The Growth Strategy Of Hart Company

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Hart Limited was established in 2002. The CEO of this company is devoted to search for high quality products from the world and suppliers the products to some Hong Kong supermarkets such as PARKnSHOP, Great; department stores like JUSCO; health specialized stores like A.S Watson & Co. Limited and hotels.

The aim of Hart Limited is that customers can use less money to buy the best quality products. Hart Limited also cooperates with other companies to produce products. These products always have a good comment.

At the beginning of Hart Limited has operated a nuts and dried fruits which are come from the worldwide and the products are mainly come from United States and China. Nowadays, the products have increase to over one hundred. Hart Limited has started a new brand in order to operate at Wellcome. In this few years, Hart Limited has operated some organic nuts from United States because Hong Kong people emphasize health.

Moreover, Hart Limited has been an agent for many brands of high quality products, for instance, dumpling and steamed dumpling with pork form China brand "Synear", sausages from Taiwan, mulberry juice from China brand "", etc. It provides over two hundreds products.


Hart Ltd. as a fast mover in the industry, she faces the competition from the followers. The sales are decreasing when there is a competitor emerged. Hart Ltd. needs to maintain the sales at this monument, and needs to improve it in the future. How the company done in the business strategy should help her to solve this problem?

Nuts and dry fruit has the market niche (?), the director did not focus in this area and expand the business by open new business, the company did not have enough capital to buy the new facilities and employ more staff to better the productive. How the company done to pay less and gain more in the expanding?

These two questions are the major problems that the company faces.

The first question is the followers, they enter the market then the competition exists and causes Hart Ltd. sales decrease, if the problem can be solved, Hart Ltd. can be gain more profit. And the second problem is the productive of the nuts and dry fruit product line cannot meet the demand. The company faces competition at this monument, if the company cannot meet the demand too, the sales will further falls and affect the whole company

Aims and objective


Improve service quality and rearrange internal of Hart Ltd. to maximize the profit


Investigate the environment of the industry to let us know that what position is Hart Ltd. stand.

Analyze the Strategic capability of Hart Ltd. which can help me understand what type of competitive advantage of Hart Ltd. own.

Identify the stakeholder of Hart Ltd who may affect the strategic purpose of Hart such as the long- turn Vision and the daily operation.

Identify the Internal and external culture of Hart Ltd. that affect the strategy of the organization.

Recommend and evaluate some strategy are Hart Ltd. can be uses. These affect the strategy implement.


To analysis this company, many methods will be used on this project. It can help to collect the information of this company.

Primary Research:

We will conduct several different category of primary research. They can collect different kind of up-to-date information such as direction of the company customer expectation and other. Its can ensure the accuracy of the information.


There is the interview with the CEO of the company. It can get the information of the company vision, strategy, direction, long term-planning and other information about the company development

We will also conduct short interview to the middle level staff of the company such as supervisor of production department t. We can collect some information of them such as the production process and productive capacity

There is the interview with the salesperson of the stores. We can collect the fount-line information especially the customer expectation


There is the observation will be done at the stores. It can get the information, like of the types, quantity, and the common consume of the customers.

Secondary Research:

There is the secondary research will be done. Its can get the data extensively. The data will be come from internet, news, magazine or some reports.

Operation detail/ finance statement

We will collect the operation detail from the company such as profit and loss account, distribution channels and list of product and etc…

Competitor information

Also, the research can get the information of the competitive environment. According to the data, it can set up a more effective strategy.

Other supportive information

Lastly, it can help to find out the reference material of the research. It like of "top 10 of health food". It can compare with the Hart Ltd.'s products.