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Infosys Technologies is a well-established IT firm. It has its headquarters in Bangalore, India and in more than 29 countries with many developing centers as well.(Economic Times, 2012) Infosys' services include business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to its clients. This company was started by seven engineers who were working at Patni computers (which is now Igate Patni) in 1981. The CEO and founder of the company, Narayana NR Murthy had a vision that the future scope of the company would be bright since it was offering low cost solutions to the clients. In 1982, the first few employees of the company were hired. Then as the company expanded, by 2002, there were more than 10,000 software professionals working in the company and the revenues also increased from $3 million in 1990 to $545 million in 2002. It was ranked the third most successful IT Company in the world even higher than IBM and Dell by Business week in june24, 2002. (Chatterjee & Watson, October-December, 2005, p.127).

According to Infosys ( 2012), missions and vision are as following:


"We will be a globally respected corporation."


"Strategic Partnerships for Building Tomorrow's Enterprise."

Recruitment is the process of hunting and employing the skilled and talented manpower to accomplish the goals of an organization. Recruitment is the task of human resource department which specializes in the field of hiring recruits.

Sources of Recruitment

Internal Sources External Sources

Promotion 1. Campus Recruitment

Transfers 2. Press Advertisement

Internal notification service 3. Management Consultancy

Retirement transfer 4.Walk-ins, write-ins, talk-ins

Former employees leaving the position. 5.Management training

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process begins with determining the vacancies and ends with submission of applications by desired candidates. Following are the steps involved in the process of recruitment.(Dessler & Cole , 2011, p.145)

Determining the job vacancy

Making job description and person specification

Advertising the vacancy

Short listing the candidates

Conducting interviews

Analyzing results and making decisions

Let us now consider the dynamics of human resources in Infosys Technologies. In order to meet this short term and long term goals Infosys follows its own recruitment plan.

As referred by the above diagram (google image, n.p.) the selection criteria of Infosys are as follows:

Firstly a Physical Ability Test accompanied by a written test takes place. Then a Personal Interview with HR is taken place. After it is a Behavioral Personal Assessment device tests with Background Interview. Followed by this is the Psychological and Physical testing which in turn is reviewed by senior management and selection is done there.

Recruitment Strategy of Infosys

Recruitment strategy is a part of its personnel policy which follows the norms laid by Indian Government, taking into account the policy of sons of soil, minority reservations and the merits of job applicants. However, while recruiting Infosys ensures that it complies with the following policies. (Infosys Recruitment Policy, 2010)

Government Policies

Personnel policies of the organization

Personnel policies of other competing organizations

Human Rights commission norms

Labor market for Recruitment in Infosys

To fill in the vacancies of engineers, technicians and level managers, Infosys searches for suitable candidates by following methods.

Universities, Business and management institutes

Infosys relies largely on university and campus based hiring in which young students are given the chance through internships and training programs. According to Robinson (2006), the intern programs are the best way of recruitment to identify the talent of the graduates at their colleges or universities. He said that the talented employees selected soon before any other company gets an opportunity to hire them.

Websites like linked in,

Infosys also takes the help of such websites to capture diverse talent from all over the world.

Human Resource Recruitment Agencies

For managerial level positions, Infosys hires from within the organization as the employee is already familiar with the organization, its trends and expectations. This also helps in reducing the cost of new employees. But due to high recruitment target, it is hard to meet the requirements within the company and external sources of recruitment are required.

"Recruiting is not just a game of human numbers anymore. For the HR professionals, this means going a step further than developing a recruitment plan. It means working closely with the management on shaping organizational culture and looking closely at the job attribute preferences of its current and future employees". (Rehman et al., 2010) Challenges the human resource manager will face in future when identifying needed jobs related to strategic goals and then recruiting personnel to meet workforce needs. (Dessler and Cole, 2011 ppp.466, 467, 467)

Determining the right kind of skills for a job: With the diversification of jobs, the employees are supposed to possess more than one set of skills. So, human resource managers are ought to identify the required skills from all perspectives of the job.

Finding the right person at right time: It is very important that the human resource managers accurately identify their labor market so that they can recruit the right kind of person within time.

Skill Shortage: Due to downsizing of the economy, human resource managers may find it difficult to find suitable candidates. Under such circumstances the vacancy may remain unfilled or the managers may have to train existing employees for the desired skills and competencies which may be time consuming and a costly affair too.

Global Relocation of employees: Due to the globalization of business companies, it has become urgent for companies to expand their employees overseas. Relocation cost alone is not the limiting factor. Several other factors like cost of training employees about new countries working trend and technology also pose serious challenge for human resource managers.

According to Leahy (2006) Infosys changed their trend of recruitment. They decided to include western graduates in their company. The company started a Pilot Program in which they selected almost 25 graduates from 16 Universities of England for training in Mysore. The number of graduates kept on increasing day by day. They hired graduates on the basis of smartness. For such a big training center, there were a lot of management challenges as they were taking students and to acclimatize them in the atmosphere of Infosys.

Issues during Recruitment

There are certain issues which the manager should keep in mind while recruiting potential candidates for the job and they can be stated as following.

Managers do not define the job description clearly. As a result of this, many candidates apply for a job vacancy and the managers have to interview a number of unsuitable candidates. Thus, job description is mandatory for the selection of best graduates and the managers should get their teams to write a proper description for job vacancy.

Sometimes there is a communication gap between the managers and human resource recruiter which results in the recruitment of inappropriate employees by HR recruiter since he is not clear about the demands of the vacancy. This can lead to the worthy candidates being left out and in appropriate once being selected. So manager must discuss with the HR recruiter about the actual demands of the company.

Mostly the managers take a long time before giving decisions regarding the recruitment. In some cases they also call the candidates on repetitive interviews. In this duration a lot of potential candidates either lose interest or get a job somewhere else. (Key Recruitment Issues)

Personnel recruitment trends followed at Infosys

Infosys seeks for two key factors in the applicant during their recruitment processes that are learning and problem solving ability of the candidate. By testing learning ability they try to know how fast the candidate adopts new knowledge from both general and technical perspective. The recruiters also try to know the applicant's ability to learn from other experiences and applying them in correct manner to new situations. Company's recruiters check candidate's problem solving skill by giving them following practical tests (Times Job, 2006)

Analytical ability

Leadership potential

Communication and innovation skills



According to our analysis Infosys should try to implement the below features:

Instead of recruiting the employees through so many interviews it should have certain team building activities in the interview session.

Informal meetings with the higher authority should be included in order to see if the individual is fit to communicate well.

Both informal one to one meeting with the manager and formal group interview should be taken in order to judge the individual's merit.


Fresh graduates are the main labor target for Infosys; hence the company does 75% of their recruitment by participating in various college campuses and off-campus recruitments. Whereas 25% involves recruitment of experienced candidates who are contacted through job seeker's websites, providing advertisements in newspapers and vacancy notices on the company's own website (Times Job, 2006). Fresh graduates are recruited on the basis on three key factors discussed above, on the other hand experienced are recruited on the grounds of the role they played in previous organizations and checking their competency profile. The recruitment trends followed at Infosys provide opportunity to work with highly educated, experienced graduates from all over the world. This help the company grow in international market and coming up with innovative ideas and products. Moreover, the company's decision to recruit much of the employees from fresh graduates benefits them in hiring employees with higher work potential, more dedication and better performance perspective.


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