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1.1.1 Meaning of Personal Development Plan:

Personal development plan is not new idea but it is recent taken for research and in context. In many organizations, develop their personal development plan for achieve better personnel achievement that are taken in significant and sophisticated way. Personal development plan that are show the advance of employee's career depend on his ability and education. Barker (2009) Personal Development Plan is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, reflecting, goal setting and planning for personal development within the context of career, education and for self improvement .Personal Development Plan is important because it can help the individuals to transform his or her abstract in tangible achievement .

1.1.2 Importance of Personal Development Plan:

Personal development plan is important for every organization for providing framework of this organization and also identify the every person strength and weakness of this organization. It is also important for increase of the quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually. Barr A ,Richardson L. Hopps J. (2010)The Personal Development Plan also helps the individuals to encourage the person to accomplish their target. It is sometimes the part of the organization look like process. It is identify the every person's works aims and objectives that are may be short term or long term. And also identify the way, how will be acquiring the aims and objectives. It also tells the person of his strengths and weakness to analysis and understands about his work list.Schoot (2008)

The personal development plan also helps the employee to encourage him to take every work in positive attitude to learning new thing. It is also grow up the employee in more effective, confident and independent. It is important for learning the company objectives and their wider context. It is also improve the general skill and career management. It helps the ever body to going forward their achievement. Harvey (2009)

1.1.3 Three Skills that are possessed by me:

I have currently possessed the following three skills that are described in below:

Successful team worker: For successful team building, it needs to be proper understanding every employee and also need good team worker. For success of every organization, its need to be good team organized. As I am working in Iceland, I am always tried to create a positive atmosphere in which my team can work positively so that everyone can contribute to achieve the objectives of the company. I also try to make sure that my working goal is clear and completely accepted by other team worker. I am always try keep an environment that where every member trust to each other

Good in customer service: Good customer service is the blood of life in any organization. Any organization lifelong success is depending on performance of customer services. I always believe that, I am a good customer service provider. Because I am trying to understand the customer feedback that are positive feedback. And I am always ensuring the customer satisfaction and provide services according their expectation. That is why address and resolve the customer's complaints as soon as possible.

Better communication: To work in a team group, there may be coming many problems from different corner. To solve this problem, it is better to always good communication with other team member. I believe that I am good in communication because I always listen more than talk which give me good understanding of issues it helps me to adjust my thinking ,perspectives to my audiences .

1.2 An assessment of Professional Skills

1.2.1 Definition of Professional Skills:

Professional skill is crucial point of every organization to improve the employees' knowledge and working skill. It is try to increase the quality of performance and increase the personal and professional skill. The professional skill is one type of gathered experiences that is originated from one company but it helps to set the goal of another company for a personnel. Morgan

Any employee can be acquiring the following professional skill in his professional life that is described here: At first increase his communication knowledge. The communication knowledge means communicate with his team member and customer. To increase communications means their also improve the speech quality by continue conversation with customers and group partners. And also improve their communication skill by participating in meeting, presentation, company conference or business seminar or any kind of lectures or workshops. As a result they improve their communication network in human resources sector. White (2010)

They can also acquiring knowledge for problem solving by professional skill. In every professional sector there must be coming many problems from personnel, customer or public relation and some coming from trouble shooting. They have gained the knowledge to identify the problem, analyse the problem, and try to solve the problem. Their increase the productivity and efficiency and improve the flow of the work. They give the proper client support. Sometimes they improve their writing skill to work in professional life. They are improve their writing skill by writing organizational application or letter, company memos, annual reports, manuals, press papers and marketing papers or making any assessment for company.

The most important professional skill that are he acquiring is management any organization and supervision power. They improve their decision making power, controlling, leadership ant team group, motivate another people, company structural develop, discipline, conflict resolution and response for change. Their planning power also improve that means identify the goals, setting programs and forecasting for schedule in future plan. They also can develop the procedure, strategies of any organization.

Their organizing, delegating, creativity and innovation power also improve by professional skill. By developing creativity, they can improve in designing program for company, promotional ideas, assignment determine, implement the new policy for developing the company. And also increase their responsibility and authority.

1.2.2 Importance of Professional Skills:

The professional skill is important in every professional life that is employee can learn over his professional time. Wilcox It helps the individuals for customer encouraging, planning any project that are long term or short term. It is also important for critical thinking and analysis. It helps for risk identification and management. It is important for solving any problem by negotiation. It defines the problem space modelling and creative problem solving. It important for communication field and writing skill, leadership, motivation, influence the customer, etc.

In final as a professional I am good at based on the Management assessment skill, communication, customer service ,and in the problem solving of the organization .According to the Memltetic learning style inventory I prefer using words ,both in speech and writing in my learning style .To make everything understand I like to use body ,hands ,and sense of touch. On the judgement of Belbin inventory I am a good team worker because try to involve everyone in team spirit and try to look after individuals needs and seek to gain commitment by participation .

2.1 Skills Audit

2.1.1 Definition of skill audit

Skill audit define the employees current strengthens or weakness that can measure by high skill or low skill. Telford(2007) Skills audit is a review of existing skill against the skills that an individual needs both now and in future. It can help to identify the existing skills to work and perform the plan more effectively. Besides it can be used to identify the skill gaps in an organisation. The outcome is a training needs analysis that identifies where training is needed.

To determine the skill audit maintain the some stage that are:

First needs to describe the work that are performed by the employee and describe their aims and goals.

Then analysis the job that is performed the employee.

After analysis the job description then create a skill range where mention the scale for skill that means for high skill it can be measure by 5, and minimum low skill it can be measure by 1. By that way create a skill scale.

Then plotting employee skill scale.

After plotting then need to be interpret this grid for taking action plan. For interpreting this grid it need to be taken the employees confidence level and performance level.

2.1.2 Importance of skill Audit:

Skill audit is important for every small and large company that are going for successfully running. Skill audit measure the working performance of employee in organization. It can be divided the employee by its ranking skill. It can identify strengthens and weakness of employee. It also helps to identify future skills and knowledge, helps to measure an individual performance and try to identify the shape personal development planning.

According to the Management Assessment Skill exercise, in conclusion I am very strong in the customer service because when I deal with the customer in Tesco I always give the priority to the demand of their needs .And I try to ensure my team members how their works may affect the customers .On the contrary I am very weak in Legal Issues because I do not know all the laws and regulations that may affect the mission, vision and the objectives of the company.


2.2.1 Definition of SWOT Analysis

The most commonly used technique is the simple from of a SWOT analysis. This is useful device for analysing the situation and then making some decision. Weightman (2002) The meaning of the SWOT word is described in the below:

Strengths: Here identify the positive attributes of the organization, department or group of any situation. This might include people, traditions, technology, and know-how, customer loyalty, resources, location and reputation.

Weakness: Here describe the negative attributes of the organisation, department or group of in any situation. It might be also include the traditions, technology, know-how, customer loyalty, resources, location and reputation, etc.

Opportunities: These are usually changes in the environment of the organisation, such as changes in the market, legislation, transport, economy, other competitors' positions or technology. A successful organisation needs to have sensitivity to pick up on these.

Threats: these can be any of the above, particularly if changes are ignored or not noticed.

When the SWOT analysis has been done, the outcomes can be broken down into suitable chunks and used to inform individual objectives for people. The device can be used in all sorts of circumstance for both large and small projects.

2.2.2 Importance of SWOT Analysis

To design a personal development planning an individual needs to analgise in which sectors he or she is strong and where he or she weak. CIPD (2010) By analysing the SWOT can be understand the strengths and weakness of any employee. To develop the strategic thinking in career planning, it can be encourage the people. It enables an individual's to focus on strengths and build opportunities. It can take step to anticipate future threats and also take action to solve or avoid their impact. It is enough flexible that can be enable personnel to spot career opportunities and exploit them fully.

According to the exercise that I have worked out,

My Strengths are

I am very hard working person and confident to overcome any situation.

I have strong communication skill with my customers and team members.

I have enough creativity to impress clients with a new perspective on their product.

I have the ability to ask question to find just the right marketing angle

My Weaknesses are

I am fell very impulse to do plan.

I get nervous when presenting ideas to clients, and this fear of public speaking often takes the passion out of my presentations

I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break, because I always want everything done at once.

I am little known to the Legal issues

I have a strong, compulsive need to do things quickly and remove them from my "to do" list, and sometimes the quality of my work suffers as a result.


One of our major competitors has developed a reputation for treating their smaller clients poorly.

Our art director will go on maternity leave soon. Covering her duties while she's away would be a great career development opportunity for me.


David, one of my colleagues, is a much stronger speaker than I am, and he's competing with me for the art director position.

Due to recent staff shortages, I'm often overworked, and this negatively impacts my creativity.

The current economic climate has resulted in slow growth for the marketing industry. Many firms have laid off staff members, and our company is considering further cutbacks.

3.1: Implement a Personal Development Plan

Currents needs

Achievement process

Future Objectives

Improve communication skill with my colleagues and customers

Faced more communication by verbal or nonverbal with customers and work partner

Try to continue communicate with every team member.

Remove hesitation to faced new problems

Always take confidante to overcome new problem

Never fell any hesitate, when any problem are coming.

Need to take quickly decision

Need to make appropriate plan

Remove impulse habit

Everything take to positive manner

Need more patience manner

Never be hurry

To improve knowledge

Need to share my problems to another

3.2: Obstacles that are faced for achieve objectives



3.3: My acquiring:

3.3.1: My acquiring from this subject:

3.3.2: Benefit in my future: