The Organizations Culture With Managers Jobs Business Essay


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Understand culture play an important role in an organization, people meeting together in a same place with different background such as race, gender, religions, attitude and behavior. In this assignment we going to elaborate the issues that take place in an organization among the employees, then with the support of two journals we talk about role that the total quality management pays on the employee's job satisfaction which lead us to reward and recognition, customer focus, organizational culture and team work to satisfy or to praise the employees and perform the organizational goals. The second journal we will explain the influence of corporate culture and organizational commitment on performance. The following theme consist the relationship between culture and managers job's then end the process with some points of recommendations.

2.0 Introduction.

Conflict is a normal and natural part of our workplaces and lives. As people with diverse background come together in a working environment, differences in opinion, attitudes and beliefs. However conflict does not submit itself to a single and widely accepted definition, different peoples have given different definitions. Since all individual have different mindset, it is quite possible that there may be arguments or differences of opinion according certain issues. This happen most often in workplaces. Generally there are many types of conflict but the majority of them are found in places of work because most of our time is spend there. the three types of conflict are task conflict, relationship conflict and process conflict which happens among the people in an organization or in any kind of work place where people spend time working during the day. Issues occurs when one or two social entities is required to engage in an activity that is deferent with his or her needs or interests, wants some mutually desirable resources that is in short supply, such that the wants of everyone may not be fully satisfied.

2.1 Literature Review Journal 1:

Employees job satisfaction is one of the major common approach viewed in the employees just because most of the employees are satisfied when they perform at a higher level in an organization. The implementation of the total quality management in an organization will involve the management and employees to a continuous improvement of the production of goods and services within the organization. Total quality management make the employees get implicate in his/her work and make changes in an organization. The TQM practices help an organization's business strategy towards the increase in employees job satisfaction such as Reward and recognition which consist of a system an organization or a company to reward the employees based on their task accomplishments on work quality and the company compensation system to encourage teams and individual contributor which result in increasing the salary of the workers, bonus and promotion resulting from the annual review of performance to congratulate them from their hard work which lead to a satisfaction of the employee. Customer focus which consist of a firm continuing to satisfy customer needs and expectations. Organization culture refers to a set of values, beliefs shared by members in a workplace. A good understanding of the organizational culture can lead to a job satisfaction and performance of the organization goals. Team work consist of an organization different members working together as a team in the same project which result in facilitating employee's ability to work together and get a job done fast than if it was just one person. TQM encourages managers to lead their people or make a best use their staff and resources in order to create value for the customer.

2.2 Literature review of journal 2:

Employees' involvement in decision making as well as the organization's capability to adapt to changing circumstances impact positively on employee commitment to the organization. This is however not the case for organizations that are consistent, as well as employees' identification with the mission of the organization. Corporate culture is important in improving the level of employee commitment to the organization. Not all corporate cultural measures impact on employee commitment.

According to ( Kotter and Heskett 1992), corporate culture can be referred to as a set of values, beliefs, and behavior patterns that form the core identity of organizations, and help in shaping the employees' behavior. The practices of corporate culture are positive towards employees' commitment on performance and this in turn, lead to the organizational success. Therefore, many other organizations are practicing these dimensions of corporate culture to perform better and show positive results for a long period of time. Organizational commitment is referred to as a willingness of social actors to give their energy and loyalty to a social system or an effective attachment to an organization apart from the purely instrumental worth of the relationship (Buchanan, 1974). It is also the employees' psychological attachment to the organization. They are three components which is affective commitment referred to the positive emotions of employees' to a particular organization. For example, affective commitment is an employee who identifies the goals of an organization, and has the courage to remain with the organization. Continuance commitment refers to the employees' commitment to the organization due to their perceived high cost of losing organizational membership. Normative commitment referred to the employees' commitment to the organization due to their feelings of obligation. For example an organization may have invested resources in training to improve employee's skills and then the employees feel an moral obligation to improve their work and remain with the company. Employees can any time be committed by any of these three components at a level on intensity.

3.0 Organizations culture with managers job's.

Every business has implemented an organizational culture no matter how big or small. Each company created its own culture using a system of values and performances. A manager job in a company depends on how the company wants the manger to interact with the other employees and how much authority power he is given. The manager in the organization is the one who control the employees and make sure that the follow the system of culture set by the organization. He also decides who should get rewarded based of the activeness, discipline, and solves conflict among the member of the same or different teams. A manager should be an example of the other employees regarding on following the culture of an organization.

4.0 Recommendation.

Organizational Power culture-Usually seen in small organizations, everything turns around the main person, all decision taken is made by them and they preserve absolute responsibility in any situation. The success of power culture depends on the capabilities of the focal person. Organizations with sort type of culture can take action quickly to events, but they are strongly dependent for their continued success on the capacity of the people at the centre. Role culture- referred to a culture based on the existence of rules and regulations frameworks. The hierarchy and bureaucracy dominate in this type of organization. Position is the main power source in the role culture as well as rules and procedures are the keys methods of influence. It finds it difficult to adapt to change; it is usually slow to identify the need for it and to respond correctly. Task Culture- This type culture uses a small team advance, where people have a knowledge of understanding and specialized in their own field of expertise. The expertise within this type of organization is vested in the individual within it and it is them who must be organized in way that it meets the needs of the business.

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