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Human capital operation will also be attached importance to since building and developing a dynamic employer brand strategy not only improves efficiency of talent recruitment and retentation into strategic role of human capital operation.

All organizations have an employer brand, regardless whether they have consciously sought to develop one.

Their brand will be based on the way they are perceived as a " Place to work, for example by would be recruits current employees and those leaving the organization.

To be effective, the brand should not only be evident to candidates at the recruitment stage, but should inform the approach to people management in the organization. For example, the brand can inform how business tackles:- Induction, Performance management and rewards, managing internal communication, promoting effective management, exits from the organization.

To be deliver benefits, it is important that employer brands is not merely rhetoric espousing the organization's values but is reflective of the actual experience of employees. As our guide on employer branding points out

" people who like the job they do and the place they work become advocates for it".


Our main aim is to study how employer brand help organization compete effectively in the labour market and drive employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention practices.


Some of the objective are as follows:-

Benefits are given to employees to makes them happy thus in turn spead the company in good words.

Attracting the right candidates.

Screening the wrong candidates.

Identify your talent needs.

Creating a good image of the organization through advertisement is essence of the process.

Organization culture and employee fit.

Positive outcome for recruiting, retaining talent with corporate value.


Employer Branding


According to "Brett Michiton"

"The image of the organization as a great place to work in the minds of current employees and stakeholders in the external market ( active and passive candidate, client, customer and other key stakeholders)".

Components of an employer brand:-

Internal communication, rewards and recognition, learning and development, measurement system, performance appraisal, team management, recruitment and on boarding environment, external marketing, values, senior leadership.

The employer brand experience:-

An employer brand is full physical intellectual and emotional experience of people who work there and the anticipated experience of candidates who might work there.

The employer brand radiating out of our organization's name inspires loyalty, productive and sense of pride:-

Functional benefits:- Tangible rewards of working at employer, salary health care, a clean, safe work place, and a convenient location; for example "xyz company has great compensation and has a beautiful office near my home".

Emotional Benefits:- Intangible rewards, mission, pride status, job satisfaction companionship collegiality, belonging to a "winning team" and so on ; for example " I am proud to work for xyz co "

Reasons to believe:- Validation of the employer's claims; for example "my friend says xyz company is a great place to work and the local new station calls xyz company a hot company for talented people.

Branding includes deliberate message about the company .

For example,

Pepsico , which employs 153000 employees worldwide promotes the tag lines "Pepsico - Taste the success!"

To candidates to convey the excitement of working at this global company. On its corporate recruiting web sites pepsico says its workplace experience is a combination "power brands, passion for growth, culture of shared principles, commitment of result, ability to makes an impact and quality people"

Gautam Sinha , CEO, TVA INFOTECH, A Bangalore based IT recruitment firm, says the brand name is the most important factor at entry level. On a scale of 1-10, he say most students would place brand name on top .

An opinion that is also influenced by parental view he says " At campus placements parental consent plays a critical role most Candidates choose big brand" because of this, unless of course they have specialized in niche subject like a robotics which a big brands may not offer. Thus as per the organization requirements employer brand or the trust generating factors should be culminated in the system.


Employer Branding

Employer Brand Association

Employer Attraction

Employer Image

Organization identify

Organizational culture

Employer brand loyalty

Employer Productivity

The major benefits of employer branding include

Increased productivity and profitability

Increase employee retention

Highly ranked for employer attractive

Increased level of staff engagement

Lower recruitment cost

Minimized loss of talented employees

Maintenance of core competencies

Employers committed to organizational goals

Shorter recruitment time

Ensured long term competitiveness

Improve employee relations

Decrease time from hire to productivity.


From HR point of view branding is very important if a organization has a good image in the market it will help in getting right time and the same time will help in control over the cost.

An organization with no brand has to shell out lots of money to attract and retain the right candidate.

Lot of factors may influence the branding strategy of an organization like:-

Nature of Business:- Branding should be based on nature of business like if a IT company goes for fashion show it may not yield the same result as it would have got by going to IT Fair or something similar. Real estate company may go for some road show on property market.

Nature of Market:- It is always recommended to gauge the market risk like if we targeting to explore a financial market or banking and at the same time it is marred by same other factors like inflation we need to design our strategy which could help in over coming the negative trend.

Reception Target:- It's always good to define the reception target or the audiences. If we are planning to sell villas and targeting the middle class probability is very high that we will end up spending our time and resources in a wrong direction.

Budget Flexibility:- Budget always plays an important role in deciding the strategies. If our budget doesn't allow us to spend a lot, its always recommended to partner in any event where other participants are not of our field and it has got least one participant who has got a good market value so, that we can attract the crowd.

Long term Mission of organization:- Also the long term as well as short term goals of the organization should be kept in mind. If the organization does not to go for branding or it is very much required go for a small, low budgeted branding event.

Organizational Structure :- Organizational structure is also very vital part for deciding any strategy. Organizational structure is the strength of any event or branding can be done based on that like if our organization does not have lots of hierarchy step, we can boast of flatness and claim of equal behavior and if we have different layers we can market the clear definition of roles etc.

Branding can be done in two ways;-

External Branding

Internal Branding

External branding refers to branding which is done by using external sources and which may ( or may not require some investment in monetary or other forms ) .

The different means of doing external branding are as follow :-

Use of job sites:- As the HR is the first thing which comes to the mind is recruitment, so job sites also offer good branding opportunities through different means.

Banners:- Banners are also a good mean for branding banner can be both types mean online banner and street banners. By online banner organization name will be flashed on different web pages as per choice and price. Street banner are good for bigger requirement.

Road show:- Road show are also an important mean for creating brand awareness organization can organize talks, Presentations, Seminars etc for attracting people towards organization.

Corporate social responsibility:- Corporate social responsibility refers to corporate getting associated with society for some noble cause. The association can be in any mode either getting associated with a charitable trust or a NGO or some other public venture corporate can align and attach with any of these and share the stage. Always keep in mind that choose as per organization and if medium we can align with either of these large or medium idea should be get a nice coverage in popularity cake.

Public Event :- Public events are one of most of major ways of creating a brand image an organization can participate in any public event and assuring that it does not get disappeared in the crowd of many brands or big names.

Newspapers:- Branding can be done through newspaper well . If you target local public, we can go for advertisement the individual day circulation target readers, rapport of newspaper, types of newspaper etc. If we target only employ people our workforce requirement we can place job ads which may seem expensive at the first glance but in term attracting the correct workforce, it can do magic.

E-mail:- For mail ids related to job portals, we can create an auto reply which can contain brief description of the key aspect of candidate and public interest and at the same time introducing our company to public. It should be informative as well as crispy so that the audience reads it and just doesn't do shift delete.

Tagline:- Create a nice, attractive tagline or a punch line for a brand and give it a significant visibility in all branding efforts. The tag line should be in accordance with our organization values, goal, work etc. So, that it reflects an overall image of the brand everywhere.

Align with celebrity:- Aligning with celebrity is also a good way of creating a branding image but this may cost big bucks and ultimately increasing cost dramatically. This is an expensive method of branding.

Internal branding

Internal Branding is comparatively a cheaper way of branding is within internal organizational Staff are as follows:-

(a) Front Office - Always pay attention to your front office because first impression is last impression. It should be kept neat and clean with a pleasant receptionist who always maintains freshness and welcomes the guests with courtesy.

(b) Stays Interview - HR can always conduct stay interviews in which they can interact with the employee and ask them regarding their career prospects, there alignment with the company, there feedback regarding their concerned departments, etc. These feedbacks can be analyzed and used for different purposes by which you can create an internal brand image of the country.

(c) Exit Interview - An exit always carries a fair chance of initiating the chain reaction among the employees so always be very careful in analyzing the exiting reasons so that can overcome the justified ones in the future.

(d) Employee Satisfaction - Employee satisfaction is always very important for any organization to grow. A satisfied employee is a productive employee. If our employee is satisfied, you can relax because they will create a good and positive rapport for the company in the market outside.

(e) Policy Information - Always design your policies very strategically. A policy should be designed in such a way that it holds good even after a long period of time. A frequent internal policy change sends a message to the outer world that the company is not consistent and knowledgeable and reliable.

(f) Customer Orientation - Customers are always the most important factors. Always keep our workforce motivated towards delivery of customer oriented services. Customers can be of either type, internal or external.

(g) Employee Participation - Always try to ensure the maximum participation from the employee side, either in terms of internal events participation or external events.

(h) Trained Employees - Always ensure proper training of employees before they are engaged in work. The training should be in all the aspects like policies, vision, mission, organization. This will project a good picture of organization on the new employee.


Employment Branding: The only Long Term Recruiting strategy

A Long-Term Impact. Once you have successfully built your employment brand, you can expect the positive impacts on recruiting to continue for at least five years baring any major PR issues surrounding your company.

An Increased Volume of Unsolicited Candidates. You will significantly increase the number of applicants that your firm receives each year. In some cases, applications will increase by 500%.

Higher Quality Candidates. Not only will you get more applicants, but the quality of your candidates will improve dramatically to the point where you will start getting applications from individuals who never would have considered your firm in the past. A great employment brand that highlights your firm's focus on innovation is necessary in order to attract game-changers, managers, and innovators who demand it!

Higher Offer-Acceptance Rates. As your employment image becomes better known and more powerful, your offer acceptance rates will improve dramatically.

Increased Employee Referrals. The percentage of hires from employee referrals will increase as a result of your employees' increased pride and knowledge about what makes their firm superior to others. Increasing the number of referrals has added benefits in that it increases employee ownership in the recruiting process, while simultaneously reducing recruiters' workloads.

Improved Employee-Retention Rates. A compelling employment brand increases retention rates among your current employees because they will better know why working at your firm is a superior opportunity. In addition, their pride in your firm will grow as colleagues and friends routinely ask them, "Do those things really happen at your firm?" Unfortunately, the positive impact will be somewhat tempered by the fact that more firms will target your employees because of your strong employment image.

Increased Employee Motivation. Employee motivation will be easier to maintain because of your employees' increased pride in the firm and the better management practices that are required to maintain an employer-of-choice status.

Improved College Recruiting. Because college students are highly brand conscious, employment branding is especially effective for intern recruiting and college hiring.

A Stronger Corporate Culture. Because one of the goals of employment branding is to develop a consistent message about what it's like to work at your firm, employment branding can help strengthen your corporate culture. This consistent message can reinforce corporate values and guide behaviours while a consensus develops across the enterprise among managers and employees with regards to what it means to be a part of the organization.

Decreased Corporate Negatives. Effective branding programs identify and counter negative comments about your firm. This effort can decrease both the number and the severity of the negative comments that appear in the media and online.

Ammunition for Employees and Managers. Most employment-branding efforts include elements that gather and centralize information on your firm's best practices and its compelling stories. As a result of this effort, it is much easier to provide every employee with an arsenal of information and stories they can share with colleagues in the media about what makes working for the organization the best possible opportunity.

Increased Manager Satisfaction. The resulting higher quality of candidates and higher offer-acceptance rate means that hiring managers will have to devote less time to interviews, and they will be more satisfied with the recruiting function.

Increased Media Exposure. As a result of winning awards, being placed on "best places to work" lists, and having managers give presentations at industry events, the amount of media exposure that your firm will receive will increase dramatically. Having the media brag about your firm's excellent people-management practices adds a level of external credibility that no recruitment ad can provide. As a result of this initial exposure, the number of times that reporters and benchmarking individuals will call your firm for future stories will also increase.

A Competitive Advantage. Because employment branding efforts include extensive metrics and side-by-side comparisons with talent competitors, you ensure that your talent-management approaches are differentiated and continually superior. This superiority over competitors not only impresses senior managers, but it also improves your chances of winning over candidates who also apply for positions at your competitors.

Increased Shareholder Value. The Russell Investment Group has demonstrated that being listed on Fortune's Best Places to Work list and the resulting improved employer image can positively impact a firm's stock price. Google, for example, has noted in its SEC filing the important role that recruiting and retention play in its continued business growth.

Support for the Product Brand. An employment brand can support the corporate brand and your related product brands because many consumers mentally make the link between attracting quality employees and producing a quality product.


Employees should be involved in developing the employer brand with 360 - degree view of all potential target stakeholder for employer brand.

offer a strong value proposition to talent .

Employees are free to innovate and experiment.

Employees are involved in decision making.

Strong ethics and corporate values.

Flexibility and work life balance.

Team work is encouraged.


Thus, A great employment brand makes it easier to attract top recruiters and branding expert.

Employer brand as a strategic "HR TOOL" it is development, communicated, marketed and ultimately yield growth, profits and sustainability for today and into future.