The difference between counselling and mentoring

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As we know that in competition era it's really difficult to run business. And every stage of business time period need to make more attention on qualitative information. Some time, for more pressure a person lost his energy, goes in depression etc. and finally create a problem for own life. With prop of counselling and mentoring we can give right and proper solution for this issue. So, here we are going to explain about what does it means? And difference between them. First of all, counselling it means that, counselling means one type of help done for human forces. On other words to say," it provides you with more compassionate, confidential environment in which to explore any emotional, psychological or other personal issues which you may be encountering." Apart from this, "mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." As per Eric Parsloe , The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring point of view. It means to motivate a person to make progress in their careers. In addition, mentoring is a combination of mentor and mentee. A mentor reveals that, it is a guide who can help the mentee to discover right direction of success in life or to achieve goal in life.

Furthermore, major variation between mentoring and counselling are, in counselling term indicates , advise which given by another human being. Secondly, it shows a clarify thoughts and feelings in a way which enables to make modification in a life. Last but not least, reveals "take an active part in becoming the person you really want to be." However, mentoring indicates that, it is totally different activities which modify a human force carrier. In addition, mentoring reveals likewise to counselling , " an emotional support necessary for the exploration and healing of the blocks those areas of yourself which may have been wounded in the past and which may be preventing you from having choices about how you are, how you relate and how you experience your life." Finally , suitable instance of counselling is , a project manager of any information technology company. Like, a right and proper manager can prop their staff members in proper way and aware of staff ability or show them own ability. On other side, mentoring instance is a, "There are many business mentoring relationships, notably Chris Gent and Arun Sarin at Vodafone and there are many more examples from politics and other fields"

2) Identify three professional development skills that help you to meet your personal or organization's goals and objectives.

As we have been facing lots of challenging in this competition era where for every position or place need to become more skilful person. Then and then you can stand for that position. so, for that a person should have soundly skills whether it's professional or personal skills. For instance, for a manger of any company need to have good ability to handle a business. Here, we are going to explain about main three professional skills which are an essential for this area. Like a person should have, good communication skills for business environment, inter personal relationship. Finally, they should have creativity or a way of thinking is qualitative compare to difference. These are main an important professional skills in a business level. But, how it will prop for organization to achieve a goal and objectives.

In addition, first of all, a higher communication is an essential skill in organization. Because of, with prop this skill a person can prove own self or to present own ideas to management. This is an extremely important for business level. Apart from this, inter personal relationship is also important skills in a business environment. Means that, a person should have a good relation with other staff members. And always ready to help those on that base level can create a good relation with other team partners in company. This is very important for company to achieve a goal. Because of, good relationship between all employees is a strong point for that organization. Every employee knows about own role in project or task to finish for company. And all these things can be done by only good relationship and qualitative communication. Last but not least, creative thinking is a strong factor to achieve a goal for organization. A person should think out side of box. Which will bring revolution for organization and it's an essential for business level.

So, these are all more essential skills which will bring uprising in business environment especially to achieve a goal.

3) Describe Time Management. What are its benefits? Explain how it can enable you to use your time more effectively.

Time is a curial obsession in a human force. In addition, as per business perspectives time is most important factor in business area. And also for routine life time is also essential object for human forces. Time management indicates that," It is a planning, arranging, organizing and also budgeting for time. Behind all these task main and essential thing is a to save more time and finish a task with effective and productive manner which is main aim of every organization's management. time management essential for every human force whether belongs from student category, teachers, factory labours, or CEO of any company. Without time management task can not finish with good output. So, managing time is important for every one in this planet.

Apart from this, with prop of time management a person can brings a revolution in their life. Time management brings a qualitative work which is important for business oriented. Secondly, with prop of it, a person can save more time and that point of time can invest in other task .which is important for them. Last but not least, with managing a time schedule or planning can improve efficiency of product and service of company and also finish work on time. So, time management is really vital in this competition era. Furthermore, with assist of time management in my routine really modify in each and very task which is important for me. In addition, I used to finish task on time it's really bring strength for me. Finally, time management is important sector in human life.

4) What is the value of a Continues Professional Development (CPD) programme to both an organization and an individual? Include evidence from an organization with which you are familiar.

As we know that progressing in carrier which will bring lots of benefits for human forces. First of all, here we are going to explain about Continues Professional Development in professional and personal life. First of all, if we talk about professionally point of view, then it's really essential for business and a person as well. CPD indicates, "A person who is maintaining, improving their knowledge, skills and abilities day after day which quality needed for entrepreneur or good leader. If we make attention on professional point of view it's really important for organization to bring qualitative work done by employee of organization and modify a future of company. SO, CPD is very important factor for business point of view.

On other side, CPD also give more benefits in routine life. With prop of that, a person stared to make time schedule for work. Monthly budget for home and etc. noticeable changing is a confident of that person. Human beings finish any task or work with fully confident which is an extremely important for business organization and also in routine life. This shows a right personality of that human. Thus, CPD can change a life of human being in both point of view in professionally and also in routine life.

Task 2

Describe the stages of personal skills audit. How can it be used to develop the skills needed for effective management and leadership?

As we know in this competition era in every sector higher qualitative work requires continuing in position. In a business sector main vital point is a good skill for work whether a person belongs from small organization or multi national company. Personal skills are an essential path to get success in business. Especially when we talk about career orientation and a person wants to bright future. In addition, personal skills audit very important for those people who wants to change own careers so, for that base level a person should know about own strengths and talents. If a person has clear idea about own skills and strength in mind then it's most essential for him.

Further more, mainly five stages for personal skills audits, first one is knowledge identification and present skills. Second, Future skills. Third, Rating ability. Forth, rating review ability. Finally, Future Development. So, these are all major steps for personal skills audits. So, for a better management and for good leader need to make focus on all stage or skills. To achieve good leader position need to make attention on how to improve all these skills for qualitative skills. First of all, a leader should believe in own self and more confident regarding work progress. In addition, for better management and as a leader need to develop a time management skill which an extremely important as leader because, in every stage of business time is most crucial assets for company. So, with prop of time management skill try bring more opportunities for business level. More over, as a manager of company a person should have good communication skill which impresses clients or other people. And that is an essential point for company. Last but not least, for better work place a good leader always try to create good relation with other people. For instance, with staff members and project partners. Because, with good relation ship a group can make good communication and solve any problem. Finally, most vital skills which need to learn that is, "a good leader always ready to learn some thing new which will brings opportunities for company. And also he/she has ability to think about side of box". Thus, all these skills must require or need to develop to become a good leader of company or for better management.

Discuss the important of identifying learning style.

As we saw that for a good leader or a better management need to think outside of box means that a management should have ability to learn some thing new compare to other competitor. Learning style is important to way to learn. Because, every person has different style to learn skills so, it influences more in person career. Learning style can be very helpful for faculty. Because of, with prop of good learning style a student can learn very easy and right way. For instance, if we talk about any multi national company or any technical company before employee any people they take aptitude test. And started their mind to think critical environment. If, they employee directly without any test then it will be very difficult for employee to take pressure on that position.

In addition, learning style is most important assent to improve skills. If a way of learning is not proper then it will create problem in for human being. Apart from this, a teacher should know about how student grasping more. So, on that base level a teacher need to learn them. There are many different learning styles. Like, some research programme, teaching topic, interesting topic etc. so, all these things are most important for learning new skill. Apart from this, learning style is vital thing for skills. But, all keys depends on how learner getting it? Like in a business field, every organization has totally distinct style to train employees. And main an essential point to note that, for company must require that an employee has clear ideas about skills and how to develop in various position and time. Which influence greatly in a business life. Thus, a way of learning style is an essential for professional and also in routine life for human being.

How can you monitor the effectiveness of your own learning style?

As we have seen that learning style is an essential for human being and each and every ways. But, with prop of own monitoring style a person can learn easily in right and proper way which is most essential for them. Apart form this, monitoring is one of best and proper way to run business. First of all, with help of monitoring we can manage a system for learning. For instance, with prop of that we can improve learn a skills in proper way and qualitative. For instance, if we talk about own learning style. When I learn something from my college or company. I always focus on how to make it effective for me and my future. So, I try to invest few time for that topic instead of spend a time. Because of, spending time is different compare to invest time period. And try to refer day after day. So, on this way I can monitor my learning style. Apart from this, as I said that in my regular schedule also believes in Time Management. And I am getting more benefits to invest more time for other task for learn new things.

Finally, on this way I can manage my self to learn new things in this challenging environment and try to create more bright future for life. So, this way we can monitor our new learning style.

Task 3

What is the purpose of a personal Development plan?

First of all, personal development is an essential for business place especially for those people who are belongs from business environment. First of all, personal development

Personal Development Planning is a process by which an individual can manage their own development through a process of reflection and structured planning on how they can meet their own goals

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