The Effectiveness Of Erecruitment Business Essay

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The title of this study is the effectiveness of e-recruitment as compared with other methodologies of organizational recruitment. This research captures the context of my study because it will help in understanding the importance of modern methodologies of conducting recruitments. This research involves itself in the study of management, and because of this, it integrates theories of management into explaining the importance of e-recruitment as opposed to other conventional forms of recruitment. This research is important to students of management, as it identifies the weaknesses and strengths of e-recruitment as an alternative method of recruiting members of staff (Reynolds and Weiner, 2009).

It is important to undertake this study, because the emergence of the internet has changed the way business organizations conduct their affairs. In the modern times, serious business organizations have a website that advertises their products, outlines the aim and the objectives of the company (Rashmi, 2010). Through the internet, business organizations can seek for new markets of their products, can conduct market research through online surveys for purposes of identifying how their products, employees and policies are perceived in the market arena. To be relevant, it is important for these organizations to engage in innovative ideas that can attract online attention and traffic to their website (Bogardus, 2004).

One important method is through the notion of e-recruitment. This research is important because it will identify how the organization can take advantage of the enormous number of people who use the internet for purposes of efficiently looking for the right kind of employees. It is important to denote that it is the kind of employees an organization has that determines how efficiently the same organization meets its objectives. By placing advertisement on their job portals, chances are high that a large number of people will gain access to the information, and thereafter apply (Recruitment Management, 2010).

This will give the organization an opportunity to scrutinize different talents, and find the right people. Large international organizations such as the United Nations, Microsoft Company, Coca Cola, have adopted this form of recruitment. These are companies with enormous resources, and a wide market base. This study therefore analyzes the impact of this form of recruitment in these organizations, and how it has contributed in attracting the right skills in various positions within the company (Bergman, 2008). This study would also analyze the theoretical framework that guides the application of e-recruitment terminologies.

It is important to understand how theories explain the behavior of modern day executives, for purposes of understanding their managerial style (Schultz, 1972). The style in which a manager leads his or her organization determines to a great extent the methodologies his organization will use in recruiting staff (Kettley, 2010). This research therefore will provide the various theoretical frameworks applicable to human resource management, and thereafter identify one theory that better explains the reasons as to why it is important to use e-recruitment in the selection of staff (Pankl, 2010).

Basing on these factors therefore, it is important to undertake the study, and for an individual to care for the results of the study. This is because such a person we have knowledge on human resource management, and on the importance of using modern technologies in recruiting skilled and efficient staff (Whetten and Godfrey, 1998).

Research Question, Aims and Objective of the Research:

This research aims to answer the following questions;

How has e-recruitment contributed in enhancing efficiency in the workforce of a specific international organization?

In what ways do human resource manager use the internet to conduct online recruitment?

What tools do human resource managers use in the process of conducting online recruitment?

What is the role of human resource theories in explaining the conduct of recruitment managers?

Which specific human resource theory applies to e-recruitment?

The following are the aims of this research;

To identify the effectiveness of e-recruitment in enhancing the productivity of a work force.

To identify the methods in which human resource managers use in recruiting their staff through the internet.

To identify the specific internet tools, that human resources managers use to conduct online recruitment.

To identify the role of theories in explaining the conduct of human resource managers.

To identify a specific human resource theory, and analyze its impact in explaining the behavior of human resource managers towards the recruitment of their staff through the internet.

The objectives of this research are three; namely,

To provide information that centers on the efficiency of e-recruitment in meeting the objectives of an organization.

To analyze the various theories that shapes the philosophies of human resource management, and thereafter identifies one that applies to the use of the internet in recruitment.

To provide information on the application of the identified human resource theory in an organization.

Is the study Theory Building or Theory Testing?

The approach I will use in conducting this research is to build a research design that has the capability of testing the following human resource theory, “The strategic management human resource theory”. In order to test this theory, it is important to design a research model that reflects the following validity (Sue and Rita, 2007),

Construct validity.

Internal validity.

External validity

Construct validity has two main elements, namely independent and dependent variables. These variables have the capability of measuring and testing a given theoretical framework (Graham and Bennett,, 1998). An independent variable refers to a paradigm that influences other paradigms in a research. A dependent variable refers to a paradigm that is influenced by other paradigms in a research. The role of the internal validity in a research is to provide a proof that changes that occurred in a variable that is independent, was because of changes reflected in a dependent variable (Mejia et al, 2001).

However this type of validity is only limited to experimental research designs (Hersey and Blanchard, 1982). This is because experimental research designs are manipulated, while non-experimental research designs are measured. In external validity, a researcher conducts other experiments which are similar to the one conducted, in order to verify the results. This research will rely on the construct validity to test the theory under consideration.

Context of the Dissertation and Application of the Theory:

This research gives a description of the following theories of management (Phillips, 1971);

Organizational culture development theory.

Employee training and management theory.

Strategic human resource management theory.

Change management theory.

Of these four theories, this paper analyzes the strategic human resource theory, and by use of constructive validity, it analyzes this theory if it explains the efficiency of e-recruitment in the management of employees (Kent, 2005). The reason why this research focuses on strategic human resource management theory is because it identifies the functions of an employee, the manner of their recruitment, the policies of the organization in relation to the various functions that these people conduct within the same organization (Försterling, 2001).

According to this theory, an organization achieves its goals if it has highly skilled personnel, and the real problem is how to find and identify these skilled people. On this note, the internet comes as a solution, because it is accessible to millions of people, and therefore finding the right person by using it is possible. This research uses the theory of strategic human management to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of using online recruitment methods in international organizations (Denzin and Lincoln, 1998).

International organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and United Nations Children Education Fund use this channel to recruit their staff. The main reason as to why this organizations use e-recruitment methodologies is because of their international stature and their desire to attract the best talent to fill their void positions (Ewins, 2000). This research focuses on Unicef, and this is because the organization is an International Organization, with a wider mandate from the United Nations to ensure the protection of the rights of children.

For instance, this research examines the structure of the human resource department of Unicef, and how the department advertises vacant positions through the internet. Analyzing this organization is important because it has branches all over the world, and for it to function effectively, it has to employ highly motivated people, with the right skill. On this note, the theory of strategic human resource management can better explain the behavior of the organizations human resource personnel, and managers (Arthur, 2001).

On this note therefore, this research seeks to find out the process of e-recruitment at Unicef, and how efficient it is in enabling the organization to attract and recruit the best talent for its vacant position. This research concerns itself with the online tools that the organization uses in recruiting its staff, and conducting interviews. For example, does the organization use the social site Skype, or has it developed its own software that can make it possible for the management and prospective employees to interact through the internet. Basing on these facts therefore, the main context of this research is to find out the manner in which strategic management human resource management theory contributes to the development of better recruitment practices within Unicef, and how these practices leads to the efficiency in which the organization achieves its objectives.