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With over 800 retail stations, Shell has the leading market share among foreign petroleum retail businesses in Pakistan. Shell's fuels are tailored to improve engine performance and environment. Shell provides world-class domestic heating oils, commercial road transport and industrial and wholesale products to business customers, aimed at helping our customers find all the resources quickly and efficiently. Shell Pakistan Limited leads the industry when it comes to the introduction of new technology and services that make Shell a world renowned provider of energy. Shell is the largest international player in retail outlets in Pakistan and we provide fuel to around 1 million customers daily.

The goal of shell is to constantly improve on our customer's experience, and in an increasingly competitive environment, Shell is committed to providing top quality, right quantity and superior service. This is the driving strength of Shell's business in Pakistan. Shell believes that winning hearts and minds is as important as winning markets. As a choice, Shell cares for the environment. Shell also has a firm belief that business has a fundamental role in delivering society's goals - be it economic, social or environmental. Being at Shell Pakistan Limited is about values, shell's core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people are at the heart of the way Shell manages business. These principles embody shell's commitment to society and Pakistan.

Shell has a rich legacy and long association with Pakistan. As one of the oldest multinational companies in the country, Shell has been a partner in the region's growth and development for over a century, dating back to 1898 when Royal Dutch Petroleum Company began supplying oil products to the subcontinent. Shell is one of the biggest suppliers of fuel to Independent Power Plants in Pakistan, which will be a major source of energy for the country in the coming decade. Shell in Pakistan is committed to the principle of sustainable development that can meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Shell's actions are therefore guided by the need to make business decisions that demonstrate economic, social and environmental responsibility for which Shell's stakeholders and society at large can hold Shell accountable.

Functions of HR Department

To study functions of Human Resource department of Shell Pakistan, We decided to meet Mr. Leon Menezes. He is currently General Manager Human Resource. We discussed functions of Shell's Human Resource department. Initially we were briefed about the history and evolution of HR department. Later on we discussed following functions in detail.


The Recruitment process starts from the communication via internet website. Shell effectively markets itself as it briefs about company's origin. The company gives an overview by giving these links.

Shell at glance

Who we are

Our Business

Our strategy

Shell Dialogues

Feature Stories

Jobs and Careers

Media Centre

Investor Centre

This overall expression clearly introduces the Shell Company. It focuses on transfer of Company's ideology to the applicant by sharing Core Values, People, Leadership, History and working around the world. By giving detailed knowledge about the company; it develops attraction for the candidates to apply for employment in Shell. Mr. Leon further emphasized that creating value of the organization is a long term process. Shell has earned it reputation in decades.

The Jobs and career has been divided into two major segments. One segment is Students & graduates and the other one is for Professionals respectively. To assist Students and graduates an online interactive guide "Degree Matcher" helps the candidates identify Jobs by matching their degree.


Mr. Leon further explains the selection criteria of the candidate on following basis. Technical graduates are assessed across all four criteria listed below. Only capacity, achievement, and relationship competencies are assessed for commercial graduates. Capacity: Applicant needs to bring the intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues, make judgments and propose solutions. Achievement: Shell expects plenty of enthusiasm, resilience and confidence - Employee will be someone who can always get things done. Relationship skills: Applicant should have the character and ability to work effectively with others in a diverse team. Technical skills: Understanding and approaching technical issues coupled with an enthusiasm for technical challenge. Mr. Leon further explained that some countries/regions may have additional local requirements.


Applicants use Shell's online application system. After creating profile, Applicant will be required to complete three pre-registration questions to assess eligibility for Student opportunities. The next step is to select the opportunity Applicant wishes to apply for, and then completes the application form, attaching his/her CV and resume. Once Applicants submits the application form and CV/resume there will be a short questionnaire to complete. When Shell has received Applicant's completed form and questionnaire, it will be accepted for consideration. Shell confirms the receiving of Applicant's details within 48 hours of submission.


After receiving your completed application; Shell lets Applicants know whether they have qualified to the interview stage within two weeks time period. The interview takes place either face-to-face or over the telephone. Shell assesses applicants on the basis of how applicants perform against the criteria listed above. At the end of the interview, applicants have the chance to ask us some questions of your own - about the role, the culture, work environment or any other area of interest to applicants. Shell gives an opportunity for applicant to tell Shell more about their achievements, the challenges applicant has faced and how applicant has demonstrated the qualities shell is looking for.

The Shell Recruitment Day

Shell invites successful applicants Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) within three weeks.

This is Shell's chance to see Applicant in action in a variety of different work scenarios. Shell assesses applicants on how well they demonstrate the key competencies Shell is looking for.

Applicant will be joined on the SRD by up to six other candidates and four assessors who'll be observing individual performances, not looking for winners and losers. This day lasts for eight hours, including time for lunch, refreshment breaks and preparation, and you'll undertake three key exercises: a Case Study; a Group Discussion and a Business Scenario Interview, Technical Presentation or Technical Interview. Shell endeavors to notify Applicant of the outcome of the SRD after few days of the event, although this can take longer in some markets.

Assessed Internship / Gourami

If Shell thinks applicant is the right match, Shell makes applicants an offer for internship/Gourami or Personal Development Award and finalizes the arrangements with you. Throughout Applicants time on the Gourami Business Challenge or the Internship, Shell will be assessing applicant's performance and development through a structured review process.


Mr. Leon explained that Shell is a global organization. HR practices of Shell may vary from country to country. Mostly it's dependent upon the culture of various departments within organization. The line manager and his team-mates are responsible for orientation. Shell's Orientation Practices are different in different countries. But there is no specific limitation to the extent of which the orientation is performed. It depends upon the customs/traditions of a particular country. Mr. Leon responded to our answers in a general manner; He avoided talking about particular HR practices which he considered as confidential. Mr. Leon Further explained following methods adopted in SHELL operated in various parts of the world.

Coming attractions.    Before the new employee reports on the first day, we send him or her package that provides an overall picture of the organization and conveys your excitement about them coming on board. We focus on what each area does and how all the employees are connected, but we keep it light.

Greetings from above.    The best orientation programs begin with the chief executive of your company. Nothing says we value our employees better than a personal welcome from the top on the employee's first day. Not only does it give the new person a better feel about the corporate culture, it makes them feel better about their new job. Mr. Leon further told us that in Shell Pakistan Chief Executive Officer greet new employees whereas Middle managers also come and greet them and share experiences with new employees


Party time.    Throwing a welcome reception at the beginning of the first day is one the methods commonly used in Shell Germany and UK. It great to celebrate their decision to join a premier organization. The party atmosphere can be simple - doughnuts, coffee and juice. Most of the time they take group to lunch. The purpose is to build camaraderie among the key people in a festive and relaxed setting.            

Nuts and bolts.   We make sure orientation includes the rules and values of the Shell Company. There are the mandatory forms to fill out and review of company policies that are generally handled by the human resources department. Old employees take the time to review these with the new employee to show how they work in the real world. They spend a few minutes going over the corporate culture, your plans and expectations and making the new employee feel comfortable. This is a very important practice in orientation of employee. Because lack of knowledge can lead to wrong impression.


Giving New Employee a tour.    We at Shell prefer taking the new employee around the building so they know where everything is, including meeting rooms, the cafeteria and even the restrooms. This provides good opportunities to share more insights about the corporate culture and to show how the new person fits into each department's function.            

Buddy system.    Each new employee is paired with one of Shell's existing staff members to answer any questions that come up and to check in from time to time. Mr. Leon further explained it's not much fun to work for a company where you are uncertain of the procedures to follow or who to call if you have questions.


Because Shell recognizes that people are behind our success, Shell is committed to provide the training. Because Shell believes that employees need to fully optimize their skills and potential in order to excel in business. That's why Shell offers a huge range of training and development activities. Depending on your business area, location and role, Employees can have the opportunity to experience one or more of the following:

On-the-job learning. Employees can expect to move both sideways and upwards through the business, building on your skills as you go

Training for recognized professional qualifications. It is provided either through external organizations or Shell's own extensive training services and facilities

Personal development program Direction and support. Mostly co-ordinate with 'buddy' schemes, mentoring and regular appraisals with line managers.

Tailored training for all of our new starters. These trainings include inductions and Shell Life. Shell Life is a highly experiential and interactive course for graduates designed to develop their leadership potential.  The course helps participants reflect on their personal direction and the leadership, interpersonal effectiveness and business awareness qualities.

Performance Evaluation

Mr. Leon Menezes; GM human Resource explained performance evaluation in a general method. He said every work and task at shell is quantifiable. The system is computerized so every data is recorded. Performance is related to output data. Thus individual performance is traced according to department's output. Then we measure other characteristics of leadership, team work, challenging task performance and ability to tackle pressure. This measurement is performed by comparison method. We have a different and lengthy procedure of performance evaluation. Reports and rankings by immediate supervisor and sub-ordinate play major role.

Compensation and Benefits

Financial Rewards & Benefits program

Shell's competitive salaries reflect both the market conditions in the country in which employees are based and the levels of skills and experience we need to remain at the forefront of our industry. Individual contributions are recognized and rewarded through performance-related pay and bonuses. Shell benefits typically include pension/retirement plans and healthcare coverage. In some locations, Shell offers subsidized services such as sports facilities, medical and dental care and car parking and, in some countries, we offer the chance to participate in a Share save program.

Shell Share save Scheme

Approved by the Inland Revenue and administered by the Halifax, Shell's Share save Scheme allows Shell employees to save money and invest in Royal Dutch Shell plc. Participating employees can decide how much they want to save and for how long. At the end of the savings period, participating employees can then either take their savings in cash along with a tax-free bonus from the Halifax, or use the equivalent amount to buy shares in Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Balancing work and life

Shell provides flexible working practices wherever necessary and operationally possible. Employee may be able to 'telecommute' and work from home. Some locations and businesses can also offer flexi-time working - enabling employee to start your work day earlier or later to fit your needs. Further, to meet the needs of an increasingly virtual environment, you could even work out of your base location in a regional or global role

Time off and time out

Shell offers competitive levels of annual leave entitlements and maternity/paternity leave allowances. Shell also accommodates career breaks and sabbaticals wherever feasibly possible. In addition, employees are encouraged to step outside of purely work boundaries to participate in other areas of interest such as social responsibility projects as part of Shell Project Better World, employee interest groups or campus recruitment, which offers the chance to meet with university students.

Sports and social activities

Whatever interests employee has, there's likely to be a Shell sports and social group that you can get involved with - for example, the Shell Sports Club, Shell Women's Network, Shell African Network, Shell Disability Network and many more. In some locations around the world, Shell offers gym facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, sailing, scuba diving and membership to Shell sponsored clubs.

Listening to our employees

Shell regularly conducts surveys amongst our employees to find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed or improved. This can take the form of online surveys, discussion forums or interactive webcasts. As an example, the Shell People Survey is conducted online on a regular, global basis. This gives everyone a chance to make suggestions on improving our work environment, to input into policies or to address areas of concern.

Career Development

For Shell, investing in employee's development is as important as investing in new business opportunities and technologies. A career in Shell is challenging and if employee wants to keep pace; employee has to pay significant attention to his/her own development and growth. After all, the world is changing fast, and technology is developing, being shared and deployed at an unprecedented rate. Business models are also changing, and to grow and advance at Shell employees need to develop their capabilities. The good news is, with the Development program for graduates, employees have the support and resources of Shell behind them. Key principles of Development include

Shell assess - develop - reassess employees. After assessing your skills, Shell provides employees with insights into your strengths and development areas. Employees can then create an effective development plan with their supervisor.

Shell intertwines business objectives and development objectives. Shell ensures this is recognized in employee's development plan, and employees understand how their impact on the business will help it grow.

Shell knows the strongest leaders use their strengths. Shell needs insight into employee's strengths and development needs, and Shell works with them to achieve the required functional, personal and leadership competences. Shell also helps employees focus on exploring opportunities to increase your knowledge, skills and experience.

Shell recognizes that learning happens most effectively in a challenging job. Job assignments and projects are one of the most powerful forms of development. Challenging 'stretch projects' are included in graduate development plans - these require employee to think and act differently. During employees first three years, they're likely to experience at least two different roles within Shell.

Shell expects individuals to be individually accountable for managing their development and career progression. While employee's supervisor and mentor will support and coach them, Shell achieves more together when employees drive their own development and manage their career.

Concern for Environment

Shell has major concern for environment. It is heavily investing in research and development to avoid damage being done by the business. Some of the important areas of research are following. Further details and description is provided on Shell website please follow the link

Climate Change


Product stewardship


Air emissions

Fresh Water

Concern for Safety

HR department has great efforts in ensuring safety of employees. Mr. Leon further added that company employee will be sacked if he is seen driving without wearing a seat belt. Following safety procedures have been laid down by HR department of Shell.

Personal and process safety

Strengthening our safety culture

Road Safety

Safety in Shell

Safety podcast

Shell's Code of Conduct

HR department has set rules and regulations; Shell has made them their code of conduct of doing business and dealing with clients.

Shell General Business principles

Code of Conduct

Code of ethics


We studied different functions of HR department and we found practices of Human Resource department nearly same. But we have analyzed that HR department of shell Pakistan is not involved in Strategic Planning of Shell. Rather it's the Global HR department; which is involved in policy making. It is our recommendation that Shell should give full authority and control to country managers as the policy and procedures are different from country to country.