Organization structure provides the framework for organizational activities

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Organization structure is the pattern of relationship among position in the organization and among members of the organization . It provides the framework for organizational activities and the management of them .

They can show us the organization design , work specialization , chain of command , span of control , degree of centralization and departmentalization . It consists of four main structures --------entrepreneurial structure , functional structure , divisional structure and matrix structure .

A company with proper organizational structure from the beginning will outline a growth path and focus on following that path . Without the structure , the departments could make their own rules to follow . This will affect the growth of the company and create marketplace confusion .

A strong organizational structure can help a company to manage the company well , saving the time to do same things and gain confidence to do the task . It will also increase the customers's desire to do business .

A proper structure will let the employees know how to address company issues and problems . Saving the time to consider who will be in charge of this .

In all , a good and proper structure will improve the communications and reduce the time to do the task . So it is quite important to have a proper organizational structure .

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Event management is the process by which an event is planned , prepared ,and produced . As with any other form of management , it encompasses the assessment , definition , acquisition , allocation , direction , control , and analysis of time , finances , people , products , services , and other resources to achieve objectives .

It is more likely to be a agent which help others to arrange their weddings , meeting and party as their desires. They have their own departments and a series of team . What they are going to do is to finish the require of customers .

My company named “Anything Goes” , which is a medium company that help you to manage your weddings , birthday party , conferences . Our company provides the planning , preparing and producing the activities you need . For example, a wedding we need to prepare for Miss Wu . Firstly we will talk to them and do a research that what kind of wedding they want . We will do as possible as we can to meet their requirements. So we need to look for a place that they want , and arrange the environment around the place . Meanwhile , we will consider the dishes they are necessarily to order . In all , we are just a place who help you to design you r wedding as you like .

The department that my company has is marketing department , human resource department , financial department and operations department . They are the main departments under my control . Marketing department is used for promoting our services , human resource department mainly tends to control the employees resources . To financial department , it is concerted with obtaining and managing financial resources . Operations department combines activities directly related delivering a service . They have played important roles in my company .

Basically there are four main types of organizational structure --------entrepreneurial ,functional , divisional and matrix structure . Entrepreneurial structure defined as line of authority for all levels of management and has a highly bureaucratic procedure . Functional structure divides the activities of the organization into different functional areas . Divisional structure focus around a product or a geographical area . Matrix structure is a complex structure which involve multiple lines .

Different structure is fit for different organization , only the right structure and the right organization will make a great contribution to the management . An entrepreneurial structure tends to be used in a medium and large size organization which has sufficient resources to justify divisions. Usually the small and medium size firms need the functional structure which can help them manage the firm well . A MNC needs the divisional structure to help managing different countries' company. While , there are not many organizations using mature matrix structure . Normally the temporary overlays stages are increasingly used , particularly in the form of temporary and permanent cross-functional teams .

To my company , it just has a medium size . I am supposed to use the functional structure as it has a very clear department chart and fit for the medium size company . Meanwhile my organization only has three events , so can be controlled easily by using the functional structure . Here is the diagram of my company's structure :


Vice President


Vice President

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Vice President

Human Resource

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The reason why I choose this structure as the three main advantages of the functional structure .

For one thing ,employees have a very clear career paths within their particular function . They know their roles in the team . Then they just need to do the same work everyday . For example , you work in marketing department as a promotion manager , you just need to guide and manage the advertising and promotion activities .

Another advantage is that there are minimize duplication in the structure as people just focus on their own area . It is just like you are the human resource manager , you just need to control the labor resource and no need to care about the marketing and do other jobs . It is very specialized , the work is only done once . One department is responsibility for one area . For example , our company has three events --------- weddings , birthday party , conferences. When we are going to do the promotions , it will be done by marketing department once . It doesn't need to set up three marketing departments for each services in order to advertising . This has saved the fees and resources.

In addition , it create identity for individuals in similar positions . Because a functional structure groups people performing similar tasks that require certain skills, more experienced or talented group members serve as examples and mentors to individuals with less experience. Therefore , the people can learn more knowledge about their tasks from their group . Once they change their jobs , they could be in charge of the similar jobs as they already have the ability .For example, if a person works in human resource department as a recruitment manager for a long time . He must have gained a lot of information about the human resource from others and experiences . Once he resigns and seeks for another job , he could work in the labor management to manage labors in other organizations .Unlike teams where members serve in drastically different capacities, like a graphic designer and copywriter working together, group members in a functional structure have expertise in similar areas, and can push each other to greater heights. So individuals has gained a lot in the structure .

Of course , it also has weakness to the functional structure .

First of all , employees may become isolated as they have a poor communications among the department . In one area employees can contact with each other easily as they have skills and problems to share . However , to different department they may not need to commncate as they have no routine to get toghter . For instance , you are the manager of accounting management . Once you get problem , you will just discuss inside financial department or ask the boss . You won't ask the marketing peers how to solve it . So in fact , you don't have contact with others departments , then employees become isolated .

Also , there are too much specialization . Because functions are separate from one another, employees may have little understanding of and concern for the specialty areas outside their own functional area. A good example for this is Mrs Wu has worked in financial department for15 years . Suddenly he is fired for big mistakes and she can't work in similar areas as other companies has known her already . On her way seeking new jobs , he couldn't find jobs in human resource department or marketing department as she doesn't have the ability and knowledge about them. So this has limit their choices to work .

Last but not least , problems are pushed around . Strategic problems are not given significant focus in this structure because the top management is always busy finding the solutions of coordination problems. For example , the financial management only have time to solve the shor-term capital problem . It doesn't have energy to solve long term capital plans .


In a short , functional structure is the best fit for my event company . As it has a very clear career paths , minimize duplication and create identity for individuals in similar positions . Also it can let employees work easily . Meanwhile it can save the cost for company and improve the skill of employees without the training .

In my opinion , the boss should arrange more activities and activities for all departments in order to get more connections and improve their jobs . Employees should take part in parties more and try to learn the knowledge from other departments . The top management should have a long term plan of solving the problem and plan the objedtives .