The Management lessons I learned in the Business Game

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Management Processes (Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling). When I doing the business strategy game, the first important is we should doing the management processes, thatare planning, organizing, directing and controlling. That mean we should clear about what the organization objective, what the businesses are we in, who is the leader and how we can measure our key success factors.

The Organization Objective

Before the organizations create a planning, the organization must have the clear objective. The organization objective is what company wants as the result from business activities in a period where company decided. These are a market share, profit, or company position in the market. The clear objective must have some characteristics like specifics, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

The Leader

Who is the leader, every organization should have a leader for organizing and directing the team member. The leader should be able to ensure the member team can worked together to achieve the organization objective at the time. The leader must explain to all the member what the business are we in and ensure all members know that.

The Key Success factors

What key success factors in the business and how we can measure these key. All the team members must decide what the key success factors of the business. The key very important as a tool if the organization wants to measure they business achievement and the key can become a warning signal in daily business activities.

The organization must pass all the management processes and based of all, after that can formulate the organization strategic planning. The planning is a frame and direction for the entire team member to formulate the next organization activities.

Management Functions (Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resource, and etcetera)

In this game, I can learn from all management functions. I can look if all the parts have a close relationship each other's. If one change can make it change the others function and good for one is not necessarily good for another. All member where they have a responsibility for a function they must have good communication and coordination to achieve one goal.


Strategy is a form of planning that has involved the entire function inside. The preparation of this strategy based on organizational objectives, consumer needs and in which there is a way or direction of how all the functions within the organization working to achieve the objectives that have been Set together.


In the marketing functions, we have the key success factors are market share, sales volume, sales profit, and brand awareness. We can measure for all the keys and set the target. To achieve the best results for all key success factors, we using the marketing mix strategy from Phillip Kotler, these are 4P's, Price, Product, Place, and Promotion.


Price as one of the attributes of a product is determined on the basis of how much it costs to make the product and what the consumer segment will be addressed. Prices are also determined how much profit we expect from each product sold. The ability of operational functions to reduce production costs without reducing product quality plays an important role to increase the profitability of each product.

With the price, we also can play a sales program that can attract buyers to purchase these products, such as discount programs for consumer prices.


Talk about a product, and then we talk about quality, style, and usability of the product itself. Products that we make should also be tailor to the desires of the targeted consumer segments. The more the product is close to the desire of consumers; the products will be increasingly in demand.


Place as a channel distribution, is our product showroom. The number and size of channel must fit with our product volume and consumer segments. The bad channel can give the company high inventory cost and bad positioning for the product.


All the promotion activity is have affects for brand awareness and sales. Who are the product ambassadors? and what positioning we want? The promotion activities can be different for every place because have a different social culture.


Operation activity is about how we can make the quality product with the lowest cost. The operational activities including are raw material selection, selection of machinery, plant site selection, setting up inventory, distribution of products. These activities affect the amount of overall operational costs incurred to produce a small operating product. Cost efficiency influence on the competitiveness of products in terms of price and the level of corporate profits.


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Financial activities include how to meet the company's working capital, manage cash flow to fund operations, preparing financial budgets, noting the company's financial transactions and its report, the payment of debts, receivables collection, and payment of dividends.

Human Resource

Human resources activities include are the amount of labor, productivity levels, payroll systems, and incentive system and overtime wages. These variables are interrelated and affect the level of productivity of labor. Salaries and large incentives are not the only factor that has positive influence on the level of productivity. The facility, a comfortable working environment also plays a role in the level of productivity.


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Working in Teams (as leader and/or follower)

As leader

In the role as a leader in this game I learned a lot about how how to coordinate the other co-workers to be able to run a strategy that has been agreed together and win this game. As a leader has to have the ability to communicate and make decisions at the right time. It also must be willing to listen and accommodate the views of subordinates.

As follower

As a follower thing to do is obey the rules and decisions that have been set by the leader, supporting colleagues within a team and participate actively for the team to achieve maximum results in accordance with the strategy set.


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I plan to do to take advantage of this experience and lessons back at my work place

As the leader of my unit

As the leader in business units, the first time that I would do is set a target of the unit that I lead. Where targets are, make to be achieving within a period of time and in line with the objectives of the company. Once the target has been set then the next is to develop the organization, which started from the organizational structure, job descriptions of each position and the selection of the right people to fill positions within the organization. After that, jointly develop employment strategy to achieve the set target. Strategy is prepared to consider the factors of existing resources and tailored to the strengths of the company. In the lead unit, communication, coordination, direction, and the delegation must be doing properly. Do not forget to factor rewards and reprimands. All these factors must be executing with full responsibility and discipline.

As a member of my management team

As a follower of the main things I need to do is work properly in accordance with directives from the leadership, providing the ideas in accordance with the abilities I have, working together with colleagues and maintain a good working environment. All that is doing should provide a positive contribution to support the organization in achieving its targets as well as possible.