The Development of the Unilever Company

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Unilever dominantly attached to business that focus on providing needs of consumer in recently fast forward lifestyle such as foods, household and another categories of personal product. Unilever engaged with two product classifications with two different divisions handling type of product accordingly, which are foods and home & personal care or generally shortened as HPC. Unilever has many famous brands name that people could easily acknowledge. For example in cooking product, it has Blue Band, a famous butter, Becel, Country Crock, Rama, and Flora. For drinks product, Unilever famous with it's Lipton Ice Tea Green and also Lipton Fusion, which aim is to support healthiness for the people. It could possibly classified as the way Unilever pay attention to the society by targeting human healthiness through it's health drinks as generally people knows the good thing about consuming green tea to help detoxification. There are many more types of product provided by Unilever. Unilever has contributed so many things in supporting people needs. The product has wide range of categories that already trusted in the market and used worldwide for over seventy years. Many range of products that Unilever posses have opened quite many opportunities in employment area. Unilever deploys thousands even millions of people to help the company generate the business. Unilever have many labors work in its factory to help the company manufacturing current product or even freshly new invented products that are going to be launched to the market.

Unilever vital missions are to carry out people needs to feel good with fast-growing product, to make people look good with variety of product and globally strong in brand name (Patrick Cescau-Unilever Group Chief Executive, 2007). Unilever growth brought about positive impact to the global economic. Its active and tight competition with another business alike shows that Unilever has a splendid contribution to the economic growth and cycle. In 2001 Unilever cholesterol-lowering product won the competition over Raisio's product. From this news comprehended that Unilever has a very active market share. It's a good and tough competitor for the other company, which conducts business that has similarity with Unilever. (Patrick Cescau-Unilever Group Chief Executive, 2007) stated that to make Unilever better developed and continue to flourish in business life, Unilever has to concern about conducting a good business according to a gauged manner. Combine or merge social segment, economic and the environment are one of many ways to sustain good performance.

Unilever Misconduct

As all the market knows how famous and vary Unilever product is, it's products are used in all part of people lifestyle especially in household area. There are products like toothpaste, detergent, shampoo and other products that are used daily and bring about high percentage of waste or to be more specific, household waste. Household waste is the second high percentage waste after factory. As time goes by, the use of household product that cause pollution will be the toughest competitor to factory pollution, since number of population is immensely increasing every year or even month. In Kodaikanal, India, it's a famous place for visits in South India with beautiful lakes and forests. Numerous visitors choose this place as their favorite destination, it's written on the signboard nearby, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), a thermometer factory, that fifty percent of its shares owned by Unilever. There was a group, which declare themselves as a group that aware of the nature and the environment called Palni Hills Conservation Council (PHCC). PHCC work together with Greenpeace and they brought evidence proved that Unilever engaged in polluting Kodaikanal with mercury (Hg) or also called quicksilver.

PHCC, which already contributed 15 years of their time to keep eyes on this place, was extremely shocked knowing that Unilever treat the place as landfill to dump their wastes and refuses, which are proven contaminated by mercury toxic. The amount of the contamination has been spread widely as a big container of waste is discovered placed on the ground of the Forrest, and proven that some of the refuses were containing mercury. There were several plastic bottles with "Bethlehem Instrument Mercury" labeling the body, litter the surrounding of the area. Since the last time PHCC visited the landfill on January, discovered that the HLL have cleared the evidence (Raja Mohan-PHCC Activist, 2001). The HLL marketing manager refused to give explanation, as he said nobody is authorized to give explanation. The HLL has disappeared all the evidence found by HPCC, as afterwards the Forrest ground is empty of waste. However, approximately three kilometers away from Kodaikanal, Munjikal, there is an owner of a scrap yard whines about ten to fifteen tons of broken thermometer that contains mercury sold to him by the HLL. The owner is a scrap merchant that looks for scrap from the factory. The HLL said to him to take the thermometer if he wants to get the other scrap. The man stated that the HLL officer didn't tell him about how dangerous and illegal mercury is. On March 7, 2001 a tremendous coalition of approximately four hundred activists involving women's organization, customer organization, environmentalist, the ex-workers of the factory and even the tourist were marching from the scarp yard to the factory, declaring to use no more Bhopals and Minamata and insisting the HLL management to broadcast apology to the public regarding what they have done and those practices with aim to hide their mistakes. However, the HLL never ran out of words to defend and to prove innocent. They said that they're running very safe and based on procedure operation, in additional, they claimed that they extremely considering and paying so much attention to their workers (Subramanian-Official responder from HLL, 2001).

However, there is an ex-worker who responds against HLL officer statement. The ex-worker said that the mercury toxic contaminates most of the workers. The HLL used to clean the spilled mercury on the floor using vacuum cleaner once a day everyday. In another area where thermometers used to be heated in the oven, the workers are unprotected with mercury vaporization every time the door of that section is opened. Most of the workers get affected on their kidneys that automatically influence their urine. The only solution to halt the bad result that is going to exacerbate the workers health is to quit from work. There is a current worker said that the HLL management merely gave them instruction to drink lots of water and pacified the workers by telling them not to worry too much if the workers find their urine affected by high level or percentage of mercury, since the management promise to mutate the workers to the different area. The workers felt like cheated by the HLL management since the management refused to give the workers medical record every time the workers tested by medical test that conducted by the HLL. Unilever stated that the aims of the company are to work out for the environment wherever they're doing the business. However, these aims aren't reflected in factual reality. The management tried so hard to prove that they are innocent even though it has been proven from light evidence and numbers of witnesses, which are the workers of the company itself.


As a big company, Unilever is playing important part in supporting global economic growth along with its sustainable growing. Unilever adjusts its business to today's fast moving era in order to carry out people's daily problem by providing them wide range of product that is trustable, easy to reach and most importantly convenient to be used. Unilever also provide product that could possibly strengthen human's health. This means that the company considering people's health to stay at normal level and rarely falls sick. It's part of performing social care. Unilever broad business also helps the people in employment part. The wider the business is the more labor or worker needed to help the company grow stronger and maintain its success. Fast growing company can easily invite best worker in recruitment yet when the business moves slowly, those best people will feel that their opportunity for advancement will meet difficulty. If the problem persists, the workers will leave the company, and it will splendidly give impact to the ability of the company (Pfeffer, 1998; Hamel, 1999).