The Distinctions Between Supervision Management And Leadership Business Essay

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Supervision is the on-site or a particular aspect of the process of monitoring, supervision and management, its results is to can achieve the planed goal (Michael, 2010). Management is the progress of planning, implementation, inspection and improvement. Management needs to proceed from the overall point of view, plan, need a higher human ability, and the Superintendent is in charge of only part of a management oversight. Any management activities must be composed of four basic elements, Management body, Management object, Organizational purposes and Organizational environment or conditions (Jonathan, 2011).

Management emphasizes reason and control (Ferrell, 2007). It is to organize a group of people to complete a common goal. Management usually asks such questions, what should be done, what to do. Management is a system of method, which involves many factors such as organizational behavior. Sales companies need a group of people to complete a task, then management is to solve the problem, make staffs play the right position on their positions, and to ensure the daily work in smooth progress.

In addition to the management, leadership also includes the human factor. Leadership is responsibility to help personal development. Everyone in the organization has the own dignity and worth of every person while everyone has different skills and talents. Leadership will motivate staff, encourage innovation, and seek potential opportunities and rewards (Chris, 2011).

3.0 The relationship between emotional and social intelligence and sales leadership

Emotional intelligence is positively related with the leadership, the leader in high emotional intelligence can affect employees more excitement, enthusiasm, confidence and optimism, and promote organizational performance improvement. Emotional intelligence not only has a great impact the work of the employees, the same for the leadership. Business executives will also have to play a big role, so in terms of leadership for the enterprise, improving their emotional intelligence play an important role in promoting leadership (Robert, 2008). The high emotional intelligence leaders to enable them longer than their own and others emotional evaluation and expression, longer control their own and others emotions tend to more easily construct the image of charismatic leadership. Emotional intelligence can be changed through learning. Business leaders strengthen the learning and training in emotional intelligence, which will be necessary to introduce and enhance the charisma leadership. In the emotional intelligence based on their self-awareness and improved, they will begin marketing their emotional intelligence in order to promote their own charisma (Lee, 2007). For example, they are good at self-monitoring, they can show the adaptability to the community of context-sensitive and ability to let others realize their ideas, vision and values​​, and strengthen the efforts under the intrinsic value. This will also be considered attractive, while also consciously force themselves to change some old bad habits.

Social intelligence is the ability to interact with others, dialogue, negotiation, persuasion. It is the highest rate of return which can have the ability to have the most attention, and this ability can develop by practice (MICHAEL, 2009. Try to learn some of the most influential people in today's world who are using communication skills, learning how to be gentle, friendly, lovable people, and strive to become an attractive person.

Great leaders are those who are often able to conduct their own mind as to the surrounding population sharing system exert a strong influence people (Ferrell, 2007). As long as the leader to understand other people's emotions, they do not be afraid to act according to their own judgments. Followers make it effective leaders have a tacit understanding with them or resonance. To effectively exercise the social circuit, the only way is to reform their behavior. Social businesses executives can overcome their own problems through training eventually, so they become excellent executives. However, with the measure of human development of new scientific methods began to confirm these theories and its direct link with job performance, and management of those areas of the soft factors also began to receive attention (Jonathan, 2011).

4.0 Design a customized motivational mix and reward system for each member of sales team

4.1 Wage system

In order to encourage sales clerk positive, with the fastest speed to open market sales and consolidate and further develop for new markets, achieve the company target, this sales team of the company intends to develop a preliminary program of the new incentives.

First, the sales staff salaries constitute:

Sales staff salaries constitute: a fixed position salary, performance salary, seniority salary, Commission, bonus and special incentive

1) Fixed post salary: it is the employees' basic salary, staff stability is guaranteed.

Fixed post salary based on fixed sales position qualifications can be divided into A, B, C, D and total of five initial levels. They levels classification differentiate will depend on experience and personal ability to take sales on task. Qualification and salary levels as follows:


Annual sales target (AUD: million)

Mount guard qualification

Salary (dollar/month)


Less than 1

High school








University withat least 3 years work experience




University withat least 5 years work experience



More than 5

University withat least 10 years work experience


(Table 1)

4.1.1 Salesman

1) The seniority salary: in the company for every 1 year (calculated from the qualifying period), increased length of service subsidies 30dollar / month, every year over at the effective date of wage increase for the length of service. This is a monthly payment.

2) Performance salary: normal performance and examination results, assessment content, see table. 20% of basic salary will be used to examine as a floating base as performance salary. 80% of basic salary will be guaranteed.

3) The sales commission

â-† the sales team has had already relatively abundant market resources, the company has also done a lot of initial investment market, the basic sales volume of retail outlet is set to AUD1100 million. Sales staff is on a monthly basis by each of the task decomposition (see annex table). Sales staff can enjoy the commission under the situation of the task will be completed at least 100% of the month.

a) Commission rate: first to develop the basic sales tasks as the target, the mission objectives within and beyond the commission exceeded the proportion is different, the following are recommendations:

Business sales commission does not target the provisions of the proportion of commission remains the same. As shown below:

(Diagram 1)

From the graph it is clear to see that the proportion of commission remains the same, so no matter how the sales target set, the sales commission completed in accordance with the actual provision for a% of sales. Proposed here is set to 0.5. The actual completion of the annual sales volume of 15 million as an example the task calculate the sales commission: 1500 * 0.005 = 75 thousand dollar

Sales commission incentive plans: A larger proportion of commission is after the completion of goals. Can use the following diagram:

(Diagram 2)

From the graph, it is clear to see that if the completion of the sales does not exceed the target value; the actual completion a% of sales will be for the sales staff can get the commission. Upon the completion of the sales more than target value, the excess part of the provision in proportion to b%, where b is greater than a value.

Proposed here target is 20 million, a = 0.5, b = 0.7. In other words, the total annual mission sales is 20 million, the 20 million or less, by 0.5% sales commission, more than 20 million part of the calculation by 0.7% . Actually completed the task in sector 25 million an example to calculate the total sales commission: 2000 * 0.005 +500 * 0.007 = 135 thousand。

Sales of more than 25 million dollar target, the excess is of 3% commission as an incentive bonus in the form has been released.

b) Sales points in time: the time customers pay the goods will be the appointed time. Monthly verification of the company's accounting is for the confirmation.

c) The specific sales and calculations approved: When the sales to AUD transaction, the sales revenue of the sales value of the contract amount. When the sales turnover in U.S. dollars, the sales revenue of U.S. dollars on the foreign exchange income of AUD. Cashier sales statistics based on monthly sales reports, monthly reconciliation with the Finance Department, as monthly, quarterly, year-end total sales approved an important and unique basis.

d) Release time: It is recommended that the completed of the basic monthly commission sales will be monthly release. Sales excess of the basic part will be a quarter payments, sales to the target distribution part of the commission beyond the target year will be an annual payment (Thomas, 2008).

e) Capital return: clerk must ensure that the closing conditions are in a reasonable safe receipt, back to the rate is of 100%. Transaction at the time of each order sales contract filed in the Finance Department, the Finance Ministry strict assessment receivables. Not recovered within 3 days beyond the month deduct of commission. For sales clerk 3 months have not completed the basic, company will lower basic wage level and commission sales will be calculation on a level under the standard rate.

f) Receivables: Company will only accept advance payment 70% and 30% paid before delivery of payment, which will be strict controlled by the project manager. If the customer has other requirements, which require special handling in order to develop the business must be agreed by the project manager and report to company executives agreed to sign only before implementation (Robert, 2008).

4) Special Award

In order to encourage sales achieved initial breakthrough, self-cultivation, self-improvement, the company has made outstanding contributions. Proposed sale of the company to set up terms of awards, the company has sales in three consecutive months of increased stability, the highest growth rate in honor of staff, won the title of marketing experts and Bonus 3000 dollar once a quarter. Special incentive and commission bonuses that do not conflict and is not compatible, the reigning royalty in the performance inside the business issuance will be issued by the company alone (Michael, 2010). Fulfilled in the realization of the business award will be implemented in a quarter.

4.1.2 Manager Salary allocation plan

At the same time, the manager is responsible for individual sales targets and be responsible for total sales, so manager will participate in department sales commission (Jonathan, 2011). Constitute the manager's salary: basic salary, post salary and sales commission. Relatively fixed basic salary of management staff is full recognition, and enhance their organization's identity. Salary, fixed payment of 60%, 40% paid quarterly. 40% of the quarter in part by the general manager of the task is completed under the circumstances. Relying on the general manager sees the situation when the contract expires.

3, the commission subject:

Business sector is as a whole commission created by the team (Mark, 2007). For the overall situation, consider the overall interests of departments, managers, and business commission the power to govern the second distribution. Specific distribution plan will be based on the position of technical difficulty, degree of transaction complexity, staff qualifications, performance and other developed and routinely report to company executives agree.

Distribution ratio of the initial idea of ​​the main business accounted for 90 - 95%, 5-10% of support staff. Which accounts for the business manager is the main part of the 40% commission, and other sales accounted for around 60%. The proportion of sales volume of scheduled tasks will be allocated.

4. other staff members of the company, where the company will take 1-2 months into the probationary period base salary of the probation period 1000-1200dollar, depending on the specific quality of the staff; employees through the implementation of the trial period wages: the market of basic salary, bonus and attendance Award. Bonuses based on quarterly sales, and employee performance appraisal performance of the usual set up by the department manager.

5, other

1), the clerk also enjoy the company provides travel subsidies, food subsidies, and phone bill assistance.

2), the company clerk under the provisions of relevant insurance, which does not include more than wages should bear part of the company.

3) The company provides free accommodation, meals will be arranged themselves.

4.2 different team members with different salary components

For the male staff Paul at the age of 55, worked for 3 years, and he has three dependents in his family. This British has the personality of reserved, ambitious and confidents, so the components of his salary will be Basic salary plus commission, the Basic salary will a guarantee of his life and family expenses, while the commission is for his effort. Although he is in old ages, the ambitious and confidents and his university background will help him to earn more, and bring more benefit to the company. The commission will be calculated according to Diagram 1.

For the female team member Virginia, she is at the age of 45, she has worked in this company for 12years, and she is the employee works the longest time. The components of her salary will be Basic salary plus commission as well, but her Basic salary will be the highest in the team, she has the characters of competent, assertive and adventurous. The higher Basic salary will be an affirmation of her, and the commission will be an award of encouragement in some extent. Although she only has an education of high school, the longer work experience and the competent will help her to work harder. The commission will be calculated according to Diagram 1.

For the youngest Australian staff Greg, he is at the age of 28, with the education of university, and a relatively long time work experience of 4years. Young people like to challenge, so the components of his salary will be commission with no basic salary, this kind of salary will encourage him to work harder to Proof his ability of extroverted, sociable and intelligent. He will be the Potential talents in this team, so he is the man who has the most likely promotion. The commission will be calculated according to Diagram 2.

For Alana, she is at the age of 31, from New Zealand, only worked for 6 mouths. She is a serious, smart and ambitious woman in the team. The components of her salary will be Basic salary plus commission, but the Basic salary will be lower than Paul and Virginia because of her short work experience. The future performance will determine her salary components in the following working progress. The commission will be calculated according to Diagram 1.

Above all, all the four members in this team have different salary components. But the Special Award will be applicable to all of them in order to encourage them to fight for further breakthrough. Bonus will be determined by the performance monthly or annually.

4.3 Motivational mix

In addition to remuneration, motivational mix also can be: spiritual encouragement, the training and seminars strive.

4.3.1 The requirements for employees

Aspirations are a comprehensive, all-round success, not only the success of their own, but also to help others succeed (Lee, 2007); not only to change themselves, but also to go to change others. Engaged in the sales business can learn how to communicate, how to cooperate with others, how to establish good relationships, how to do time management, how to start and how to do life planning.

4.3.2 The business value perspective

The first is access to capacity; Followed is to make time double; the third is access to genuine friendship, Fourth, life-long guarantee (Peter, 2008).

Sales team is a cause for intentional people:

Give a thought successful people; Give a thought pioneering person; have thought of freedom to pursue remarkable;

Give a thought to pursue healthy life; Give a thought pursuit of happiness; Give a thought to pursue the wealth;

Give a thought to pursue the man of wisdom; Give a thought has the sincere friendship; Give a thought has love and caring people;

Give a thought has the perpetual youth; Give a thought; with generation security¼› Give a thought with happiness to the family;

Give a thought to travel around the world; Give a thought dreams come true.

4.3.3 How to succeed?

Because is an opportunity for success in life, only to determine goals, develop plans, and constantly learning and have the determination, perseverance and can persist in the end, it will succeed.

Success is the most popular themes. Everyone wants to succeed. What is success? There is a head end to the thing a success. From the starting point, to the end, is the need to have the determination, persistence and perseverance. Amway was determined to do, but not persistence, perseverance, they can not succeed.

Many people think, "I can not succeed, I missed success." The following points are caused by the reasons they do not succeed:

1, the power failed. Do not want things never happen. Similarly, do not want to succeed, never be successful. Ideal, only reason they wanted could become a reality.

2, the negative environment. Environmental factors contribute to be successful, they developed the habit of thinking they do not believe themselves will not succeed.

3, they do not believe they will succeed. A non-confident person is very difficult to succeed.

Every successful man in the world needs to have the ability (MICHAEL, 2009). This capability is the result of nurture learning. It includes three capabilities, namely based, interpersonal skills and ability concepts. The real capacity of the great men, only 20% is of standard capacity, and other interpersonal skills and the concept of capacity is 40%.

Doing business is very simple, it is a good day to say, learn, and do, teach well. So they can face mask to become a successful leader.

5.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, the distinctions between supervision, management and leadership have been analyzed, they all has the contribution of a certain area. The relationship between emotional and social intelligence (ESI) and sales leadership also be discussed, the emotional and social intelligence (ESI) is important for sales leadership. The most part analyze the customized motivational mix and reward system for each member of sales team, the salary components of them are different for the others in order to make more effective and bring more benefit to the company.