The high profile nature of nintendo

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The Nintendo provides the most high profile and high configuration gamming software in the world. The company utilizes innovative and efficient equipments to produce competitive gaming software. The company combines the existing elements in a new way to create value for customers. As a video game creator their technology helps to produce high quality games and provides flexibility which induces the customer to meet their needs because Nintendo offer several famous games such as as Daddy Kong Racing, Virtual Boy, D-pad, The NES, Famicon, The game boy and more recently the DS, Wii and so on. As people know Nintendo always depends on innovation that's why the organization is using new technology such as N64-pad, wii and 3D's, which create more customer interest on gaming world. These entire high technological products increase the business profitability for the Nintendo's. By presenting this highly innovative technological product help Nintendo to boost the competitiveness between the other gaming company's benefits for Introducing the Technology:

The Mechanisms:

Wii: The Company can maintain the sustainability as design and innovation issue. The Nintendo Wii-the new game console has some interesting lessons. The Wii is competing with XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. These consoles helps for faster processing, better graphics, bigger hard-disk, multiple functions (like BlueRay,DVDs ect). So the Wii give the new path for the company in the competitive gaming market. The Wii console give a motion controlled game to people of all ages and families everywhere such as Wii Sportsâ„¢, Wii Fitâ„¢ Plus, and New Super Mario Bros.â„¢ Wii etc.

NES: The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has some components (CPU,PPU,APU and cartridges) . This system has high compatibility and accuracy because the NES uses an 8 bit CPU(6502) and features 2KB of video RAM. The NES was realesed in the North American market in 1986. The NES provided the several collection of popular game such as Super Mario Brothers and ExciteBike. Not onlt that the company conducted some anti-competitive practices with NES which provide market assurance to be 8bit King in the world. But the Nintendo can not lead the Australian and European market for the Sega 8bit console.

3D's: The Company's all games are in 3D and this system is the major reason for higher selling in the gaming industry. For example Virtual Boy which provides innovation to meet the vision of the company. But this game created headache problem for the people and after some time the company can handle this problem. The new 3Ds technology explained 3D display which enhances the competitiveness of the company.

N64: The game like Diddy Kong Racing was released in 1997 which was based on Nintendo 64. the company expands the Kart Racing mechanism to get the market competitiveness in the gaming industry. This game has single as well as multi player modes.

By using their high preforming and most advance technology, Nintendo is achieved large amount of shear in world gaming market:

Nintendo can increase the profitability and competitiveness by introducing their new innovation such games like Wii, The Daddy Kong racing  and so on' among all other companies gaming ideas and  service for the customer. For this Nintendo achieved the high growth business trend in the gaming sector or industry.

Gain Market Share:

 Nintendo can gain the high market share by introducing this technology because it can able to show the high level of innovative technology which can impress the customer for their technology and customer can use these games as a friendly user.

By introducing their innovation, the company can maintain the customer demand by using their technology with an effective manner as well as to participate in the aggressive business world. The company should perform effectively to manage the technology efficiently such as:

1)      Introducing the employees like any institution or individual to enhance the productivity of the innovation.

2)      Keep concern on the leverage of the company.

3)  For getting technological support to drive the innovation such as software,the company should find technological company.

4)      Offer vital support to develop the technology for growing their innovation.

5)      Presenting new or effective management or management team.

So to enhance the productivity of the innovation, the company should adopt several approaches to activate the new innovation such as;

External Activate:

To improve the productivity for the innovation, the company should activate external environment. Consumer choice will be changed if the company will introduce new innovation, for that reason new competitors will be come forward in the global market and government will published new law or legislation for their development, the domestic and global environment will be change and the social and cultural value will be altered.

Internal Activate:

The company can build up their strength and skills to change the infrastructure such as recruitment the new employees, enhance the training facility, reallocation of resources and responsibilities by introducing the new technology. Company will be restructured their manufacturing system by inventing new innovation to stay in the competition with other organization like Nintendo. In addition the location of the company should be changed to the production related resources easily. The innovation the product service or launch design should be improved for achieving fame in the world gaming market .

Therefore to enhance the popularity of the new innovation the company should take some steps. In order to do that the company should take planned strategy to exploit the benefit from the innovation. The company should take effective manner and activity in the production process and to achieve the popularity the company should take the some steps and to take the law and research in the production process. The company can gain efficiency by lower cost and effectiveness by higher productivity and to take the steps which are good for the company. The proper integration should be adopted and proper panning should take in the production process, the company can enhance the product differentiation in the aggressive market by adopting the efficient planning.

Change Of plan:

To invent all new games, Nintendo adopt some approach to change the plan of the company. That means the company can the decision to stop pirating from hacker and other illegal who are not able to get these ideas, which can be explained by the following factors such as:

Change for increment:

The company's will be change to produce effective and innovative product by improving existing law, regulation and system.

Change for new strategy:

The strategy of the company will be change to produce the efficient new strategy and goals for the company.

Change for transformation:

Company who are carrying their own innovation , they can change their decisions or they can get the decision for changing the transformation produced new products with other companies.


If the production of the new innovation is needed to transformational change then the company should aim to take some steps to enhance the productivity

According to Kurt Lewin, the company's planning change constitute the three aspects like

1)      Unfreezing:  The Company's current state.

2)      Transition: change for the new state or new methodology

3)       Refreezing: establish the new  change



Therefore planning change is an essential step to enhance the innovation productivity.


Management of the Technology by innovation:

The company of the Nintendo should take steps to develop the change of the organization or to bear the change in the long run. The approaches such as

Trigger Layer:

The company should concern about the market conditions for the innovation change. The opportunity should identify and should take appropriate steps to launch the new games in the competitive market. In addition the volatility of the gaming market should be a mentionable factor for the company to exploit the benefits of the innovation.

Vision Layer:

The company should have clear idea about the future of the new technological innovation as well as get challenge from the other innovative companies.


Conversion Layer:

The company should explain about their new technological innovation  for attracting the customer in international market where the organization will face real challenge with one organization to another  organization such as Nintendo's Wii  with Microsoft's X-box360.

Maintenance and Renewal Layer:

The Nintendo Company should be confident to launch this new technology in the aggressive gaming market.




Resistance To the change:

The company has to face the challenge to introduce their innovation in technology in the competitive market.

There is some hazard in the market to launch their new technology. According to Huczynksi & Buchanan (2001) resistance mean the challenge for the company that has to adopt to launch the technology and that will be the threat for the other organization.

Sources of resistance:

The resistance has to face the company to introduce the new innovation in the market.

There are several sources for the resistance such as:


Self Interest.

Misunderstanding and lack of cooperation.

Difficult approach to induce the customer.

Law and legislation for the change.

Slovene for Resistance:

The company should take several steps to avoid the resistance. According to Tony Eccles (1994) the following steps should be allow:

The vision and goal for the change

Proper power to act

Efficient resources to produce

Accountability of the company

Capacity to learn the technology.

Horizontal innovation in Nintendo:

Innovative horizon means to create something valuable for the organization which one is accepted by the customer. As a gaming company Nintendo contesting with other company such as Microsoft and Sega. For that reason they always caring on that section to proving their quality and strength in the gaming industry with other company.For the business purpose Nintendo always put importance on product ,service and operational innovation. For that reason Nintendo  put competitive pressures which will be pushed business model innovation much higher on the CEO's innovation outline. Companies that can significantly change how they add value to their own or other industries differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge.


Type of Ideas To become an innovative organization: lecture -3 second page from last.




The Nintendo Company can sustain their competitiveness in the gaming industry by providing innovative as well as interesting games to meet the customer needs with the help of high innovative technology. To get the high market value the company creates the new value by utilizing the existing ways and the company faces some challenge and difficulties to release every game. But it can overcome all the obstacles by offering new innovation which enables the company to enhance the market value in the gaming industry.