The occurance of globalisation in markets

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Nowadays, globalisation came up with many changes in the business world. One of the most significant modifications that occurred during the last decade is the integration of companies in a global network of communication.

Therefore, future managers of modern globalised enterprises got aware of the importance of the communication skills and the ability to speak different languages. The English language is the biggest example, which is international and considered as one of the most important ones.

More again, earning the possibility to communicate in different languages should be accompanied with multiple factors. A big open minded mentality is a must as well as a big curiosity for discovering the "other" and his culture and a passion for sharing cultures.

That is why, as future managers in big or little companies, we have to be prepared to all these global business challenges.

So this report deals with this preparation phase and how Clermont Business School, did give us the baggage needed to address these challenges.

Section 1 : description brève du titre et position/fonction dans l'entreprise et executive summary.

I spent my last year of internship in the sales department of "Raynal & Roquelaure" Company. I was a sales representative.

My assignment was to promote the company's various products to large-scale food retailers. My main role was to represent the brand image and the company values. I had to work on the marketing Mix (The 4 Ps): f

The most important aspect of my job was to guarantee the presence of the company's products in the different stores,

Then I was in charge of the products' positioning

Also I had to negotiate the prices,

And last but not least, I negotiated the promotion operations.

I based my training report on this last year internship.

The company "Raynal & Roquelaure" develops and markets canned meals under the brand "Raynal et Roquelaure", "Chez Raynal" (French meals) and Zapetti (exotic and Italian meals, tomato sauces for pasta).

Major Player in the market of canned meals, it creates brilliantly the pleasures of eating in family, with friends, or alone, delicious meals adapted on the current mode.

Visionaries, Theophile Raynal and Ernest Roquelaure, company founders, conceived, there is over 130 years, local canned food to make them portable, ready to eat, with a preserved taste and nutritional qualities.

Today, more than 90 products are on the menu! Cassoulets, lentils, veal stew, chicken and rice, ravioli, macaroni and other pasta, couscous, paella and tomato sauces...

In 2003, the group COFIGEO (the parent company of Raynal & Roquelaure) bought out from NESTLE France the production site of "Camaret-sur-Aigues", the largest European site specialized in the manufacture of Italian and exotic dishes of tomato sauce under the brands of "Buitoni" and "Maggi Saveur Du Monde".

Both brands are the property of Nestlé, so a new brand was created to replace both of them, this one is: "Zapetti"

The aim of my report is to understand how consumers react to the practice of brand name substitution, if they join or resist, and why. A qualitative study conducted among 45 consumers revealed that brand name substitution creates cognitive dissonances and negative emotions to most of interviewees, which lead to a negative attitude towards it. However, individual factors, and how the firm implements the brand name substitution, appear to play a very important role in enhancing or, at the contrary, minimizing this resistance.

The report contains three parts:

In the first one, I talked about the history of Raynal & Roquelaure, its evolution, and how and why they bought "Buitoni" from Nestlé and the creation process of the brand "Zapetti" and how it took the place progressively of a big and recognised brand like "Buitoni" and "Maggi Saveur Du Monde".

In the second part, we have the theoretical point with some points of view of many authors who treated this subject, especially in strategy.

The third part deals with, success keys factors, a SWOT of the brand Zapetti, and finally some propositions to improve the position of this brand on the market, by promotions, communication, price's adaptation, the packaging improvement and so on…

Section 2 : réflexions personnelles concernant votre contribution à l'entreprise

Raynal & Roquelaure/Zapetti hired me to accomplish the tasks that we have described above. I believe that I fulfilled my mission successfully and that the company was satisfied with my performance. They showed their contentment on the work I achieved by giving me a permanent position in the sales department of the company.

My contribution to the company went far beyond my efforts to generate business and recruit new clients. In fact, I brought my exotic culture and background, my good mood, fun temper and energy. My young age enabled me to have a fresh overview of the business, and it helped me build a good relationship with all my prospects. My prior experiences in sales allowed me to test different new sales techniques, and contribute to the improvement of the sales strategy of Raynal & Roquelaure, as well as their customer relationship management.

As a member of the sales force, I managed with the help of my fellow co-workers to help the company get out of a rough patch due to the crisis. And being only twenty sales people covering the entire country, we had a huge responsibility towards the company, and we were not allowed any mistakes, especially considering the fierce competition.

The competitors have in fact a sales force twice as big as ours, which makes it a bit challenging for us to reach our business objectives.

Raynal & Roquelaure signed a historic partnership with one of the biggest retailers in France. This giant of the industry, "SYSTEME U", gave us the exclusive presence rights in their stores. It took a lot of work to make sure the terms of the contract with that new partner were respected by all different stores and subsidiaries of SYSTEME U. My personal contribution to this partnership was to support my colleagues in their territories and help them reach the objectives set by the upper management.

Section 3 : explication sur le rôle du stage dans votre projet professionnel

Before explaining how this internship integrates my career plan, I first have to define this plan. The definition of a career plan is: "A goal that you desire to achieve in a selected field or occupation with a well thought out plan to get you there." So I had first of all to define a goal to strive for.

My previous experiences, my degrees and all my years of studies made me realize that I am made for sales and that's what I want to do in my future career.

I took many personality assessment tests to help me figure out where I belong. The common ground between all these tests is that sales and negotiation came out to be my main assets. The tests also showed a real attraction towards communication and social interactions. All of which confirms my career choice.

So it was only logical for me to choose a mission in sales for my last internship. Raynal & Roquelaure gave me the opportunity to improve my sales skills and methods which will contribute highly in my career development.

Career planning works much like any other planning process.  First you define your goals, and then you set the objectives that will get you there.  And lastly you initiate your plan and make it happen.  This booklet is designed to assist us in defining our dream and developing a plan that will make it happen.  It is important to develop a plan in which we can feel as though we are the architect.  It may be easier to let someone else do the planning, but in the end it will not be as satisfying as the one we design ourselves.  We may already have decided what we are planning to do and have a written plan to execute it.  If so this booklet will not cause us to re-design our present plan, we have to just make sure that it is complete and achievable. The mine is, and I choose this internship for the continuity of my career plan.

Section 4 : Analyse personnelle sur le rôle des langues et l'interculturel dans le monde des affaires

Nowadays, we live in a global world, in a global village, we can and we have to communicate with foreigners or people who do not speak our mother tongue, who do not has our same culture.

One of the first barriers that companies face on the path of internationalization is differences in natural languages.

As we already mentioned earlier in this report, we live in a world where enterprises adopt international business more and more. In fact, for some companies, it is sometimes necessary to enter the global market in order to survive.

It is clear that the market globalization couldn't be possible without the new technologies and new communication tools. Their big performances helped shortening the distances between the countries and the continents. Moreover, these successful tools played a main role for the international communication and the development of international affairs.

Taking these changes into consideration, recruiting new employees is now based not only on experiences in the domain or knowledge or even educational degrees but on communication skills too. It is a must that new businessmen practice different languages, acquire experiences in working, exercising internships or even living in foreign countries.

The main goal of an international business relationship with foreign people who mainly speak a different language from ours and share a culture of their own is to be able to understand each other. This is the basis of all communication, exchange or contract.

If one of the two interlocutors doesn't look at things the way the first one does, they will not be able to get along nor negotiate different terms. Hence, the collaboration will automatically fail and conflicts will surely take place. Therefore, the use of interprets becomes necessary, especially when the negotiations are about big deals.

These kinds of exchange and deals demand mastering the language of the other, knowing his habits and his ways of interpreting things. More again, because we lack mastering all the languages used nowadays, relations negotiations and contracts are in English; the primary language in the business.

Therefore, if we want to benefit from the chances to succeed internationally, we have to be perfectly fluent in that language.

One example among many that I have observed is that all negotiations and contracts in the UAE companies are in English. This includes the contracts are being held between two companies of the Arab world.

Finally, companies must then hire people who speak foreign languages and who have completed internships, or have worked or simply lived, abroad

Languages are the first key the first tool that helps us to communicate with other cultures.

Nowadays, we live in a global world, and any enterprise or firm can do business with the major number of countries in the world. And to make deals with foreign countries, everybody has to speak some foreign languages. We need it for international negotiations, meetings, communication (if we work in a global company) and so on...


After these examples and argumentations, we can logically conclude that acquiring good communications skills and the ability of speaking different languages, especially the English, are the basis of our future career. In fact, we eventually are going to work someday in a multinational, where people, languages and cultures all mix. If we do not enroll in this system, we will put a barrier to the evolution of our career.

Proficiency in foreign languages, open-mindedness and openness to others, is therefore vital.