The Continuing change in eCommerce Markets

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They also improve their placement paid management and link their own site to social media to attract larger numbers of the right type of consumers. They drive higher conversion rates, they intend to simplify and improve functionality of their e-commerce platforms to create best in class shopping experiences. By doing this, they intend to retain consumers, as well as to strive to create targeted communication as they gain a deeper knowledge through improved CRM solutions that will allow them for more robust consumer interaction. With the respect of this, social media will have to play an important role as it facilitates a deepening of the dialogue with their consumers and a more evolving relationship with them.

With these initiatives, the Group targets to generate € 500 million in sales from eCommerce by 2015. (Adidas et al, 2011).

Define types of organisation: There are different types of organisations which are made of groups of people who uses their own skills and other kind of resources to make a product or provide a service. We have variety of legal types of organisation, which includes: Non- Government Organisations and Cooperative Organisation etc.

The different aims they can have.

Non-Government organisation: NGOs normally exist for a variety of purposes, which usually further the political or social goals of their members. Examples which include improving the state of the natural environment, encouraging the observance of human rights, improving the welfare of the disadvantaged or representing a corporate agenda. Though, there are huge numbers of such organizations and their goals cover a broad of political and philosophical positions. It also can apply to private schools and athletic organizations. Some act primarily as lobbyists, while others conduct programs and activities primarily. For example, some are concerned with poverty alleviation, which might provide needy people with the equipment and skills they need to find food and clean drinking water. (NonProfitExpert, 1998-2011)

Cooperative Organisation: Cooperative which is a legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. Though members have a close association with enterprise as producers or consumers of its products or services or as it employees. There are specific forms of incorporation for cooperatives. Cooperatives may take the form of companies limited by shares or by guarantee, partnerships or unincorporated association. Nevertheless, they may also be unincorporated associations or business corporations such as limited liability companies or partnership. Such forms are useful when the members want to accept:

Accept members to have a greater share of the control. Or maybe

Accept investors to have a return if their capital exceeds fixed interest.

Cooperatives often share their earnings with the membership as dividends, which are divided among the members according to their participation in the enterprise.

PEST Analysis:


Adidas policy is to control and monitor hazardous substance to protect human health and environment one of those is to eliminate PVC making progress in finding substitutes like polyurethane, ethyl vinyl, silicones thermoplastic rubber. Adidas also provide training sessions on employment standards and HR systems, health and safety is important for the company. Establishing teams to manage and monitor SARS in Asia factory, washing stations, disinfectant units. Finally Adidas protects and supports the rights of its employees by following all the current employment laws.


As a multinational company adidas helps countries to decrease unemployment by increasing every year the number of employees. The Industrial Production Growth Rate in Germany was 1% in 2001-3, 2004 become 1.7%. Adidas is a reason of this increase Because of the big sponsorship in 2004 Olympic Games. As exporting to Europe is not too expensive as it was before, Europe since 2002 has own money (euro) and the borders are not so tight. Labour salary is high in Germany and France but not so expensive in China. This is the reason that most of the factories are

located in Asia.


Adidas products declare in any raise, age, religion, and lifestyle, always in fashion with special design in any of product. Focus in people who like sports and athletes, almost everybody can purchase adidas products.


Adidas join into technology by make up the worlds first smart shoe, adding a microchip inside the shoe and wireless mp3 player. Also using hot melt system of the production that is environmentally safe, using heat-activated adhesives. The packaging that company use, are suitable for transportation over long distances, humid conditions and extreme temperature changes and use recycled paper and other environmentally-friendly packaging materials.

Identifying Stakeholder

Stakeholders can be defined as people or organizations who affect, or are affected by the company operations. Companies do not operate in isolation from society, and their stakeholders have a legitimate interest in the way they do business.

By involving the stakeholders in the decisions that shape day-to-day operations, they gain an understanding of current and emerging issues and can best balance interests and improve their performance.

Satisfying the different stakeholder objectives.

Having accurate understanding of what the rest of your organization perceives, thinks, feels, wants and does about the group in essential to succeeding. They can work more effectively within the organization, obtain better collaboration. Increased satisfaction about the group's work leads raises, promotions and other career opportunities for you and the members of your group. In general, increased satisfaction among your customer means more sales, in creased market share and greater profitability.

What plurist perspectives.

The organization is perceived as being made up powerful and divergent sub-groups-management and trade unions. This kind of approach sees conflicts of interest and disagreements between managers and workers over the distribution of profits as normal and inescapable. Though, the role of management would lean less towards enforcing and controlling and more toward persuasion and co-ordination. Trade unions are deemed as legitimate representatives of employees. Conflict is dealt by collective bargaining and is viewed not necessarily as a bad thing and if manager could in fact be channelled towards evolution and positive change.

What is a corporate mission objective.

In adidas for example, social and environmental affairs, adidas are accountable for the way they do business. They take responsibility for the way their products are manufactured by their suppliers.

They are dedicated and socially responsible, safe and environmentally sound practices in the company and its supply chain to enhance the value of their brands by:

. Partnering their suppliers as they plan and implement continuous improvements in empowerment, health, safety and environmental conditions.

. Reflecting the needs and concerns of stakeholder affected by the group's business operations.

. Supporting the group's entities in their efforts to provide a long term future for sport.

Their objective is clear, to enhance social and environmental performance in the supply chain, thereby improving the lives of the people making their products.

Why company have a policy.

It makes good business sense to have policies on issue such as:

. Policies on intellectual property production confidentiality: If you design products or create other original output, such as music or printed matter, it is important to protect intellectual property.

. Policies on dress and appearance: You are expected to set out a code covering how you expect employees to dress and generally present themselves. This is particularly important where there are health and safety issues involved, e.g in factories, building sites or kitchens. However, you must ensure that these codes are non-discriminatory, particularly in relation to gender and religion/belief.

Key business functions. Marketing: Marketing is strategically key because its function is to select the appropriate market niche(s) in which to compete and to determine the products and distribution method(s) that will generate the revenues and profit margins to make the organization successful. In doing so, it must use strategic analysis tools.

Some of the key functions within marketing include product management, advertising and promotion, customer service, market research, product service, public relations and contracts.

Sales: Many individuals (and companies!) confuse the sales and marketing functions. They are distinctly different, as are the people who fit well into these functions. Marketing is about profitability and sales is about personal selling. A marketing manager must have a good sense about making profit. A sales professional must be able to deal with people. A marketing manager usually has the luxury of some time to make decisions; a sales person frequently makes quick, on the spot decisions. However, both areas must be focused together, communicate well and support each other or risk a dangerous political struggle.

Operations: Operations, usually called manufacturing in a manufacturing organization, has several functions. In non-manufacturing firms, operations is responsible for the day-to-day activities for the process area of firm. That may mean insuring delivery of food and its preparation for a chain of restaurants; controlling the use of facilities and equipment for an airline; allocating field professionals for a large consulting company, etc. In manufacturing, the key functions are purchasing, operations planning/scheduling, inventory control, manufacturing or shop operations, manufacturing or industrial engineering, packaging, quality, training and shipping.