The impact of innovation on recruitment practices

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In this literature review I do some research about Masafi; an innovative company in the UAE which is the leader in the mineral bottle water segment in the UAE. The review looks at the Impact of innovation on recruitment practices which are the technological sources of innovation and the relevance of these sources, the types and patterns of recruitment, how innovation could be diffused and improved recruitment, the standards recruitment practices. my research consisted of three parts, a definition and understanding of the various topics, and interview with the head of human resource manager in my chosen company, further research on the use of technology and eRecruitment strategy to recruit Employes in various company.


this literature review will be focusing on concept of technology Innovation in Recruitment Practices, I will be looking at various types of recruitment practice, how recruitment managers can improve their recruitment practice via Development and improving recruitment skills, the impact of social networking on recruitment, eRecrutiment Technology, referral and alumni networks, talent onbarding best practices, how to find quality candidates quickly and effectively, and i will also discuss some arguments about eRecruitment.


Based on my research and the selection of microsoft as my research company, I made the use of online journals and article for my literature review, various websites for my primary and secondary data and I also had a guided interview with the Human Resource Manager of microsoft dubai Treshman dutchman. I developed a list of questions relevant for my research and chosen topic and this interview was used to know more on their innovative ways of recruitment practice in microsoft and their sources and I used this response to further supplement the data I collected through my research to show how innovation gives the company a strong edge in recruiting new employee.

Innovation which can be said to be a new to the world idea which offers an innovative way of meeting a need or the search of a new and different solution. Innovation can come from anywhere or direction but what matters most is how these innovations are managed effectively (Tidd and Bessant 2009, p. 229).

It can also be said to be the process of pushing up an idea, revising and reviewing it together to develop a novel product, process or service (Tidd and Bessant 2009, p. 229).

Recruitment is one of the most visible roles undertaken by human resource departments in organizations. Recruitment can be considered as part of a trio, 'recruit, reward and retain'. Recruitment is a process of generating a 'pool' of candidates by reaching the 'right' audience suitable to fill the vacancy. Selection involves 'picking' the most suitable candidate from the 'pool' that is willing to fill the vacancy ()

The various types of recruitment practice are internal or external internal which include requesting the in house employee to apply for the new vacant post in the company. And external recruitment practice can be by advertisement By placing advertisements in the local newspaper, on radio broadcasts, and web sites etc advantage for advertisements is that it highlights the major assets of the position. In addition, advertisements lets the potential applicants know the exact requirement of applicant that the organization needed for the post. And the disadvantages will be more applicant would applied for the post even if they are not qualified for the post. Another external recruitment practice is Internet recruiting source which is the innovation and modern ways of recruitment practices in most organizations the management board could use in order to find the most qualified and skillful applicants. It is a cheaper, faster, and potentially more effective way to recruit an applicant. advantage for internet recruitment is that web sites such as, has a tracking system that can match the job requirements with the experiences and skills with the applicant. Disadvantages to internet recruiting include the loss of potential local "walk-ins", less applications, and it puts a limit on recruitment resources and applicants for the school board. Another external recruitment practices that organizations does was outsourcing from employment agencies to recruit qualified candidate for them. (Lora Moulden. 2010)

How companies can develop and improve their recruitment skills

1. Review all basic training and all notes made at previously attended speaking programs. What is learned from a given training program differs widely based on the state of development of the learner. A five-year consultant will absorb different information than a new person. Additionally, "knowledge erosion" - new information washing away the old - can cause one to drift away from important points. The person who claims he "already knows that material" will never know the material - because the information is now different as he is now different. Periodic review is essential.

2. Conduct occasional sales meetings for the firm. Aristotle once said that "the truest knowledge of an art is the ability to teach it". Teaching forces one to organize his thoughts and formalize his knowledge. "Unconsciously competent" is not enough. Senior consultants should routinely conduct sales meetings in any case. It is especially important for one who has hit a temporary plateau to do so.

4. Tape and critique his own calls. If an outside sales rep were to video tape every sales call and critique his own performance, it would result in greatly improved skill. Professional athletes do so for the same reason. Our equivalent is an audio cassette recorder. Fifteen minutes a day, three days a week, listening to his own calls at home, will get any "plateaued" consultant realizing where he can be improved - and taking steps to do so.

6. Role-playing. Role-playing is an excellent training device which benefits experienced people as much as novices. It will be important to compile a checklist for the person taking the part of client or candidate to judge the performance of the role-player. Such basics as correct pace, reinforcing positives, and the acknowledging of negatives before rebutting are often overlooked even by experienced people, who confuse knowing with doing. Role-playing and taping of calls (see #4) will correct this, and appreciably improve skills.

(Steve Finkel)

the impact of social networking on recruitment

According to Social networks like Twitter, facebook and MySpace are one of the more innovative ways that human resources managers of various organization and recruiting Agencies uses to supplement to more traditional tools to source, recruit and screen candidates. The first being, they are free. Second, social networking services are a great way to get a more well-rounded picture of a new hire candidate, going far beyond what you might ever learn about them from either reading a candidate's resume or even conducting a face-to-face interview. Last, these services are becoming more ubiquitous. Almost everyone nowadays has created a profile on at least one of the more popular social networking sites. (pihrablog. 2010)

An article by Anne Beitel also said that social networking sites do present some real opportunities to identify talent. In contrast to advertising or traditional executive search, they may create a more targeted, speedier way to get in touch with people whose prior job titles or companies indicate they may be a fit for a particular role.(Anne Beitel. 2010)

This evidence indicate that Social networking is becoming more prevalent in the recruitment processes. At Executives Online they view social networking as a promising and exciting new way to engage with prospective candidates. Whether used as a screening tool, a directional tool or a cautionary tool, social networking sites are here in the recruitment industry to stay. Though it's may take long time to make its impact in many company recruitment practices(Anne Beitel. 2010)

eRecruitment technology

According to Arundhati Ghosh their are various draw back in eRecruitment many applicants forward their Curriculum Vitae (CV) just to know their market value. As personally the candidates are not checked thus whether they are serious is not known. At the time of interview the recruiter might realize that the applicant is not ready to leave his current job. by that time the serious applicants might have been rejected. (Arundhati ghosh)

Disclosure of information: most applicants those not want the employer to know that they are looking for a change. Phone number, address information has lead to many security problems. Again the companies do not want their competitors always to know the current scenario. (Arundhati ghosh)

According to Badmus Jimoh most employee filling application forms online tend to skip some unecessary questions by protecting their privacy ask by employer or they decide to keep them selfs anornimous do to most jobs post online are either by fraud stars who only wanted to get information about the applicant most aplicants are scared of

CRM Recruitment Model

Talent onbarding best practices

Organizations are devoting more time to the onboarding process and employing more creative and exciting techniques in an effort to get their newly hired employees productive sooner and to lay a foundation that will help retain them. In fact, employees who have gone through some sort of onboarding process above and beyond the usual process of filling out paperwork and choosing benefit plans report feeling better connected to their colleagues and to the company culture. This translates into a loyalty that keeps employees from turning down offers that tempt by simply offering more dollars. (Kelvin Wheeler. 2008 october 3td 2008 page tittle(how d best Onboarding programs work))

among the practices that will form the next wave of e-recruiting innovation which is most faster and cheeper online candidate prescreening and candidate relationship management. Already, these best practices are demonstrating robust growth among major corporations in the United States.
In the report Trends in Fortune 500 Careers Web Site Recruiting, iLogos Research tracked best practices of corporate website recruiting employed by the Fortune 500 companies. The two-year study found the strongest growth to occur in best practices that integrate the careers website front-end with back-end recruitment management systems. Use of online prescreening by the Fortune 500 grew 228%, while the use of a job agent tool for candidate relationship management also more than doubled, with 120% growth. (Yves Lermusiaux. 2004)


No doubt that innovation has really impact recruitment practice gone are the days when applicant apply for job by posting application letter and cv's via post office which took weeks some time month b4 it got to the hand of the employer, today with various rugged innovation or software applicant can easily get their cv across to employer with just a click of a botton either via the website or via email box or online interview