The Effectiveness of Communication At New World

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To complete the assignment it is required to collect the information about the role of communication in an organization development. So New World chooses as an organization to get knowledge about effectiveness of communication. New World has effective communication system within and out side of an organization.

New World has a friendly and controlled atmosphere. The employees of an organization are aware about vision and mission statement of new world, therefore helping all employees to work in an efficient manner and working together to achieving New Worlds wider goals.

New World is all about customer service and staff satisfaction. The other supermarket company PAK'nSAVE is more about numbers and low prices than keeping the consumer happy. Research has found that New World staff is handled informally before it is to be taken formally to keep staff happy. Research has also shown that by communicating the rules and procedures to staff, it keeps the work environment safe.

The management of New World has meetings every week so they are kept up to date and they can discuss any problems that have occurred. With new technology such as computers and telephones entering the organization rapidly, they have meetings to find out the best way to delicate the training of the staff which tends to be towards the full time staff.

New World uses all forms of written communication and oral communication on a day to day basis such as emails sent in memo form and weekly and fortnightly letters that are sent to the staff.

New World offers a lot of support to their employees and the staff is told to have fun while still following the rules. The communication is used to control the environments and the managers have their own leadership style so a culture within each department is created from the workers.

There are no communication barriers when it comes to gender, culture, race, greed or disabilities so there is no tolerance to any difference between the staff.


Business communication covers a huge body of knowledge both internal and external of an organization. Business communication is a process whereby people exchange their ideas to each other.

Basic communication model



Sender Receiver

The base unit of this model can be called a connection.


If there is an identifiable sender, receiver, and medium, they define a connection along which a message can flow. When the sender sends a message, the medium transmits it, and the receiver receives the message.

The organization has been operating from many years in New Zealand. Effective communication is essential for any organization, as if there is a glitch in the communications process then a lot of things could potentially go wrong which could result in a serious consequence for the organization. In order to have good communications there needs to be a person to lead the business i.e. the manager who is well focused and can lead a team and knows what to do in any situation.

Purpose of study:

Purpose of study is to get the information about importance and role of communication in an organization development.


Business demographics:

Effective business analysis is required for every business in this competitive business world. In the business analysis collecting the information from different sources and gathered the all information to view the result of business progress. It is vary important for future plains, goal and making smart business decision.

Management of New World knows about the importance of business demographics and they use these for taking effective steps for organization progress. New world has the successful retail business in New Zealand market. The organization provides food for kiwis from many years and organization is very success in the business. New World is all about people and employees of the organization that makes the difference from other retail organization.

Organization goal:

"We are the regions No.1 supermarket of choice. We are all about the best practice". This is supported by the mission statement which is "To be a complete team that strives for continuous improvement to deliver the ultimate supermarket experience at all times"

The business appears to have clearly defined ideas of whom and what they are and how they plan to operate.

Culture and ethics

New World offers a lot of employee support and through this develop a high level of trust, companion ship, loyalty and respect. As employees are entering the organization the, rules, regulations and future direction of New World are made clear and it shows the culture and ethics of New World. As these are implemented they also tell them to have fun while following the rules and regulations. This sets the organizations overall culture. Communication is used to control the environment so staff is aware of New Worlds expectations.

New World not only has an overall structure but the culture in addition is implemented into the individual departments. As each department has their own work environment a sub culture is created. Communication is not used to control employees, but the managers use communication to control the environment and let the culture emerge from the workers. In Barnett & O'Rourke (2006) they suggest "Culture is communication and communication is culture" and that culture is a specialised lifestyle of a group of people.

Management of knowledge resources:

"The possession of knowledge, applied experience, organizational technology, customer relationships, and professional skills that provides Skandia AFS with a competitive edge in the market".

The management team of the organization is very sportive to the staff and superiors and leaders of the team shares their knowledge and experiences with their staff and motivate them towards the goal of the organization.

The team of the organization has right to face to face communication with each other from top to bottom of the management team. They can easily share their problems with the top of the management. It is really important to motivate their staff and progress of the organization.

Group dynamics:

Group dynamics is the study of groups, and also a general term for group processes. Relevant to the fields of psychology, sociology, and communication studies, a group is two or more individuals who are connected to each other by social relationships. Because they interact and influence each other, groups develop a number of dynamic processes that separate them from a random collection of individuals. These processes include norms, roles, relations, development, need to belong, social influence, and effects on behavior. The field of group dynamics is primarily concerned with small group behavior. Groups may be classified as aggregate, primary, secondary and category groups.

New World management team knows about the importance of group dynamics for the development and motivation of employees so they always use group dynamics as to motivate their team. Group dynamics motivate to the employees to be honesty, loyalty, and hardworking for their team. The origination uses different ways of group dynamics. All employees can show their interest which can affect their performance in workplace.

Communication through meetings:

The New World management team has meetings every week where they reflect over what has occurred since the last meeting and discuss any problems they have encountered. "The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas"(Barnett & O'Rourke, 2006, p.312). This shows the purpose of having the meeting and it is clear New World follow this theory. The minutes and agendas are recorded for each meeting and if any managers are absent, they are kept up to date by the Store Manager,who also distributes summaries of the meetings to everyone via email.

To encourage the wider goals to be achieved, it is essential that all staff that is currently working in New World is focused in the same direction. This is embedded when new employees are told about the vision and goal statement at the induction stage so they know what New World stands for and the direction that are heading in. This guarantees that all staff is aware of New Worlds Wider goals.

Barnett & O'Rourke (2006) suggests "It means addressing opportunities and needs so that your organization can achieve its goals"


The basic definition of the stakeholders is "any group or individual" that can be affect the organization or affected by the organizational progress. Stakeholder is the person that has any type of interest in an origination by direct or indirect way.

There are two types of stakeholders' internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Internal are employees, managers and owners and external stakeholders are such as suppliers, society, government, shareholders ect. The organization should have proper communication with the stakeholders to development of the organization.










New World has direct communication with the internal and external stakeholders such as, with their team, government official, and suppliers through meetings. The organization organized meetings on regular bases as they should have knowledge about the development of organization.


Equipment technology;

New World consistently experiences rapid changes of new technology. As a result, it is discussed through meetings so they are able to work out the best possible way to handle it. Usually, the new technologies are department specific due to each department needing different materials. The training of the staff is then discussed to ensure the right staff is allocated the use of the equipment and from this majority of the training goes to the full time staff because they work with the equipment more than the part time staff.

Due to this, the different equipment for the products they sell requires stable communication in place. The training is then discussed between managers to ensure the right staff is allocated to the use of the new equipment. For example all full time staff members will be trained as they cover the main bulk of the day where as part time staff will vary due to the hours they work. The equipment is switched off at 5pm as the bulk of this work is done throughout the day.


The New World management teams are all allocated computers. This gives them access to all files that are necessary and that are specific to their role. Emailing is the main source of communication used. Because of this, it is efficient so staff is able to go about their day to day routine and pass information on quickly. Due to new software changing constantly it is important that the staff are up to date with the technology, but as this can be time consuming and costly.


Telephones play a major role in communication. The management team at New World has allocated store phones in each department. This is to ensure staff, whether they are part or full time are able to communicate with the managers during their shift if something occurred and they needed assistance.

Forms of written communication:

New World use's all forms of written communication on a day to day basis. An example of written communication is their uses of email in memo form for inter staff information.

New World has both formal and informal communication methods however the management team prefers to deal with a situation informally before any formal matters take place. Therefore, they believe staff is happier and situations are handled appropriately.

New World is an easy going organization, and the informal methods help keep the staff satisfaction levels high. Because of this, formal methods are only used when appropriate i.e. letters and contact with other organizations.


The communication system in New World is very effective in an organization and outside of the organization. The communication strategies that are in place an advantage to New World. Managers are informed of any changes immediately by the use of emails, telephones that they each have been allocated, which is very effective as each and every one knows exactly what's happening and when.

New World has all forms of communication and it is very effective in the organization development. It is helpful to reduce the risk of conflict in the team. The organization use the face to face communication, electronic communication and all forms of written communication.


Cultural Day

New world should have a celebration cultural day to further embed their active understanding and acceptance of other cultures.

Formal and Informal communication

New World should continue their informal communication policies to further enhance staff satisfaction. New World could examine ways to include part time staff to increase their participate in the communication chain.