The new age of industrial development

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As we entered the new age of millennium and industrial development, more and more concern recognised the importance of managing of their human resource, effectively possible. They also recognised that incorporation of global context they have to done it. Without studying the stories or reading the news paper, it not possible to know virtually the detail success story of a business concerns how effectively it manages its people. In this challenging world it becomes more competitive, more changeable and uncertain and more subject to periodic change to managing their people. Every time they are changing their policy in terms of business. On the other hand we are living in a fastest growing world, where everything changing rapidly! If any concern failed to take this challenge, may be vanished. And for this every concern who are able to take part with this challenge will be rewarded. To get this reward, the concern has to well manage their staff and activities. Here is the necessity of managing of Human Resource. The necessities of managing people effectively, different concerns are devoting a huge deal with more attention, skill, effort and time to have a challenging world of edge. Specialists indicate that the skill levels of HR managers in high performing concern are remarkably higher than those of Human Resource managers in less performing firms. The activity of a HR is different, depends on their concern. There are different types of concern, profit making and non profit making. Most of all business concern try to make more and more profit for this the concern always aware about their development and modernisation whatever is essential for the concern. The duty of HR manager to re-arrange their staff as required. On the other hand, there is some concern whose are not a profit making concern, but they are also need to maintain their staff. Their main target is to give service to the people as good as possible. And for this they are also well maintained. Dynamic management of Human Resource means to maintain properly as required. For this instance HR Manager designs his strategy to achieve the goal. Here I am trying to discus some important points.


Business strategy is worried with achieving the advantage of competitiveness. The efficient development and functioning of policy depend on the strategic ability of the concern, the concern which will include the capability not only to make strategic goals, but also to develop and approve of strategic plans through the process of tactical management.

Implementation of Strategic plan will involve the management of planning as well as developing. In this model we can find three models. Firstly, High performance management skill. This performance managed by high skilled workers or employer of the concern. Great dedication of management aims at eliciting a promise so that activities is primarily self-regulated rather than processed by sanctions and external pressures to the individual and communication within the organization are based on top levels of trust. In addition, high participation management creates a situation in which there is a continuing conversation between managers and the college of their teams in order to define target, and share the value and object regarding information on the organization's mission. In this concept of framework of strategic HRM, these explain the different approaches of development and implementation.

HR Strategies:

Strategies tend to be delivered as abstractions are transferred into

programmes with clearly said objectives and deliverables. It is not so easy to Achieving strategies into action. Obstruction can be met by HR strategists when trying to implement strategic initiatives often output from a failure to understand the strategic demand of the business. With the output that HR strategic initiatives are follows as irrelevant, even counterproductive. This critical situation can be difficult if there has not been a proper dimension of the situation and cultural factors that influence the content of the strategies policy. Activities of HR ensure that a coherent, holistic approach is approved.

To overcome these, it is necessary to conduct a accurate initial analysis, which covers business necessities, corporate culture, internal and external environmental factors. Secondly, to express strategy, the formulation should set out the underlying principle for the approach and spell out its target, benefits and cost.


The procedure of staff selection and enrolment and is becoming more and more difficult and Human Resource planning means that the winning output of these procedure is important for job performance and success of organization. The significant of the selection and recruitment process is important for organizational challenges and a failure to adopt this function effectively will have cost for expectations of job achievement. Job modification accordingly as organizations reaction to technological and financial pressures. For the need of management to evaluate the reaction of economical, social and political impacts on the concern, a factor that contributes towards less performance is the wrong assessment about the types of activity that need filling and the activities needed to perform them. On the other side, the concerns external situation directly affects the organizational framework. For example, when an organization will reforms and re-engineer work processes to able to new technology or comply with legislative wishes, it will also restructure work and create new jobs opportunity. However, if it unable to correctly address its staffing demands, then employees will predictably fail to perform.

Factors For Successful Recruitment :

Then it is necessary to incorporate one of the major factors for victorious recruitment - job planning and analysis. Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis recognize that this activity should be amicable to changes the structure of the organizational and competencies, strategic, employee skills; this is the main source of information of the situation to be filled and nature of person to fill. Further, more competitive pressures, changing method and market volatility has made the employment decision more complex. Unwanted situation faced by the organizations and management also produced as 'mechanical and political'. In addition, the methods for collecting information are crucial for the actual analysis of the job.

During the recruitment process management may experience failure in efficiently sourcing potential candidates and this may affect the reasonable advantage because of the incapability to acquire experienced workers. This may be failure in a hole a dynamic job study and employment procedure into the organization's strategy. Employments is affected when management make basic change of planning to the organizations structure or planning and this will act upon job requirements and may result in bad job performance if incorrect selection has occurred .

HR activity may fail in acquiring the most appropriate pool of jobseekers, while the organization may have a systematic planning of the job requirements, HR management will have to assess the most successful recruitment methods, internally and externally. It is common awareness by management that internal recruitment procedure is useful because of the cost advantages and awareness of job seekers. However, it should be recognized that there may be some dissatisfaction from rejected job applicants and the belief that inner organisation recruitment less creativity because if 'inbreeding' and limited selection of applicants may appear unfair.

Remarkably making dificult the challenges faced by HR management and jobseekers in the process of recruiting is the management of job applications and interview preparation. One major contributor of unfortunate selection of jobseekers is the failure to establish a selection principle that is not only reliable with managerial strategies, but reflects the frame of orientation set by the job analysis. Incorrect selection of employer can bound the candidates to change their job and this may be the cause of incorrect selection by HR. It is also necessary to verify the future performance of the candidate. This may help to get better performance of the employee.


Main task of HR is to motivate the employer in today's economy. All attempts made in this direction are major discredit and no one knows the real route to employees' mind. Motivation is the blood of an organisation that can't be ignored and some time it certainly is not a focal point of strategic thinking. There is different types of motivation and management should identify with their employee on an successful program. Main target is to achieve the goal produced by the administrator. Good performance depends on job satisfaction, recognition and professional growth. So, it is very essential to understand the executive body and their professional need.

In this instant HR have to keep in mind:

a) Get know every Employee and encourage them.

b) Respect the employee and ask them for their feedback and in this atmospheric employee will feel more committed to their work and the Organisation.

C) Allow the employee to control over their work. This can influence the employer to motivate moiré by which they become more and more energized, enthusiastic and productive.

d) Allow the employer to improve operation and get suggestion about the improve of operation and recommendations.

e) Give the power to the employer to serve and pleased the customer professionally. This cannot be helpful but a sense of pride emotional foundation of superlative customer service.

f) Follow the employee's right thing and instruct them how to do it perfectly.

g) Do not forget the implementation of the real ideas generated by employees. Manager should follow the idea in change of the real implementation. A vital part of this whole equation is the real performance of the great ideas performed by employees. Without this the concern will simply missed some great ideas in charge of real implementation. Motivation can be properly achieved and can improve productivity. This can involve employee to do something better because they want to do it. This competitive nature cannot be achieved without knowing what necessity to associates is.


The study of Human resource management is a vast area. We can't cover it in a sort essay. I tried to make an outline of this subject area of HRM. This can give an idea to survive in today's competitive business world. There is some more important aspect should be included.


Information system of HR

Selecting, determining and attracting HR

Designing of job

Human Resource Developing

Rewarding of HR, i.e. employee compensation, benefits etc.

HR managing

Industrial Relationship

Employee health and safety

Managing of Diversity

International Human Resource Management.


A business will never get prosper if its human element is ignored. Mr sam Walton, the founder of wal-mart , he was asked a question that what could be the key factor to get success of a organization or a business. He replied that the peoples are the main key who may bring that success of a organization. As a matter of fact, this statement means that as a guideline for a organization to sustain human assets, to understand the concept of dimension in terms of their own duty and responsibilities and to enhances their positive feelings in such way.

Organizational development lays accent on the work effectively, the organizational system and structure of a organization is provided the right way of opportunities to that organization and the people related to that organization fully potentially. But we have to be concern with organizational ability and it facilitates change with the development in a people. Organizational Development is nearly related to staff Management or human resource management in any concern which is nothing but management of human being.

The requirements for the Organizational Development are fulfilled by effort of the Human resource Management because the Human Resource Management is to utilize human element effectively .It also helps the organization to reach its goals and get its achievement. As per the morale, it does its best as it is the main option to enhance the spirit and enthusiasm in the work place. We, all the peoples must be very concern and aware about the capability of an organization which controls the overall changes and total development in a human being. As per the accession of this organizational capability peoples are the main resources. they always motivate and directed towards the upward levels of the capacity, it s performances as well as its growth. So that the organization must be run at its absolute results.

At last we must keep it in mind that the organizational development continues to expose through the effectiveness management of a human being. Human resource management toils to create right attitude, emotions, activities and motivations among the employees. It secures willing cooperation as well as the establishment of such emotions and attitudes.. so last of all we must say and must keep in mind that "people work with us" but not that "people work for us".