The need for proficient management of HR

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For the success of the every organization, it is very important to manage human resource proficiently and find whether its employees are satisfied, or not. If they are satisfied only then they'll work with full grit and commitment and create positive image of the organization.

Basically during this extremely aggressive world the success of every organization depends on its human capital. A satisfied, happy and reliable employee is the valuable asset of the organization. Competent human resource management and higher job satisfaction level determine performance of the organization and also affect the growth and performance of entire economy.

One of the most imperative problem facing organizations today is how to control the work related stress between employees that after cope up they work more productively and to increase their levels of satisfaction, involvement, and commitmentand and for that purpose The management standards for work-related stress were lunched in November 2004. It encourages organizations to take protective measures through a risk assessment.

Beceause The important link established in this research has got major consideration in previous literature. These constructs are most important to overall organizational performance like higher the stress the lower will be the employee's job satisfaction and thus lower level of commitment (Elangovan, 2001). As a result lower level of commitment leads to higher intention to quit the organization (Elangovan, 2001; Meyer & Allen, 1990). and over all performance of the firm decreases (Ton &Huckman, 2008; Montgomeray, Blodgett & Barness, 1996).

Impacts of high stress entails low job commitment, which directly contribute to voluntarily termination of employees (Parasuraman, Alutto,1994) and may lead to low overall firm's performance (Ton, Huckman,2008;Montgomeray, Blodgett & Barness, 1996). Basically Stress is unavoidable in our society (Jaramillo, Nixon & Sams, 2004) but direct action, on the lookout for instrumental support and resignation (Hall, Viola, Chater &Willson, 2006) can mitigate its consequences and impacts. Meyer and Allen (1998) They further state that positive early work experience results in high affective job commitment.

Chusmir (1982) findings also naked that both women and men respond in the same manner to job commitment, but women react the situiation some times in a different manner. Further the researcher explore three independent variables i.e. sex role conflict, satisfaction of needs and work commitment that can influence their job commitment. . Elangovan, (2001) conducted a research which exposed that mostly higher the degree of stress, contains the lower is the level of satisfaction and thereby increased job commitment.

This research focuses on measuring the impact of stress on job commitment in

Collectivist Pakistani context. We hope that these finding will add value in research in terms of sample from a developing world country like Pakistan.

Because the nature of a business is dynamic and everyone is trying to meet the all requirements,demands of the modern organizational practice that are changing rapidly it may be in a term of job commitment, satisfaction, performance, timings which are increased the chances of stress break through among employees and it's becoming crucial for managers to identify sources and formulate strategies to reduce it, or improve the commitment of the employees about thier job.

"Stress, like Einstein's theory of relativity, is a scientific concept which has suffered from the mixed blessing of being too well known and too little understood." (Dr Hans Selye)

Stress has been defined in different ways over the years. Originally, it was conceived as pressure from the environment, then as sprain within the person. Stress is dynamic state in which a person is confronted with an opportunity, or demand, relate to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is alleged to be both hazy and vital.

(Selye, 1936).

THE life science firstly introduced the idea of stress. He defined stress as the force, pressure, or tension subjected upon an individual who resists these forces and attempt to uphold its true state. But the work started on the stress from the 14th century to till at that time. The HSE (Health Safety Executive Uk) also defines

That some stress can be good, and some can be bad. Stress can be understood more broadly as, when someone realizes the pressures happens on them, or feel the rations of a situation, are wider than their detection that they can handle. Stress exists in every organization either the nature of a work is big or small and organizations have become so much intricate due to which it exists, work place stress has significant effects over the employees job performance, and every organizations are trying to cope with this scenario, (R. Anderson, 2003).

In every organization and at every level of management and workers an elevated average level of stress is to be found which mostly has an effect on employee's job performance, job commitment, job satisfaction (Rose, 2003). Stress on job can be avowed as the outcome of an individual due to the working environment from which he feels unsecured.

Employees of the every organization plays a vital role in the sucees of the organization, beceause the success of the organization is depenedent on the productivity,perfomence ,and participation of the employee towards his job work, so beceause of bad stress employee is always trying to leave the organization.

Thesis Motivation

The primary input of this thesis is to providing a basic understanding of the major grounds of stress on the job commitment and the valuation challenges therein. The research is a multi-method design which provides insight into the multidimensional problem regarding the challenges facing the organizations regarding job commitment. The research conducted with the intend of providing help to HR MANAGERS in shaping the factors that increases level of commitment with the job and manage stress between the employees of the organization. The topic of the thesis is ''Impact of stress on job commitment'' among any type of organization, I give preference banking sector of Pakistan that is the large sector, and very much of our economy depend on it.

Human resource is the most priceless resource for an organization and employee job commitment, satisfaction helps the company to sustain a standard and increase in output by motivating and managing the level of stress between the employees. So the study of stress give help to know the felling of employee about their challenging working situation and what are the things that have impact on them to work properly. so when we talk about any type of organization the human resource at all the levels have to input their efforts and try to make maximum use of their abilities which may be produced under supervision or without it. However, there are many expectations from employees working for an organization. In this regard it becomes really important for them to deal in an effective and committed way because banks providing services to its customers because they have no real brand names to back them up ,and it is the duty of the banking sector employees to satisfy their customer from every aspect.

Research problem:

Every where all the issues related to the human resource and dealing with them, in an organization is not an simple task. To keep the employees commited,motivated is crucial function of the HR manager and to retain them as well. Now a days they turnover rate has increased, people are changing their jobs more frequently. To decrease the turnover rate, managers should understand what are his employee needs and what is he looking for in his job. In a short form, manager should know and understand what makes my employees commited and happy at work place.

There are many factors persuade the level of stress. This study describes the factors that are likely to have an impact of stress on employee's job commitment. For commitment problems, the best source of information is the employee. Manager should get employee's point of views and feedback on regular basis that what satisfies them and keeps them retained to do work. Their views can be, to increase their salary or compensation package or to change the working environment or to redesign their jobs etc.

Research Aim and Objective:

The overall objective of the research is to study the impact of stress on job commitment. The study will be performed on Pakistani organizations which are focusing on formal methods of developing their employee's performance, motivation, job satisfaction. This study will be conducted in a large sector of Pakistan that is banking sector. Therefore, this Study will highlight the impact of stress on job commitment, its power to Increase the performance and its influence on Pakistan's business environment.

Based on the above research the research objectives of the study can be explain as follow:

To resolve whether there is a statistically significant relationship between stress and job commitment.Beceause the globalization of the business is dynamic and hr managers of every organizations trying to get it out maximum output with their human capital to meet the challenges of the business enviornment,and it is only possible when the employee is fully commited with their job and also able to manage their work releated stress.

to find out what is stress and how it can be managed to increase job commitment.

to provide assistance to the mangers that how they can reduce employee's stress in banking sector of pakistan.

Research Question

This thesis fulfils this aim through the investigation of the following primary

research question:

"What is the impact of stress on job commitment?"

Theoretical framework

Theoraticle frame work is a coceptual model of how one theorizes or makes logicle sense of the releationships among the several factors that have been identifiedas important to the problem (By umma sekran),the theorticle framework discuss the inter releationship among the variables that are deemed to be integeral to te dynemics of the situistion being investigated.




Research Hypothesis Developement

Hypothesis is defines as:

"A conjectured relationship between variables in the form of testable statement"

The testable hypothesis can be developed to examine whether the theory formulated is valid or not. The hypothesized releationship can their after be tested through proper statisticle analysis.


Keeping in view the above discussion following hypothesis is developed

h1= there is a relationship between stress and job commitment.

h0=there is no relationship between stress and job commitment.


The present study was conducted among employees of a well reputed growing bank in Pakistan . The data was collected by means of a structured questionnaire with the help of supervisors and managers, copies of the questionnaire were given to respondents by hand. As the study is pointed towards employee stress and job commitment, target sample source is well reputed growing bank in Pakistan, due to time and budget limitations convenient sampling technique is used to explore the relationship between stress and job commitment of employees , my sample size is 55.The majority of respondents were male (……..%) and married (………%). The average respondent was ….. years of age, having graduate and postgraduate qualifications.


Stress and Job commitment questionnaire developed was used to measure the level of stress and job commitment and satisfaction with its factors. Pay, promotion, empowerment, management style, co-workers, advancement opportunities, nature of work, working conditions. it uses likert scale containing 5 choices from 1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree.



I have started my research with a definite aim or purpose. My focus is to show

relationship and impact of stress on job commitment. It is a casual study to describe relevant aspect of the phenomenon of interest from an individual , organization or other prospective.


The unit of analysis will be Individuals.


It's cross sectional study as we collect information from one source.


Non experimental / minimal method will be adopted as we do not have to control different variables to study topic.


Primary source

The primary source for data gathering is from already published articles and books. Another source is journal and magazine on the data it is being gathering .It also gather data from internet different websites.

Secondary source

It is the data which is being gathered from the employees of targeted organization through questionnaires. As the study is casual in nature. Qualitative


The Questionnaire is the basic tool, which i used to collect the data from the employees of the targeted organization.because the topic is related to social sciences.


For the purpose of the statisticle analysis the Non probability (convenience sampling) technique is selected.


The field of data collection releated to our research topic is Electronic.


Digital technology has come in hand for research, especially in collection, storing and

analyzing information so I use SPSS version 16 for my data analysis.

Formation of the thesis:

Thesis consists of main 3 parts with having six chapters.

Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to the study (5line each)

This chapter is consisted of the introduction of the whole study of my thesis topic "Impact of the stress on job commitment. And very short background of stress and job commitment,it also defines the purpose of the research. Chapter 1 includes research objective,Research question, framework, hypothesis, measurements and all important aspects of thesis.

Chapter 2 provides the summary of the relevant literature and is comprised of three components. In which we discussed about the all aspects of stress,or about the job commitment , or also find out the releationship in both of them which may become a positive or nagetive .

Chapter 3 details the research methodology used to investigate the research problem. The design for the sample selection and size, research instruments used, procedures followed and the statistical techniques by using the spss version 16 to analyze the data also highlighted the positive and nagetive result of the hypothesis.

Chapter 4 is the result of first three chapters and critical analysis. This chapter presents the results and discussion from the qualitative investigation into the challenges and opportunities facing the banking sector. it focuses on the findings that become apparent from the research study.


Chapter 5 deals with the discussion of the results that were obtained. Conclusions are drawn based on the obtained results and the possible practical implications of the research findings are highlighted. In conclusion, recommendations for future research that may be of worth are put forward.

Chapter 5 deals with the discussion of the results that were obtained. Conclusions are drawn based on the obtained results and the possible practical implications of the Research findings are highlighted. In conclusion, recommendations for future research that may be of worth are put forth.

Chapter 6 is the last chapter. And it provides recommendations for the management of the targeted organizations of the Pakistan in order to enhance the level of job commitment by maintaing the level of stress between the employees of the organization by using the advanced techniques of stress management.


This chapter is consisted of the introduction of the research topic. And it has a lot of significance as there is a great need of understanding the impact of stress and the factors that can enhance the level of job commitment. We all know that, Employee's commitment is very imperative for businesses because the finest businesses are the ones whose employees are highly commited towards their job. People need to be commited so that they can give the best out of them, and in this way they can provide good customer services or the quality of work. commitment workforce can become the competitive advantages for the businesses and will contribute in their good repute. So the chapter contains the aims and objectives of the study the research questions and the outline of the thesis that how is conducted.