The goals of human resources and change

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Human resource departments are critical in the smooth management of human capital resource in organizations. Human resource management entails the responsibility of not only attracting and developing human quality capital, but also maintaining this resource. In situations in which the human resource department is missing shielding these responsibilities becomes a great challenge. Consequently problems in the human resource management are bound to show up. The five functional areas within the HR department according to Schermerhorn and Junker are: staffing, human resource development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, employee and labor relations (Junker, J. 2010 Schermerhorn 2010).

The safety and health area should be the most important. The reason behind this answer is that if you keep your employees healthy and provide a safe environment in which for them to work you will more than likely get a better production record. Next the employee and labor relations along with staffing works the most closely with rest and could change at any given time according to the company or organization.

According to Schermerhorn HR is the key to the success of any organization or business. By keeping in connection with the organization's objectives and business strategies, HR maintains a healthy work environment between company policies and individuals. HR management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, which organizations cannot survive without. And, HR can also be described as the relationship between the employer and the employee. There are basic functions all managers perform which are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling (Schermerhorn, 2010). These represent what is often called the management process. Staffing, personnel management, or human resource management is the function for the organization to focus on in the today's workforce environment. It also includes activities like recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, appraising, and developing. The role of Human Resources is continuing to change. Today, H R executives are taking a more active role in meeting the competitive demands of today's corporations (

The case chosen for this assignment is the case with William Beckett Plastics Ltd in the period between 2000 and 2007. The top management in the company needed to change and prioritize their employees in their business success (Kay & Banfield, 2008).

William Beckett Plastics Ltd situated in Sheffield, England was run without an organized way of attracting, developing and managing human capital. This company was a market player in the plastics market for quite some time. However it lacked a human resources department. Human resources issues were handled by the proprietor and a group of managers who were not purely dedicated to the human resources. Consequently the human resources department of the company was characterized by incessant redundancies, reduction in salaries and general discomfort amongst the employees (Kay & Banfield, 2008).

William Beckett Plastic Ltd risks having its growth stagnate following the deterioration of employees’ welfare in the company. The lack of a dedicated human resources department means that the affairs of workers would not be handled appropriately (McNamara, 1999). The senior management would not perfect running the overall organization and handling the affairs of the human capital. By looking down upon the human resources of the organization William Beckett Plastic Ltd risks having its employees become demoralized and this would end up in the reduction of production. The organization also risks exploiting its developmental capacity since the role of the execution of strategy which is supposed to be played by the human resources department is not played (Newstrom & Davis, 2002).

The process of hiring should be informed by planning which should entail critical analyses on the number of employees required, and those about to leave their stations. The human resources department should be charged with clear roles on the attraction of the most suitable employees. The department should be in liaison with line mangers and the overall organizational management on the strategic requirements of the company. To ensure results the department should offer commensurate packages to suitably qualified candidates (McNamara, 1999).

William Beckett Plastic Ltd would achieve much in the management of their human capital with the implementation of the right measures in orientation, training and development as well as performance appraisals. The proposed human resources department would go a long way in ensuring that these processes are standardized for the benefit of the organization as well as the employees. According to Schermerhorn (2007), the human resources department should be charged with the responsibility of designing and executing employee orientation, training and development programs in line with the organization’s missions. The department should be left to decide whether the employees will be trained on the job or they will attend off site workshops. The department should also be in charge of the professional development of the individual employees.

Apart from these tasks the human resources department should also ensure that performance appraisals are administered and overseen. The human resources department is in a better position of ensuring that performance appraisals are administered and filled appropriately. This ways the human resource department would enable the organization have a framework of evaluating the human resources. With the recognition of the importance of the human capital William Beckett Plastic Ltd would emphasize on the various responsibilities of the human resource department. Performance appraisals should be accorded the necessary importance in their capacity as performance evaluation tools (McNamara, 1999).

To manage its employees following the changes in the human resources management, William Beckett Plastic Ltd would need to ensure that several processes are handled appropriately. The human resource department should be left with the responsibility of selecting appropriate career development schemes for individual employees. The human resources department should work in conjunction with the top management to come up with a program addressing work-life balance. Certainly the department would be suitable for designing flextime programs for the employees. It is the role of the human resource department in the organization to come up with suitable compensation and benefits packages for the employees (Newstrom & Davis, 2002). William Beckett Plastic Ltd would also need to emphasize the importance of maintaining the turnover of the employees through the human resources department. The human resources department should come up with modalities of having the employees become more involved so that they can voice their common grievances.

It is clear that the solution of solving the human resources issues in William Beckett Plastic Ltd is the inclusion of a dedicated human resources department. With the change of their perception of the importance of human resources in the success of the organization, the management at William Beckett Plastic Ltd should develop new strategies of attracting, developing and managing their human capital.