The Importance of Human Resource Planning for creating Job Specifications

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HRM (Human Resource Department) is concerned with the "Humans" or "People" dimension of any organization. Every organization is made up of people acquiring their services, developing skills, motivating them to high level of performances and ensuring them that they contribute to maintain their commitment to the organization.

Its importance is very much evident from the fact that it improves the productivity and contribution of people to the organization in a way that strategically vital.

It is primary concerned with human variables with in the organization. Its objective is the maintenance of those variables on the bases of those variables. Of those variables Job description and specification are designed for an individual which we will discuss in this repor

Executive Summary

The type of research in this report is Descriptive and tool used for gathering data is interview

The main area of this report comprised on Job Analysis of a manager in a MNC.

Mr.Usman Bucha is the manager whose job analysis has been carried out and He is a Brand Manager of Rafhan Best Foods.

This report describes also the structure of Unilever.

This report also has the information regarding HRM department of Unilver.

A brief overview of Unlivers HR department is also given in this report.

Code of business principles of Mr.Bucha has been also mentioned

Introduction of the Report

The research methodology followed in this report is Descriptive methodology. And the tool used for collecting the desired in formation is Interview. Which Mr.Bucha gave. Interview is a popular method of job analysis.

The questions, which were asked to Mr.Bucha, are also given below.

What is your academic qualification?

Is this your first job experience?

To whom u report directly?

What are your responsibilities regarding your job description?

What level of manager you are?

What are the limits of your authority?

Can you describe your compensation package?

Why did you opt for Unilever?

Do your job description changes frequently?

Do u find you are job tough?

Would u suggest any changes in you job description or any suggestions you would like to make?

On this bases of these answers the report was carried out.

About the Organization.


Unilever was created in 1930 when the British soap maker Lever Brothers merged with the Dutch margarine producer, Margarine Unie.

At the time, an international merger was an unusual move. But the owners of the two companies could see that bringing together complimentary businesses with strong global networks would create new opportunities.

Companies were competing for the same raw materials, both were involved in large-scale marketing of household products and both used similar distribution channels. Between them, they had operations in over 40 countries.

Margarine Unie grew through mergers with other margarine companies in the 1920s. William Hesketh Lever founded lever Brothers in 1885. Lever established soap factories around the world. In 1917, he began to diversify into foods, acquiring fish, ice cream and canned foods businesses.

In the Thirties, Unilever introduced improved technology to the business. The business grew and new ventures were launched in Latin America. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders and their caring approach to their employees and their communities remain at the heart of Unilever's business today.

Employing 265,000 people, Unilever has two parent companies - Unilever NV and Unilever PLC - which, despite being separate businesses, operate as a single unit with the same board of directors. Unilever's corporate centers is London .


Our purpose in Unilever is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere - to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services which raise the quality of life

Unilever Today

Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. Here are some recent highlights from our two global divisions - Foods, and Home & Personal Care.


Unilever Bestfoods' strength lies in its ability to tailor products to different markets and anticipate consumer demands. This comes from our in-depth understanding of the countries in which we operate and our policy of listening to our customers

Home and Personal Care

In much of the world, Unilever leads the Home Care market, which includes cleansing and hygiene products. Many of our products are market leaders and include Brilhante, CIF, Comfort, Domestos, Omo, Skip and Snuggle.

Within the Personal Care market, we are global leaders in products for skin cleansing, deodorants and antiperspirants. Our global core brands include Axe, Dove, Lux, Pond's, and Sunsilk.

Human Resource Department of Unilever,


Taking ownership, each manager have been assigns tasks by HRD. As a result every manager has set up teams to identify specific areas/aspects and have been asked to come up with action plans.

A cross-functional detailed team lead by HR has development plans on regular bases for training and development.

These days PAR(Continuous improvement program through critique sessions) a team is also measuring networks and the pre work for the post improvement of launches which has been completed.Director of HRM is Madam Sana Mahfooz who is responsible for selecting appropriate candidates followed by a proper board. The board of Unilever expects employees to bring to their attention, or to that of senior management.

Company Structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for agreeing priorities and allocating resources, setting overall corporate targets, agreeing and monitoring business group strategies and plans, identifying and exploiting opportunities created by Unilever's scale and scope, managing external relations at the corporate level and developing future leaders

Regional Presidents

The regional presidents are responsible for delivering business results in their respective regions.

Regional presidents report to either the director of the Foods division or the director of the Home and Personal Care division.

As members of either the Unilever Bestfoods or Home and Personal Care divisions, they play an important role in shaping divisional strategy and ensuring that regional strategies and plans are consistent with overall objectives

Advisory Directors

The advisory directors are the principal external presence in Unilever's government. One of their key roles is to assure that government provisions are adequate and reflect best practice. The advisory directors comprise a majority of the members of certain key committees of the Boards. They attend the key quarterly meetings, committee meetings, conferences of the directors and the Executive Committee, as well as meetings with the chairmen.

Senior Corporate Officers

Unilever's senior corporate officers are responsible for ensuring that board meetings and board committee meetings are supplied with the information they need. So, for example, the chief auditor ensures that the audit committee has the necessary information, while the head of the corporate relations department keeps the external affairs and corporate relations committee informed.

About the Manager

Mr.Usman Bucha has been working in Unlever since for two years. He is Lums Graduate and did his MBA in marketing from there. To him Unilever is just like home. He always gives his 100% in order to achieve his and company goals. He was hired by RBF (Rafhan Best Foods) but when Best Foods got emerged in Unilever so He came under the head of Unilever. He is acting as an Brand Manager of Energile.He finds his job very interesting and always ready to accept challenges that is why He is one of the most successful manager in Unilever, Pakistan. He falls in the category of second level manager. According to Him Brand activation is a set of skills around a core marketing process and a specific role of job title. Mr.Bucha reports to the Trade marketing Manager Jami Mooez and also the Marketing Manager. About His compensation packages, they depend upon the performance of the company and goals attain by Him. Mostly company provides Him new accord after a year with complete accommodation provided to Him by company.

What is Brand?

Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate from those of companies

What is Brand Management?

Companies often with numerous numbers of products or brands quite often create a Brand management team. Using this approach the brand manager develops and implements the strategy and marketing program for a specific product or a brand. Product management first appeared in Procter And Gamble Company in 1929. When soap name Camy was not doing well. The brand management system made sense in earlier days, when food companies were all powerful, consumers were brand loyal, and national media can reach mass markets easily. Recently the new organization or companies like Unilever have begun to question whether this management system fits well with today's radically different market realities. Two major factors also are making the companies to rethink again .First the consumers, markets, and marketing strategies have changed dramatically.

What is Brand Manager?

Brand manager plans long-term brand strategy and watch over their desired profits. He also works closely with the advertising agenesis , they create national or worldwide campaigns to build market share and long term consumer brand loyalty.

Job Analysis

These analysis have been complied on the bases of information and interview given by Mr.Bucha. I also went through the Letter given to Him by the company regarding his job description but due to organizations policy I was not allowed to have it ,other wise you would have witnessed His official job description. Apart from these analysis His activities changes from time to time. Basically His job functionality revolves around four major areas.





On the bases if these company has designs his job specification as well as job specification. How these factors are playing there roles while He perform his job are analyzed below.

Organization asks Him whenever a new product is launched to Confirm the Brand name

Complete full consumer tests have to be carried out by him before and after the product has been launched in order to keep the track of the working of product.

Then comes the duty of checking the product and concepts and meet the action plans.

Finalize the packaging and art work of the products


Testing and complete advertisement strategy.

Quite often he is asked to work with marketing manager to settle pricing strategy.

Getting registered the product/Trade Mark

He has to finalize the Shelf life of the products.

Carrying out factory visits

Discussing the production plan and supply plans

Confirm commercial evaluation..

Finally in this final report He has to justify that the product quality and processes have been adequate. Secondly, is the promotion and advertisement material adequate. On these bases He is evaluated and the results are formulated. Assurance of all these duties are monitored each year by the board supported by the Audit committee and the co-operate Risk committee.

Another part of Job Analysis was Job Specification. For that I had a meeting with mrs.Sana Mahfooz HR director. She says while designing job specifications She spends some time with the head of the department where the need is although comprehensive format is follow for selection.

When Mr.Bucha was hired as Brand manager. The company asked a graduate from a reputable university having work experience with no age limit. Organization required at least 1 or 2 years or working experience.

Sana also told the job specification quite often changes according to the demand of organization as well as market.

To Whom Mr.Bucha Reports?

Mr.Bucha is liable to report to the Marketing Manager of RBF. They usually have Monday meeting regularly in a month. There pictorial form of Mr.Bucha's reporting is given below.

Brand Manager

Marketing Manager

Director Foods

Code of Business Principles which Mr. Bucha Follow

While interviewing Him, He told his rules and regulation while working and dealing with customers and consumers

Standard of Conduct: He conduct His operations with honestly, integrity ,openness, and with respect for the human rights and interests of His subordinates.

Obeying the Law: He is required by the organization and also Himself to obey laws of organization in all aspects and also of country in which He works.

Valuing Consumers: Mr.Bucha is committed to providing branded products and services which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality, and which are safe for there intended use. He services and products are properly labeled, advertise and communicated.

The Environment: Mr.Bucha also takes kneen interest in making improvements in management for the environmental impact and to the longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business. Neither He supports political parties nor He contributes whose activities are calculated to promote party interests.

Conflict of interests: He avoids personal activities and financial interests, which could conflict with their responsibilities to the company.


Job analysis is of the most important activity in HR planning and development. There importance in any organization can not be ignored. Organization who does not analyze the job performed by there employees are use to destine from the face of the earth. Job analysis provides a beacon light for the management for assessing the individual also.

While working on this report I came to know what are the duties of a Brand Manager and what are his authorities, limits and criteria to be successful. I opted for Mr.Usman Bucha who is the Brand Manager of Rafhan Best Foods, Unilever and concluded that He is fair to and loyal to His company and job. He strives to be a trusted employee and as a integral part of the company to fulfill his responsibilities which are described above.

Another most important thing is that it is hard to describe what He does because His duties changes time to tome but still organization asks mostly those activities from His side which are discussed above.

Unilever has earned the reputation for conducting its business with integrity and with respect for the interest of those there activities can effect. This reputation has turned into there asset, just as real people like Usman Bucha .

So, far the conclusion is that Mr.bucha perform those duties, which are discussed above having His own code of business to be more then a collection of high-sounding statement.


After analyzing Mr.Bucha's job I found certain pitfalls which I taken to in consideration might improve His performance like

He is ver y much overloaded with works i.e. He has to carry out all the activities required for launching a new product. I think he must be assisted with more people as He come across with different people daily.

He must be given more time for the attainment of organization goals as company wants more and more products to be launched.

I suggest Him to make use of Information Technology or computer by using software's like Microsoft Project and Visuo.