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Nowadays, everybody knows that motivation is the process that arouses potential, ability, creation of person in order to achieve goals what they want. It is inside state, supply vitality and direct people to their purpose. So, it is very important in life of everybody, because people rely on the motivation to complete their jobs, their dreams or have their achievements though they have overcome many difficulties, meet obstacles and failures in life and works. Therefore, if they don't have or receive any motivation, their jobs will become meaningless. As this story tell about swimmers of Hellespont Swim had overcome hardship to complete their job and what they built relationship of their group.


Summary about the story

This is the true story talks about the group joined in the Hellespont Swim because they have same thinking and they want to swim to the Hellespont that is the narrow between the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean. Besides, they also want to discover the legend about the sad love of Hero and Leander. Hero lived in Europe, she was a priestess of Aphrodite, and she had sworn that she would perpetual celibacy. About Leander, he lived in Asia, he loved Hero. She used a lantern to toward him swam to her each night. But their love didnot did not lucky, the wind blew out the lantern and that current took, he lost the direction, therefore he never come to her. Hero really was heartbroken and she decided to jump into the Hellespont. In the exam time, they had overcome alot of difficult hardship and venture, the training class was not enough for helping them.... However, with strong mind, they had completed the exam and they also got alot of experiences from this exam.

Forces and factors about motivation

Motivation is really important in work of each people because it help people can complete their goals. As in this case, the purpose of swimmers are participated The Hellespont Swim to swim to the Hellespont that is the narrow between the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean discover about the legend about the sad love of Hero, this also is the motivation mainly to help them overcome hardship and dangerous in swimming . Besides, they also had some motivation when they were doing the exam as : they received a bit training that teach them how to meet difficults, they were provided food,vitamin pills that can help their health and mapped out the route , they also receive the schedule about the comfortable rest, and calls early morning for the trainings, warming them and tell them should do what…

In addtion, the effective management also is motivation that contributes their achievement because the manager had arranged the works for the swimmers expertly such as arrange food, beverage, period of work, time of rest, map for the exam...

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs, the ideas of Adams, Herzberg.

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs:

According to Abraham Maslow said that people work in order to get what they want to meet their needs, so he describe the needs of human consists of five steps, it arrange as ladder from lowest to highest : physiological needs, security and safety needs, love and belongingness needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization needs. When you meet low demand, higher demand will appear and it will become your motivation. Thus, the need become an important motivation and the impact on individual needs will change people's behavior.

(Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)

The demand exists or physiological needs:

Physiological needs are the basic needs of human that people need to survive, it includes: food, water, rest, house, air ….... And it also is the most basic needs and powerful of human. It was be classified in the lowest ladder in the pyramid. This basic needs can be met through paying good wage and fair, provide free lunch or security benefits such as bonuses awarding, reward tours, travel, rewards initiative ...

Security and safety needs:

When the basic needs are completed, it will not control your thoughts and actions, then the demand for safety and security will begin activated and it motivates you to do it. This demand often show in both physical and mind through the desire for stability in life as living in the security of area, living in social legislation, working in security of environment …... To meet this needs, the management must ensure condition of favorable working, the job have to maintain stability and treat fair with every worker

Love and belongingness needs:

This demand is also called the expected demand for a division, an organization. This need show in the processing communication such as make friends, find love, get married, join any community, go to work, have a picnic, join clubs, do the group, ... To satisfy this demand, the management have to know that the employee should be given conditions for working in groups, they need the opportunity to expand exchanges between divisions, encourage people to contribute their opinions to serve the development their organization as well as. Besides, the company also needs to develop relationships of workers as create some fun activities, entertainment..

Self-esteem needs:

This is self-esteem needs or recognized demand for achievement, talent, ability and knowledge of an individual. To satisfy this demand, the management must know that any worker needs to respect about personality and qualities. Besides, the manager or leader should have policy of compliment or incentive to honor their success and diffuse the result of personal achievement broadly. At the same time, the workers also should be provided feedback timely, so they can improve their jobs.

Self-actualization needs

Self-actualization needs are the highest level in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and it happen all one's life, it only appears when low needs completed. This creates motivation due to worker perfect their more. With self-actualization needs, the manager needs to provide the opportunity to develop personal strengths. At the same time, workers need training and development, should be encouraged to participate in the improvement process in the organization and create conditions for develop their own career.

Herzberg's motivation theory:

According to Frederick Herzberg, he explains that elements of motivation divided into two factors: maintain of factors and motivation of factors. Maintain of factor depend satisfaction outside and motivation of factor depend satisfaction inside.

Maintain of factors: (scope of working)

+ Salaries and benefits

+ Supervision

+ Working conditions

+ The administration of policy

Motivation of factors: (detail of working)

+ Work has meaning

Sense of accomplishment

+ Have opportunities for advancement

+Fair in working

Maintain of factors only effect to maintain normal working state. When someone works for a company, they always hope get high salary that commensurate with their work and their working conditions are comfortable. If these factors are satisfied, they will work better but this just happen in short time because they think it is obviously. However, if these factors are not satisfied, they will become discontented and decreased performance. Therefore, the motivation factors are the factors that promote real effects, and it have related to the nature of work because when they don't have motivation of factors in working, they will feel unhappy, lazy and boredom, lack of interest in work. These things cause mental instability. Through two-factor theory of Herzberg, the manager should increase the factors that motivate much more to get the positive response of the staffs and of course they will complete their work well, but the manager also should not overlook maintain of factors, the manager also need to keep them carefully because it is basic needs of employees that need to be met.

The ideas of Adams

Adams' theory is focusing on the fair because he said that people usually expect to receive rewards that commensurate with their contribution or their effort. Therefore, when an individual finds themselves being paid less than deserving, he will feel depressed, and of course working performance will decline and vice. So, managers need to have equity and management skills to be able to review and compare the performance of employees, and also help to identify behavior that contribute to increased performance. Thus, recognition of work in time from the manager or supervisor is a factor to motivate employees.

Perspectives of teamwork, teambuilding, communications, planning, project management, encouragement and coaching :

From this story, we see that working on teamwork is becoming increasingly common in most companies today because it will promote the strengths of each individual as well as the strength of a team and project will be complete more than. However, the building and how to managing teamwork are not easy, because majority of company have staffs who are from different country and they have different culture, so it is not to reconcile them in a group to let them cooperate and develop together. Therefore we should base some keys to combine them for working :

_ Good salary: this is very important in organization because only employees, who actually can have the new capacity, may be willing to complete all assigned work on deadline and still achieve the desired quality. To have these employees, the company needs to pay a high wage for them because they can bring many benefits for the company.

_ Recognize the strength of each member: the manager should not only motivate all members of teamwork, but also give the motivation and objectives to them can complete the goals of comany. From which direction, the manager easily detect the advantages of each individual. By doing this, you can arrange work to the right person; combine the advantages of members to make greater strength. Meanwhile, ability of success of teamwork will be much higher.

_ Creating a fair in the group: to building a fully team, the manager will have to know how to create a fair for every member because they have different skills, therefore the responsibility of manager is assigned reasonable works , nobody can be stress and feel boring because of neglect. Moreover, the leader should also know the way of cultural members, create opportunities for each member to they can share and learn from each other, don't let the conflicts to reduce the effective work of teamwork.

_ Carefully observing the group: It is difficult for managers to follow worker, but it is necessary thing that manager have to perform, because there will be person who doesn't work or lazy and another members will feel disgruntled. Therefore, the manager should discuss regularly with every member to update the situation of them.

_ Making the suggestion: when employees make mistakes, the manager does not blame them, please discuss with them to they can release where the problem is and guide them to solve it. Or, when they complete the job well, the manager should be praised them because this can creates a friendly and comfortable for everyone.

Building a good teamwork is not simply a moment and can does in conversely, it requires the manager must plan and good thinking. The important thing of all is to give the orientation of group, how can maintained work in groups to achieve the highest efficiency

The benefits of teamwork:

The model of teamwork is using popular because it can promote a mind of cooperation, combination, knowledge and mutual support among members in order to creating new solutions for every issue. The skills and knowledge of teamwok will bring great benefits to the individual. But the biggest benefit of teamwork is using all the common resources that had taken from the group. Each individual's skills and self-monitoring group will create favorable condition to complete their achievement. Even if these issues can be resulted by individuals, but it be deliver to a teamwork assigned to solving, it still has privated benefits: will increate to make decisions and performances, and will have ability for analyzing clearly more individual.

Besides, the benefits of teamwork are also expressed through the perfection of each participant. Join discussions, learn the purpose and cultural groups, each person will be able to solve problems that related to work. Therefore, everyone can promote their potential because the group could create working environment where every personal is assigned responsibility, authority, shared and believed are set in the forefront.


In short, motivation is very important and necessary, that help people overcome all difficulties and failures to peope can complete their jobs and goals. In addion, I also recognize that using a teamwork for working will have effective benefits and complete work faster. Besides when woking in group, we easily catch up information faster, sharing and receive experiences or skill.