The Inter Organizational Design Business Essay

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With the help of this course the educational institutions can get the high profit and the high value among the society and they can get the well opportunities from the government for their enhancement. The expectations of the students will be satisfied by ensuring this course and this course offers for technical methods to students for making the future students as brilliant. This course must provide the technical concepts with the limited duration and the concepts must be understandable. The demonstration of the students must be focused well in the coaching time and the feedback as well as response of the students in regarding this course can desire the improvement.

2. Organizational situation

I would consider this work place to be the product one and the products can decide the organizational development. If the products are valued one then the organization tends to be effective and the products are also the organizational equipment that can enhance the profit of the organization. In the case of organization, the contribution of the products is also necessary when compared to others. The product can increase the sale by offering the services of the organization and that can resolve the competition from the other organizations.

The trouble of the organization in regarding the products will be minimized by the provision of the quality products. The product is also the best way the company can be organized and because of the product is only one element that can satisfy the requirements of the customers. The organizational will be satisfied when the provision of the quality products with mediums cots. Due to the effect of the product the organization can able to capture the consumers from across the market and that time the competition of the organization will be avoided. The product is also the most important component in making the organization as better that’s why I would consider the product to the company organization.

3. Boundaryless organization

It is an approach of the organizational designing and the organization can be imposed by this boundaries. In the case of boundaryless organization, the corporation is separated from its markets, customers, and the stakeholders. This boundaryless organization focuses on the fluid and the adaptive behaviour of the organizational structures. The communication of the boundaryless organization is made through email, phone, and other methods and the telecommunication of this organization with employees can remove the barrier to productivity and for the schedule flexibility.

According to this organization the role of the employee is comfortable and the coordination of the employee is better. This organization takes the four types of forms that are modular organization, strategic alliance, network organization, and virtual organization. These forms are beneficial for this organization and used for outsourcing to all non essential functions and these forms focus the organizational groups to keep the particular tasks and that are flexible. These forms are having the ability to meet the demands of the situation and they can provide the strong work ethic for the organization. They are providing outsource for the business functions in order to make the business opportunities comfortable and for improving the innovation of the organization.

4. Inter-organizational design

The inter-organizational redesign is the process of shaping the inter-organizational structures and the roles and it is the alignment of the structure, process, rewards, and metrics with the strategy of the inter-organizational design. The inter-organizational design is the systematic view of the organization and that is to lead the better performance of the inter-organization. This design may evolve the strategic decisions to the effective strategy execution of the inter-organization and this design process can set the structural benefits to the organization. The inter-organizational design includes the picture of the organizational strategy with the designing objectives. The inter-organizational design has the three types of designs and their concepts that are functional, divisional and matrix design.

In the case of functional design, the organization can separate the divisions for marketing, accounting and sales and but in functional designs the organization can be difficult to facilitate strong communication between the functional departments. The divisional can be used for structuring the organizational goals and products and in this environment the product lines are governed independently. This is design is different when compared to other designs of organizations. The matrix design is the combination of the functional and other departments and that is also different when compared to other designs. In this design, the organization is having the projects benefits form corporation and this design tends toward the enhancement of the selected groups of the organizations.

5. Organizational design

The organizational design is the methodology that identifies the aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and the system to fit the business realities and the business objectives. This organizational design can focus on developing the technical side of the business. The organizational design can achieve the excellent customer service, increased profitability and improved efficiency and cycle time.

Classical organization design

The classical organization design is the one that is relevant to the management and the workplace efficiency. This organizational design focus on the enhancement of the productivity through mutual trust between the management and employees and this approach is used to explain the importance of the procedures and the personnel decisions.

Neo-classical approach

The neo-classical approach is used to explain the importance of the individual within the corporation. This approach can focus the social elements of the workers on the organization and the goal of this approach is to increase the high employee morale rate in the organization.

Contingency approach

This approach is the guidelines for all organizations and the situation of the corporations. The various types of the environmental factors are responsible for the determination of this approach. This approach is determined by three factors that are social, political and economic factors for making the ability to the productive organization.

6. Organizational structure

Functional structure

The functional organization is type of the structure and in this stricture the organization can broke depending upon the speciality. This functional structure is the most important structure that can be suitable for the small business organizations. In the case of this organization, the management role is for ensuring the execution of the processes and the operations. The advantage of this structure is reducing the conflict among the management. The disadvantage of this structure is the project manager can create limited authority and the path.

Projectized structure

The Projectized structure is also the structure of the organization and in this the manager can control all the team members directly in organization. This structure focuses mainly on the organizational projects and provides the better outcomes for the organization. In the case of large projects, this structure will have all necessary resources to sustain the project and in the case of small projects, this structure acts as self contained company. The advantage of this structure is the opportunity of the project manager can be progress and the disadvantage is that the organization has to necessarily clone resources for each project.

Matrix structure

The matrix is the combination of both functional and the prioritised structures and in this the functional manager is based upon the project manager. The advantage of the matrix structure is used to provide the demonstration of efficient communication in organization. This matrix is very difficult to organise and it can cause the confusion to the management.

7. Dimensions of the organization

The five dimensions of the organization are power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, and long term orientation and these dimensions affect the organizational behaviour. The power distance is the one that is the measurement between an individual employee and the high level of management. The power distance is the way in which the employee can be connected with the senior leadership. The individualism is a dimension in that the employee can maintain the attributes of the organization. The employee also can integrate into the organization and hence the organizational behaviour will be affected positively. Masculinity is the measurement of the personality of organization against the feminine stereotypes and the organization can operate assertively and competitively. The behaviour of the organization will be improved to beat out the competitors.

The uncertainty is the dimension that measures the unstructured environments of the organization and converts it to be comfortable. It is almost used for flexibility and problem solving in order to improve the organizational behaviour. The long term orientation is the one that can give the respect to traditions, fulfilment of the social obligations and avoiding the organizational conflicts in order to enhance the organizational behaviour and it can provide the better environment to the organizations.