The management system of the Mcdonalds empire

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Almost every organisation in the world intended to initiate the management system and the strategies which help to maintain and stabilise the organisation's structure. 

It very important for the organisation to make their management system as per the requirement and the needs of the facts and figure as to the surrounding. The change management is one of the important factor for making the fate of any organisation as it applies and implement the necessary changes in the management of the organisation.

As the change management the companies are applying the changes in the work system so that they can make the company competitive and efficient to attract the clients towards the organisation.

The change management approach is multifaceted and necessary for any organisation and adapted for the betterment of the organisation.

We can also say that there are various strategies for its implementation and that the accomplishment of the chosen strategy is considered as the most valuable.

In any organisation the change management acquires a key position in any organisation as the company or organisation can face different problems with the present system and require some changes to overcome the deficiencies and discrepancies faced by the organisation that is what the change management is all about

There might be many factors that can cause the change to bring in to action Internal or external drivers are the factors that force changes


Evolving Business Requirements

The business requirement should be upto the present circumstances of the surrounding the evolving of the busness requirement s must be to facilitate the organisation

Organizational Restructuring

The organisation's behaviour and the structure might be affected by the time. The restructuring of the organisation according to the facts and figures are very important to build a bright fate of the organisation

Revision To Corporate Strategy/Business Objectives

The corporate strategy must be revised to make the necessary changes in the organisation to achieve the objectives of the organisation


Developments In Technology

The development in the technology is very important for the change in the management of the organisation according to the present situation of the organisation

Economic Trends

The economics trends should must taken under the consideration as that Affect The Profitability/Value For Money Of The Relationship

The Need for Electronic or Technical Service

The electronic and technical services are also very important for the organisation to get into the action with the right equipments and tools to compete in the market with other organisations.

The management makes the changes to achieve the goals and objectives of the organisation

Company overview

McDonald's is a very famous company which is basically a food products manufacturing organisation and has a rich history that was initiated in 1954.

The company get in to the high standards of fame by Ray Kroc. With the passage of many years the company goes through various changes and implement ion of the se changes make the organisation possible to get the reputation and fame as it acquire in the present. The constant revision of the company's change management system and implementation of various changes helps them to satisfy their customers and also become the part of the customer's satisfaction in many areas. The trademark design for the fast food was carefully studied and it came with a happy clown character known as Ronald MacDonald (McDonald Corporation 2005). The innovative and exciting products are the big source of attraction for the consumers towards the various products of the company

The McDonald's operates IN almost all the countries worldwide its popularity and the demand of the products I s beyond the limitations in facts and figures a total of 30,000 fast food restaurants around the world in 119.

The each branch meets the international standards of their products don't matter at which part of the world it exist its products are renowned by the taste and quality difference.

 McDonald's restaurants offer a mostly the uniformity in the product menu usually they deals in fast food products.

The main products of the McDonald's include



Chicken sandwiches,

French fries,


Milk shakes,

Desserts and

Ice cream sundaes.

The products are considered as innovative one considered as innovative ones, include the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Filet-O-Fish and Chicken McNuggetsthe main target of the organisation is the younger generation and the children as the products of the company include the products that come under the fast food category which is mostly eaten by the young people or mostly preferred by the younger generation, hence keeping in view the target market r consumers the mostly shops of the company is built in the near about the shops of children products and younger generation shopping centres.

McDonald's is is one of the most famous and demanded fast products company it is started in early fifties and now it has acquire a huge place in the market and now it is franchising many centres and dealing the launching of new centres as the demand of the products launched by the company is increasing day by day.

However, the image of the MacDonald is very huge in the market and it is very high selling brand in the market as far as the food products are concerned but yet the company needs to redefine and restructure the organisations image and management

Now a days the people especially the younger generation which is the major consumers and target of the company is very much concerned aqbout the health and figure of themselves the proper care in terms of the reservation of the consumers should be taken under the consideration to extract themselves towards the company and different products of the company in long run and regular basis.

The main concern of the MacDonald's is that it has acquire the reputation on the market as a fast food products selling company, they are providing the consumers the fast food products with heavy diet and greasy heavy material which may be unhealthy as far as a proper diet of tan individual is concerned the generation which is more figure and diet conscious most likely to obtained away from these products the taste is the only thing which extract the people towards the company


The change is the only thing in the world which remain constant as it keep on changing what ever the conditions are and what ever the situations are.

The scope in the MacDonald's for the change is very much open and the company is requiring the change in the various fields t fulfil the consumer needs and satisfaction

The advertisement is one of the main focus of the company and a prime issue as the product introduction and advertisement is very important for its selling in such concerns the integrated Marketing Campaign are done to take on a new health-conscious sub-image that would be consistent with the latest trend of health awareness and the growing concern in obesity among children and target market.

In addition, the goal should to be introduce such products which are containing the low fats and good for proper diet and health conscious people can easily extracted towards it

In order to execute such innovation, the company has been able to organise a team that would handle all the essential matters related to this change. Further, the company also placed the nutritional content of their meals with the McDonald (Bahrain) website. The focus of this change would be on the sale promotion and advertising, not to mention other marketing mix which would be included to make this innovation or change successful. Today, McDonald's varieties of menu for kids had faced criticism, most especially in terms of its nutritional contents. In order to change the public image of the McDonald, the Integrated Marketing Communication has been implemented.  Integrated Marketing Communication is a technique for ensuring that a company's mission and vision is being highlighted in every advertisement or promotion that will be adopted.

Change Resistance and their Plausible Solutions

The changes made to attract the consumers towards the company is very vital and cannot be denied it is very important in terms of the product manufacturing and its delivery is concerned. The change should be done according the present situation is necessary and its implementation at the right time is inevitable.

Such changes are the necessary and for accomplishing the necessities it is important that the manager(s) of the company have the ability to implement the change and accept the change at each and every level of the implementation of the change.

The advertisement of the products of the organisation make the products more and more competitive and the demand of the product is increased by such act of the organisation.

The product failure and success also depends upon the advertisement applied for the promotion of the product.

The advertisement of the product should include the whole information of the product should be included and if the special offers are made it should also a source of attraction for the people. The company must also keep in view while introducing the new product the introductory prices can attract the people and also enables them to get the taste of these products and source iof seling and advertisement for the product.

The change is very much important but it can face much of the resistance from the workforce of the company as they are habitual of doing the same things with the products and doing their duties in the same pattern for years need some time to the change to be implemented inside the organisation and in th product manufacturing

The advent of the science and technology the advancement in the information technology is also very important in the different fields of the organisations the computers are introduced to sort out the different problems in terms of customer's satisfaction and billing and information providing of the products is concerned

The employees are not the only one which resist the change in the different products of the organisation and the management style of the organisation as the customer's choice can be different as per the thinking of the organisation. The implementation of the change in the organisation should be strategic and followed up by the evaluation from the customers as they are for whom the products are launched and exchanges are made their concerns and needs , choices are very important.

The communication should be the part of marketing of the product the barrier between the management and the customer should be minimum the proper evaluation and demand analysis of the product should be taken under the considered before making any necessary changes.

In order to get to the bottom of such issue, the management of McDonald or the one who have implemented the change must be competent to make sure that these negative responses must be weakened by providing the McDonald employees, staff, and customers their demands.  First, as the these University members voiced that one of the exertions they might come across is the deterioration of the up to date expertise used, the managers must provide a technology that can last much longer, a system that assurance a long lasting functions. 

Secondly, since there would be a problem among the students and faculties, the administration must be able to assure that the information are being disseminate properly to their members and that the information given is complete and understandable to avoid confusion among the entire University members. And lastly, with the problem with the shortage of enough personnel that will handle the implementation of such change, the University administration in cooperation with the Officer in Charge must provide a follow-up program to conduct training and development for all their staff that would be involved in the said changes.

The cultural dissimilarity of the members of the company may have the tendency to create inner conflicts. Due to cultural differences, the McDonald members may not function harmoniously thus making the implementation of change be more complicated.  In addition cultural differences may lead to another conflict within the company as an organization due to arguments and other conflicts that might be created. When assessing the interaction between culture and empowerment, the administration and management of the management of McDonald must be able to identify and understand those subcultures that might engender a work environment more or less empowering than the larger organizational system (Wilkins & Dyer, 1988).

In order to solve such problem, the management of McDonald should be able to develop a thriving organizational culture and a stronger organization by good management of the stakeholders, providing their needs and the things that they deserve in order for them to be motivated for their sake and for the company's sake as well.  In addition, elements such as work processes, organization design, career path, performance management and a compensation program are part of human capital management strategy and a plan to ensure continuing success. The change management process imposed by the company must have been seen that they may also encounter problem with some of their customers.

The management is very much responsible in managing the people from the different cultures the proper management process for dealing such matter is very much necessary and vital. The equal opportunity employment must be ensured to get the full dedication from the employment of the organisation as it is very important.

Also, in managing people with different culture, the human capital management of the McDonald should also incorporate a governance process to ensure equality among employees. Hence, even though managing people in organization is the most difficult responsibility to be taken, it is also the most challenging part that if given enough attention, focus and consideration, this would enhance the employees loyalty and hard work that may not only benefit them but as well as the organization may it be a non-profit or a profit oriented organization. In general, people can give more than what is expected if the management were able to provide them extra hand and minds and if the management give them extra time, extra information and extra people in order to do their job properly.

 One of the conflicts that may arise in the implementation of change in the University is the absence of support in sustaining the success that can be achieved in the process.  Change is a social process that should be undertaken in a continuing phases and not just a decision event (Carlopio, 1998).  Thus, those involved in the change process must undergo learning experiences in order to appreciate the objectives of the change. 

In order to solve such conflicts, the management of the of the University must be able to see to it that the objectives and the purpose of the change have been disseminated properly and that all the employees and stakeholder must know that they are important in making such change successful. Hence, the management must have the ability to foresee all the possible problems that might be encountered that would hinder the employees and other involved authorities to support the change that would be implemented.


The children are attracted towards the new fast foods products so shifting them away from it is very much difficult.

The company should adopt the changes in various fields and in products items and menus to attract the different customers. The list of different menu should be introduces for the children and the younger generation which are diet conscious.

Changes or innovation in business is achieved in many ways, with much attention having been given to formal research and development. But innovations may be developed by less formal on-the-job modifications of practice, through exchange and combination of professional experience and by many other routes. The more radical and revolutionary innovations tend to stem from R&D, while more incremental innovations may emerge from practice - but there are many exceptions to each of these trends (Lundvall, 1992).

If McDonald will be able to carefully plan such innovation and use strategic and effective tools to implement such change, there is a greater possibility that the company will achieved its vision of a food industry that provides a health-conscious sub0image which is consistent with the latest trend in health awareness today and for the future.


The change in the organisation can be done by the top management is usually done after taking in confidence the employment as they are willing to accept the change or they are capable of handling the change in the organisation or the changes in the manufacturing of the products.

The main factor however remains the same the customer as they are the only for which the changes are taken under the consideration. If they are willing to see change the changes. For the change the willingness of the employs which implement the change as well as the customers which accept the change is very much necessary.

The providing fo the safe environment for the change is also very much necessary and vital

Therefore, it is concluded that, changes of management is not bad as long as the changes made can really enhance the competitiveness and strength of an organisation.  It is effective, if and only if, a thorough investigation and evaluation of the organization's performance has made. And if the study suggests that there is a need for change, then that is the only time, the organisation should imposed required changes to be done. Because, change of management system is very critical or crucial, one wrong move, the company, might faced its biggest downturn instead of strengthen and expand its business portfolio and survive to the stiff competition in the business arena.

It is recommended that McDonald must see to it that the changes are well planned and implemented carefully, because these will the basis for the success and/or failure of any organisation.