The Management Planning At Boeing Business Essay

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An organizations planning function is one of the key elements that gives a direction to its employees on how and what should be done so that all requirements of its customers, the company and its environment. The management structure should comprise of people who have the expertise and experience on handling various important areas of business such as legal issues, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

It is mandatory for every organization to have highly experienced professionals of the respective fields as part of its top management so that they can provide proper counseling regarding factors that can influence the organization's business operations. The business plan is an important tool that is in the form of a document from which an organization evolves and its activities revolve around the guidelines mentioned in the document; it is a source of guidance for an organization's employees (D'Intino et al., 40).

Boeing - Planning function of Management

Boeing is one of the top ranked multinational organizations that has its existence in the market since 1916. Since its inception, its operations have been growing at an accelerating rate. Initially, Boeing was started as Pacific Aero Products Company; it was having a troublesome time in its starting period as there was lack of both strategic focus and management plan. When William Boeing brought the concept of 'management planning' within the organization, the function of Boeing Company was accelerated as the management was clear about the direction that should be followed to achieve its desired goals and make a good image in is respective industry (The Boeing Company, 3).

During hard times, William Boeing carried out the market research to identify ways that can help the company to follow right path; he changed the compensation structure of the employees and decided to invest more capital in the company. By using his personal finances, he secured a loan so that he had enough funds available to finance the operations of his growing business. One radical change made in the plan was that for short duration like about one year, the Boeing Company manufactured counters, furniture and dresses for other organizations; this strategy helped in getting attention of the customers and it was done by flying mail in one of the Boeing planes from Vancouver to Seattle which initiated entirely new division in the company.

Influence of Legal Issues

Every organization has to deal with various legal issues that can arise both from outside the organization and within the organization; in some cases, these issues can get too expensive for a company. In most extreme situations, legal problems can cause a company to get dissolved. Since the stakes are so high, companies can get confronted with various legal issues and they will have to handle them in a proactive manner so that any kind of expensive mistakes can be avoided.

Boeing organizes various education and training programs to provide the knowledge and skills to its employees so that they can proactively handle the legal issues; it has a policy of doing risk assessment on frequent basis so that the list of risks is appropriately made and actions can be recommended that can lower the risk of these legal issues. In St. Louis, Missouri, it has a leadership center where management of all levels go and stay for few weeks so that they can get trained in the key areas such as development of management, business ethics and Equal Employment Opportunity laws (Garretson and Paul, 3).

Influence of Business Ethics

In every organization, ethics is its crucial part because an appropriate Code of Ethics builds trust and brings harmony in the relationships between the organization, its customers and business partners. Some of the programs implemented by Boeing for practicing good ethics in business operations are Code of Conduct, the Ethics Challenge and Recommitment to Ethics. In order to have good business ethics, the company dedicates its funds on training hours for employees so that they develop an ethical behavior.

All of the three programs are conducted once every year and they are mandatory for every employee of the company; co-ordination of these activities is done by the top management. Every employee who joins the Boeing Company is given a 45 page "Ethical Business Conduct Guidelines" which is an ethics manual in which complete details about the ethical practices are provided so that everyone is aware of the ethical behavior that has to be demonstrated within the company's premises (Boeing, 2).

Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Boeing Company is a large company and it can make drastic changes in the environment and on mankind; the environment preservation is one of the important parts of management planning and the company is taking all important measures to show its support for the protection of environment. In order to improve the quality of life throughout the world, the company has started the Humanitarian Delivery Flights (Boeing, 3). The Boeing Company has the policy of delivering its planes to the customers across the world.

The flights are used by the company for delivery of the humanitarian aid to the area where the plane is delivered. It even supplies medicines and medical instruments, food, clothing, water or any other things that the respective area needs; the empty cargo spaces are filled with all vital items on the plane and they are taken to the plane's delivery region. For the environment's enhancement, Boeing has entered into a partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International; the main aim of this alliance is to do tree replenishment and even fill plant life worldwide (Boeing, 4).

Three factors that influence strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning of Boeing

The Boeing Company is strongly influenced by three most important factors for developing an effective and productive plan i.e. quality, cost and customer satisfaction. For every company, quality of products or services is the key element; if this element is missing, then company's survival becomes tough. Quality is evident not only from the product or service but also how the employees work and what is their effort level to ensure that no compromise is made on quality. Boeing has to ensure that it has a process which is appropriately designed, planned and implemented that incorporates improvement of quality, quality assurance and quality production. Likewise, costs or expenses of a company are the factors that can either support or hinder its performance; the costs must fulfill the company's purpose and should never exceed profits so that profitability is stabilized.

On the other hand, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance; customer feedback is important to know the product's image that is held by customers. With the help of customer insights, Boeing can be responsive and it will allow the management to review the success of products, any flaws in the products and cut down any unnecessary costs. When Boeing will take these factors into account while making its strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plan, there are many chances that it is able to develop an effective and successful plan for its performance enhancement.