The Growing Size Of The Typical Human Resource Department Business Essay

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1. Over the past three decades, the size of the typical human resource (HR) department has increased considerably. This increase reflects both the growth and complexity of government regulations and a greater awareness that HR issues are important to the achievement of business objectives.

However, many still believe that top managers care little about HR compared to marketing, finance, production and engineering. What might account for this perception, and what would you do to change it?

Nowadays, human resource department are very common in all organization and government sector. Commonly all people also know what human resource doing in organization. People called human resource department is HR department. Actually, the human resource department whether necessary or not? In my opinion, the human resources department was so necessary. Human resource can help managing men power distribution and allocate men power in the right position. Human resource department mission is avoid hire the wrong people, observe employees in operation, allocated employee in right position to increase productivity, salaries control and so on.

Before the past three decades, many still believe that top managers care little about HR compared to marketing, finance, production because they felt HR was not productivity and workload low. So we need identify why before the past three decades, the top managers just care little about HR. Previous manager would think the human resource was not important, in their mind was telling them the human resource was not production, HR job can replace by manager, workload low and HR can't help in achieve sales target.

First perception of top manager, HR was not production. HR is focus on allocate men power position they won't do anything about product producing or manufacturing and HR also not provide any in transformation of tangible inputs and intangible inputs in goods and services.

Second, HR job can replace by manager. HR is used for job analysis, HR planning, job recruitment, employees benefits and compensation distribution. This all of things also can replace by manager. So HR department in manger perception was not useful.

Third, HR workload was low. HR operation is allocate employees, do research for employee, do employee attitude survey, counseling, take care of employee safety and health. HR department just needs in large manufacture firm or large organization. If the organization was small then the HR department operation was no effect for that organization. In order the small organization want to reduce their cost of labor, they won't create HR department in office.

Fourth, HR can't help in achieve sales target. HR department was no mission to achieve sales target make profit to organization. HR just profession in achieve men power and how to satisfied employee in organization. They did not know about marketing, finance or engineering. That's why in manager perception there are not useful in help making profit.

In my opinion the large organization top manager was so busy in achieve sales target, prepared annual report and any approval meeting. Top manager was no time to do managing people. So HR was so useful in managing people because HR can share the burden with manager and reduce manager work stress. HR activities including staffing, retention, development, adjustment and managing change.

HR staffing activities included job analysis for explain to the employees what should they do in organization. HR planning identify the employee ability and allocate them perform in right position. This can make organization become more effective, efficiency, excellent and more productivity. HR was responsibilities in job recruitment. HR department is interviewer to interview the interviewee. They would ask some question to interviewee and give some examination to test the interviewee. This action can avoid the organization to hire a wrong employee into organization because they are profession ethical for choosing a right employee work in their organization. Profession ethical is means they are no racism and sexism, they just care about get the benefit for an organization. Compliance with civil rights laws, HR would take care of employee in labor laws. HR must have a good solution to solve employee problems to avoid organization sued by labor laws.

HR retention activities included employee benefits and compensation. HR should have a plan how to satisfy their employee in benefits and compensation. Sometimes, the employee benefits and compensation might motivate employee more productivity and more hardworking. Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations. Advice is provided to supervisors on how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct. HR would provide a suitable position for all employees and also provide a safety and healthy environment to them. Besides that HR also provide SOCSO to protect employee. Employee service is to establish innovative, employee friendly policies and management practices. Employee service also can enjoy the flexible working environment and foster good communication with any different department.

HR development activities included employee morale survey. Obtain valuable employee feedback with employee morale surveys from information. After HR had seen the feedback from employee they would do some improvement. HR technical training activities provided some courses for improve employee knowledge and get promotion. HR counseling activities was used in some circumstances. When employee had personal issues affect their performance the HR department will interview the employee for counseling. HR research is do research for employee and identify them in which part of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. There are 5 parts in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, physiological needs, safety needs, love needs, esteem needs and self- actualization needs. This action can reduce employee turnover.

Another two HR activity is adjustment and managing change. HR would investigation of employee complaints, identify it and improve facilities or employee benefits. HR retirement counseling purpose is want to reservation the good record employee. In order to reservation a best employee in organization, they would give them promotion, overtime payment, paid leaves, paid holidays, provide Employee Stock Option Shares (ESOS) or give allowance to support their geographic costs of living. The HR activities managing change is provide expertise to facilitate the overall process of managing change. HR department will find the organization adviser to train their employee and share their experience to the new employee.

In conclusion, my opinion is support create HR department in organization because even thought HR department can't do any production, engineering maintenance, finance analysis or marketing but they still can help organization to cut the cost of capital. HR department was very useful in help reduce manager burden in job recruitment, job analysis, allocate men power, manage employee benefits and compensation. Employee was so important in organization all of the world successful organization and company also had a group of best employee to help them built the empire. If the organization hire a wrong employee, had a group of bad attitude employee I can assure the organization can stay alive in the world.