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The emphasis in management theorising over the last twenty years has been on organisational effectiveness with its focus on strategic issues. This emphasis implies more than just efficiency which is concerned with doing things right.

Health service managers in developing countries only rarely regard research as integral to the process of priority setting, planning and management. To some extent, this is because the organisational environment is not supportive of managerial initiatives for research-based change. Furthermore, health-related research tends to support a relatively narrow range of managerial activity.

First is the expectation of those controlling funding and research, that it should produce generalisations. Second, there is a gap between the biomedical research which tends to get funded, and the problems managers really need to solve. Third, disproportionate attention is given to the evaluation of health status over and above organisational states. Fourth, much health systems research tends to embody a simplistic assumption that the only social function of health services is to improve health. Fifth, much of the research which is done is evaluative, and evaluations are frequently required to tell us whether formal goals have been achieved; this both rules out a learning process approach, and militates against finding out what is actually happening. Sixth, the question is raised that funding agencies may play a major role in limiting the use of qualitative research methods. It is suggested that any such effect may be peculiar to the health sector.

Human Resource Development (HRD) is the frameworks for serving workers to develop their personal and executive skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning. The Question formed will answer the breadth and depth of the Proposal.

What is the exploitation of human resources for the importance of the organization?

How can human resources strategy more effective?

Are there opportunities for innovation, human resource planning in specific companies, or other related initiatives must adapt the existing framework?

Growth of the organization and the key aspects of e-commerce ?

Are there any other factors that can affect the performance of the company, will the business needs provide implementation to the human resources strategy for the interaction?

The study will focus on a particular organization and performance and application of the relationship between the reviews of human resource strategy, which leads to effective results.

4.1Collect and analyse data and information to inform research.

Data collection will be chosen from the service industry employees in frequent contact with customers, and the need for appropriate treatment strategies to achieve the company of a great ritual manipulation. The target population includes banks, restaurants, courier services, travel agencies, insurance companies and telecommunication. The data collected at the end will be used in doing comparative analysis between the samples to check the competition between the companies. It is convenient sampling method to obtain the study sample. Initially, 160 questionnaires will be distributed to ensure that respondents can understand all the issues. Before collecting the questionnaires, the telephone call and confirmation will be given the questionnaire was completed. The entire human resources management has been designed so that the higher the score, is considered more prone to the battery management system of human resources practices of human resources and a lower score is the use of management system Human Resources (Wang and Xu, 2008) the human resource practices.

5.1 Summarise findings of the research project.

According to Delery and Dee (1996) Human Resource Management reports the system is internally consistent and supports each other, because the greatest value of these statements is that of a particular type of system resource management people. Storage system's human resources management, the use of human resources and management systems, human resources management system mediator between the mean score the higher the score the higher the score of the decision is based Govindarajan (1988) and operation of the proposed method Delery and Dee (1996). Delery and Dee (1996) on average for each variable, while the accumulator and future utilization plus or minus one standard deviation of the mean of each variable were designated as a designated mediator. Control variable is the size of the organization of companies and organizations in their respective ages. Organizational size and age of the organization, more likely to have more developed human resource practices (Bennett et al, 1998) effects. Organizational size is the total number of employees of the natural logarithm (Wang and Xu, 2008; Delery and Dee, 1996), organized by age, ordinal interval scale, it will be less than the class of that year is divided into four sets of measurement and control for 10 years, 11 to 20 years old, from 21 to 30 years and 30 years. SPSS 16 will be used for data analysis and correlation-regression analysis technique. Human resource management should focus on understanding the process of organizational performance and the impact of the design process and outcome variables of human resources.

5.2 Draw any conclusions and identify any recommendations from research findings.

Human resources is a constant source of competitive advantage, and traditional development and human resources strategy associated costs were also non-operating expenses is understood that these costs will be better investment capital as an asset. Organization's approach to human resource management has a significant relationship with the results of the organization, a revelation, supporting resources, is related to competitiveness, at least in part, in specific assets of the company. Although the published studies used more widely among the practices of resource management and business performance of the positive statistical relationship, it should also be borne in mind that, in addition to human resources practice many other factors that may affect organizational performance. In addition, it is likely that the business practices of human resource management and other resources of the complex. Human resources and the causal link between organizational performances, so that human resource managers, design, provide better presented to achieve better organizational performance. Current program or tools is likely to exist in the current research project, "participation" of all societies. For this reason, although job satisfaction and personal development staff will be relatively easy to follow, the problems in the workplace will be difficult to prove.

5.3 Present the research in a suitable format.

A well-written proposal will clearly combine these components to demonstrate how all the pieces fit together to provide a coherent training plan and subsequent research study. For example, the student may describe how he/she identified a problem in clinical practice and while searching the literature for an answer found an author who was studying a similar topic. In the process of corresponding with the author, the applicant decided to pursue a doctorate to study with this particular sponsor.

An applicant should plan enough time for multiple (at least three) drafts to be reviewed by the sponsor and other faculty volunteers and for the proposal to be reviewed and signed by several administrators in the school where they have matriculated including the dean. Early in the process of developing the proposal, the applicant must determine the policy of the school regarding the amount of time needed for signoff of proposals. Some schools require up to 10 working days before the proposal's due date. Although this might seem a long time, a student should recognize that grant office personnel are handling many other proposals with the same due dates and need sufficient time to process the proposal. A meeting with the appropriate administrators to determine the specific requirements of the school to determine time frames of submission needs to be scheduled early. In many schools, the appropriate administrator is the associate dean for research, but in some places, it may be the director of a center or a department chair. In almost all cases, a grant administrator is included. In planning the schedule, a student should plan for time for a final review of the proposal before it is submitted and double-check that the appropriate bio sketches are included, page numbers are correct, and that final formatting of the proposal has not created problems.