The fast development of economies and society

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With the fast development of economy and society, enterprises have played in increasingly important role in society, and it will promote the expanding of the society. For example, enterprise makes great contributions to improving the standard of people's life, providing more opportunities to citizens. As well, it is not surprising then that there is the growing belief amongst the greater community that companies such as Microsoft has a responsibility for greater transparency and accountability regarding their operations. Microsoft, as one of the biggest computer company, is always the spot of the whole world. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a general sense reflects obligations to society and stakeholders within societies impacted by the firm (Brown, 1997; Boyd, 2007;Coff, R.W. 1999). This paper is aim to have an analysis of the performance of the company with regards to fulfilling needs within society first. Then it will illustrate how well the company has impacted upon its society and stakeholders. Third, more details of the implications the company's actions have on its stakeholders are demonstrated. Finally, balance conclusions about the company's performance in society will be drew.

2.0 An analysis of the performance of the company with regards to fulfilling needs within society

As a successful global company, Microsoft has the strongest proponents of corporate social responsibility(Laksmana,2009, Heslin ,2008; Delaney, 2008; Guth, 2008; Hopkin,M. 1997). Microsoft treats serving others as its value, including: honest and enthusiastic to its customers, partners ,new technology; forthright with people, respecting and helping others; brave and perseverance to the challenge; self-discipline, good at thinking, adhering to self-improvement and perfection; trusting in customers, shareholders, partners or other employees, and having reliable commitment, results and quality.

Microsoft believes that the labor force is the hones test group and the first place of all, that it provides excellent pay and good working conditions, as well as welfare. In order to arouse the staff's passion, Microsoft gives high wages to the employees. And Microsoft pays its staffs according to their types of work. To the trainees in Microsoft, you will enjoy a comprehensive benefits interns, the company will try to provide the most favorable treatment interns. Microsoft, in all, you have the opportunity to participate in the computer industry's most cutting-edge projects. Meanwhile the company would provide the trainees with fixed place to stay, if appropriate, to help foreign students to undertake internships related to housing rental costs. During the attachment, Microsoft itself to every student accident insurance policy holders and to provide a safe, comfortable practice environment to avoid any insecurity. Different internship positions, the company will provide regular and ad hoc training courses to help you successfully complete each work practice.

To welfare, Microsoft has a comprehensive offering of welfare programs. Microsoft to give each employee a year of non-mandatory welfare spending up to eight thousand dollars. Once they are fired, the company will give him five thousand dollars of subsidies, meanwhile, families can also enjoy medical benefits, both male and female employees have a four-weeks of maternity off with wage. Moreover, after 18 month-work ,the company would give staffs placements, stock options can be obtained in 25% of the shares each month , thereafter they would get 12.5% of the shares at any time within 10 years to fulfill all the options.

As a global enterprise, Microsoft makes great contributions to the whole world. There are more than 60,000 workers in Microsoft, that is to say that Microsoft has provided 60,000 job opportunities to the world and the workers create great social wealth. Meanwhile, it develops various kinds of computers programmes and hardware device that it brings great convenience to the world and makes the communication between the world more influence. On the other hand, some people have commit crimes through online, such as piracy, online theft, et al. It also bring great loss to the people.

3.0 Examining how well the company impacted upon its society and stakeholders

Since the Microsoft was established decades ago, it has got the significant influences upon the society and its stakeholders. During the period of the development and expansion, both the positive and the negative ways of the impacts have been set to the progress of the society and the benefits of the stakeholders. As a huge company all over the world, Microsoft has got the responsibilities to return the society who help it to realize the value of its products, especially the consumers or even the countries who demonstrated loyalty to it. Of course, the Microsoft has taken up the burden. For instance, most of the schools and institutions have been supported by the company. The fund has come to large count. As an important part to return the society, the fund has been properly used to realize the expected goals to a large extent. However, the help given by Microsoft has been limited, meaning that the limited scope of the subsidy and fields of the supporting. After all its power might be constrained to some extent although the revenue of Microsoft has been a significant number every year. Overall, the society takes the Microsoft as a positive image.

The stakeholders of Microsoft would include the employees of the company (Clarke,1998), the large amount of the consumers, the business partners, the governments of the world, and the forth(Stout,2004). As a crucial part of the stakeholders, the employees of the company have benefited from Microsoft so much. For example, the real stocks have been distributed to employees in 2003 (Orwick, 2007; Nathan, 2006), which resulted in the growth of the wealth of each employee. To some extent, the rights and the benefits could be secured in the company. The other stakeholders, like the large amount of the consumers and the business partners, were attracted and secured through the high quality of the products provided by the Microsoft. With the development of the Windows 7(Brownlee, 2008), the consumers would benefit from the larger range of the services and share the convenience brought by the advancement of the information technology. In consequent, its stakeholders could not be damaged with the products and services. However, the high prices of the products would not be common to ordinary people(Dixita,2005). As a result, the fake products and services has stolen its similar technology to achieve the market(Hui, et al,2008), especially in the developing markets and emerging market where people could not afford the payment of the related products and services.

4.0 The Implications of the Company's Actions on Its Stakeholders

The employees of the company would be one of the most important parts of the stakeholders(Blind, 2010, Wu,2007; Jurgens, 2010). It is necessary to secure the rights and benefits for them to realize the further development. Taking the distribution of the real stocks for example; it was a good way to give the best motivation for the employees. The employees would pay their best efforts to do job when the company could fulfill their needs and requirements. The proper way realizing this aim would be the security of the physical benefits. While in the process of the concrete job, the employees would act positively. On the contrast way, the less motivation would result in the low efficiency during the process of the production, promotion, sales and so on. All these activities would cause the negative effects for the company. Even the negative activities would form an atmosphere of lazy and the loss of innovation. If the capacity of innovation loses, the company would be coming to the tomb soon later. In consequent, the implications of securing the stakeholder could be so significant so that it is necessary to pay special attention.

Since the consumers of the Microsoft's products and services, the related business partners and the governments, are related with Microsoft more or less, it is necessary for the company to decide whether the products and services are having excellent quality. Of course, most of efforts have been done in this aspect. However, the obvious problem would the high price of its products and services. Since the markets of Microsoft are not limited in the domestic, the price designated by the company should be matched with the local economic development level and the purchasing power(Kumar, 2008; Fleischer 2006). In consequent, the proper price which could be accepted by most of people may be the optimal choice of Microsoft.

5.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, Microsoft, treating serving others as the its value, makes great contribution to the society and fulfills its social obligations, creating great social wealth and providing a large number of products. But to the common consumers, the products' price is to high, especially in developing countries and poor countries. Thus piracy affairs appear one after anther. Although many measures taken out, it has little effects. The most essential way is to low the self-cost and make the products suit different countries with different economic development.

Presently, Microsoft has a vast space for development, but also faced many challenges. So Microsoft should enhance management and innovation to adapt the new society's development, meanwhile, more products with low price but suitable to the common people should be exploited. Moreover, management and innovation are also important to long-term development(Perrons, 2009).