The goals of becoming an effective leader

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To become effective leader every leader should have proper plan of action .To have vision for future and worked to achieve set target for both - long term and short- terms goals. To have good leadership to their organisation and team most leaders have to have good planning without proper planning leaders will fail in their role and to achieve targets. To perform leaders responsibility effectively, he has to consider opinion from all members of team and listen them carefully with open mind. And work together as team to avoid all the challenges and obstacles, to achieve success for organisation .Also preventive measures can take to avoid further hindrances. Leaders have to spend time on making plan in detailed, carefully consider question such as who, when, what, where, how and why.

s about their act. Each has the quality of absolute devotion, quality of selflessness and absolute devotion to their cause. They best of ability to influence motivate and support their act.

There are many leadership qualities required, I am going discuss about three leadership requirement.


E leadership is as same as any other effective leadership, leaders have to be very good at it other wise they have no other option. This leadership requires best form transformational leadership, because in nature it is highly participative in between e-world, e-customer and e-organisation. Leaders need to understand this globalise market created through internet, global customer of this market is borderless, national less. The success of e-leadership truly depends on effectiveness of transformational leadership that work in organisation. Being leader in future I will consider all the risk and opportunity that comes from e-leadership try to update my self because this is globalise market.


In today's modern we can not ignore the importance of new technology, may of the organisation now focusing on adapting requirements of modern working life to make sure that they have good work environment to provide effective workforce for the development for the organisation. As leader of the organisation I will keep my self update with new technology, because if you will not have the proper knowledge of the technology you will feel left behind in globalise market .To run my organisation successfully I will learn new technology to help my organisation.


Diverse team not have people of different characteristic such as ethnicity, race, and gender. But these people can be differing in their experience level, sets of skill and occupation. As a leader I will prefer to have diverse team because if you have diversity at your work place. You can learn lots of thing because every one has their own method .So you have get different ideas which help to grow organisation. Give better reason in decision making, they end up in correctly solving the problem. Break up groups think team member from socially distinct, come together and differently about situation. Diverse team shows improves group effectiveness and come up with better solutions to problem.


Leaders just don't become overnight they developed overtime, they need to developed their own to become good leaders .Leaders play very important role in any organisation they are one who influence and change lives of the people with good leadership quality. Some leaders born with leadership quality some acquire through external environment. But every individual need to develop some kind of leadership to be more effective in organisation.

I am going to discuss some leadership skill which can be developed with different methods. How this going to effect on me as leader.


Leadership can be more develop through training courses. As a leader in future I would prefer to indulge my self in training courses, to improve my leadership quality to help my organisation to grow. It will provide more awareness to current ability and style of leadership. This training course is design in such a way which helps to develop essential skills to influence and motivate employees to achieve exceptional good result for organisation. It will help me to take my organisation towards success and improve my abilities.


Balance coaching help people to restructure their career from bad to good, to individual success and maximising organisation coaching play essential role. It help through representing powerful way. As being my self as a leader I will use coaching as an important tool to improve my organisation. In today's competitive business world leaders and organisation are struggling to gain rewards of coaching. As a leader I need to make sure that all my team members should receive determine coaching which different members required. It helps leaders can apply their coaching skill and tools strategically effectively and efficiently.


In recent time in the field of business and education, mentoring found its own place and great acceptance as a method of training. Mentors can be defining as persons who take personal interest in business and influence the welfare of organisation. That influential person guide and sponsor in career development. Studies have shown that those who reported having mentors earn more money, are better educated, are generally happier in their careers and sponsor more protégés themselves (Odell, 6). As a being leader I will consider mentoring to have it in my organisation, with help of this it is possible I can take care of all areas of interest in life. And help my organisation to grow successfully.


Thus with above discussion we understood the importance of leadership planning, how it helps to grow and to achieve the target of organisation. As a leader I will consider all the best method to help my organisation, to achieve its set target, and survive in this competitive business market .And I will make sure to have best of knowledge of business, try to improve and develop those skills through training, coaching, and mentoring. It will help to become good leader and have best of planning for my organisation.