The issues that face workplace diversity

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Workplace diversity means employees from all countries are looked in from same prospect this helps the company check the individuality of the employee which brings a whole lot of change in work environment helps in maximising the growing potential of employees. Every company look forward for globalisation in those aspect of business it is important to hire people from various part as it helps to understand the different culture of new business all company employee diversity policy is not to stop unfair practises but also for business growth .Employer must understand their needs and balance their life/work which will help the organisation to grow in all aspect like high retention and high productivity.

The report is made with collection of data through academic references and also with few books & published articles which helped in highlight the points and few others from journals in emerald. Few published articles from wireless sources in addition to theories written supported with 2 diagrams to illustrate the cycle of valuing the discrimination and the other one is policy describes in chart form.

Diversity explained by (Gary dessler and biju varkkey) "variety or multiplicity of demographic features that a company workforce in particular to its race, sex, culture, nationality, origin, age and religion". Managing diversity is also said as "Maximising the benefits of potential diversity and minimising its potential barriers" by (Gary dessler and biju varkkey) this is acceptance of different characteristics and valuing its importance for better work culture. Dimensions of diversity are well explained under two categories in which is seen in workplace, 1) primary or visible (more of biological like age, gender, race, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation) likewise 2) Invisible like values system, worldview, ethics and core aptitude).

The benefits by adapting the workplace diversity or equal opportunity towards this can be far achieved with certain term that can either be necessary or deliberate management. This diversity has various dimension but few are concerns to workplace like race, sex, national origin, age, religion. Discuss its advantage and loopholes in current sectors.

Adapting these new methods of diversity is for future growth and diversity in workplace can create a sense of awareness between industry to embrace all form of people and helps in realizing the potential benefits. The company must find new ways of handling employees to avoid unnecessary challenges and these could provoke the management in adapting such culture to current organisation. Baxter international from (Gary dessler and biju varkkey) published the importance of adopting such workforce diversity for gaining profits. "Baxter also discussed ways of handling such workforce diversity by feedback, recruiting minorities, diversity training programs", by doing such training program company has to deal with economy but then if we check article in book (Gary dessler and biju varkkey) has said about the company known for its IT technology (IBM) adopted multicultural in recent period and made a growth of $10 million to $300 million by attending to needs of niche market and by looking to needs of minority. This set-up of minority is done so as to unite better perceptive and provide beneficial hold up and information.

Cipd (chartered institution for personnel development) in Europe has conducted survey which was published article shows about the level of dimensions in organisation and its responses from employees from various part of Europe. The total respondent was nearly 285 and majority was voted against gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, age.

21st century has overcome all phase where it started with discriminating by technological changes made respect to globalisation and slowly it started implementing by legal action on discriminating against minorities and other dimensions. Organisation and its legal action towards selected dimension were loud enough which made employees attention towards diversity and enhancing the program into organisation made passive advantage.

Benefits of workplace diversity in business

Workplace diversity means working with different people in an organisation which Improves flexibility: Employees from different backgrounds have individual skills and come up with solutions that are adaptable to ever changing market scenario. Broader facility choice: A team of people with different experience and talent enables an organisation to achieve customer satisfaction on global front. Variety of opinion: A diverse group can contribute a lot when comes to view points and ideas that can help an organisation to develop either a business plan or improve customer service.

Effective implementation: Effective implementation is highly rewarding provided the diversity well planned. A well planned diversity is highly favourable to an organisation.

Increase retention & reduce unauthorised absences: The diversity in workforce can help in motivating reverence between employer and employees. This helps to bring reliability and commitment.

Workplace diversity has its own set of challenges which have to be faced in order to achieve smooth functioning of an organisation enhancing its benefits. Workplace diversity before implementing it in organisation every senior manager and line manager has to evaluate all the challenges which can bring growth to the company. First challenges could be difficulty in communication; this can be developed by overcome through culture and language, futile of communication can lead to lack of collaboration, uncertainty between term members and low drive. The employee does not readily accept the diversification. Every employee after few years of style they intend to get habituated and refuse to accept the change in working environment.

Amendment of policy should be easy for employee and employer to adopt. Policies are made decided between senior levels of management, these are made for business growth and various organisations apply basic two or three form of policy. Policy makes the functioning smooth were everybody knows what is right and what can be wrong and by doing so the consequences to be faced, have any one ever thought diversity has become so important in such global market, well answer to this question is well explained by author Taylor Cox. Jr in cultural diversity in organisation, to enhance skill of the workplace and face such competitive world and to achieve success in an organisation it is important to find solution to face them this could be done by utilising the abundant talent and experience from different community people. Companies must follow some setup strategy which will help company or any organisation to face such competitive challenges. This success come from employee with equal contribution from both employee and employer can set target to achieve them.

The report tells about the policy which can be implemented to grow your business and bring a new style of workplace for employee where they equally look into ever individual with respect requires policy to be functional in every department. The report tells about the policy which can be implemented to grow your business and bring a new style of workplace for employee where they equally look into ever individual with respect requires policy to be functional in every department. Company work for challenges which they face in business growth to address them into the management company. Employer must set some point of action to imply them onto workers how can they do it all employer after the course of action should also make a way of how they will amend them into daily work bases this are the key finding which is addressed below under policy which states different kind of policy which can help a employer to form a better diverse workplace where in every employee is equally treated.

Policy 1:

Stabilised workplace: Every company needs to have a stable work culture which motivates every employee to share his ideas and this builds a awareness of individuality. Employer by supporting the employee for their common goals can lead company to profit maximisation.

Recruitment and retention: Employer must have fair recruitment which helps the employees feels equal among others and this helps the employee share their view to improve the company productivity and makes company have fewer turnovers because of staff satisfaction in the current organisation.

Better alternative for employee: Every employee has a choice for their career but most commonly seen is the right kind of management. This could be done with certain rules which helps employer to maintain their goodwill with help of their staff. The constructive approach towards diversity can help company build their icon among other industry and company can build their reputation by published articles through newspaper etc.

Policy 2:

Cultural review: The Company must have cultural audit in order to establish global stability by considering and accommodating cultural differences between employees.

Provide training: The Company must include training layout which will enable employees to overcome the differences between different race, religion and language. Thus creating a healthy work environment.

Effective acknowledgement: Company should incorporate new means of acknowledgement in form of various rewards, to encourage employees to set higher targets by overcoming various diversity factors.

Responsibility of implementation: Company must ensure that policies concerning work place diversity are followed effectively in all the functional departments.

Policy 3:

Better communication structure: The Company has to communicate to its employees the reason behind the implementation of the workplace diversity policy and also how it will help the employees grow as the company grows.

Promoting underrepresented group : Recognize and prepare well deserving candidates from the underrepresented groups for higher level positions and make counselling sessions available to everyone in the company.

In every company rules are implement under certain law of action this is to support the policy made in company is legally enabled and can lead any employer or employee into serious situation. These law which are legally noticed under the country of origin were the organisation is established.


The company must have inclusion of policies and law which goes hand in hand so these are "racial discrimination act under 1957", "Sex Discrimination act under 1984", "Human right and equal opportunity act under 1984", for making complaints specially disabled employee", "common wealth employment act under 1991," & "workplace relation act under 1991" which is said during implementation of policies. This enables to build a balanced work force in Company, concerned policies are made by senior managers but for smooth performance it is equally important for the managers to go through the set training programme themselves first. Overall implication of such policy discussed above will bring reliability, individual revitalization, Successful global performance, modernization. Workplace diversity and good management practises will direct to fair practises in organisation between the team member which can help both the employee and employer to grow with the growing trends of globalisation. The report has been supported with the model of John Adair who talks about leadership and how can this help to understand the issues in organisation. These are 1) individual 2) task 3) team. The author also admits the fact about any new strategy or policy which is included in addenda has to be based on employees and needs to drive them to maintain them in any organisation for which John Adair says about team leader's means who has to control the few members in team this could be 5-6 members. Leaders in operation team which has to involve the team under operational sector. Strategy leader means this people are the leaders who takes controls the work of business and company this skills are required to explain team members with plan of action and control evaluate, organise, and illustrate the task of members.

The role of management services is to ensure smooth functioning of every department not just to achieve potential growth but also have satisfied employees, this can be done by getting policies related to workplace diversity into practise.

Increase productivity: A Management service always ensures the policies made lead direct to productivity and that the policy will is balanced between the both party that is employee and employer so as to earn maximum benefits. Whereas the workplace diversity aims to overcome the barriers made in language, race, religion, sex, and many more.

Desired employer: A good management practises will make the organisation a desired destination for job seekers & those working currently will not easily consider of switching their jobs. The workplace diversity after adopting these services in their regulation it becomes a beneficial place for any job seeker to work in.

Globalisation: The Company after adopting such services are practises is to make the establishment familiar with globalisation which is the main stream for any developing or under developing company. The globalisation means venturing their product and services in different part of the world understanding the customer needs this can be done only after understanding their culture and needs for this diverse workforce can help in creating new ideas for dealing with customers from different parts of world. Venturing the product from local bodies to global is done with needs to implement them and workplace diversity can help to deliver this needs.

As mentioned in the above half about the dual need in any organisation is because it has seen in developed nations the strategy applied in companies where they inclusive such plans has failed because of improper practises. These good management practises are activities that are basic expectation of every employee from their employer be it concerning health and safety or workplace diversity. It is all about creating an environment acceptable to all the employees so that they can perform at their best in the benefits of the company, bad managing theories can destroy good management practises.

Conclusion: In any organisation workplace diversity helps to recognize and benefits opportunity to develop item for consumption and services, attract, preserve, stimulate, and develop human resource effectively. To achieve the workplace diversity in any organisation the leadership qualities is necessary, in last few years it is seen that organisation must pursue workplace diversity to overcome the reasonable advantage. Company must create elasticity and protected environment for employee where in they can ensure the needs of business and perform according to their ability or talent this enforces the employer to be inspired and brings yield in task given and this can help to accomplish achievement and concern survive in demanding spirited world.

Managing workplace diversity is necessary in an upcoming organisation in demographic way but by adopting this new style of work environment company has to face few challenges this could be demoralising each other language or culture which can create a negative work environment which can lead to risky situations among employees, confrontation in working with diverse workforce, Miscommunication which lead to embarrassment. The employer must treat every employee under same norms especially when they have employee review. If any unfair practices are done can make employee less potential towards the work and can lead to less productivity. So every company who try to implement this new strategy to the current employee they have to be keen in every bit to what they do.

Recommendation: Looking to the end session I can say that diverse work culture is good because this helps to build new idea of work and meet the need of different customer because it is a cycle which works in every multinational company to survive among the existing customer and employee to become a good management or workplace diversity management is to embrace the current trend of adopting various employee from different part to achieve and understand the humanity in which era we live in.