest innovators and the successful enterprises have great entrepreneur, in a form of the leader, who motivates their employee to perform at their best. The support, the path that is shown by leaders motivates and helps their followers to perform well and enhance the growth of the organization.