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Today in the world that have new companies established with many section. The owner or leader want more develop, earn more profit or benefit for company's moreover it helps for economic and society development. In addition, the new company will have many problems and difficulties to be solved. These companies mainly focus on human resources, how to increase production and attract consumers most effectively, reduce production costs to a minimum ... And besides, the knowledge management is also a problem critical that bring sucessful for companies. Collect information, data storage and analysis knowledge will help organizations better manage in knowledge management.All these factors helped the company well development, high compete and successful.

Knowledge management is provide information or data needed to be arranged in a scientific organization or business, it helps them find or access what they need to find an easily. Show out useful information, news or data to help sum the information, news or data become useful knowledge for society and the economy. Other side, it is mainly the development of knowledge about technology, competitive strategy, continuous innovation and updating information quickly to help manage the organization. Knowledge management is simply a management system. It provides information or data needed to be arranged in a scientific organization or business; it helps them find or access what they need to find an easy. Show out to useful information, news or data to help sum the information, news or data into useful knowledge for society and the economy. Other side, it is mainly the development of technology knowledge, competitive strategy, continuous innovation, quickly updating of information to help for management organization. Besides, good knowledge management creates advantages also have many mistake and limit of the company's management. The following is example of knowledge management: Company specializes supply cloth, it have many types. If company has used soft management in company, this thing helps good management about information customer, service customer, quantity product... Moreover, company can know the average number cloth sold out one month also competitive other company cloth. Company must have information, data... to create good benefit or better management.

Data, information and knowledge are element need for people. For example: Fansipan mountain have height 3.143meter, this is" data". The article was written about this mountain is "information" that we can understand more about it. These documents, historic development, the establishment... is "knowledge" about it. Data is raw facts and create many forms: number, thoughts, idea, image, character and don't create fixed. Information can be understood simply as sets of data, useful information to help us understand more about society, economic. Information is known equal many forms by books, news, networks, and other media. "Knowledge" is one word that have known widely all the world, knowledge need for everybody in education, job, labor, product...Knowledge has relationship with data, information. It is more complicated than data and information. Important thing to remember, knowledge is not the data that is not information. Knowledge can be skill, learning, event, talent ....through experience in job or studies from lecture, right understand, thinking or create. Knowledge begins from information and information start from simply data. . In addition, knowledge has two types: explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Explicit is easy knowledge but it don't have fixed shape. Ex: notes, photo, video, recoding, document.... Tacit is difficult knowledge, it don't describe equal action; write.... it applied in practice, such as discussion groups, skill, training, and workshops. You can find everything that you need by internet in Google, Bing...


As well as introducing the first, knowledge management is necessary in management. Knowledge is created from the intelligence, creativity, diligence of each person and brings a big value; it cannot change or be bought by money. So, knowledge is part of creating knowledge management. Knowledge management is linked to business of organizations, it helps to manage information systems such as asset management, perform strategies, human resource management and customer services ... It becomes critical for businesses and can create competitive advantage compared to other business. For example, the fashion company, it has many braches, as well as salespeople. If they sell clothes at the same time, it is difficult to manage or checking quantities of goods of the company. Now if the company applying knowledge management in management then job will be done easily and more quickly, which means the company will use software for this. Knowledge management is centralized database is the same as companies can help the salesperson at the same time, and know information about products, quantities products, and find the customer information easily... Knowledge often begins from experience, creativity, skills which they learn, to acquire or create. This creates knowledge management that today is the focus of social. . If organizations and businesses with good management plan will have high results such as job management, increased labor productivity, customer service, attracting talented people focused on the job.

Today in the market business, the competitive is important problem all companies. The leader is good management as they create well strategic for business. This is important competitive advantages for company, it decides to successful, productive, quantity, quality, price... Company must have especially price, cheaper, increase quality product and good customer service; it is important compared for competitor. Companies decide to create competitive advantage based on cost; quality, customer service or new marketing of the product and it should be different, more especially, cheaper compared to competitor. Next, company must understand, find, catch opportunities faster, keep pace with early information and solve quickly problem. Besides that, company good use knowledge management or owner, leader known to good manage, share experience for staff, talent, create...Good knowledge management will have generous human resource, good workmanship and always learn, acquire, update new information, it will help company in compete. On the market today, human sector is a big problem with investor. Old employee, level standard or perennial have good knowledge, experience, good workmanship... who claim high salary, good job, supply demand for our life. If company don't suit of them, they will don't make, come out. This is problem need anxious, care of company also organization. At this time, company have loss about human, knowledge more experience cumulative in a long time and losses a lot of money in business. So, company also need have strategic about labor as increase salary, update technology through learning, new and important is share good knowledge from owner or leader, it will help company that keep employee . Companies need encouragingly leader, shareholder, old staff whom have more experience, they can share well or need knowledge for staff, employee. Next, company need avoid fee not necessary, expensive service. Each person in the organization needs to collect, contributing knowledge which collects, learning help organization more develop, long compete and successful. The next thing that a company survey knowledge management goals, this is competitive advantage.

Nowadays, all most the large companies are using software knowledge management in them company. It becomes popular in economic management and help leader have good management. Knowledge management helps to find, share quickly information also employee management, quantity product of company... for all staff .If companies always update information about product, employee, fee, service, number material sold out or buy into... this thing will help company know turnover exaltedly. Basic for company, it can see information about management and how to use good knowledge in manage. The software about knowledge management often new update, repair mistake, this is help for employee, leader... will create new idea, data, potential, talent... As well as introduced at the beginning, knowledge collect from data, new, learning, experience, knowledge... in education, in job or communication

.Knowledge is better acquiring when store warehouse can use in real life or apply it into job, present or communication life. In addition, knowledge management also helps for better quantity, quality, productivity, customer service...Consequently; knowledge management helps company find to need information and problem.

All companies in the world often have good management whom make successful or bring famous for companies. The first, leadership wants good management who need have experience, create, talent in job. Leader must clear understanding about knowledge management. Otherwise, leader or owner know to create, wield ability, intelligence's in job. They always update information, new acquire also produce, service, quality, cost….which make well development in business. The company's leader know to create knowledge from theory that become to actually knowledge. And leader can provide or using it into manage, company will more prefect and get satisfactory results. Knowledge not only using that need protect, develop, elevate….This is make well develop economic and society. Leader must have mercy also behavior to staff in manage. Besides, the leader or owner elevate, collect knowledge, new create from idea of them then share experience with subordinate that help to add strong knowledge, more better. And this is listening, realize expectation , acquire from subordinate that is necessary. That is important element, necessary for good leader and better continues development of company. In addition, managerial skill company then important. Companies must learn, develop and continuously update the software for managing personnel, product, information and demand of customer ... to avoid causing loss knowledge losses,limit knowledge as well as long-term developing and compete advatage of the company. Company don't need only knowledge of owner, leader that need knowledge of employee, it is very important. Company want have good managerial skill which need have section manage about staff, it often call manage human resource or syndicate of labor .This organization are helping companies and workers understood each other, it will help managers of company so many. Recruit young employee will help to good create, quickly acquire…and have suit regime for staff. The leaders need distinguish good knowledge, skill that bring staff and collect together into big asset. And they know protect, develop, invest which will bring good benefit. Summary, knowledge management is process to collect knowledge, wield and better develop in business.

Knowledge management Life Cycle have many model but the Wiig knowledge management is important model in theory and companies always use it. This model help people using it supply knowledge into manage. Wiig(1993)focuses on the three conditions that need to be present for an organization to conduct its business sucessfully:it must have a business (product/services) and customers; it must have resources(people,capital and facilities)and it must have the ability to act. 3 element tell special and major characteristic. In addition, Wiig model have four major step is Building knowledge, Holding knowledge, Pooling knowledge, Applying knowledge. Building knowledge is gather experience,knowledge ,learning through education, book, media… Holding knowledge can have in people or such as book,news.. Pooling knowledge is random knowledge or hidden from the inside. And Applying knowledge is connect associate in work. Wiig model become better if knowledge using good,right purpose , well organization. Wiig model is model that collection, create, share experiecne… In organization nation, knowledge management seeing process or tool help more better. Multinational organization or international company have many branches in all the world, knowledge managemnet will help it good manage,link with major brach and realtionship with other braches such as share experience of staff this branch to other brach in company. This is make to increase experience, fastly connect as transfer service fast, widely business and quality of product. Multinational company always have change information,statergic aslo human resources so knowledge management will help staff or leader understand and catch timely that factor. Company have good section mange these that help competitive advantage. In developing country such as Singapo, Philippines, …which have company use knowledge management, it bring profit and benefit. Besides , it can compete between develop country and bring big contract or more gains from other country.


In summary, today knowledge like as process, it is valuable as integral in business also organization. Knowledge is a word famous and is well known. Present , knowledge like as useful instrument that is a one of the success factors, and compete strategic for business in economic, society. Knowledge management bring innovation for company . In the business, company need clearly, right in working order, organization need learning, acquire, exchange knowledge become clear. Companies always learning, exchange experience that create continues develop. Today, knowledge management see the key for business and all most the companies in Vietnam using knowledge management for business.






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