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The main source of energy is about my parents, because they will encourage me to do the thing which I like and fully support me to do. For example my study they will give advice me to choose the college but they won't help me to decide which course I have to study and college too. What courses I study they will be supported. They also give me materialistic and non materialistic support, but they will no will given advices if I do a decision is any incorrect. They will guide me to correct way through their experience of their life, because they will have full of experiences of their life so they can have good advice to me.

The next source of energy is playing badminton during free time. When I was have free time I will go play badminton with my family member. I will play badminton 1-2 times in one week. Because play badminton I can release a lot of stress of the college. Every day of college life is busy and full of stress, because they were have many test and a lot assignment to do. It will make me have a lot of stress. During badminton time can release the sweat and stress I also can learn the strategy. During this strategy I can learn to manage my morale if I was losing point and have to change strategy try to chasse back the point.

The third source of energy is go coffee shop drinking coffee. When I have freedom time and need to do assignment in a quiet and relax environment. In the coffee shop such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Espressamente illy and so on. In that environment i can quiet to think about my assignment and get some idea of the assignment. During no assignment time i will go there sitting there and enjoy the relaxing environment with a cup of coffee.

The last source of energy is watching movie. At the movie time i can forget all the thing which unhappy or stress. In the movie i can learn the life of principle in the life, because in movie is reflected from real life so it will let me learn about principle of the life.

Source of energy (Leakage)

The main leakage source of energy is having exam in college. During the exam time is full of stress. Because in college study time to handle assignment already full of stress to done it and end of the semester still need to handle the exam. It was take a lot of stress and lack of sleep. It was very tired because now is taking two paper in one day, that one paper at the morning and afternoon paper. Especially afternoon paper it was very tired and feels sleepy because the day before exam was lack of sleeping time.

The next leakage source of energy is travelling to college. Because I was taking public transport to college and my house is far from college. It almost takes 1hour 15minute to 1 hour 30 minute to reach college. It was very time consuming and tired to travel to college. Because if class end late I go back house from college is very late and tired. Sometime I tried too tired fall as sleep and over station.

The last is go early class, because it was very tired and no enough sleep. I have to wake up very early to prepare go to the class at 8 am. So I have to wake up at 5.30 am and prepare to go college. It was very tired and sleepy.

Rank of the sources that give me energy: 1) Parent 2) Play Badminton 3) Watching drama/ movie 4) Go coffee shop

Rank of the sources that take my energy: 1) Having Exam 2) Travel to college 3) Early class in morning

In 20-30 years, I would like to spend an ideal month to enjoy my life without stress and happily. In my desired lifestyle is that I can have my freedom without stress, money and time. But most important is money, because it was very important in our life. If without money we can't be survive because we cannot buy the food and the daily use. Furthermore, beside have money I want have a time to accompany my family member. I will not to earn money and ignore my family member. Have the time to accompany my family member I can get the relation with family member closer and not easily become a stranger. Besides that, freedom was allow me do not tied by the job and the rule and regulation of the company. For my work style I will prefer that work will not affect my personal time that to let me to rest after finish the work. And Saturday and Sunday should be a non working day to let me do my own thing. And I was no like the job which always overtime because it will time consuming and it will make the management level to think about my working performance is no good enough that why need having the overtime to complete the task. My income should able to cover all my debt and loan such as house loan, car loan and so on. After cover all the debt and load it should left for me saving to let me in further use. Furthermore, I hope I have a group of good friend that can lend a hand when I was getting lost and facing a problem, and they can make my life more fun and happy. This lifestyle will be attracted because I can use the money, freedom, time equally.

Idea Generation Guide

The first business I will choose to enter is to get an aircraft driving license and be a pilot. Because my dream is can be a pilot and drive it to fly around the world.

I would like to be a pilot is because I feel this job will be travel many place and I was like feel when the aircraft in the sky and I was like to aircraft. The feel was freedom and let me feel me just like a bird to fly in sky. Be a pilot let people look so envy and smart because less people can touch up with this type of job. If I have chance can be a pilot I will put full of my energy to do as well as me can. This job the responsible is very heavy because it was carry out hundred of life it can let me know how important of the responsible. This job is flexible and not everyday also work and it just like go travel only.

The second business is about the barista and have an own coffee shop, because I am a coffee lover so if can I hope I can invest in this area. I hope to learn how to make a coffee and how to choose the coffee bean, latte art and so on. In my coffee shop it will selling some snack, cake, biscuit to let the customer while drinking coffee also have some not heavy food to take during a break time. This coffee shop I can open at early morning until night. So I have time to do anything. Early morning open is because can let the people which go to work and can come here have a breakfast and a cup of coffee in a morning to start their work. So I hope I can have a good coffee and tasty food to serve my customer. In this job I can know more about coffee and the coffee lover to giving feedback of the coffee or food.

The next business I wish to enter is aircraft maintenance engineering. This job is hard and not an easy job. I will wish to enter is because I was like aircraft and hope know more thing about the aircraft how it work and maintain it. This job is take most responsible and very important for every aircraft, because if maintain have one small mistake it will cause a serious matter in the air and can cause serious accident. But a lot people was do not know the engineer is important because people was less to see them to maintain the aircraft so they will ignore the engineer which to maintain aircraft. This job I will feel proud sense of accomplishment to maintain an aircraft.

The last business be a chef and open a restaurant, because that is own business and it was related to one of my own favorite and self- interest too. Open a restaurant that is my own business therefore I have more time flexible and freedom work style. Because this business was no long time business hours and be more freedom and own restaurant the open time can be fixed by myself without follow the management rule and regulation.

I would like to start my own business some days because all the business that I would like to enter all is related to my own interest and favorites. It will bring to people more happiness and satisfaction of my passion. All the business also is my favorite so I will put more effort to perform it and done the task to achieve what I want. And these business or job is about my dream so I will feel proud because I can achieve what I want.


For my business I think the geography location is very important. I should avoid the area that has similar business and many competitors but the area for my business also must have a market value for my business. For my business I will find the area based on the community size and nature in particular location. For selling my product I prefer find a place/area to open my business which the distance which 15minute or less to get to the shop.

I will spend $250 on the location.

Lifestyle and Work Style

The size of business is less than $1 million sales or less than 20 employees are very important. For the business I am the only one to own it so less than 20 employees are more than enough. For the working hours about 40 hours or less per week is very important for me. I was dislike spend more time on my business and ignore my family member, because my family member is important so I need time to accompany my family. They also will give me support and advice on my business.

I will spend $200 on lifestyle and work style.

Standard of Living

I feel that capital gain is important for me in my business. When the capital was gain bigger my business can earn more profit.

I will spend $100 in standard or living.

Personal Development

Personal development is quite important in nowadays. Especially education and utilization of skill it will help me to achieve my goal. So I have basic knowledge and skill for how conduct and manage my business and make it grow faster and bigger.

I will spend $150 in personal development.

Capital Required

The capital required is very important to run or having a business. To start up the business the majority of the capital is come from my saving. If facing no enough of capital I will get help from other such as family member, friends and so on.

I will spend $300 in capital required.

Examine Your Personal History

After graduate from my secondary school while waiting the SPM result and go apply college i had did a part time job in my relative's spectacles wholesaler office to earn my pocket money and get experience. During woking time i was asigned different task to do such as entered data into computer, received order call from customer, check stock, and so on. By done the different type of task i was gained some knowledge about the IT knowledge, how to communicate with people by received customer call, and some time management skill and so on.

I found that comminication skill was very important during working time. Different people had doing different task and different customer requirement and way of communcation is different. So i was learn how to communicate with the customer and know what they needed and order.

Furthermore, the IT knowledge also very important, because before i working my IT knowledge was limited. But after work i was gain more knowledge about that area. During working time i was using computer to check the stock and enter the customer detail in computer for reference use. Before that, i was not well to using computer software to do it and do not know what they can do. But now i was know the computer software was very powerful and can alot of thing. I also learned some knowledge about the technical thing such as format computer, assembly computer and so on teach by my colleage.

I learned responsible is important, because to check the stock should be careful without mistake and must have responsible. If no responsible to calculate correctly it will cause the company have wrong data and cause the accounting will calucate the income wrongly. So when checking stock must be responsible, and let the company know the quantity correctly therefore the company won't be lose profit.

In additional, time management also is important. I must go to work on time and finish the task given according to the scedule. So i won't be affect other colleage to delay complete the task.

To be a entreprenuer i can apply some skill and knowledge that i gain from my working experience. Firstly, i want to confident myself to handle the problem and situation by myself. Have confident is very important because if meet customer/ client have confident they will trust u can the project can be deal. Secondly is planning, because having a proper planing when received the task and able to complete the task in best way within the scedule. Thrirdly is adaptibity because during working time some time will happend some unexpected thing or situation. So i have need try and think a better way to solve the problem.

For small company the employees were less and no too much that will easy to manage. Since there was small number of employees, montoring, controlling, leading for the company is much more easier than large company. This is one of the thing i like in a small company so i can easily to maintain company.

For large company the employees was many employees with different knowledge and skills. So i can learn from them to gain my knowledge and skill. Furthermore i also can learn some mistake from their experience. This is one of the thing i like in large company because i can learn alot extra knowlege, skill and experience.


The summary of my enterprenuer strengths are planning and scheduling to before done the task to make sure it was on schedule and not delay. Furthermore, good time management, have to done the task on time without delay other task process, able to work in group i can get more knowledge and if facing problem can get help or help my colleage. I also able to adapted the change.


The summary of my enterprenuer weakness is lack of condifent. I was afraid to communicate with stranger because i was afraid i will say wrong thing and do not know want how to communicate. Furthermore, i also afraid to present something in a big amount of people and stranger. I will feel nervous standing infront and present my thing. This is the weakness in my enterprenuer.

Your "Business Hero".

My role model is Robert Kuok also known as Robert Kuok Hock Nien. He was born at 6 October 1923 at Johor Bahru, Johor. He was graduated at Raffles Institution Singapore in year 1941. In year 1942 to 1945 he worked in grain department of Mitsubishi the Japanese industrial. In year 1948 Robert Kuok senior was deadth, and in the next year which is 1949 Robert Kuok with his two brother was founded Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd and trading agricultural commodities. At year 1952 to 1955 he was fly to England investigate The London Commodity Exchange with local businesses operating. After back from England he was start up the sugar industry business. In year 1961 he borrow land from government to plant sugar cane. the industry was process sugar refining from raw metarial and sell it, he was using integrated operation to perform it. In year 1970 before internation sugar price was increase he purchase huge amount of sugar from India and invest large amount of money in this business. In pace with sugar price increase he was earn 600,000 Malaysia Ringgit and shocked the Sugar International Market. At that time Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd was control 80% of sugar market in Malaysia and 10% of sugar in international market. During this time he was been called "Sugar King of Asia".

In year 1971, he was built the first Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. To build the hotel he was inverst one hundred million. After that he was build the hotel in many country such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong and so on. Year 1977 he first foray into Hong Kong and he was build second hotel named as Kowloon Shangri-La. Robert Kuok was achieve China Economic Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award.

Positive traits and characteristics that can be found in Robert Kuok are knowledge, self-confidence, courage, and no show off. He is a person was confident with him idea and believe he can achieve what he want. He has the confident the ability to let opponent willingly. Furthermore, he was full of business knowledge, skill and experience to maintain him business and help him to make a decision. His courage is one of the ways to success. His was having courage to invest in the different type of business to earn a profit. He is the person was no show-off, even nowadays he is one of Billionaires in the world. Furthermore, he have involved in charity and he was no show to the public and let the public know what he done in charity and he life is frugal and simple.

I admired Robert Kuok because he was have courage to take the risk and he was let me know people was hardworking sure can be successful. For example, he was investing the sugar business and become so rich and also invests in different type of business. In addition, he knows how to grab the chance, when he saw a chance he will go grab it therefore nowadays he was so success.

The entrepreneurial journal of my role model I was learned want become a successful entrepreneur. First I dare to think and dream about it, everything also starts from dream and after try only know it will be successful or not. But the entire dream cannot be not achievable and not realistic because it will be impossible to get it and success. Besides that, I need have a correct attitude and behavior it will help me a lot in my journal. My role model was show me when have chance must try to grab it if not when it over the second chance was not confirm come to you again.

Part II: Profile of the Present:

Where You Are

Examine Your "Entrepreneurial Mind

Commitment and Determination

My strength are persistance in solving problem, discipline. I have a good self-desicipline because i will know what can do what can't do and i was know whay I am doing. I am responsible person, when i promise the thing i will try my best to complete it. When i facing a problem i will try to get the best solution or ask other to get some advices for solving it.

My weakness is decisiveness, when i have a big problem or some unexpected problem i can't make my own decision immediately. I need to plan the thing before to do it, if suddenly have a prooblem is not in my plan i will need time to find the solution.

Tolerance of Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty

My strength are calculated risk taker and risk minimiser. Before do the thing i will predict all the risk may be happened and try to find out a solution base on the risk. So i can minimize the impact of the risk and can use the solution to solve it. If i have facing a problem i will discuss the problem with other to get a solution/ advice to solve the problem.

My weakness are tolerance of stress and conflict, when i faacing a problem which can't be solved i will feel stress and will more difficult to think about the solution to solve it in a shorter time.

Creativity, Self Reliance and Ability to Adapt

My weaknesses is restlessness with status quo because I am a kind of person when facing a problem and can't be solve will be easy restlessness.

Motivation to Excel

My strengths are goal and result orientation and awareness of weaknesses. I am the person know what is my goal and what should I need to do. And I also know what my weakness is so I will try to overcome it.

My weaknesses are ability to be interpersonally supporting and having perspective and sense of humor.


My strengths are self starter. When I have task or project to do I will go do by own without other to force.

My weakness are having patience, I was not so much patient to teaching someone when I have teach it before and need teach again I will feel no have patience to teach anymore.

Examine Entrepreneurial Role Requirements

My strength is stress of the cost of accommodation, accommodation to venture and ethics and itegrity. The career and venture I will put it always highest priority of my life. In my life ethic and inegrity because in business this is very important because it will be affect the loyalthy and confidence of the customer.

My weakness is the extention to which conventional values are held.

Examine Your Management Competencies

My strengths are in administration, operation/production. I was strong in planning, IT sector and project management. Furthermore I also know about the quality control, production scheduling and flow and manufacturing management.

My weaknesses are in law, interpersonal/team, finance, and marketing. I was lack of knowledge of the law and sector of law is too wide and difficult to understand. Furthermore, I no confidence in helping and coaching other, therefore I was weak in leadership and I will scare cannot lead member to do well the job.

I will analyze and learn what is the problem and reason to make my weaknesses. So I can find the way to solve the weakness and try to get some advice or practice to overcome my weakness. I want my weakness turn it become my strength. For my strength I will continue to improve my strength to make my strength much better than now.

Part IV: Putting It All Together

Entrepreneurial now for me is not easy and difficult to do it, because I know I am not enough requirement to be a entreprenuer. To be a entreprenuer i was not enough knowledge to manage the business and i was not confident to lead or guide people. The most important is about the money, money is very important to entreprenuer because without it the business will be difficult to be survive.

Before start my entreprenuerial, i will make sure i have fulfill the requirement to be a entrepernuer. I will improve my self and change my mindset to start my journal. I willing sacrifice all my thing, total immersion in the business to be a sucsessful entreprenuer.

I will compare the people who are already at entreprenerial carrer with my entreprenuerial mind. I will learn from their experiences and what are the problem they facing and how to manage the risk of the business. Besides that, also can learnes extra new expriece and skill from other different business.

Before I launch a higher potential venture, i will make sure i was know well about my venture. Furthermore i will ask for some advise from other who was exprienced. So i can reduce the risk in my venture. Beside that , i must know well my business and what should need to do and must set the mission, vision clearly to let the staff and my self know. I also must can do a correct decision in a shorter time and can adapt the change quickly.

I found that wn be a qualified entreprenuer i still have alot of space to improve such as interpesonal skill, knowledges, communication skill and so on.

After i was meet all my requirement, I wish to start my own business. The reliable income, loyalthy customer, freedom, dream may provide me energy and motivation to do my business well. Customer's feedback, satisfaction is very important for me to continue my business, because customer feedback can give me know which part i was done not well and i can improve it. If customer was satisfy, it will bring me more stable income and can get more customer.

Another strengthn i needed is management skill,communication skills to improve my business. To own my own business i must have strong management skills to manage the whole business to make sure the business was not worst and keep improve it to be better. The communication skill also important, because i need to communicate with the customer and staff to know what staff need and can provide better service for the customer. If improper communication will cause the customer misunderstand and cause customer insatify with the services.