The Importance Of Social Media In Recruitment Business Essay

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The new social media serve as a social platform, where everything is focused on doing and social connecting : sharing, collaborating and creating. Although the term social media can be defined as a fashionable marketing concept, it can be explained as the evolution from the surfing experience of the web, to searching and to doing. The recruitment activities are becoming even more relevant since the rise the new media on the World Wide Web.

The new social media creates various opportunities for recruiters and their communications, but there are also big pitfalls which can instantaneously harm the organisatation's reputation and impression that was build up so carefully .Most recruitment departments mainly use social media tools to screen candidates. This is one of the possibilities of social media, but it ignores the effect of social media on candidates mindset.

An employer brand is already part of social media; if an organisation participates or not. People are already speaking about employers online. As Harrison states: "Your employer brand is defined by people external to your organisation". That is definitely the case if an organisation does not participate in social media, because future young graduates will surely do. They will also talk about the organisation's employer brand. And potential candidates will use this information for their decision to work for that organisation or not. There are a variety of examples available where people are talking about employers within social media. As such, brand images of employers are already a topic within social media. Consequently, the integration of social media within organisation's external communication channels has to become a high priority. This importance is already acknowledged by other organisations - research of Forrester based on 100 HR decision-makers, shows that the importance of using social media for connecting and keeping young high potentials, significantly differs from the perception of HR professionals social media capability


Social Networking Sites - These sites are aimed at establishing online networks and articulate these social connections. Through various online functionalities, people can easily setup their personal profile and share content with all the connections.

Blogs - Web blogs are perhaps the best known representatives of the social media. They allow individuals to step out of the anonymity and add input and value to the new media landscape in an easy way by using or instance services such as Wordpress or Websites like Blogger and Livejournal.

Content Communities - Content communities are probably not well-known by this label, but most websites behind the label will be. Content communities share and organise various kinds of content, such as photos, videos, music and news.

Forums - Forums facilitate in online discussions, often around specific topics and interests. These online communities exist since the beginning of the Internet and contain communications mediated by various computer technologies.

Microblogging - Microblogs combine online social networks with a light form of blogging. The best-known form of microblogging is Twitter.

Advertisement - Advertisement in a local or national newspaper and trade and professional journals is generally used when qualified or experienced personnel are not available from other resources.

Telecasting - The practice of telecasting of vacant jobs over TV is gaining importance these days. Special programmes like "Job Watch', 'Youth

Pulse' 'Employment News' etc. over the TV have become quite popular in recruitment of various types of jobs. The detailed requirements of the job and the qualities required to do it are publicised along with the profile of the organisation where vacancy exists.


Recruitment stands for discovering the sources from where potential employees will be selected. Systematic recruitment leads to greater productivity, higher morale, reduction in labour turnover and better reputation of the concern. Recruitment is a positive process because it increases the selection ratio by attracting a large number of applicants for the advertised jobs. Recruitment enables the management to select suitable employees for different jobs.

Recruitment policy spells out the objectives and principles of the recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of the recruitment programmes. Recruitment policy of an organisation may cover the following areas.

Should the recruitment be centralised or decentralised at unit levels. This is important in an organisation which has more than one unit located at different locations.

The degree of emphasis that would be placed on recruiting from inside the organisation or outside the organisation and different outside sources.

The personnel who would be involved in recruitment process and the role of personnel department in this regard.

The budget for meeting the expenditures incurred in carrying out the recruitment process.

Evaluation of the recruitment process.


Outside people bring in new ideas  

While recruiting people from outside the company the recruiter has more chances to get people with more innovative ideas. Young people and fresh talent who are ready to work in corporate sectors at good position are most of the times ready with their new and creative ideas which can help any organisation in increasing their goodwill in the market. With such ideas organisations can increase their profits as well and organisation's market share.

Larger pool of workers from which to find the best candidate-

When an organisation decides to go for social media to fill in the vacancies in their organisation there is a huge possibility that they would get many applications. Now from those large number of applications received they can shortlist the candidates who are best suitable for the job. Out of the short listed candidates they can get the best employees because new and young generation bring in new ideas and have a tendency to work more efficiently than the existing employees which will help the organisation in return.

People have a wider range of experience

Many a times when the vacancies are for the higher posts or the managerial posts in the organisation so the applicants applying for these posts are expected to have prior work experience. So the company can expect highly qualified persons having lot of experiences in the corporate sector. People with good experience of the market will bring in vast knowledge about the market and the recent trends being followed.


One of the most trying and seemingly stressful situations that individuals face occurs when thy begin the process of applying for a job. This is in part because there are no specific guidelines to follow to ensure success. First and foremost you need to have some idea of where you want to go. If you don't know where you want to go, any road will get you there. While interviews are an extremely important aspect of gaining employment, let's not focus all of our attention on specific questions in an interview After one has decided the field he has to go, then start with the job hunting.

No matter who you are, or where you are from you are in your career, you will need an updated resume. Your resume is the only information sheet tat a recruiter has in determining whether to grant you an interview. As such, your resume must be impeccable. That is, it must give accurate information that supports your candidacy. You must highlight your strenghths. Identifying these strenghths can take a long time, but you must give them much thought and express them in ways that speak well of you. The information in the resume must also be listed in a way that is easy to read.

The last tip is what to do when you are granted an interview. It is important that you dress appropriately. Even though appearance is not suppose to enter into the hiring decision, it does make an impression be meticulous in your attire. Arriving early also gives you a quick opportunity to survey the office environment and possibly gather some clues about the organisation.


Wide options to choose from

The applicant using social media to choose for the appropriate job will be having a wide options of jobs available for him, from which he can apply for the best ones which suit his requirements. He can apply for more than one job at a time in different organisations of his choice.

Best options available

Many big organisations choose social media these days to go for their recruitments so the applicant can have big companies as well to apply in for and have a better chance for the future.

Easy Apllicability

Using social media to apply for the jobs is easy because the applicant does not have to go place to place in search of the jobs. He can just sit at a place and apply for the jobs of his choice and for different organisations and positions. This way he can send his resume fast and easily and can have the surety that his resume has reached the correct place and in time.