The goals and purpose of Goldenstate Manufacturers

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It is a large textile manufacturing company and amongst the top five organizations in the country. It is headed by Mark Frazier the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for general managers in theoperations department which has 1500 staffs. Quality Control which has 100 staffs. Accounting and Finance department, Sales and Marketing department, ICT department and Resource and Development department.

Automobile Industry- They design, develop, manufacture and market vehicles. One of the most important industries in the world in terms of revenue.

Fastfood Industries- Food that is prepared and served quickly. Varies from a wide variety of large to small fastfood chains.

Forestry Industry- The cutting and using of trees for manufacturing purposes and to allow for newer businesses to develop in areas where deforestation has occurred.

1.2 Identify the main roles and functions that need to be carried out by the following:

Mark- Has been assigned a goal of optimizing the production and improve the quality of the finished garments to the required level within 6 months time. One of the main role or functions of a CEO is setting the strategy and vision, he has to set the operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creating the company culture, human resources and set a agenda which should be followed accordingly.

Carl- He has to plan, direct and co-ordinate the operations of Goldenstate manufacturers, he should formulate policies, manage daily operations and plan the use of materials and human resources.

Quality Control Manager- He has to ensure that the products that are manufactured in the organization are upto standard and meets the purpose.

Research and Development Manager- To research and develop the organization with all scientific aspects that are available which will benefit the organization.

1.3 a) Explain how effective you feel Goldenstate manufacturers is

The organization was effective and was doing well for the past 30 years and id amongst the top five manufacturing companies in Australia. But the company is going through a slump at the moment as production has dropped by 20% over the past 18 months and customer complaints have increased with regarding the goods.

b) List three main management skills or competencies needed for it to be competitive

The managers should participate and also work closely with the staff, train them and constantly monitor them so they are competitive. The managers and staff should have weekly or monthly meetings to discuss about issues concerning them and to see what improvements have they done and what more is needed for the organization to be at par. They should look into customer complaints and rectify or make amends as soon as they can to keep the customers happy and keep them.

The managers and staff should have good communication to work as a team and build a good relationship which will help the organization to grow. They should also cut on staff that are not required and also make sure that materials do not run out. Faulty clothing should be rectified and then sent.

The operations department should be efficient and economical by providing materials to staff on time.

c) Explain why you feel each of the three skills or competencies listed in 1.3b are important.

The managers have to work closely with their staff so that the staff knows what is to be done, Te managers can have monthly meeting so that they know what is going on in the organization. They can know what the customers want and can rectify their mistakes and make sure that it doesn't happen in the future.

Question 2

2.1 Identify and Explain the leadership styles of Adam , the knitting manager, and James the dyeing manager giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

Adam- He believes in my way or no way is this type of leadership called Autocratic , these type of managers do what they want without asking or taking opinions from others. Adam does what he wants and does not listen to other staff to see hoe they think of it and does not take feedback. It is good at some point as he has control over his staff and but he should be more participative to work along with his team.

The lack of teamwork between Adam and his staff causes a lot of problems, this leaves the staff under a lot of pressure to perform upto par and sometimes that's why they don't turn up at work. The staff think that they are not part of the organization as they cannot give their ideas or give feedback on current ideas.

James- He does not take much notice of his workers and does not bother them. These type of managers follow the laissez faire type of leadership. He trusts his staff and believes that they know what they are doing. But he might not have much authority on his staff and tell them at times that things need to be changed. James should spend some time to train his staff and promote some of the good workers to a higher level.

b) Comment on how appropriate you feel these are in the current situation- Give reasons for your answers.

Adam- This department is not effective at all as there is a lot of staff but low production, there is not much communication between the manager and his staff. Adam should listen to his staff to see what they have to say in order to perform better.

Carl- this department is not effective as well as this department is over staffed and is costing the company a lot of money. He should do something to cut on the number of staff and keep staff that are doing a good job and get rid of unwanted staff.

Most of the time the staffs are waiting for materials or fabric in the dyeing and finishing sections. He does not communicate with his staff or other managers to get things done and avoid these type of problems.

2.2 Use one or more motivational theories giving a brief description of any theory used, to explain to Mark how he might motivate Carl the general manager operations.

Carl can motivate his staff by giving recognition to hard working staff one way he can do that is by giving incentives to hardworking staff. By rewarding these staff they will remain happy and willing to work for the company rather than leaving.

Another way it can be done is by competition between departments. Where departments can work hard and the most effective or productive department are rewarded.

b) Advise Adam the knitting manager how he might motivate his staff so they will remain with the company. Make sure you explain what he must do and how he might do it.

Adam can be more respectful to his staff, teach his staff or train them and ask for opinions. Adam should have a meeting with his staff to establish goals to better the performance and be more productive and beneficial to the organization.

He should also get feedback from his staff and carefully analyze their mistakes identify weak links and rectify them.

Adam should also communicate with his staff effectively and also with other departments to perform well and to avoid any differences that may come between managers.

2.3 Mark the CEO has told Ron the finishing manager that he should delegate more. You are assigned to coach Ron through the steps he must take to delegate effectively.

a) Explain to Ron three benefits of delegation, using information from the case study to illustrate your comments.

Ron should delegate responsibilities as this will benefit staff as they will be more involved in tasks, there will be a greater chance of developing leadership skills. It will also benefit Ron as he can focus on other important things and plot out ways to further improve his department.

This will also motivate staff to perform better. Ron can also utilize the free times to check on them and see if the job is satisfactory.

b) Explain to Ron five steps needed to be taken care of for effective delegation, making it clear what he should do at each step. Give practical examples relating to Ron's job and the case study.

Firstly, Ron should know what jobs he should be delegating. He can delegate jobs that can be done by his staff as he can assign a supervisor to see these jobs get done.

Secondly, this may be the most important one as to whom he can choose, the person that shall be chosen should be trustworthy and loyal, should posses the necessary skills and should also have a positive work history.

Thirdly, the duties and instructions shall be clearly outlined as to what tasks are to be performed by whom. These shall be then regularly checked upon by Ron to see the jobs are done and hold the assigned supervisors responsible if it is not done.

Fourthly, He shall keep track of these and give feedback, it is essential for Ron to know that the tasks get performed and to his specifications. He may not just want to micromanage after delegating but to stay in the middle of it and constantly monitor the work and give feedback for improvements that may have to be made.

Lastly, As the business responsibilities change so should Ron's delegation as needed. At regular basis he should see the work and maybe outsource or give more tasks to be performed by the assigned manager or probably expand his work force. By regular evaluations he can Ron can anticipate the need and handle changes in the organization.