The History Of The Leadership Styles Business Essay

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Autocratic: This style is used when leaders directly tell to their employees or subordinates that what they want done or in what time they want it without getting any help or advice of other people.

Democratic: This leadership style is used when leader ask the help from his subordinates in decision making, however the final decision is of leader. This process is just for the respect of other people, strength and perfect decision.

Here, I'm going to describe the two leaders who are currently in headlines from a long time. My first leader is Dr. Vijay Mallya who is the owner of kingfisher airlines and Force India. My second leader is Mr. Rahul Bhatia who is the chairman of indigo airlines and MD of Interglobe.

Dr. Vijay Mallya is currently of 56 years old and living in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He got residency of India and Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Arts and science from Calcutta University. His all the property was inherited and grooming day by day. He is the brand ambassador of himself and prefers the belief to knowledge and talent. He always tries to focus on team presentation and how much experience they have got. His living standard is very high profile and social able. He got high ambitious person and very dominant nature. Because of his autocratic leadership style his company is booming. He got aggressive behavior because his all normal talks are with his general manager of the company. He is from one of the irregular and late leaders. He always wants fully attention on work from his staff. He has no emotions for his employees. Because his policy is to whenever any of his employees had said no to work, he fired his/her. In his company hiring and firing is frequent. There are less chances of promotion in his company. There are less salary incentives as well in his company. He got strong position in politics as well, with the help of this power; he is getting high name and fame.

Moreover, he has keen interest in sports as well. He is the owner of "Royal Challengers Bangalore", an IPL cricket team. He also formed a Sahara force India formula one team.

Furthermore, by reading his image, it is shown that he is very straight forward leader, who doesn't wait for others to start. In simple words, Vijay Mallya do everything is of his own choice, he leads team in very formal way. He doesn't have any emotions for his employees.

On the other hand side, Mr. Rahul Bhatia is also in his 60s. He was born in Bentwal, Karnataka. He completed his studies BS in electrical engineering from university of waterloo, Canada. Currently he is living in Delhi, India. After completing his studies, he worked with IBM. Then he realized to setup his own company Indigo. He believes in diligence, future mindedness, transparency in work. He is democratic leader. He always gives chances to others to perform.

Because of his positive attitude, his company is shining day by day. He always brings forward good talent. Mr. Rahul Bhatia always tries to keep his focus on good team performance. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He is very punctual in his life and always set goals to be targeted. He has seen some difficult period for his company, but he paid salaries and bonus to each worker time to time. He is continuously learning and trying to develop the leadership style. He is really a very good leader and task oriented. He respects the voice of his employees. He has promotion policy in his company and always promotes the good talent.


In conclude research has shown that according to behavioral theory Dr. Vijay Mallya is less effective leader. Because he always tries push his employees rather than working with them and according to Fiedler's Contingency Theory, he is Task Oriented in an unfavorable situation which shows the low group or team performance. On the other hand side Mr. Rahul Bhatia is more effective leader according to behavioral theory. Because he is the leader who always gives chance to low level employees to perform and this results the good and high performance. As being opposite from Dr. Vijay Mallya, he is very task oriented in favorable situation which results a very high group performance according to Fielder's contingency theory.


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Mini Essay 2 (Leadership and cultural awareness)

Introduction: Cultural awareness is the ability to look outside of ourselves and be aware of the cultural values, and customs of the culture. What may be normal and acceptable to us, may be unusual or unacceptable in another culture. Organization culture is the behavior of humans, the organization values, visions, norms, working language, systems, and symbols and it includes beliefs and habits in an organization. Organizational culture affects communication of people to each other, stakeholder and customers within an organization. According to Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840 the Maori and British people made an agreement to live together in New Zealand and should respect belief and moral values to both of culture. The Treaty aimed to protect the rights of Maori to keep their land, forests, fisheries and treasures while handing over sovereignty to the English. Maori gives the right to British government and establish laws in the interests of all New Zealanders and to develop British settlement. Here I want to express the cultural awareness, values and other things according to the treaty of Waitangi to apply on business leaders.

Cultural awareness and attention to cultural issues is a key element of organization leadership. Culture of the NZ business is perfect for everyone. Business leaders do warm welcome that came from other country and respect their culture and ethical value. Every business leader has its own mission and vision statement. All the cultural issues are applied on business because of the issues are such as sex discrimination, a cross cultural communication and racism and color are also described in New Zealand. A leader who faithfully supports his values when under pressure to take expedient actions with them communicates clearly and that values are really important. For example, one company with lower sales avoided layoffs by having all employees, work few hours and cut the pay then the decision communicated a strong concern for preserve employee jobs.

According to Treaty of Waitangi, British people and Maori people have own rights and values and they respect to both of the culture. But I am against the treaty of Waitangi because of the Maori and British people do not respect to Indian culture or the other international people. A Sikh culture is not accepted by the some of the NZ business organization. There should be written in Treaty of Waitangi that every culture has been accepted in NZ organization. Some of the rituals, ceremonies and stories of the culture are different from another culture. Everyone should have respect to belief, rituals and ceremonies of other culture in organization. Most of the issues of sex discrimination, color, and racism have faced in an organization.

NZ is the multicultural society and some of the organization import and export the things from another country. The business leaders are dealing with other cultural people with humbly and respectfully. There are various cultural issues which cross cultural organization faces. The language barrier can become a reason for misunderstanding in cross cultural relationships, with little or no understanding of how to communicate effectively.

Business leaders often have a different frame of reference when it comes to an understanding of the norms and expectations in a relationship, with both partners struggling to accept a foreign culture. This may cause them to feel frustrated, insecure, or judged. For example, China uses the Chinese language instead of English language. It's more difficult to deal with the Chinese language. Some of them used to live in NZ but they do not speak the English language. So it's hard to conversation to Chinese in English language. When building relationships in China, Western business people must take into account each person's age, work experience, wealth and location, as these factors all influence each individual's characteristics and may indicate how best to work with them.

The key is too effective to cross cultural communication is knowledge. If the business leaders do not have the knowledge about the foreign organization, so it should be a big impact on NZ business leaders. For example, John Key is the Prime Minister of NZ and he has led the NZ National Party since 1996. He has a Delegative and Autocratic style of leadership. He made relationship with more countries to develop and more effective business in NZ. He made an agreement with World Trade Week to import and export from New York. He made the agreement between the share market of NZ and other countries. It gives a huge impact for business leaders. Now days, Rubicon Limited organization has going (3.7%) up in NZ share market. Australian share is going down but New York shares going up to (0.03%) in Share Market in the world. NZ business organizations can grow up and make more production to sale in the world.

Conclusion: To summarize all, the business leaders should have the qualities to take it to high position. Some of the rules are right to an instant according to treaty of Waitangi. But the NZ organizations have good leaders to communicate to the organization in the world. People come to here to settle and grow their business in NZ. The people of different culture can live with harmony; celebrate their rituals as they belong to, can marriage within and outside of culture. Any of different culture people can work in NZ if they have valid visas to work. NZ organization cannot force to fire any people about his religion, color or any other aspect.

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MINI ESSAY 3(Influences on Leadership)

There are a number of factors which influence a leader, ethics and ethical practice, social responsibility, stakeholder responsibility and social or political change are a few of them to name. Some of these factors can influence a leader in many possible ways for example influences can be of positive, negative or neutral nature.

Michael Hill KNZM - The leader

Michael Hill is a New Zealand Businessmen and Entrepreneur, founder of Michael Hill Jeweler. Michael Hill Jeweler is one of the most successful retails companies in New Zealand History, which revolutionized the retail industry in New Zealand (Hills,, 2008).

Michael Hill Jeweler - In History at a quick glance

Michael Hill opened its first store in Whangarei in 1979, and within just eight years it expanded its operations to eight stores. In 1987 Michael Hill took his company public (listed his company on NZX), at that time it was having 10 stores, including one in Brisbane. At present it has got 250 stores in countries like New Zealand, Australia, The United States and Canada (Hills,, 2008). By 2024, Michael Hill Jeweler wants to be truly Global with 1000 stores across the globe.

His Influences

At the age of 16, he left school and went on to pursue a career as a violinist, but he soon realized that music may not be the right choice for his career. He then started working for his uncle at a jeweler store. He performed exceptionally well as a salesman; this influenced him towards jeweler industry, which will later serve as his field of choice for starting and developing a business, a business which will change the course of retail jeweler selling in New Zealand.

One of the main factors which influenced Michael Hill was that, he realized his social responsibility. He realized that to develop New Zealand economy, there is a need to develop new entrepreneurs who will shape the modern New Zealand economy. At that time when he opened his first store (1979), New Zealand economy was quite small and less globalized as compared to other developed economies. He was of the view that developing new business empires will provide new opportunities to many New Zealanders. Opportunities like new jobs, development of economy, investment opportunities. All these factors and views influenced him to start off with a new business plan. These all can be classified under social responsibility factor (Claire & Hill, 2009).

Hill recognized the changes that he will need to make for succeeding in NZ market, and this helped him to develop strategies which became a benchmark in NZ retail industry. The strategies and policies developed by Hill proved successful not only in New Zealand, but in all the leading markets of the world for example USA, Canada and Australia. He recognized his social and ethical responsibility not only towards economy, but also towards the people of New Zealand and mostly toward his employee's. Michael Hill is known as the one best company to work with, not only in New Zealand, but also on the global scale. It provides its employees career opportunities which can rival any other global brand. Employees are treated as a valuable asset at Michael Hill and Hill personally acknowledges that employee satisfaction is one of the most vital factors contributing toward the success of an organization (Claire & Hill, 2009).

In terms of business success and general public recognition, Michael Hill is considered is one of the most successful business people New Zealand has ever produced. On 31st of December 2001, Hill was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit (DPMC, Retrived 2010). He also received the honor of Knight Companion of the New Zealand order of Merit in December 2010 (DPMC, Retrived 2010).He is very popular among New Zealanders. He is also known for his other activities.

His influence form artwork has resulted in some remarkable achievements by him. Most notably is the Hills Golf course. He bought a run-down farmland in Arrow town. Soon after buying the land his interest grew significantly in the Golf and he ended up building a 18-hole golf course on that land named The Hills. On the golf course he also built a unique two thirds underground clubhouse. That clubhouse was designed by Auckland architects Patterson Associates. Hill's clubhouse won the Supreme Architectural Award from New Zealand Institute o Architects. It was also a finalist at the World Architectural Festival in 2008 at Barcelona. His Golf course hosted the New Zealand open golf tournaments three times (2007, 2009, 2010) (Turner, 2007 Retrieved 2010) (Hills & Honour, A Double Honour for New Zealand Architect, Retrieved May 2010) (Cowlinshaw, Retrieved 10 May 2010).His super luxury yacht VvS1 also won three awards at 2008 World Yacht Awards in 2008 (M2, 2008)

Hill was also named the Ernst & Young New Zealand's Entrepreneur of the Year 2008. This was to celebrate the contribution that he is making to New Zealand economy and to acknowledge his achievements as an entrepreneur (Various, 2011-2012).