The Natures Of Management Business Essay

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1 Define management? And explain why management is important for a business? Management is an art getting thing don through within people and company to organized things within a group. It means managing an company and its employ to achieve an goal.

Management is a proses that the person will know how to manage the company or an activity and their employs or people who working with the one who organizing the company and an activity. And the person who are doing lead role in a company or an activity and that person will know what she will do to achieve her goals in company or activity.

Hens management is very important for a business because in business if management is not there they can't manage the business. And in management there many impotent for a business.

The manager of the company have to decide what is the business goal and what they want achieve in the year and discus with employ in the business. It means take their opinion so it will be easy achieve an goal am manage the business.

Manager must have good thinking it's mean in a management they have to think about environment. So in a business the top level management have to take the decision what is good for the environment and the thin they are making that is environment friendly thin or not. Because the people will look when they are buying that is environment friendly thin or not so the top level managements have discus among the employees.

In a management they must have code of conduct that mane employees and the manager must have good behavior with customer and when customer come the shop or a company they will kook the dress code of the employees. So manager of the company have to manage these thin to achieve an goal.

In the management manager must have to take the right order to employs it means when the manager decide to give job to employ she have to think that person is right person to do that job if not she have to give right job to the right person.

To sum up i belie that in a business management is very important to achieve the business goal. So manager of the business have to management.

2 Define and using related Examples, explain the Natures of Management?

Natures of management is the proses which creates humans effort using it resources. For example If someone want very famous types of clothe an another one want very cheap one so shama can look what types of clothe people want in summer to winter wear .And what types of designs the teenage and young adult generation, aged 15 to 30 years peoples want and the children ranging from 5to 15 years want . Then she can look Faison of the people and variety of good for the season so she can look to nature of management to no these things.

Hanes in nature of management directing the purposive by organizing through systematic, coordinative and co- operative humans effort .And in nature of management there three proses that working in natures of management they are socializing, vertically and horizontal. Socializing means getting to know other opinion it's discuses within the company. Vertically means top level to lower management its work in bother level. Horizontal is remaining in same level.

Moreover the management divide works in specials are formally organizing group EG: HR Department, MKT Department, PR Department, Sales Department. So shama can divide the employees to each department than that will be easy to shama and the employees. All so specialization depends on knowledge, skills and experience in a field and if shama . And the basic administration of nature of management is check-in, check out time application fore leave termination. And all so shama has to look salary wage and the benefit she can give the employee for their job they do she has to manage. And when she look for nature of management she can plan this all.

In my opinions i believe that shama can get more ideas with nature of management and plan the project buy using it resources

3 list the function of management and Explain their importance in management using examples?

Function of management are Planning, Organizing, Lading & Directing and Controlling.

Planning is a process that tell how to plan an thin by looking prospective human and physical resources of the company or organization. And it is very important for a business all. Eg Shama can plan first how she will manage the project and she has to look every effort of the planning and what she can gain from it men's advantage and disadvantage.

Organizing is the process of identifying and grouping of the works to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority and establishing relationships for the purpose of enabling people to work most efficiently. Eg Shama can use these all to achieve her organizational goal .

Leading & Directing , leading is process which we have ta lade and achieve a goals by looking the overall performances of the workers .Eg Shama can lead with her staffs and tell what she want achieve.

Controlling is the behavior or supervise the running of the company and maintain influence or authority and it employees. Eg Shama can control the project by her on supervise is one an she can take some opinions from employees and take helps all so.

4 Explain the planning process with examples?

Planning is deciding in advance what the company will do or it deciding what to do how to do when to do and who will do it. And the company manager will decide who will be good for the steps and she will give the work for the employees . Hanes the in planning the steps of planning is very important because the manager of the company must plan steps by steps to do their. So they have to look steps by:

First step: Classifying the problems : the planner of the company must classify the problem which is coming to business and the problem betuning employee .And she has to understand the problem going in the company and bituving employees so planer have to plan thigh according to the situation and solve it. Example if the company staff have any problem which each other and they don't want solve it the manager must plan how to solve the problem so she have to classifying the problem.

Second step : Determining the objectives: the planer of the company must decide the objectives to achieve the company goals. And the planer have to discuss these things to employee and take their opinions what is their objective to achieve.

Third step: Collecting complete information and data: the planer must take the best information and best thing to great the goals. And they have to plane thin according to the information. Hanes they have to fixe the good day to do the project .

Forth step: Analyzing and classifying the information: they must collect the information and classifying the problem and understand that than it will easy to make the designs. So they have to understand the information.

Fifth step: Determining alternative plans: in this the planer write the plan A, B,C and read it one by one and then she will decide what is good for the project and she will take the best step by determining the planes.

Sixth step: Selecting operating plan and preparing derivative plans: by looking all the step planer will take the best one that is god for environment and the people.

Moreover an example for this is shama can take the decision by planning and looking to all steps and information and classifying the problem in company and employees so it will be easy to do shama project.

5 Explain with examples the difference between Manager and Leaders?

Manager is a person who manages the business or an organization. If the manger is not there to manage the business the business will not grow up and the people can't do the business without any manager. And there many important of a manager,

Manager will look after the company and employees so than employees can do their job by manager decision the thins by asking the employees.

Employs can tell the any thin regarding the project to manager they don't have to thing who they have to tell the decision if there a manager.

Manager will look the employs work they are doing or not. And there are finishing the work at the time .

Leaders are the person acting or representing the activity or a business .And leaders are the person who lead to all the person who are doing the things behind the leader. And thy have a leadership behind with them. And in this all so there are important:

Leaders will give support to the business and their employs.

Leader will tell the thin what the staff have to do.

So if there is no leader the business can't lead in the market.

However the differences bitewing Manager and Leader are ;

Manager are the person who manage the company n Leader are the one who lead in the company. For example MS shama is a manager of that project so she can manage the project with her group but she can't lead because she is not a leader .

Manager have the employs and the leader have the followers Example in shama project she has the employees who will work with her .but if shama is a leaders she only has to lead it

Manager will give the ideas to business but leaders will implement that example Shama can tell what types and what color she can use in her clothe but the leader will do their work with their followers by looking things.

So shama can make the very easily because she is a manager of her project

6 Explain Herzberg Motivation theory and how she can motivate the performance level of her subordinates?

Herzberg motivation theory in order to increase employee satisfaction level there are two factors that needs to used they are

Motivators factor

Hygiene factor

Motivators factor is the factors tha can be implemented used to increase employee motivation level. Eg Shama can tell the employees that their don't know about the project and what they have to make for Summer to Winter and the fanon of cloths and give an training to them than shama and employees can achieve their motivation.

Hygiene factor is the factors thst need to present as an motivator for employees to achieve objectives .Eg Shama must know the objectives and she has to tell to the employees then they can present that.