The Growth of YouthBuild

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The Growth of YouthBuild

Dorothy always wanted to do something to nip the evils like poverty, crime and other social evils. In her life she always tried to do something to help and to motivate the others to do so.

First she started to work in a public school as a second grade teacher but it could not work. Then she moved to the East Harlem Block School that was parent-controlled community-based school. After some period this school was merged with public school for funding.

Dorothy was impressed with this model and by 1978 she had planned and executed her plan that there should be organization which can move the youth of the community and make them the useful resource. She was much moved when her student was murdered due to violence on the streets.

After getting education and not finding job makes the youth full of anger and destructive members and they become the part of vicious circle of evil. That is why she used to say that it is not only a sin but also waste of useful resource.

She contemplated that the most ideal approach to assemble the young would be first to captivate them in strong community change undertakings of their own outline, and after that, on that premise of imaginative contribution, to captivate them in social change and the more extensive equitable methodology. Dorothy and her spouse John Bell, who later went along with her as a long haul staff part and pioneer in the YouthBuild development, assembled understudies in their home in Harlem to discuss what the understudies might want to do to enhance their community. A few vital plans came up, one of which was to reconstruct relinquished structures in the area. Under Dorothy's administration, thoughts were immediately interpreted vigorously. She helped the understudies select a building, get consent from the neighbours to get to the building and get to work. It was a dangerous volunteer exertion with no outside financing.

The plan to captivate youth as a positive power for change by executing their thoughts for strong

Community change ventures met expectations. By 1981, the East Harlem Youth Congress, of which all the youth in YAP's community change tasks were parts, had thought of a "Youth Agenda for the Eighties."

Considering the initial expansion of YouthBuild in New York first lesson to learn is that for a leader taking all money will destroy the coalition. Further training and technical assistance is necessary for the success of project. Although when Dorothy started that project she and other volunteers were not trained but they had passion and cause to develop their community.

So as to addition subsidizing from the city, the Coalition had acknowledged it required to entryway for something that filled a corner that no other open stores had filled. This necessity in the end prompted the change of the system plan from an intentional, after-school occupation and administration advancement program for youngsters to a full-time, thorough employment preparing project.

Considering this case study it can be concluded that when you motivate the others enough to pursue your path, is the right time for expansion. In this case Dorothy initially denied to take funds but when she noticed that some agencies are funded and these agencies have money in their hand then she decided to go for expansion, another reason for expansion was that some projects were failed by agencies due to lack of training and technical assistance so she decided to expand his motive in order to protect and develop the cause.

In actualizing the system for this new populace, Dorothy found that YAP's centre accentuation on authority advancement and development building made the project appealing to correctly the populace that had been viewed as most hard to reach. They had dropped out of school and had critical scholastic insufficiencies, yet they needed to be a piece of something in which they accepted, where they were regarded, and where they were enhancing their groups and were dealt with as potential pioneers.

The reason why she quickly moved to expand YAP Housing Model is that if she did not take this decision then there were chances that the program she started would have shut down. Five projects were failed by agencies so there was bad impression that such ideas could not work. To save the cause she took the step of expansion. Disadvantage of waiting as discussed above would the loss of trust and cause. However the possible advantage of waiting would be the high demand and advocacy for his idea and motive.

In my opinion it was right decision not to take money from the Department of Employment. As it was already funded by state funds and taking further all money would cause to destroy the coalition. This risk was much greater because it could damage the basic objective of her program. The benefit of this decision was money was in the hands of agencies.

The decision was wise to form a national coalition go after the federal government money. The reason was it was time for expansion beyond the New York so that whole nation could get benefit. Before this program federal government was not anything for the low level income group so Dorothy’s decision to go after the federal money for the welfare of this group was wise decision.

Other alternative strategies to pursue goals of national expansion would include the campaign around the country and to collect funds from the states or other local sources. This strategy would include creating awareness across the country to develop the communities using the most precious resource in the community.

The reason to create YouthBuild USA as a separate organization was that YouthBuild’s focus was to work for the development of communities across the nation. On the other hand YAP was on the objective to organize such institutions which are making efforts and advocating the cause.

YAP had pulled in consideration at the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and The Ford Establishment. System officers from both establishments were urging Dorothy to duplicate the model. In 1988, the Ford Foundation honoured a $50,000 award towards a national replication undertaking, and Mott guaranteed $100,000/year for three years beginning in 1989. In the mid-year of 1988, Dorothy propelled the National Replication to expand on the current support endeavours and to give help to associations intrigued by bringing the Housing Model to their groups. The venture was dispatched close Boston, where she and John Bell had moved to expect obligation regarding a sick relative

As this organization is working on national level now next step for this organization would be to go around the globe. So that awareness among the people around the whole world can be created to use the most precious resource in a better way. This would increase the development over all if it becomes successful in doing this. The reason is when human resource is used in an efficient way it increases the productivity and employment level increase in the country. Like in this case leader realized that national organization was required to move the process of building replication, same the leaders and motivation and movements are required around the world to develop the communities.