The need for organization design and change management

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efficiency. It's a collaboration of human beings working together under a structured, defined and maintained environment to achieve certain goals and outcomes. These goals and achievements come by using proper financial and materialistic resources and human resources. This utilities company's unit of business is in a need of a change. A design change, policies change, work life change and managing the change. It was not possible from within the organization to achieve that, so it hired consultants from a well-known and expert firm, named All-Experts. Its consultants, more commonly referred to as "Change Agents" in this context, are very experienced and have proven methods and strategies in the areas of organization design and change management.

The study outlines introduction of the company and its current holdings. Then it discusses what exactly it is looking for to redesign and manage the changes in the organization. It dictates how the change agents have prepared and executed the action research plan. As a result, what the company has achieved is the desired propaganda of the design and a strong management team to accept and drive the change.


This is a major utilities company in U.S. and it has established various units within its body. Its units include business, human resource, training and development, procurement, production and sales and marketing. Its business unit is requiring a change in the design and the management to manage the change. It has variety of operations in each unit and they are well managed as of now. The company needs to build stronger base in the market, grow at higher pace and it can achieve all this by changing the design of the business processed and guidelines to each unit. It has proper set of people in upper management, senior management, Human Resource and employee level. Its business unit is in the need to change its business processes and guidelines to drive them.


As described above, the company's business unit is requiring redesign of its business processes. It requires implementing and adopting a new information system which will help them support and manage the changes. It wanted to involve all of the upper management people in the business unit. It required involving employees also, because they will have to accept the changes. These challenges were related to make them achieve maximum ROI, committed approach to the design and efficiency in management. The another challenge was continue to grow with the design throughout the course of development, decision making and management. They needed to prepare every unit to accept the change and implement it in their own way whichever benefits them.

Organization Design & Change Management

A classic bureaucratic design consists of mainly centralized approach in keeping professionals. The decision making is decentralized. The support staff is well developed. Human resource, accountant are also well developed. So, the utilities company needed to identify which design pattern it is following and the change agents needed to provide them with a proper design approach.

The design also deals with more control in decision making, more concerned approach towards profit and production, and uniform and consistent interconnectivity amongst various units. The design decides the structure and it should be matching to its environment for better performance. There are variables which take part in organization design and management. They are enlisted as number of people in the organization, technical expertise, entitlement reviews, operational behaviors, and changes made or occurred in all those variables.

The change management deals with labor department, meaning dividing the labor in the organization. It also concentrates in contingency variables, technology, environment, decision making, awareness in employees and work division. The change agents are aware what are the tradition management strategies and modern techniques of change management. There are various types of structures in change management. The examples are divisional, functional, matrix, and lateral relationships.

Action Plans

The change agents needed to make an action plan so that the organization design is appropriate and the management is able to accept and maintain the change. The organization's ability to survive makes the design central. It is central to make the organization market driven, competitive, innovative and adaptive to changes. It also makes to susceptible to sudden changes.

The change agents knew that the solutions used for other organizations are not going to help them in this particular case. So they did evaluation, assessment of the existing structure of the business unit and came with a proper action plan to achieve the goal. They needed to contact the managers and employees and train them and/or educate them to accept the new design and changes. The business process was being redesigned in the company as a whole. They needed to decide the most efficient way to make the redesign, stick to a commitment, and pursue maximum return of investments.

Implementing the action plan

The change agents' action research plan was based on majorly five following steps of organization design and change management process:

Assessment of the readiness design: Is the organization ready to change? Ready to redesign? The change agents determined what can be done to increase the efficiency of the workers to execute the change.

Management Alignment and governing the Leadership: Are the managers able to commit to the redesign? Ready to commit to the changes? Ready to implement and sustain the changes? The change agents gathered a list of objectives and represented to the leadership governance. They aligned the representatives to a proper way and guided them to the new design and change.

The action plan of change management: The change agents enlisted various design strategies and made the unit stick to it. It succeeded in engaging the unit and its people to the strategy. Basically, they needed to reduce the resistance at all levels of the organization and make the organization believe in those changes.

Actual implementation: Once outlined, the implementation resulted in various initiations of growth. It also supported strategies defined in the change management process. The actions decided were applied throughout the organization.

Observe and Commit: They observed for a half of the year and saw the commitment towards the new design. The change management process had enough sustainability.

Thus, the hard work of the change agents went successful in implementing the change for the utilities company and the redesign was remarkable.


The change agents were able to identify the risk factors of change management guidelines. They were able to associate the redesigned approach to their finance related units. The readiness improvements were applied to all levels. This supported a lot to make the change across the unit and the company. They also suggested some guidelines to avoid any future issues or barriers. The leadership team and management were able to work on a consistent change management plan. They accepted the new strategy designed by the change agents. As an enhancement to the work of change agents, they also created a new information system which will help the company in tracking the progress, profit, stability and market position. They can monitor various output and provide with numerous inputs to its production unit.


A company, its goals and challenges, an expert organization design and change management firm and its consultants, a vital execution of the action research plan towards changes and combination of all this, builds a stronger organization with its new design and effective change management process. The utility company hired the best agents and the change agents proved their ability.

The change agents analyzed the existing design and gave new approaches for redesigning. They worked on many factors including information systems and change management. A company's any unit required paying attention to what it needs and how it can be achieved. This utility company was able to do it with the help of these change agents.

Next steps are very well defined and understood by the utilities company. Since it has accepted the organization design and change management, it just needs to maintain the designed approach and train the managers and employees to stick to the change management plan.