The Importance Of Human Resource Management Business Essay

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When we talk about the company, we cannot avoid the human resource that is showing their presence in the organization .if organization will avoid them than it cannot accelerate their growth .to maintain these thing organization has to develop the well model and make the strategy for their human resources which will make help to organization to provide the duty to those person ,who are suitable for it,recruit the person when seeking the need of the employee, provide the training to those people who has the need for it. And this thing will Ensure the success of business through effective human resource strategies.

1.1 Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategy human resource management is immediate management field. where human resource management is a tool to implement strategy, a more proactive function in which hr activities can actually create and shape the business strategy .it focus on developing hr for sustainable competitive advantages .strategic human resource management requires formulation of hr objective, strategies and policies .these enable the provision of the skills and abilities needed to meet the requirement of an organization's overall objectives.

The strategic human resource management focus on align HR strategies and practice with business strategy. In strategic human resource management professional works to be a planned partner. professionals enhance the ability of a business to accomplish its strategies. Strategic human resource management practices helps a business in three ways. First, the company can adjust to change their self. because strategy is shortened to execute the strategy . Second, the company can enhance get together customer demands because its customer service strategies have been clarified into exact policies. Third, the business can achieve financial performance through its more effective execution of strategy. The deliverable from the management of strategic human resources is strategy execution. HR practices help accomplish business objectives. There are many models under strategic human resource management which defining how it working well .these model are following

1.1.2 Matching model

Organizational arrangement and human resource management system should manage in a way that is fitting with managerial strategy. Strategic human resource management is influence by environmental forces. Which forces are ,

Political forces

Economic forces

Cultural forces

Mission and strategy

Structure of the organization

Human resource management

These Forces affecting the strategy when we are making strategy for human resource. So we have to match the internal environment with external environment .if we fail to do so, we cannot implement the strategy on the human resource. Because these all factor depend on each other, we have to just make the match among them. As here we are doing the business according to our economic capabilities and making the investment in the organization .so we will consider that factor which will make the influences on it. These factors are cultural and political .if these factors are matching with our business than we ha have to just recruit and select the people for complete that mission which we made for the organization. These all forces, we have to match to apply the strategic human resource management in the organization.

1.1.2 Human Resource Strategy Models

In human resource strategic model we are examining the link between organizational strategy and human resource strategy..we are using the human resource strategy to control the worker ,to recruit them ,to plan the work and trained the employee for their task. Whereas Human resource strategies, we are using for best practices and further development of the organization.

This model is defining the three way for ideal types of Hr strategy. First way explain that the control-based way, Which ashore in the way that management attempt to supervise and organize employee performance. Second way tells about the resource based mode. It is saying about the relationship between employer and employee, and how they are dealing with each other.. A third way define that combines resource-based and control-based. In which we are doing the both thing .we are making the relation and monitoring our employees.

1.2 Reason for the Importance of Human Resource Management in the organization

The concept of human resource management (HRM) has attracted a lot of attention from academics and practitioners alike since it first emerged in the mid-1980s. The former often suspect both the practicality and morality of HRM. The latter have often absorbed some if not all of the HRM philosophy and attempted to put it into effect with varying degrees of success for various good and bad reasons.

1.2.1 Aim of Human resource management is :

To obtain and preserve the expert, dedicated and well-motivated workforce for the organization

To improve the capacity of Employee and their potential by given that Training.

To make incentive reward systems develop the training activities related to the desires of the business and high performance systems which include recruitment and selection process.

To maintain high obligation organization practice that identify that employees are respected Person in the organization and expand an environment of teamwork and mutual belief.

To create environment which maintain fruitful relations and these relation helping the organization to achieve those task, whatever they want to achieve in future.

Human resource management helping the organization to maintain the stability and adjust the desires of its stake holders Which can be owner, administration bodies or trustees, organization, workers, consumers, supplier and the public .

IT is ensuring that community are respected and pleased for what they do and accomplish.

It is managing different personnel technique in which taking into account character and group difference in employment needs, work style and aspiration.

To make sure that equal opportunities are available to all employees who are working in the organization.

To take on an ethical approach to organizing employees that is based on concern for people, justice and transparency.

To maintain and develop the material and mental well-being of people

Explanation and analysis of an HRM framework

1.3 Explain and analysis of an Human resource management framework

Strategic human resource management can then serve as the framework within which specific strategies can develop. The most common approaches are:

the development of resource capability

high-commitment management

high-performance management

Best practice

1.3.1 Resource capability

Resources capabilities essential for Market and Product competition. The capability-based framework is attached with the dealings, process and correlated behavioral efforts essential to achieve a competitive situation. Resource capabilities framework effort use to increase competitive benefit with the help of human resources through developing unique capability that begin from the environment of the firm's affairs with its suppliers, customers and employees.

Kamoche describes the resource capability view of the firm as one that 'builds on and provides a unifying framework for the field of strategic human resource management'.

A resource capability approach is concerned with the acquisition, development and retention of human or intellectual capital. It will focus on how added value can be obtained by treating people as strategic assets in the sense that they perform activities that create advantage in particular markets. This is in accord with the fundamental principle of economics that wealth is created when assets are moved from lower-value to higher-value uses.

1.3.2 The high commitment management approach

The high-commitment management as originally described by Walton (1985) It is made on the statement that high level of performance from people and make the faith that the organization is value working for and more possible when workers are not strongly restricted. These employee should be given broader responsibilities and make encouraged them to contribute and help to accomplish fulfillment in their work.

High commitment approach involves treat workers as associates in the Organization. Whose benefit is prized? It is concerned with statement and involvement for their work. It creates a environment in which a ongoing conversation between managers and the members of their organization takes position to identify expectations and contribute information For the organization's mission, ethics and objectives. High commitment approach set the shared understanding of what is to be accomplished and a structure for organization and rising people to make sure that it will be achieved.

1.3.3 High performance management approach

High performance management approach is to increase the performance of the association through its Employee. High performance management approach involves the growth of resourcing, worker growth, performance management and prize processes that focus on the delivery of additional value.

1.3.4 Best practice approach

Best Practice approach is Established on the doubtful statement that there is a set of best HRM practices and that adopting them will unavoidably guide to better managerial performance. Most People have the same opinion that most excellent fit is more essential compare to best practice.

So with the help of these Strategic framework ,we are setting and making the strategy for the organization .and working well in the organization .

2.1 The Strategy human resource management process

HR strategies for human resource management process engage generating options and then creating suitable strategic choice. These choices should be in the following process,

It should be relate with human resource management, and predict the desires of the business

It should be similar with the current or preferred environment of the organization

It should have the capability to modify the nature and way of the company

It should provide the organization to agreement efficiently with the outside.

It should make focal point on areas of serious need

It should delivered the answer of essential question .in which sense is making regard to the , 'What is stopping Organization from delivering business results?

Process should be started from comprehensive analysis and study, we cannot start it with our wishes and assumption.

Strategic Process should include the knowledgeable and united decision of top management

It will identify the requirements of line managers and employees usually as well as persons of the organization and its other stakeholders

It should predict the troubles of execution that can arise if line managers are not dedicated to the strategy or be short of the skills and time to play their part

It should predict any troubles that may begin because of the aggression or lack of concern of employees or trade unions

It should make sure that the organization has the resources which are required to execute the strategy.

It should provide the acquirement and growth of people with the skills required to supervise and maintain the organization in the future to meet organizational objectives

It should consist of mechanism that in shape with and support each other

It should be able of being turned into actionable programmed.

2.2 HR's Strategic Roles

Hr strategic roles means, how they are developing the decision for the organization.

Strategic Manager have to do strategic planning for the organization, Strategic manager have to obtain new HR skills. It means all skills relating to actions like selection and training. Strategic managers need an understanding of the value creating proposition of the firm In which they have to calculate that ,How does the company compose money?

Which actions and process is most significant for capital formation as defined by consumers and capital markets? Who in the firm executes these activities successfully?

2.2.1 HR Strategy Implementation Role

Human resource manager has to accomplish two fundamental strategic planning roles which are strategy execution

Strategy formulation.

Strategy implementation is usually the sensitivity of the HR manager's strategic development job. Corporate level or top level management formulates the company's business and competitive strategies. After that, it formulates wide efficient strategies and policies. the firm's purposeful strategies and policies locate the wide limits that decide which thing functional manager has to do and which not, and offer a set of signposts that the (HR or other) functional managers can use to decide the precise form the department's specific policies and activities should take. The company's HR (or other functional) strategies should thus derive directly from its company wide and competitive strategies.

Here, the basic rule is this: Human resource department make the plan, policies, and activities must create logic in terms of the company's corporate and competitive strategies .

HR management do the help of strategic execution in other ways. Like, Human resource management guides the implementation of most organization downsize and reorganize the strategies, during placing employees, instituting pay-for-performance plans, reducing health care costs, and retraining employees.

2.2.2 HR Strategy Formulation Role

While execution is important, HR increasingly plays an expanded strategic planning role today. In recent years, Human resource established task in execute strategy has stretched to contain working with top level management to formulate the companies' strategic plans. (HR has "a seat at the strategy planning table" is how some HR writers put this.) These strategic role reflects the reality in most of the firm . When we talked about Globalization it tells that more contest, more performance, and most firm are getting thing Which improve the performance in entire or part by boosting the capability and promise levels of their employees. That makes HR's input crucial. Human resource management is helping the top level of the organization who formulate the strategy in a variety of way. For example, when we have to formulate the company's strategic plan and which require identify, analyze, and matching the company's external opportunities and threats, on the one hand, and its internal strengths and weaknesses, on the other. Hopefully, the resulting strategic plans capitalize on the firm's strengths and opportunities, and minimize or neutralize its threats and weaknesses. Externally, Human resource department is in a distinctive situation to provide viable cleverness that might be helpful in the strategic scheduling process. Facts regarding competitors' incentive plans, opinion survey data from employees that elicit information about customer complaints and information about pending legislation such as labor laws and mandatory health insurance are some examples.

As another example, Human resource management participates in the strategy formulation process by supplying information concerning the company's inner individual strengths and weaknesses. Human resource is more comprehensively concerned in the strategy formulation process. HR worked strongly with top management, to build a influential case Which shows how in definite and assessable terms the firm's HR activities can and do give to creating significance for the business.