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In the United States, the third biggest pizza restaurant is papa john after the domino's pizza and pizza hut. The base of papa john in Louisville, Kentucky and its slogan is "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza."Internationally, papa johns have more than 3300 restaurants, in USA more than 2600 and remaining in other 30 countries. Their products are Pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, soft drinks, desserts. To get information regarding Papa John's and for online deliver service their URL link is was started in 1984 and its founder is John Schnatter. So as being the third largest pizza chain in the world Papa John are continuously developing new strategies to remain competitive in the corporate structures and to give tough time to its competitors and finally to achieve its position as a market leader in pizza chain.

Six flags declared in 2006 that at their park they will only sell papa john's pizza, papa john's gave to six flags yearly sponsorship as well promotional opportunities, and they are the official pizza supplier of the Olympic Speed skating Oval in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Change models:-

''The best-known change models are those developed by Beckhard (1969) and Lewin (1951). However, other important contributions to an understanding of the method for change have been made by Quinn (1980) and Lewin (1980).

Lewin: The basic methods for managing change, according to Lewin (1951), are as follows:

Unfreezing- Altering/changing the present stable equilibrium which supports existing behaviours and attitudes.

Changing- Developing new responses based on new information.

Refreezing- Stabilizing the change by introducing the new responses into the personalities of those concerned.

Lewin also suggested a methodology for analyzing change, which he called 'field force analysis' and it involves

Analysing the restraining or driving forces that will affect the transition to the future state

Assessing which of the driving or restraining forces are critical

Taking steps both to increase the critical driving forces and to decrease the critical restraining forces (Martin, 2006)''.

Guide line for change management:-

According to Armstrong the smooth transition of change management is successfully completed by completing the following steps, within an organization

A complete inside out understanding of organization structure. Also the change that take place within that structure. And on top of that a visionary leader who constitutes that change.

The change strategies require leadership and temperament in a well balanced environment to be successful in an organization.

Create an environment in an organization which is helpful for the purpose of change.

When planning and implementing change contribution should be permitted.

When constituting change innovation should be encourage with the incentives.

Learning from mistakes.

Relying on evidence and data for the need for change.

A change in behaviour should be instituted by changing structure and systems, Instead of attitude or culture.

Have strong spotters of change who enjoy challenges and opportunities that come with change.

The organization should comprehensively explain the need for change and its effects on everyone.(Armstrong, 2006.)

Tesco has adopted self check out system with which they are able to reduce the cost of staff. According to horovitz 2004, this helps in value substitution in an organization because of which customer's benefits as well.(Horovitz, 2004.)

Change analysis in an organization.

The initiation of change:-

Papa john's sales rely on three factors which are seasonal, environmental and negligence of staff. That why the work forces is gradually being replaced by computers. These factors have initiated in operations and can be divided in to two types of changes. Which are as follows?

Internal initiative change:-

Papa john's has relies that technology can lead to bad customer service although it increases the efficiency in performance. The organization has to strike a balance between being good at customer service and being efficient in performance to keep their customers happy.

External Initiative change:-

The computers has changed the organizational structure of company over the last decade, technological development is the most important factor for papa john's organization to change. Computers have altered customer behaviour and trends indefinitely every day new applications are introduced PCs and point of sale system are cheaper to run and manage and customers have adapted to these changes.

Papa john's is not immune to change when its competitors introduced new technology papa john's has to adapt to the current environment in order to stay afloat. This organization has to compete with its competitors on price which can be a very important factor in their success.

To keep their prices competitive this company has to take in to account the introduction of new technology and reduction of work force.

Competitors and their strategies:-

As far as competitors are concerned Papa John's main competitors are Pizza Hut, Dominos .Pizza Hut is continuously growing its market share and likely to grow more on the base of their strong and powerful strategies. They are continuously providing their customers with new products like online ordering payment through card machines as well as in finger licking products like cheesy stuffs, vegetable stuff, p'zone (a kind of pizza sandwich) and a lot more. Plus they are putting heavy budget on doing promotion of their new products by means of advertising and choosing celebrities as their brand ambassadors and most importantly playing a great role in sense of social responsibility. Then attracting customers through attractive deals and skimming the market to become a better choice in the minds of the customers.

This organization has to compete with its competitors on price which can be a very important factor in their success, to keep their prices competitive this company has to take in to account the introduction of new technology and reduction of work force.

Changes undertaken:-

Papa john's has adapted its operations and management to the changing environment in today's competitive climate. There is simple system involved which entails the staff to take an order from customer and deliver it. They have introduced self online ordering and mobile text facility to make their customer experience easier and more in tune with the current electronic age. This not only enhances the customer experience but is more convenient for the organization in the long run.

Main research:-

In order to understand the process of change, the change approach and the benefits are to be considered. A questionnaire is formulated to determine how new technology affects the day to day well being of the company. This process helps in indentifying key success factors in adapting to new technology. The questionnaire includes an interview with one of the store manager who can point out the pros and cons of the new system.

Understanding change:-

The manager at papa john emphasized that the new structure should be sported by top level management. The cooperate office should properly train their staff so that the company can benefit. The organization needs to make sure that the staffs have clear understanding about the new system to use in order to deliver their best service and product to the consumer.

Reduce to resistance to change:-

Staff training:-

After being briefed from the cooperate office it is the responsibility of the manager to train their staff and make sure that they are up to date with the new system and procedures. The store managers confirm to the staff that they believe that new procedure will work for the benefits of both the staff and the organization. The deputy store manager is questioned about the steps undertaken by the cooperate office in the second part of this questionnaire. It is the responsibility of the cooperate office to keep the staff up to date about the new system and explain the benefits and importance to the staff which includes a call for meeting or training. This process has to be completed before the change.

Internal communication to reduce resistance:-










VP Human Resource

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Area Manager

Area Manager

Area Manager

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Source: Business communication, p.4

As we saw in the above diagram if papa john bring change internally how they implement or communicate with their staff. They communicate with the staff about the change through different channels, as given below.

Downward Channel:-

When management of papa john introduced the new card reader machines which was the change in the business the top management tells to the employees or staff that what we are going to change and what are the effectiveness of the change regarding with their jobs. In the mean while the top management also train the staff according to the change. However the top management also give instruction to the staff about the new rules, and benefits of the change.

Upward Channel:-

Upward communication channel is also very important to reduce the resistance of the change in any organization as well in papa john's. However the top management or the executive of the company also require the feedback that the change which they have implemented is suitable for the staffs. In this channels staffs tell about the problem which they are facing and the management resolve the problem through the trainings.

Different Types:-

There are many different types which papa john is using to communicate and to reduce the resistance change. When papa john introduces any change they tell their staffs through letters, meetings, face to face, reports as well as notice board, which is very helpful to reduce the resistance to change by the individual employees.

Advertising about change through social sites:-

One more important step to reduce the resistance to change that papa john took was social networking sites called face book for their publicity of the change by the help of word of mouth so they can grow rapidly and anyone who joined the face book can easily familiar about the new change . This is increasing the papa john's customers and making their brand second fastest growing brand in the pizza chain as well as on face book.

Leaf lets:-

In any organization and as well as in papa john's convey their change by advertising like leafleting, television commercial and convey their message about the change that now existing and new customers can give order through online as well as accepting online payments. This became also very helpful to reduce the resistance to change in papa johns as well as in any organization.


Papa john introduced the technology they educated their managers with the special classes about the latest information system technology this education included how to cope with the new technology It's security measures and how to provide quick possible service to customers in their defined areas.


Martin. G suggested that in case of new technology being implemented in an organization, it requires a lot of input from the staff. It is the responsibility of the experience staff to give support to the organization and to the new tyrannies,

Technology touches the planet in every aspect of life today. It improves the quality and selection in different areas such as housing transportation entertainment health care etc. These technology are used for the benefits of the different businesses,

Keeping the above suggestion in mind it is suggested that this plan is set to ensure high standard of customers service and company image. According to this the company will advertise in all media out lets.

A feedback process will be instituted in the form of online, in store and postal so that the cooperate office find out what the common customer think of the company image, ingredient quality, quality, customer service and any other suggestion the customer feel like brining to the knowledge of a company. These feedbacks will be discussed with the operational managers of their areas so that they can improve accordingly.


Papa John is a very renowned name in the fast food Industry. Now it is from one of the top Ranking in the delivery and taste as compared to its competitor in fast food industry in country like UK and USA. It has different products range according to their target customers which give full satisfaction to them in term of taste and quality. It is giving very tough competition to its competitors. It's also meeting the new changes of the technology like taking order through internet and sms through cell phones. This change is favourable for papa john's.

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