The performance of Telenor in Norway

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Telenor is the largest telecommunication company in Norway. In 90's telenor deregulated and changed its ownership into a public limited company. After that Telenor obtained the license for giving GSM services in Pakistan in the year of April 2004. Telenor created the 2nd biggest mobile network and most popular data network in the market. In Pakistan Telenor is engaged in carrying mobile innovation to people of Pakistan. The Telenor has chooses two projects in order to give connectivity to the other remotest areas of Pakistan. Telenor goal is to invest more for further network enlargement into the other rural areas and for the introduction of 3rd generation of technology of mobile that is (3G) in Pakistan.

Management behavior:

Management behavior can be describes in terms of culture and structure of organization.

Culture of telenor:

"The culture of Telenor is top to down, the top employees establishes the base of the organization. In Telenor higher level employees always take good care when they are performing any task because task must be followed by the other subordinates. All the things are suitably informed. In telenor there is no concept of getting misleading information"

In Telenor the level of standardization differs and adjustment depends upon functions. There is no strict obedience to rules unless the results are affected. In case of individual responsibilities there is focus on that always deadlines are met especially employees are provided with flexible hours of work. Work is important instead of the number of hours worked

Organization structure:

The structure of Telenor is organic in Pakistan which promotes cultural values that ultimately gives cooperation and coordination. All the rules, regulations and responsibilities are defined in Telenor when employees join the organization. All employees are selected by predetermined criteria. Further more newly roles can be added later soon but all employees are given the idea about their job duties and their upcoming responsibilities from the stat. in Telenor Span of Control are established by the duties and job responsibilities of all managers. The HR and finance department have a narrow span of control but marketing and further relation of customers have wide and large span of control. Telenor has a clear chain of command which helps in getting good results.

Telenor in Pakistan have many departments. Each and every department has its own value and importance. All the people of Telenor are self motivated in order to fulfill their all responsibilities in all functional projects. In case of empowerment, its level is depends on working area and across departments and further divisions. Empowerment differs that based on the style of management. Telenor has very liberal and free flowing information unless it is not ivate. This helps in breaking the communication barriers and generation of new and innovative ideas from employees. The free flow of information also helps them in understanding the current situation to act accordingly.

Relationship between management structure and culture and its effect on business performance:

"Primarily culture comes from the top management. CEO of Telenor Pakistan is humble and cooperative. The employees get the message that if the top management is accommodating then the employees should behave similarly. The values of humbleness and free interaction in putting forth ideas to a harmonious culture and efficient communication.  The management is easily accessible to discuss various issues. It is difficult to distinguish between them as the culture is so homogenous that it keeps everyone at par with others"

All the employees are given recreational activities so they are sending to hilly areas to get fresh and also perform certain work tasks which are too ended in daily routine. They get motivated well by having recreational activities. All the employees are given all complete resources in order to that if they go from one place they can move as their office moreover laptops are provided as well.

The culture at Telenor is quite flexible, which is most suitable for the employees on the other hand ensuring all the targets are met. In telenor all employees are not restricted to obey a dress uniform only in a case when they attend a formal meeting. The culture is set by the CEO and when new employees come they find no difficulties in adjusting it. Furthers procedures are here to control the behaves of employees and to accommodate to real working of the organization. 

Effects on business performances:

A blend of different type of culture is practiced at Telenor. Since they believe every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. They try to use the right ones in the right manner and at the right time to improve efficiency. The culture at Telenor is communal. Everyone is integrated in decision making. Employees are empowered. The employees are friendly to one another. Employees are being empowered to carry out the task they way they like to. The only concern is the accomplishment of required goals. Being empowered, employees feel part of Telenor. As a result they work hard since they consider organization's success to be their success. When an employee having a new idea then he is motivated to go the management and then share idea with them. Moreover in Telenor organization there is placed Idea drop boxes at different places and employees are encouraged to deliver their suggestions.

As telenor wants to increase its sales so it focuses in its culture and structure as we know that success always dependent on cooperative employees. So success can be achieving my giving good culture to employees. Management believes that in service industry, customer delight can only be achieved if the employees are satisfied. Only a satisfied employee can handle the customer with care so handling with care to customers results In increase in the business.

Telenor is keen to promote diversity and has achieved good results in this area. Innovation is the tool of business prospers and makes customer satisfied. So goal setting is highly motivated in Telenor. All employees are motivated to come with new ideas and forward them to the higher authority. If ideas are appropriate to be implemented then after that they are applied to related areas and then prizes and rewards are send to employees for their participations.

Approaches to management:

There are different approaches to management in the work place and work can be done by following different theories such as:

Classical organization theory

Neoclassical theory

Modern theories

Telenor follows classic organization theory that deals with the formal organization in order to make higher efficiency of management. Classic organizational theory consists of further 3 approaches but telenor follows Taylor's scientific management approach and bureaucratic approach in order to manage the workplace.

The scientific management approach id created by Taylor that is based on the concept of the make planning the work so that standardization, efficiency, specialization and the simplification achieved. In telenor different processes are done in order to manage the workplace. By following scientific management technique scientific management of selection of members is done that depends on analysis after that training is provided to them and at the end developed them. Telenor focuses on employee's cooperation rather then their conflicts so that all the work is carried with conformity by the use of the scientific management technique. Moreover scientific training of workers is provided by using scientific methods in the organization of telenor. By following these approach capabilities of employee's increases by providing training to them so that stress of body decreased so much.

Organization is a big part of a society so telenor also follows bureaucratic approach that is totally based on concept of organization. Structure in the telenor is hierarchy and every employee has its own responsibility and authority. Specialized tasks are assigned to special department then assigned to relevant employs so chain of command follows. Moreover recruitment and selection of employees is impartial. So management manages the workplace by following that approaches.

Relationship between motivational theories

Motivation has greater affect on employees and increase productivity of workplace. If employees of Telenor find that there is no motivation in completing their tasks then certain problems can be raised in order to motivate them and produce more productive results. As we know that employees are great assets of organization and even we have good and productive machinery and best instruments so without good employees we can never done any work. So we fine that there is a need to encourage and motivate employees in order to make our workplace best.

In telenor we focus two motivational theories so we can present their relationship and application and performance within the workplace.

Herzberg's two factors theory:

Frederick Herzberg had links with the Maslow and he believed in a two factor theory of motivation. He said that there are such different factors that business can introduce so that they directly motivate employees to make work harder. But there were also some factors that make de motivation to an employee and make not in motivate employees to make work harder.

According to this theory employees of telenor become more motivated when they find more responsibility, achievement and way of growth. Moreover if they not provided enough salary, security, and chances of achievement, working conditions and supervision then results in de motivation and make workplace not better.

Expectancy theory:

An individual always act in a way that is based on his expectation towards to his work and the act is followed by a certain result and outcome and on the beauty and attractiveness of that particular outcome to the individual.

Employees work that is based on their expectation related to their jobs so they always think that what is the reward how they can be able to achieve that reward and how attractive is the reward. So they work based on their expectations. So keep in mind their expectations Telenor try to fulfill their expectations by sending them suitable rewards and make them motivated.

Equity theory:

An employee always makes comparison of his job's inputs and outcomes ratio with other employees. If the employee perceives inequity then results in lower productivity, reduce equity, increase absenteeism and resignation by their own will.

Telenor follows equity theory for motivates to employees by giving equity in their jobs and work place. Because if employees not be motivated them at the end effects on workplace and productivity of business.

Relationship between the theories and application:

Keep in mind the Herzberg's theory it is obvious that people can not be motivated without providing them security. It applies in the situation in which motivation required because it required hygiene factors like expected salary, a suitable workplace that having proper lighting system and further more proper sitting arrangements and desks.

Equity theory has an assumption that the comparison of employees to other employees and colleagues is the very and most important factor for making motivation. The expectancy theory tells that people motivated to work when they find rewards, bonuses and other prizes. According to my opinion a combination of expectancy theory and equity theory is a valid technique. I study not only the mind setting of employees but also the social treatment is mostly the desired rule before additional packages and moreover goals can create very important effect on motivation.

Teamwork and group dynamics:

As teamwork is the key to success so telenor always follows that rule. Some work can be done by without teamwork but mostly word required teamwork so that the work is done more efficient. Some people can work alone but they are dependent on the cooperation and help of others employees to complete their tasks and complete the goals, and make competition and not collaborating with other colleagues.

"It is the team leader's responsibility to manage mitigating issues. If the team leader makes decisions behind closed doors and based on individual input, the integrity of the team is compromised. Any issue brought to the leader's attention needs to be discussed and resolved in team meetings. Each issue needs to be evaluated on the basis of the task and needs of the entire group. Keeping the focus on the task reinforces the team concept that 'the task is boss' and that individual success can be realized only through team success"

Impact of technology:

Technology usage at Telenor is for creating high value for the firm by making sure its presence in all the major activities of the organization of Telenor.


By using technology at input level makes enables all organizational function of Telenor to handle relationships with outside stakeholders so that the Telenor can effectively manage its specific environment.


Technology helps to transforms inputs into outputs (high valued services).


Use of technology at output level allows the Telenor to effectively dispose of services to external stakeholders.